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7 Unconscious Mistakes That Make You Waste Money on Food

It happens to the best of us: You go to the grocery store and get so excited by all that gleaming summer fruit that you buy a bunch, then let half of it go bad in the fridge. Or you order the lobster special at a restaurant and end up eating enough for two. Or you buy a “fancy” ingredient like truffle oil for one recipe and then never use the bottle again. Food waste — and the financial waste that goes along with it — is a huge problem in the United States. Americans lose out on $29 billion worth of food annually just because they don’t know what sell-by dates mean, as Mic has reported. We als
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The Decline of the American Laundromat

Lavanderia, one of San Francisco’s largest laundromats, is an urban relic. Its peeling aquamarine walls house some 110 machines. Telenovelas play on a TV and arcade games from the 1990s are tucked into unexpected nooks. After opening in 1991, Lavanderia—like so many other laundromats in big cities—became a social hub in a neighborhood where renters lacked the space or funds for their own machines. But, again like so many other laundromats in big cities, Lavanderia’s future is uncertain. While families have been hauling their dirty towels, sheets, and underwear there for decades, the business’s
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Meal Kits Won’t Start a Cooking Revolution—Yet

THE MEAL-KIT BUSINESS MAY BE heading for a food fight. On one side: retail giant (and Whole Foods acquirer) Amazon, which recently started selling boxes of premeasured ingredients and easy-to-follow cooking instructions to a select group of customers. On the other: smaller companies that were already doing this, including HelloFresh, Plated and Blue Apron, which went public on June 29. But no matter which side emerges victorious, the meal-kit industry is still rife with issues. Numerous studies show that when people cook their own meals with fresh ingredients, they’re more likely to make hea