Introduction To Microgrid



Advantages & Disadvantages of Microgrid.Outline Introduction to Microgrid. Environmental Aspects. Conventional Grid versus Microgrid. Microgrid Operating Modes. The Need of Microgrid. Future Directions on Microgrid Research 4/8/16 2 .

) What is Microgrid? It is connected to both the local generating units and the utility grid thus preventing power outages. 4/8/16 3 . Size of the Microgrid may range from housing estate to municipal regions. Excess power can be sold to the utility grid.Introduction To Microgrid (contd.

) Microgrid Components Distributed Generation Loads Immediate storage Controller Point of Common Coupling 4/8/16 4 .Introduction To Microgrid(contd.

Typical Microgrid is shown below: 4/8/16 5 .

Indonesia .Village microgrid 4/8/16 6 .Pomelo.

Microgrid Operating Modes Grid Connected Mode:  Utility grid is active. 4/8/16 7 .  Static switch is closed  All the feeders are being supplied by utility grid.

4/8/16 8 .  Feeder A.Microgrid Operating Modes Island Mode:  Utility grid is not supplying power  Static switch is open.  Feeder D (not sensitive ) is dead. B. C are being supplied by Microsources.

Transmission losses gets highly reduced. Provide high quality and reliable energy supply 4/8/16 to critical loads 9 . Microgrid results in substantial savings and cuts emissions without major changes to lifestyles.The Need Of Microgrid Microgrid could be the answer to our energy crisis.

CO2 Emissions are reduced. Large land use impacts are avoided.Environmental Aspects Microgrid encourages the use of the renewable energy sources. 4/8/16 10 .

Large amount of energy in the form of heat is wasted in conventional grid.Conventional Grid vs. 4/8/16 11 . Power sources in case of Microgrid (often referred to as Microsources) are small and are located in close proximity to load. Microgrid Efficiency of conventional grid is very low as compared to Microgrid.

Advantages & Disadvantages  Microgrid Advantages In peak load periods it prevents utility grid failure by reducing the load on the grid. The use of both electricity and heat permitted by the close proximity of the generator to the user. Microgrid can act to mitigate the electricity costs to its users by generating some or all of its electricity needs. 4/8/16 12 . thereby increasing the overall energy efficiency.

4/8/16 13 . Resynchronization with the utility grid is difficult.Advantages & Disadvantages Microgrid Disadvantages Electrical energy needs to be stored in battery banks thus requiring more space and maintenance.

Future Directions on Microgrid Research  To investigate full-scale development.  Transition between grid connected and islanded modes on interaction phenomena between distribution generation and high penetration of distributed generation. Transformation of Microgrid system today into the intelligent. robust energy delivery system in the future by providing significant reliability and security benefits. field demonstration. experimental performance evaluation of frequency and voltage control methods under various operation modes . 4/8/16 14 .

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