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Why Are So Many People Flushing Their Contacts Down the Toilet?
I hadn’t given much thought to throwing away my contacts in the toilet. I don’t do it often, just when the bathroom trash can is full. It doesn’t seem especially dangerous—contact lenses feel so impermanent, so flimsy and transparent that they’ll sim
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Donald Trump’s Unprecedented Assault on the Media
First Amendment lawyer Floyd Abrams says Trump easily surpasses Richard Nixon as the greatest threat the news media in America has ever faced.
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Trump and Mexico Need Each Other
From immigration to trade, the interests of the U.S. are broadly congruent with the agenda of Andrés Manuel López Obrador.
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Teaching Kids to Code During the Summer—for $1,000 a Week
On a humid morning in June, classrooms along a third-floor corridor in a New York University building hummed with high-pitched chatter. The space serves as the hub for summer programs in computer science run by the California-based company iD Tech Ca
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Writers Have Always Loved Mobile Devices
Writing boxes, popular from the 17th century, provided the same pleasure as today’s laptops and custom word processors: To make the experience of writing pleasurable, whether or not any actual writing gets done. An Object Lesson.
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The Family Weekly: There’s No Easy Way to Talk About Wanting Grandkids
Plus: The history of family separations, an examination of roommate relationships, and fertility apps.
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Minding the Gap Is an Extraordinary Feat of Filmmaking
The Hulu documentary by Bing Liu examines masculinity and trauma through the lens of three Illinois skateboarders.
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Letters: 'My Dad Was Not My Biological Father'
“These are boom times for consumer DNA tests,” Sarah Zhang wrote last month. But what happens when the results are shocking? Many people, she found, have turned to support groups on Facebook as they try to come to terms with surprising revelations ab
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The World’s Failure in Rwanda Changed Kofi Annan’s Worldview
The former UN secretary general became a proponent of diplomatic interventions to alleviate human suffering. Annan died Saturday at the age of 80.
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An Admiral Speaks Out
An op-ed criticizing the president from the man responsible for the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden represents a startling intervention by a studiously non-political figure.
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Trump’s Implicit Defense of Alex Jones Is an Echo of Birtherism
In a Saturday tweetstorm, the president complained that “too many voices are being destroyed” by social media, amid an ongoing controversy about the conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’s use of Twitter.
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Putin’s Weekend of Trolling
BERLIN—Russian President Vladimir Putin is coming to Germany Saturday to meet with Chancellor Angela Merkel just outside Berlin at Meseberg Castle, Germany’s version of Camp David. It’s the second time the pair have met in just over three months; the
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Can Britain Deal With ‘No Deal’?
The British government says it is prepared to crash out of the European Union—but a warning from its new foreign secretary suggests that isn’t true.
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Why the FBI Fired an Agent Who Wrote Anti-Trump Texts
The FBI’s disciplinary office had recommended Peter Strzok be suspended for two months but was overruled by the bureau’s deputy director.
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The Dangerous Desires in Mitski’s Songs
The indie singer’s new album, Be the Cowboy, smartly considers what happens when emotions take over.
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The U.S. Is Developing a New Way to Weaken Iran
The State Department’s Iran Action Group will mostly focus on “nukes, terrorism, and the detention of American citizens.”
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Disenchantment Subverts the Cartoon Fairy Tale
Disenchantment’s biggest middle finger to fairy-tale tropes comes midway through the first episode, when Princess “Bean” Tiabeanie (Abbi Jacobson) refuses to marry the prince she’s been contracted to by her father. But the subtler subversions are mor
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NYU’s Free Medical-School Tuition Could Funnel More Doctors to Primary Care
The United States is on pace to have a shortage of up to 120,000 physicians by 2030—reducing med students’ debt might help fix that.
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Low Pay Has Teachers Flocking to the Sharing Economy
Airbnb, the popular platform that lets people rent out their homes and apartments, released the results of a volunteer survey this week containing the striking statistic that nearly one in 10 of its hosts in the United States is an educator. In some
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How Much of an Herbicide Is Safe in Your Cereal?
The debate is vicious around glyphosate, which was recently found in several breakfast favorites.
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Trump’s Risky War of Choice Against the Generals
The president’s decision to revoke John Brennan’s security clearance has drawn fire even from figures like Robert Gates and David Petraeus, who have avoided criticizing him.
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One American’s Failed Quest to Protect Civilians in Yemen
“If there is a chance that I can help, then I’m going to swing. I’ll swing for the fences. I may get air, but I’d rather try and fail than to not have tried.”
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The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: Parade’s End
Trump blamed the cancellation of his military parade on Washington D.C. officials, saying they had inflated the cost.
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What If a Female CEO Acted Like Elon Musk?
The Tesla CEO’s tearful New York Times interview reveals a lot about the double standards men and women face.
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The Atlantic Daily: Cost of Living
Trump’s clash with ex–military leaders, traces of herbicide in cereal, why so many Airbnb hosts are teachers, and more
The Atlantic3 min readPolitics
The Atlantic Daily: Revolutionary Force
Remembering Aretha Franklin, nuclear-arms reduction in Russia, Ted Cruz’s basketball skills, and more
The Atlantic14 min readTech
Why a Free Press Matters
Journalists have been keeping a check on power since the creation of the First Amendment. Now they’re being tested.
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Before and After Aretha
The artist was unrivaled in her ability to shape her own work and image without bending to constraints.
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Trump And The N Word
Omarosa Manigault-Newman has provided recordings on which nervous aides discuss how to cover for something hideous they believe Donald Trump has uttered. And we hardly need question whether the N word is the one at issue. What would that hideous utte
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China Is Going to Outrageous Lengths to Surveil Its Own Citizens
China has reportedly begun deploying flocks of drones disguised as birds to surveil its citizens. The drones have wings that flap so realistically they’re difficult to distinguish from actual birds. In fact, animals on the ground often can’t make the
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