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Joni Sullivan
Where do you live and work? I do all my work out of my home. I live on a pretty little farm that sits along Honey Creek in Ohio, USA. Tell us about your family. I have been married to my husband for 12 years and we have one sweet little girl named R
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Jenny Geczy
Please describe where you live. We live in a family home on the outskirts of Maitland in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales. We have lived here for the last 22 years. My creative area is in the spare bedroom, which was repurposed for my ‘stitching
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Spiked Granny Rib Blanket
• Paintbox Simply Chunky 100g (bulky weight acrylic yarn): 10 balls of Champagne White (col 302) – Yarn A, five balls of Peach Orange (col 354) – Yarn B, five balls of Bubblegum Pink (col 350) – Yarn C and five balls of Lipstick Pink (col 351) – Yarn
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Four-leaf Clover
• 55cm ( 5/8yd) solid green fabric (vine and blocks) • 85cm ( 7/8yd) green tone-on-tone print fabric (appliqué panel border, binding, appliqué and blocks) • 3.4m (3 3/4yd) backing fabric • 40cm ( 1/2yd) each of three green print fabrics (green prin
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Slouching Sloths
• Cascade Yarns Highland Duo 100g: two skeins of Ginger (2308) Colour 1 (C1) • Cascade Yarns Eco Highland Duo 100g: one skein of Café Au Lait (2203) Colour 2 (C2) OR • Laja Alpaca-Merino 50g: two balls of Brown (1450) Colour 1 (C1) and one ball of
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Kristyne Czepuryk
Please describe where you live. I live in Calgary in Alberta, Canada – a beautiful city nestled in the eastern foothills of the majestic Canadian Rockies. I am very lucky to have a spacious workspace. After living in a ‘very’ old and tiny house for a
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• 36 squares, 10in of assorted print fabrics (blocks) – this project is ideal for using a Layer Cake • 2.1m (2 1/4yd) grey and white spot print fabric (background) • 55cm ( 5/8yd) black print fabric (binding) • 3.5m (3 3/4yd) backing fabric • Batti
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Autumn Hope
• 1.7m (1 7/8yd) beige tone-on-tone print fabric (block background and Border 1) • 1.3m (1 3/8yd) tan tone-on-tone print fabric (blocks and Borders 3 and 5) • 1.35m (1 1/2yd) mid-brown tone-on-tone print fabric (blocks and binding) • 1.1m (1 1/4yd)
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Part 3 Block Of The Month Aldershot Meadows
203cm (80in) square Note: Refer to the Fabric Key for the specific fabrics used in this project. Seam allowances of 1/4in are used throughout for the piecing. Instructions are given for working from the printed Pattern Sheet in the magazines, but yo
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Beautiful BLOOM
• 10in square of solid white fabric • 10in square of light fusible stabiliser • Six squares, 2 1/2in of assorted pink print fabrics • Six iron-on 3/4in pentagon papers or one sheet of Hugs ’n Kisses appliqué paper or template plastic and stiff paper
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My Castaway Creations
If I were stuck on a desert island and magically granted three crafting wishes, I would wish for: • Notepad and pencil – to sketch, draw what inspires me from my surroundings and see what designs come from the pencil meeting the paper. • Needle and t
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Hold the two knitting needles with the wrong sides together so that the needle with the 30cm (11¾in) end attached is at the back right-hand edge. Thread the end onto a yarn needle. You will work across the sts from right to left. Take care that the y
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Helen Stubbings
Where do you live and work? Although I have a shopfront now, I still mainly work from home (while my trusty friend and manager Jo runs the shop). My studio is downstairs in my house and is a converted garage now fully filled with my ‘stuff’. Until th
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Creative READING
By Deborah Newton This book, one of the most trusted resources on finishing techniques for knitting, is now available in paperback. Compiling her sage wisdom from more than 25 years of experience, Deborah Newton offers a straightforward approach tha
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Pin Interest
An in-depth guide to choosing the right yarn for your project – including 10 patterns that explore how different yarns affect the outcome of your final product. Trusted knitwear designer and teacher Carol J. Sulcoski provides solutions to this common
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• 10cm ( 1/8yd) multi-coloured print fabric • 20cm ( 1/4yd) red print fabric • 20cm ( 1/4yd) peach print fabric • 25cm ( 3/8yd) aqua print fabric • 95cm (1 1/8yd) solid white fabric (block background and sashing) • 25cm ( 3/8yd) green floral print
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Vicki Tucek
Please describe where you live and your workspace. I live in Mandurah, which is 70km south of Perth. I love it here as it is by the sea and has an estuary and a river. It’s not too far from Perth so if I need to venture up there, it doesn’t take long
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• We Are Knitters, The Petite Wool 100g (3 1/2ounces), 140m (153yd), Aran/ Worsted Weight: one or two balls (120-147m) • Crochet hook 5.5mm (UK 5, US I/9) or size needed to obtain the correct tension • Yarn needle Skill level: Easy Terminology: Au
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ETUI – Pronounced ‘et twee’
• 45 x 55cm (18 x 22in) 28 count cream evenweave linen • 30cm ( 3/8yd) cream print fabric • 15 x 55cm (6 x 22in) lightweight batting • 20 x 55cm (8 x 22in) fusible interfacing • 10cm (4in) square of wool flannel • Stranded embroidery floss in three s
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Laura Heine’s mix of artistic skills comes into play in her glorious art quilts. She has expert collaging skills when it comes to cutting and pasting, her painting talents shine as she arranges fabric motifs to blend colours, and her quilting abiliti
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