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The Best Upgrade Ever?
There’s one thing we all have in common when we use our devices at home — whether it’s an iMac, MacBook, iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV, we need good quality access to the internet without fail. No matter how you work or play, at some point during the day
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Beef Up Network Security
NOW IS THE time to turn to the thorny issue of network security. You don’t want to be giving neighbors free Wi–Fi, or letting any Tom, Dick or Harry gain easy access to your network for whatever nefarious purposes. (Remember, anything done on your ne
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$19.99 From Tinrocket, Needs macOS 10.14 (Mojave) or later Waterlogue for Mac (and iOS) is an app for turning a photo image into a simulated watercolor, and the results are impressive. Running on any Mac that supports Metal 2 — meaning
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$4.99 From Cross Forward Consulting, Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Needs iOS 12 or later There are lots of calendar apps for iOS devices, but most of them have a significant flaw if you work with people in different time zones, o
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Improve Your Mono Pics
REQUIRES Affinity Photo YOU WILL LEARN How to lighten or darken tones, ensure maximum contrast, and add a subtle wash of color IT WILL TAKE 10 minutes BY MAKING A black and white conversion of a color image, you can help the viewer focus on contrasti
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Common Network Issues
TO SHARE FILES to and from PCs, go to Apple > System Preferences > Sharing, and check File Sharing, then click Options. Make sure “Share files and folders using SMB” is selected. Check your own username below only if you’re going to access your Mac’s
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HoudahSpot 5
$34 From HoudahSpot Software, Needs macOS 10.13 or later If you regularly use the Finder’s Smart Folders to create custom searches, you’ll be only too aware of its limitations. HoudahSpot overcomes those and allows you to easily perform sp
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FreeMind Meditations
Free (IAPs) From FreeMind Services Ltd, Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Needs iOS 9.0 or later This follows the familiar business model of self–help apps on the App Store: while the core app offers basic mindfulness and meditation t
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Build A Website With Ease
REQUIRES RapidWeaver and photos YOU WILL LEARN How to make websites in RapidWeaver IT WILL TAKE 30 minutes DO YOU REALLY NEED dedicated web design software on your Mac when there’s lots of services that work in your browser? Yes — because the big-nam
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Game On!
The Steam Link app is now available in the App Store. It expands your gaming options by making it possible to play Steam games on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV by streaming them from a computer on the same network. The app is free, and you don’t hav
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Yoink 3.5.4
$7.99 From Eternal Storms Software, Needs macOS 10.10 or later; 64–bit processor When we reviewed Yoink for iOS (Mac|Life, issue 149), we explained how it made moving multiple files between apps on an iPhone easier. The updated Mac v
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MindNode 6
$14.99; $9.99 upgrade from v4; free upgrade from v5 From IdeasOnCanvas GmbH, Made for iPad, iPhone or iPod touch Needs iOS 11 or later Mind maps are great when you need to get down ideas quickly. You start with a central thought (a “node
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Do More With RapidWeaver 8
RAPIDWEAVER 8 BOASTS significant new features that make the app easier to use and your sites more attractive. The interface has been revamped: the familiar icons and panels are still there, but they’re more streamlined and everything’s easier on the
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What The Heck?
IT’S COMMON TO see execs from other Silicon Valley companies take the stage to unveil their wares during Apple’s public events. Much rarer is seeing Apple participate in other companies’ shows, let alone use their stages to make announcements. But th
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6 Easy Improvements You Can Make
If you’ve never changed your Wi–Fi password, now is the time to do so. Make sure it’s based on WPA2 encryption, and choose a lengthy password that can’t be guessed — maybe use your password manager to generate one randomly. Note it down, you’ll need
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Trickster 3.1
$9.99 From Apparent Software, Needs macOS 10.8, 64–bit Intel processor When Apple introduced Spotlight back in 2005, it was one of those rare features that actually changes the way you work with your Mac, making it much quicker and e
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Reeder 4
$9.99 From Silvio Rizzi, Made for iPhone, iPad Needs iOS 12 or later If you enjoy reading online publications, RSS is the best tech you’re probably not using. With an RSS client, you can subscribe to website feeds, so you’ll never miss
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Supercharge Launchpad
REQUIRES OS X 10.11 or later YOU WILL LEARN How to organize Launchpad to better suit your needs IT WILL TAKE 15 minutes LAUNCHPAD IS A simple but effective way to open apps on your Mac. If you often wish your Mac resembled or functioned like the Home
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New Apple TV App Arrives
AS PROMISED IN Apple’s March special event, the all–new Apple TV app is available on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and even AirPlay 2 enabled Samsung smart TVs. It brings together all the ways you can watch TV and video content into one app, which is insta
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Logitech Slim Folio Pro
$119.95 — $129.95 From Logitech, Made for iPad Pro 11–inch and 12.9–inch (3rd generation) Logitech’s Slim Folio Pro cases for the third gen iPad Pro 11–inch and 12.9–inch are functionally identical. Well built, they offer excellent prote
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THE BUILT–IN CALENDAR app for iOS is fine, up to a point. However, it has its failings. It lacks support for natural language input, isn’t particularly fast when you need to input appointments and events, and when it comes to gesture support, it lags
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Overhaul Your Passwords
REQUIRES macOS Mojave, iOS 12, a password manager (optional) YOU WILL LEARN How to use more secure passwords on both iOS and macOS IT WILL TAKE 15 minutes THERE ARE MANY ways we can safeguard our accounts. Apple provides plenty of options, from two–f
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The Shift
WHEN THE QUESTION of whether Apple is still as innovative as it’s been in the past comes up, I’m happy to point to the Watch as a positive answer. It’s no surprise there are diminishing returns for notebooks and phones after a certain amount of time,
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Smart Battery Case
$129 From Apple, Features Silicone body, passthrough Lightning connector, Qi wireless charging Apple’s big phones use big batteries to meet the needs of their large displays and heavy usage. But it’s still easy for an iPhone to fall short o
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Things To Consider…
The apps here all have some kind of fee attached. In some cases that’s a one–off cost, in others its a subscription fee. To add a complication, Calendars 5 is the paid–for version of Calendars, which can also be upgraded by subscription. If you have
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New Features From Apple
APPLE’S RELEASE OF macOS 10.14.4 and iOS 12.2 isn’t just about fixing bugs and security issues. Install these updates to benefit from the improvements listed here. There are no big new features added in these releases, but they will make your Mac, iP
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