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Opinion: Personalized Treatments May Be Threatened By Drug Cost-containment Proposals
Some proposals to cut the cost of drugs could have unintended consequences for high-value personalized therapies that are reshaping the discovery, development, and delivery of health care.
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Opinion: A Bird’s-eye View Of Clinical Trials Provides New Perspectives On Drug Research And Development
A data visualization that reveals the forests and the trees of new drug clinical trials can help open up new possibilities for shaping the drug development landscape to better serve…
STAT7 min readPsychology
Do Elon Musk’s Brain-decoding Implants Have Potential? Experts Say They Just Might
Do Elon Musk’s brain-decoding implants have potential? Independent experts consulted by STAT say they very well might.
STAT5 min read
Elon Musk Wants To Test Brain-reading Implants In Paralyzed Patients Next Year
Elon Musk's startup Neuralink wants to start testing its “brain-machine interface” technology in paralyzed patients by the end of the next year. It has yet to convince the FDA to…
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Opinion: I Get Asked A Lot About Longevity. It Helps That I’m 104
As scientists pursue longevity and anti-aging research, we wanted to hear from a centenarian on her life experience and thoughts on aging. So we called one.
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Opinion: It’s Time To Change The Definition Of ‘Health’
Rather than pursuing the "absence" of disease, we need a more inclusive definition of health — one that works for more people.
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Debate Over Whether To Test A Second Ebola Vaccine Turns Acrimonious
An aggressive push to use a second experimental Ebola vaccine to try to help stop the outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo may have backfired.
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An Experimental AI System Can Predict When Pancreatic Cysts Will Become Cancerous
Pancreatic cancer is often deadly because it is detected too late. A new AI system outdoes humans at diagnosing which cysts are cancerous.
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WHO Declares Ebola Outbreak An International Health Emergency
The WHO declared the Ebola outbreak in the DRC a global health emergency, a move that is likely to escalate international attention on a crisis that has flared for a…
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How The Drug Industry Keeps Winning In Washington
D.C. Diagnosis is STAT’s weekly newsletter about the politics and policy of health and medicine. Sign up here to receive it in your inbox. What if I told you the Sen. Thom Tillis campaign account was graced with nearly $20,000 in personal donations f
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Opinion: State Drug Importation Programs Will Work With The FDA, Not Outside Of It
State programs can use the global pharmaceutical supply chain to relieve the sometimes crushing financial burden of drug treatments — at least until we have an effective national approach to…
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Kamala Harris Becomes The Latest Democratic Candidate To Zero In On Drug Prices
Kamala Harris on Tuesday became the second Democratic candidate in as many days to unveil a detailed plan to lower drug prices, following a similar announcement from Joe Biden yesterday.
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Opinion: Fixing Health Care’s Replication Crisis Is Important For Researchers And Patients
We are awash in reports of new study results, from a potential cure for an illness or the latest take on what makes a healthy diet. But are we getting…
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HIV’s Genetic Code, Extracted From A Nub Of Tissue, Adds To Evidence Of Virus’ Emergence In Humans A Century Ago
In a nub of issue from the 1960s, scientists have found more clues of HIV’s emergence in humans.
STAT10 min readPolitics
How Pharma, Under Attack From All Sides, Keeps Winning In Washington
It’s all President Trump and Democrats on Capitol Hill can agree on. So why hasn’t Washington lowered drug prices?
STAT2 min readScience
Following ‘CRISPR Babies’ Scandal, Senators Call For International Gene Editing Guidelines
A bipartisan trio of lawmakers introduced a new resolution that underscores their opposition to the use of CRISPR for germline editing.
STAT2 min read
Medicare Proposal Would Cover Acupuncture To Treat Lower Back Pain For Patients In Studies
The proposal to cover acupuncture for Medicare patients with lower back pain was framed as a step that could safely treat pain without supplying opioids.
STAT2 min readPolitics
Biden Puts Forth An Elaborate — And Aggressive — Plan To Lower Drug Prices
His new platform includes some of the most aggressive approaches to lowering drug prices any Democratic presidential candidate has proposed to date. 
STAT3 min readPolitics
Biden Cancer Initiative To Suspend Operations As 2020 Campaign Heats Up
The Biden Cancer Initiative, the nonprofit former Vice President Joe Biden started two years ago after leaving the White House, is shutting down, at least for now.
STAT5 min read
In A Small Study, A Cancer Vaccine Assist Beats Immunotherapy Drugs Alone
The largest study to date of a "cancer vaccine" found that combining it with an immunotherapy drug kept patients’ tumors in check longer, on average, than the drug alone.
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Opinion: Compounding Pharmacies Need Stricter Federal Oversight
Compounding pharmacies are not bartenders mixing a gin and tonic. They produce essentially new drugs. The regulatory loophole that allows compounders to avoid necessary federal scrutiny must be closed.
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How Do You Make A Mental Health App People Actually Want To Use? Take A Page From Podcasts And Pixar
How do you make an iPhone app for something as complicated as therapy? This company leaned on a team of doctors and designers — and a Pixar animator and a…
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LGBT People More Likely Than Counterparts To Report Memory Problems, Survey Finds
In a large survey, LGBT people were 29% more likely to report cognitive impairment compared to their cisgender heterosexual counterparts.
STAT3 min readSociety
Opinion: Newborn Screening Saves Lives. Congress Needs To Reauthorize The Program
Newborn screening, which saves or improves the lives of thousands of babies each year, can continue to improve and thrive only if the federal-state partnership currently in place continues.
STAT4 min read
Opinion: Opioid Overdose Should Be Treated Like Attempted Suicide: With An Emergency Hold
Having first responders provide a dose of buprenorphine after an overdose rescue is like having them provide Prozac to someone they just pulled from the ledge of a 20-story building…
STAT5 min readPolitics
As Trump Claims Credit For Decline In Opioid Deaths, Others See Signs Of Danger Ahead
President Trump has claimed some of the credit for the first drop in drug overdose deaths since 1990. But experts say the White House’s enforcement-heavy response isn't so simple.
STAT3 min read
Christi Shaw, Inspired By Her Sister’s Cancer, Named CEO Of Kite Pharma, Gilead’s Anti-cancer Unit
Christi Shaw, an Eli Lilly executive, has been named the new head of Kite Pharma, which is focused on treatments that genetically engineer patients’ white blood cells to attack cancer.
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Listen: A Whirlwind Week In Washington, Sean Parker’s Mansion, & Remembering A Resonant Voice In Biotech
Is drug pricing too complex for the Trump administration? Would you recognize Tom Hanks at a party? And what does it mean when famous executives quit? We discuss all that and more on the latest episode of “The Readout LOUD,” STAT’s biotech podcast. F
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Trump Abandons Drug Pricing Proposal That Would Have Ended Certain Drug Rebates
The Trump administration on Wednesday abandoned one of its signature drug-pricing efforts: a ban on many of the rebates that drug companies pay to pharmacy benefit managers under Medicare. 
STAT3 min read
Opinion: The White House’s About-face On Drug Rebates Is A Loss For Public Health
None of the $166 billion in discounts that pharmacy benefit managers get from pharmaceutical companies is used to reduce patients' out-of-pocket costs when they need medicines.
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