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The Atlantic
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Trump’s Interests vs. America’s, Aberdeen Edition

On August 5, the Trump Organization announced a new venture via Twitter: the Trump Estates Park Residences, “a collection of luxury villas with exclusive access to” the Trump International Golf Course in Dubai. The Trump-branded (though not Trump-owned) development is part of the company’s ongoing partnership with the Dubai-based real-estate firm Damac, which has previously made news due to its president Hussain Sajwani’s relationship to the Trump family. Individual units are expected to sell for 2.6 million Emirati dirhams, or roughly $800,000. As with all of the properties with which the Tru
The New York Times
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The Obama-Trump Voters Are Real. Here's What They Think.

The story of the 2016 presidential election is simple. Donald Trump made huge gains among white voters without a college degree. His gains were large enough to cancel out considerable losses among well-educated white voters and a decade of demographic shifts. There are questions and details still up for debate: whether Democrats can win back these voters, and how to think about and frame the decline in black turnout. But postelection surveys, pre-election surveys, voter file data and the actual results all support the main story: The voters who switched from President Barack Obama to Trump wer
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How Donald Trump Jr.’s Emails Have Cranked Up the Heat on His Family

The most pressing question of our time might be: How bad is it? As a candidate and now as President, Donald Trump has smashed the gauges that once tracked the normal temperature, pressure and wind speed in the climate map of American politics. Now when it feels like the barometer is plunging, we can only watch and wonder: Who can predict what’s coming next, with so many broken indicators? Yet certain old ways survive. Like a farmer forecasting the weather by the ache in his knee, Washington has a feeling that this storm could be a monster. And the twinge that forecast the deluge was Donald T
Strangers in Their Own Land
Ashley M., Scribd Editor
From the Editors

Scale the empathy wall…

Is America really more divided than ever? To try to figure out what was going on with the far right in the years leading up to Donald Trump’s election, Hochschild spent five years with Tea Party supporters in Louisiana, and her reporting makes it easy to sympathize with those you may not agree with. This book topped many best-of lists and was a finalist for the National Book Award with good reason.