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The Atlantic
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Are There Black 'Queen Bees'?

This article is a response to Olga Khazan’s Atlantic article “Why Do Women Bully Each Other at Work?” In a recent Atlantic article, Olga Khazan examined the finding that the longer a woman has been in the workforce, the less likely she is to want her boss to be a woman. One possible explanation Khazan discusses—and this isn’t settled—is that women fear their female superiors will cut them down in the workplace; this happens because, the thinking goes, female higher-ups are eager to distance themselves from other women in male-dominated workplaces, where their gender might seem like an impedime
Ad Age
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14 Agency Hacks To Keep and Motivate Your Best Talent

Agencies can't be blamed if they sometimes feel like hotels, given the rate at which talent checks out. Ways to help build loyalty are all the rage, but in a quest to go beyond the usual suggestions (like office kegs and yes, free lunch), we asked experts to give us their smartest, most innovative talent hacks. Their answers ranged from trapeze lessons to opening up the books. Read on. 1. Use your words Employees who don't know where they stand can feel they're dropping the ball when they're actually excelling, says Steven Piluso, executive director-head of media and integration at New York-ba
The Atlantic
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The Field Where Men Still Call the Shots

For teenagers aspiring to make it onto a high-school sports team, the summer-vacation days of sleeping in are drawing to a close. By mid-August, many hopeful athletes will be exerting themselves before a cadre of school coaches, striving to demonstrate their fitness or conceal their summer sloth. Younger kids, too, soon will be back on the playing fields—if they ever left—and will begin training for their miniature versions of  various varsity sports.   Maggie Moriarty was one of those kids. Long before she began competing for the women’s lacrosse team at Holy Cross College, she shined on doze
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Leadership bootcamp…

Go to leadership bootcamp with two former Navy SEALs and become a braver, more decisive mentor than you’ve ever been before. After experiencing the fog of war, these SEALs emerged with a clear view of what makes a leader — and subsequently, their whole team — great.