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Leslie Miley: Former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick Is Not — and Never Was — A Leader

There's a petition circulating at Uber to bring back former CEO Travis Kalanick. For those supporting his return to the ridesharing company, I have a small piece of advice: Take your heads out of your collective asses. Kalanick is not and was never a leader. I won’t bore you with what I believe leadership is, but I will submit that creating a company and culture that has allowed, enabled and encouraged potentially illegal, immoral and unethical behavior for several years is not leadership. I would also invite you to reflect upon how people who thrived in this environment were rewarded and pro
Ad Age
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Advertising Is Still a Boys' Club

Advertising Is Still a Boys' Club 15 Months After Martinez Little Has Changed by Lindsay Stein Suzanne and a colleague are hard at work on a new-business pitch for a toy targeted to little girls. The day before the big meeting, the duo's male creative director points to Suzanne and says, "You're going to the meeting because we need more women in the room." On the morning of an important pitch, one of two men in the client service department approaches Leah and asks her to take the coffee orders since no one on his team is in yet. She looks around and notices that she is the only female in the
Financial Times
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Kazuo Inamori, Kyocera Founder, Rails Against Complacency

Sitting stock-still, hands in his lap, eyes closed, Kazuo Inamori is quietly explaining what he found when he took over as chairman of near-bankrupt Japan Airlines in 2010. His calm belies the turbulence he flew into - and the radical change of course he effected to pull the group out of its dive. Asked by the government to pilot JAL through the bumpy bankruptcy process and out the other side, Mr Inamori first tackled a coterie of managers - "graduates of very prestigious, well-known Japanese universities" - who used to plan and implement strategy without ever leaving their desks. "I really fe
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