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12 Gardening Buys for the Horticulturally Hopeless

Pixabay Wouldn't it be nice? A lot of things can go wrong in the garden. Some seeds just won’t sprout. A plant’s leaves droop and turn colors they shouldn’t. Thankfully, inventive people are starting to tackle this problem, manipulating hot tech to help you keep things...less dead. Don't fret about the color of your thumb; this stuff will bring you a few steps closer to becoming the 21st century's Frederick Law Olmsted (or whatever landscape architect inspires you). Amazon A helpful gardening book Start off small. Teeny Tiny Gardening by Emma Hardy features 35 small-scale gardening projects to
Bloomberg Businessweek
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Selling Experience

Shoppers at the new Pirch flagship store in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood don’t have to wonder how its pricey appliances and plumbing fixtures will work in their homes. A chef stands at the ready, eager to whip up a dish on that nifty six-burner professional-grade stove you’ve been eyeing. Worried that a dishwasher’s timer will be too loud for your tiny studio apartment? Demo it, inside one of the store’s 24 kitchen setups. You can even try out the shower head of your dreams. (Don’t worry; the store has towels.) “It’s kind of retail 2.0,” says Andrea Dorigo, chief executive officer of the nine
Bloomberg Businessweek
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Patagonia: For Climbing Everest, Diving the Great Barrier Reef, and Saving the Planet on a Beer Run

Yvon Chouinard, the short, bluff, fatalistic founder of Patagonia, the company renowned for its pricey parkas, fuzzy fleeces, and exhortations to buy fewer of them, sits in a cafeteria-style Chinese restaurant in Jackson, Wyo. He scratches a clam from its shell, forks it into his mouth, chews, checks the time. “Oh, we’re fine,” he says. Birgit Cameron, seated on his right, does her best to look reassured. A fairly recent addition to the Patagonia family, Cameron seems as eager to make a good impression this evening as Chouinard is indifferent to how he’s perceived. The two are expected in 10 m