Entrepreneur3 min read
His Company Is Growing 300 Percent a Year -- Because He Took Jobs He Wasn't Fully Prepared For
If you're willing, agile, attuned to the market and ready to learn, there's never a wrong time to change your business plan.
Entrepreneur3 min readTech
The Questions You Should Be Asking When Looking at Your SEO and Social Media Strategy
To build -- and keep -- an audience, digital marketing is a must. But investing too heavily in a single platform can cost you money, customers and plenty of opportunity.
Entrepreneur10 min read
Danica Patrick Spent Years Preparing to Retire -- by Laying the Groundwork for a New Career
How do you trade the comforts of a job you know well for the unknown of entrepreneurship? Just-retired race car driver Danica Patrick is finding out.
Entrepreneur11 min readEntrepreneurship
How Laid-Off Corporate Workers Are Becoming Free-Thinking Entrepreneurs
What happens when you lose your job in a town where work is scarce? For many, the solution is to become an entrepreneur.
Entrepreneur14 min read
Cat Fight! How These Inventors Beat the Counterfeiters That Nearly Destroyed Their Company.
When a company copied their invention, Natasha and Fred Ruckel began investigating -- and got an inside look into how products are ripped off.
Entrepreneur3 min readEntrepreneurship
Meet the Man Taking Anytime Fitness Global
By building a brand that consumers (and franchisees) adore, Anytime Fitness CEO Chuck Runyon has found fans across the globe.
Entrepreneur3 min read
How This Man Became Auntie Anne's Pretzel King in the Philippines
Six years ago, Mikkel Paris became the pretzel brand's master franchisee in his home country.
Entrepreneur3 min readLeadership & Mentoring
The Secret to Finding a Great Mentor: Don't Ask to Be Mentored
Many entrepreneurs think of mentorship all wrong. And that means they're missing the great mentors in front of them.
Entrepreneur2 min read
Learn How the Right Payment Processor Can Drive More Sales
The ability to accept credit cards is a must for any modern business. But franchise systems shouldn't be afraid to expect more from their payment-processing vendor.
Entrepreneur6 min read
Why Rapper-Turned-Entrepreneur T.I. Says a Hustler Needs to Be Patient
The Atlanta rap star is now into everything from TV to real estate -- and learning important lessons along the way.
Entrepreneur9 min read
Why It Took Dunkin' Donuts 10 Years to Build the Perfect New Cup
The inside story of the struggle the donut chain had in phasing out its iconic, yet hazardous, styrofoam cup.
Entrepreneur3 min read
How Tender Greens Turned Its Suppliers Into Investors
The growing fast-casual chain Tender Greens used ingenuity, deal-making and vision to build a new kind of supply chain.
Entrepreneur1 min read
The Top 200 Franchises Operating Around the World
Franchising in more than one country comes with its own unique set of challenges, but there is also the potential for a lot more upside.
Entrepreneur5 min readEntrepreneurship
Mental Illness May Plague Entrepreneurs More Than Other People. Here's Why (and How to Get Help).
One entrepreneur walks us through her struggle with the anxiety and depression that affects so many.
Entrepreneur2 min read
How a Father's Beloved Jacket Launched a Clothing Brand
After an entrepreneur lost his dad's favorite jacket, he decided to do something about it: open up a coat company.
Entrepreneur3 min read
Everyone Quit -- and This CEO Is Better Off Because of It
A startup CEO's radical culture shift almost wiped out the company. But now he has the right staff -- and is finally thriving.
Entrepreneur3 min read
Inside Richard Branson's New Cruise-Line Startup
Virgin Voyages wants to make cruising cool. The new Richard Branson venture is aimed at travelers ages 18 and older -- “sailors,” as the company calls them -- who would normally never set foot on a cruise ship. As Virgin Voyages builds its hip new sh
Entrepreneur3 min readEntrepreneurship
6 Ways to Break Bad News to Your Team
Being the bearer of bad news is never fun. But there comes a time in everyone's lives, when they've got to step up to the plate. This is especially true in business. When you're in a leadership position at a company, knowing how to deliver bad news i
Entrepreneur3 min read
How MailChimp Cured Its Growing Pains
The email marketing company's staff was once a disorganized mess. But before fixing that, its co-founder had to fix himself.
Entrepreneur1 min read
Picture Perfect: After Finding Success, This Founder Shares Why She Splurged on an Iconic Photo of Faye Dunaway
The founder of beauty brand Rodial explains why a famous picture of the actress inspired her on her entrepreneurial journey.
Entrepreneur12 min readBiography & Memoir
How Kevin Hart Went From Being a Comedian to the Guy Who Owns Comedy
He's one of America's most famous funnymen, but here's what most people don't see: Kevin Hart is often in his office, running a far more ambitious comedy machine.
Entrepreneur3 min read
How to Run a Thriving Auto Shop (Without Knowing Much About Cars)
In 2006, Jonita White quit her job in San Diego and moved to Texas. She did it to be closer to family, but she also saw it as a chance to pursue her dream of becoming a real estate agent. Then the housing market crashed in 2007, just as she’d earned
Entrepreneur3 min read
Why Dippin' Dots Is Teaming Up With a Popcorn Brand
Dippin' Dots and Doc Popcorn are opening an increasing number of joint locations -- and sales are soaring.
Entrepreneur2 min read
The 4 Marketing Moves Every Franchise Should Make
To implement successful advertising and social media campaigns in the franchise world, franchisors and franchisees must communicate, collaborate and cooperate.
Entrepreneur10 min readLeadership & Mentoring
Inside the Quest to Build the World's Next Biggest Franchises -- by Incubating Them Like Silicon Valley Tech Startups
Aurify Brands is helping food entrepreneurs scale their fledgling brands by providing them with everything from capital to operational support and mentorship.
Entrepreneur2 min read
How a Classic Children's Book Motivates an Entrepreneur to Chug Through Challenges
Since I was little, I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I used to take a wagon around the neighborhood and do roving garage sales. I always had this desire to do something. Related: The Early Entrepreneurial Spirit of Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezo
Entrepreneur3 min read
Can the 'Freemium' Model Work For You? Here's How to Know.
Offering 'freemium' products can be a smart way to acquire customers and build a lucrative business, but it's not the right move for every company.
Entrepreneur3 min readEntrepreneurship
Change Is Inevitable. Here's How to Start Preparing Right Now.
One night this past April, Martellus and Michael Bennett were texting each other. If you follow the NFL, you know these brothers: They’re big and tough, with Super Bowl rings to prove it. But Martellus also spent the past few years making comic books
Entrepreneur5 min readEntrepreneurship
How Coworking Space The Wing Has Helped Women Soar
Audrey Gelman opened the coworking space The Wing to give women a place to collaborate and grow their ideas. A powerful community has followed.
Entrepreneur3 min read
How a Major Personal Crisis Led to a Smarter Business
When his child suddenly required round-the-clock care, an entrepreneur adapted his company's operations to allow him to run it from anywhere, anytime.
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