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Bloomberg Businessweek
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Over The Handle Bars

Beijing My commute to work in Beijing used to be a 50-minute ordeal of urban combat. I’d board a rush-hour subway car—and by “board” I mean forcefully wedge myself into a mass of humanity so tightly packed that I couldn’t bend an arm to glance at my phone. A few months ago, a new, semi-ironic indignity began to add even more time to the slog: the need, outside each station, to navigate past sprawling regiments of rentable bicycles, numbering in the dozens or even hundreds, clogging walkways and tripping up pedestrians. The bikes are the ever-expanding inventory of two Beijing startups, Mobike
Bloomberg Businessweek
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Dropbox Gets Ready For the Road

By 2015, eight years in, Dropbox Inc. had spread itself so thin that even staffers struggled to explain what the company did. It was also blowing cash like it was still a young startup, co-founder Drew Houston recalls: FedExing branded swag to colleges, developing standalone photo and email apps, paying mobile operators for deals that didn’t bring in paying customers. Investors such as Fidelity Investments wrote down the value of their stakes. “We had strictly been focused on growth at all costs,” says Houston, the chief executive officer. At a companywide meeting early last year, Houston aske
Ad Age
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Facebook, Amazon Become Weapons in Restaurant-Ordering Arms Race

The cutthroat restaurant industry is getting increasingly aggressive about technology, enlisting Facebook and Amazon in their race to make it easier for customers to order and pay for their food. Last month, TGI Fridays began letting customers foot the bill using their Amazon accounts. And pizza chains are locked in an escalating battle to adopt new ordering methods -- a contest that involves chat bots, voice-activated devices and social networks. Papa John's International went so far as to declare itself an "e-commerce company" this month after delivering surprisingly strong results. "We're m
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An insider’s hilarious account…

Take a look at how Silicon Valley culture has run amok. What are all the wealthy people doing inside the tech bubble, and if they’re getting away with all that, what could possibly make it burst? Martinez relates his personal antics as a former Facebook and Twitter employee with cutting humor to paint a damning picture of unchecked privilege.