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‘For-Now Parents’ and ‘Big Feelings’: How Sesame Street Talks About Trauma
ASTORIA, NEW YORK—Inside the Sesame Street studio in Queens, Elmo is playing “monsterball” with his friend, a new Muppet named Karli who has lime-green fur and two ponytails. (Monsterball, for what it's worth, appears to be the same as soccer, but wi
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The New Secession
Residents of the majority-white southeast corner of Baton Rouge want to make their own city, complete with its own schools, breaking away from the majority-black parts of town.
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Bonobo Mothers Are Very Concerned About Their Sons’ Sex Lives
Martin Surbeck remembers the episode vividly. He was in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s LuiKotale rain forest, watching a group of bonobos, African apes that are closely related to chimpanzees. Two of them—Uma, a female, and Apollo, a young, low-r
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You Can’t ‘Starve’ Cancer, but You Might Help Treat It With Food
Cancer cells grow in distinctive patterns that defy normal limitations. That growth activity requires energy, and so cancer cells metabolize nutrients in different ways from the healthy cells around them. In an attempt to kill the tumor without killi
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Why So Many Women Choose Abortion Over Adoption
Some American women see giving up their babies as more emotionally painful than terminating their pregnancies.
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Trump’s Immigration Proposal Is a Step in the Right Direction
Rebalancing admissions, rather than reducing them, could turn a divisive issue into a unifying one for the GOP.
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Game of Thrones’ Final Rebuke of Anger
Dany. Sansa. Bran. Why did the show that used to be so interested in emotion come, in the end, to mistrust it?
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The Trade War Is Just the Beginning
“I have been talking about China for many years. And you know what? Nobody listened,” Donald Trump told a crowd outside Pittsburgh in 2016. “But they are listening now.” If China’s leaders didn’t notice a campaign speech then, the president has their
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My Chicago Synagogue Was Firebombed—But We’re Not Leaving
“There are four primary causes of injury: the ox and the pit and the crop-destroying beast and fire.” Those are the opening words of Bava Kamma, the tractate of the Mishnah—the first authoritative compendium of rabbinic Jewish law—that deals with the
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Did Viewers Win or Lose in Game of Thrones?
Three Atlantic writers discuss the HBO epic’s divisive series finale, which tries to break the wheel one last time.
The Atlantic5 min readPolitics
The Unchecked Corruption of Trump’s Cabinet
The lavish spending of top officials rarely makes headlines anymore, but that doesn’t mean the problem has gone away.
The Atlantic6 min readPolitics
Macron and Salvini: Two Leaders, Two Competing Visions for Europe
The French and Italian politicians see different futures for the continent. Both face tests in this week’s European Parliament elections.
The Atlantic3 min readPolitics
Why Protesters Keep Hurling Milkshakes at British Politicians
“Milkshaking” is only the latest trend in Britain’s tradition of edible projectiles as protest.
The Atlantic4 min readPolitics
Does Trump Deserve Credit on China?
The president’s approach is different than his predecessors’—but that doesn’t mean it’s working.
The Atlantic4 min readPolitics
Don McGahn’s Testimony Would Be the Main Event
Forget Barr and Mueller. The former White House counsel would be a more interesting witness—and create something more closely resembling an impeachment hearing.
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Having a Library or Café Down the Block Could Change Your Life
Living close to public amenities—from parks to grocery stores—increases trust, decreases loneliness, and restores faith in local government.
The Atlantic3 min readPolitics
The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: McGahn Fishin’
The president is reportedly going to tell his former White House counsel to skip his congressional hearing on Tuesday. Plus: Why adoption can be an unpopular option for unwanted pregnancies.
The Atlantic23 min readPolitics
The 2020 U.S. Presidential Race: A Cheat Sheet
It’s possible to imagine Governor Steve Bullock of Montana as a presidential nominee. Just not this cycle.
The Atlantic5 min readPolitics
What Congress Can Do When Trump Appointees Defy It
When federal officials ignore subpoenas, imposing a fine is the legislative branch’s best hope of getting the information it needs.
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The Atlantic Daily: Oh, the Places You’ll Go
When paying off $40 million in tuition debt for these graduating seniors still only does so much. Plus: how this space object ended up with a dark nickname, abortions or adoptions, and more
The Atlantic5 min readPsychology
Dear Therapist: I’m Hiding Something From My Therapist
Editor’s Note: Every Monday, Lori Gottlieb answers questions from readers about their problems, big and small. Have a question? Email her at Dear Therapist, Last year, I started working at a company that has an employ
The Atlantic6 min read
The Rare Home-Improvement Show That Spotlights Skilled Workers
In 40 years on air, PBS’s This Old House inspired a more flashy genre of TV while giving tradespeople the attention they deserve.
The Atlantic5 min readPolitics
Joe Biden’s Bet That 2016 Didn’t Change Everything
In many ways, he’s running the same kind of campaign he would have in a pre-Trump, pre-Sanders era.
The Atlantic7 min readPolitics
What Pleases Trump Has the Force of Law
No president I know of has asserted a blanket power to reject any request that doesn’t suit him—until Donald Trump.
The Atlantic8 min readPolitics
Social Media Are Ruining Political Discourse
YouTube is designed to catch you and not let go. Sometimes I access the site just to watch one thing, but then one of the related videos catches my eye. I watch that one, then another and another, and soon a five-minute visit has stretched far longer
The Atlantic6 min readPolitics
The Merkel Model
To the six women currently running in the 2020 presidential race, I offer this advice: Study German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the world’s most successful living politician, on the basis of both achievement and longevity. Now in her 14th year as chanc
The Atlantic3 min read
The SNL Finale Was a Mishmash of Everything the Show Needs to Fix
The send-off to Season 44 might end up functioning as a send-off to a particularly toothless era for Saturday Night Live.
The Atlantic4 min readPolitics
The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: Why Tensions With Iran Don’t Mean Iraq 2.0
The week ahead in national security. Plus: Trump and his hawkish national security adviser don’t seem to be on the same page, Huawei 5G fears, and more
The Atlantic3 min readPolitics
What Happens When a Billionaire Swoops In to Solve the Student-Debt Crisis
A philanthropist surprised Morehouse College graduates at commencement by announcing he would pay off their student loans. But one person—even a very generous one—can only do so much.
The Atlantic4 min readPolitics
A Republican Congressman’s Case for Impeaching Trump
Representative Justin Amash is the first member of the House GOP to call for the constitutional remedy for high crimes and misdemeanors.
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