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Philippine Vice President And Other Duterte Critics Charged With Sedition
"The charges are meant to silence and persecute human rights lawyers, opposition leaders, and the church, and to send a message to anyone who dares to criticize this administration."
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Vietnamese-American Musician's Song In Support Of Hong Kong Anti-extradition Protesters Goes Viral
Screenshot from video “Sea of Black” uploaded on 2 July 2019 by SBTN on Youtube A song written by a Vietnamese-American composer who was inspired by the anti-extradition bill protests in Hong Kong has gone viral among both Vietnamese and Hong Kong ne
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Fake News About “Human Sacrifices” For The Padma Bridge Leads To Violence In Bangladesh
Eight people have been detained across Bangladesh for spreading ‘Human heads and blood will be sacrificed for Padma Bridge pillars’ rumors on Facebook.
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What Do Zimbabwe’s Internet Disruptions Say About The State Of Digital Rights In The Country?
Government officials have repeatedly described access to social media as a potential threat, hinting that more disruptions would not be ruled out in the future. 
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Former News Anchor Threatened For Speaking Out On Crime In Trinidad And Tobago
Tired of the spiralling crime in her community, former national news anchor Coleen Holder continues to speak out, despite death threats against her.
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Netizen Report: In Nigeria And Russia, Laws Against Online ‘Insult’ Put Internet Activists On Thin Ice
Activists in Nigeria and Russia face charges for "online insult", a Twitter campaign targets "anti-Pakistan" journalists abnd Mauritania’s internet is back on, for now.
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Brazil's Top Court Criminalizes Homophobia And Transphobia
"We believe that punitivism should not be the way for regulation, but since we live in a society tha only reorganizes itself with laws, it is an important decision."
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The Organization And Future Of The Hong Kong Anti-extradition Protests
Professor Francis Li shared insights into protesters' organization strategies and discussed the future of the movement during a public salon at the Hong Kong cafe Brew Note.
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Outrage In Moscow After Opposition Candidates Barred From Local Election
State-appointed “handwriting experts” stepped in and discovered palpably absurd reasons to invalidate hundreds of signatures collected in support of independent candidates.
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Cambodian Activists Arrested For Commemorating The Anniversary Of Political Analyst Kem Ley's Death
"The accusation that a peaceful gathering merits a prison sentence is a serious and systematic threat to the little remaining space left for freedom of expression in the country."
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How Nigeria Uses The Law To Repress Free Speech: The Case Of Journalist Jones Abiri
Draconian legislation often used to arbitrarily detain journalists and dissenting voices exemplifies the precarious state of press freedom and free speech in Nigeria.
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Could Polygraph Testing For Trinidad & Tobago Police Help Create More Public Trust?
With an increasing crime rate, the idea is to help make officers more accountable and rekindle public faith in the police service.
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Is Trinidad And Tobago Ready For A Liberal Political Party?
The Progressive Party is the latest addition to Trinidad and Tobago's 2020 elections race, but can they perform well against the solidly entrenched two-party system?
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In Bangladesh, A Rickshaw Ban For Major Dhaka City Roads Spurs Protests And Debate
A rickshaw ban on three major roads in Dhaka city saw a huge protest from the rickshaw-pullers and some netizens who use this convenient mean of transport.
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‘No VAT On Pad’ Protests Prompt Bangladesh Government To Remove Proposed Tax
Amidst protests, the Bangladesh government decided to scrap the proposed increase of VAT and supplementary duty on the manufacturing materials for locally made sanitary pads.
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Kremlin's New Law Against ‘Online Disrespect’ Proves Hard To Implement
The law allows courts to fine or jail people found guilty of making “insulting statements” towards the authorities online.
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#MeToo In Myanmar: Two Documentaries On How The Global Movement Has Inspired Women To Speak Out
A major challenge in advancing women’s welfare is resisting feudal thinking like the concept of hpon which promotes the supposed superiority and positive spiritually of men over women.
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The Fight Against Disinformation In Bulgaria Is Almost Nonexistent, Says Journalist Ivan Georgiev
"Bulgaria is a border state between the West and the East and it is seen as a weak spot on the European map by the Russian propaganda."
Global Voices5 min read
A Look At Indigenous Women In Mexican Cinema
Indigenous Mexican women in film, like Yalitza Aparicio ("Roma", 2018), Carmen Martínez ("At' Anni'", 2019), and Ángeles Cruz ("Arcángel", 2018), are drawing the attention of audiences worldwide.
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Chinese-Australian Writer Yang Hengjun Still Detained By Beijing After Six Months
There have been concerns that he has not received adequate support from the Australian government.
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A Prolific Theatre Producer Is One Of The Latest Victims In Trinidad And Tobago's Homicide Spiral
Tributes are pouring in across social media channels following the death of this local theatrical icon.
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Jamaican Women Tackle The Climate Crisis On All Sides
Women in Small Island Developing States are most at risk when it comes to the climate crisis. Luckily, different groups of Jamaican women are tackling the problem from every angle.
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Puerto Ricans Demand That Governor Rosselló Resign Amid Corruption And #Telegramgate Scandals
A corruption probe by the FBI and and an 889-page Telegram chat leak reveal an ugly side of the governor and his cabinet.
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Why Are People Debating The Proposed Car-free Day In Colombo?
A car-free-day in Colombo sounds like a good idea from an environmental point of view, but there are other concerns -- and exposure to street harassment tops the list.
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Victoria Espinosa: Farewell To A Tireless Activist For Puerto Rican Theater
Victoria Espinosa: March 26, 1922 – July 6, 2019. Image taken from YouTube video. On July 6, 2019, Puerto Ricans mourned the passing of actress, director, playwright, teacher, and theater producer Victoria Espinosa, a key figure in twentieth-century
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Beloved Hill Is A ‘Painkiller’ For Afghans Seeking Refuge From Conflict-torn Kabul
"I had this normal life, free of stress. There were no suicide bombings, no killings. Today our lives are full of uncertainty."
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Moldova's Journalists Cautiously Optimistic After ‘Silent Revolution’
Following inconclusive parliamentary elections, the pro-Russian and pro-EU opposition put their differences aside and formed a government, ousting the ruling party lead by the country's most powerful oligarch.
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Macedonian PM Publicly Apologizes After He Was Deceived By Pro-Kremlin Russian Pranksters
In the video, the Russian pranksters pretend to be the former Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.
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Nigerian Students Face Cybercrime Charges For Criticising Their University Online
A graduation ceremony at a Nigerian university. Photo by Rajmund Dabrowski/ANN, via Flickr, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0, June 7, 2009. A group of students and alumni linked to the privately-owned Madonna University in the Niger Delta, Nigeria, risk up to seven y
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The ‘Water Attack’ Of Chinese Tech Exec Opens A Flood Gate Of Complaints Against The Company
"The whole country knows what the problem is and only Robin Li and his PR team pretend that they don’t know."
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