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How to Build a Steam-Powered Cannon Invented by Da Vinci

MIT Da Vinci’s Architronito A selection from Paris Manuscript B, in which Da Vinci sketched his plans for the Architronito Leonardo da Vinci, best known to modern audiences as an artist and Renaissance man, actually made his living as a military engineer. Da Vinci designed a number of highly original weapons, filling his notebooks with drawings and sketches for devices such as the first flintlock rifle, a 135-foot-wide rock-throwing catapult, and a rapid-firing repeater crossbow. One of his most interesting concepts was a steam-powered cannon. Da Vinci called this invention the Architronito (w
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North Korean Missile Tests Continue as U.S. Strikes Hardline Stance

The government of North Korea is touting a "great leap forward" after it successfully tested a new high-thrust rocket engine which could potentially aid the country in its efforts to develop an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of striking the U.S., CNN reported. North Korea formally insists the rockets are for its space program. In a statement, leader Kim Jong-un called the test "historic" and added the whole world would "soon witness what eventful significance the great victory won today carries." North Korea tested several rockets this month, including four on March 6, and other co
The Atlantic
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Giving the Military More Money Won't Make It Win More

Donald Trump’s military policy is a win-win proposition: The United States will win, and then it will win some more. Last week, the White House released its proposed budget, which calls for $639 billion in defense spending—a $54 billion increase from 2017 levels—along with massive cuts for diplomacy and foreign aid. Congress is likely to amend these plans, but they nevertheless signal how the administration views defense policy. A core tenet of the emerging Trump doctrine is that more military spending will translate into victory on the battlefield. According to the president, “We have to star
The Glass Castle
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A triumphant exposé…

With millions of copies sold and a film on the way, reporter Walls’s memoir is a triumphant exposé on the one subject she knows best: her dysfunctional family.