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How Donald Trump Jr.’s Emails Have Cranked Up the Heat on His Family

The most pressing question of our time might be: How bad is it? As a candidate and now as President, Donald Trump has smashed the gauges that once tracked the normal temperature, pressure and wind speed in the climate map of American politics. Now when it feels like the barometer is plunging, we can only watch and wonder: Who can predict what’s coming next, with so many broken indicators? Yet certain old ways survive. Like a farmer forecasting the weather by the ache in his knee, Washington has a feeling that this storm could be a monster. And the twinge that forecast the deluge was Donald T
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On The Internet, Everyone Knows 'You're A Racist': Twitter Account IDs Marchers

They didn't wear hoods as they chanted "Jews will not replace us." They weren't hiding their faces as they waved Confederate flags, racist signs and swastikas. They looked straight at a sea of cameras as they made the Nazi salute. As Matt Thompson wrote for The Atlantic, the white supremacist march and rally this past weekend wasn't a KKK rally: "It was a pride march." The bare-faced shamelessness was the point. But it was also an opening. On the Internet, some people are crowd-sourcing efforts to identify and shame the people participating in the rally. Most prominently, on Twitter, the accou
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Breast Ironing Is Painful for Girls

She was just 28, already a grandmother, and her eldest of five daughters had gotten pregnant at 14. She was determined to keep her other girls from making the same mistake, So this past November, in a village near the city of Bafoussam in Cameroon, she brought her 10-year-old and her 7-year-old inside to flatten their breasts. She took a stone the size of her palm, normally used to smash herbs, and, one at a time, pressed it into the sides of the girls’ breasts and massaged it in circles for about 10 minutes as the other daughter looked on nervously. All the while, the woman’s twin toddlers we