Who is Jesse Benton?

He was born to Jeffery and Rosalind Benton of Philadelphia, PA. Graduated from Mary Washington College, where he earned a bachelors in communications. Graduated with a C average. When he went to work for Ron Paul in 07, he had a credit score of 320 and was paid $3500/month. According to Kent Snyder, Jesse had “no knowledge of Ron Paul, was unemployed and “affordable” . There was no background check done on Jesse before he was hired as communications director for the 08 Ron Paul presidential campaign. He married Valorie Pyeatt, Ron Paul’s grand daughter, in August of 08 and soon after was put on the board of Campaign for Liberty and Liberty Pac. (where, according to OpenSecrets http://bit.ly/KjlqfP, he has been paid over $322,577.00 in the 2012 political cycle) In August of 08 Jesse and Valorie closed on their first house. The note was cosigned by Valorie’s mother and Ron Paul’s daughter, Lori Pyeatt , who is also treasurer of C4L, LPAC, and all Ron Paul campaigns. Jesse now has a credit score of 740 – May 2012 Since being hired by Ron Paul in 07, he has also been paid by Rand Paul for KT Senate, Rand Paul Victory Kentucky PAC, Rand PAC($1000/per month presently)(Rand Paul for Senate in Kentucky $142,000 for 5 months, general election) His total income from the Ron Paul presidential campaign 2012 is $264,039.00 He has since moved and now lives at 312 Arrowhead in Lake Jackson. His home has 4989 sq ft and is vauled at $362,320.00 (SEE GOOGLE MAPS: http://bit.ly/KllXiS ZILLOW: http://bit.ly/Jk9rVf) He was made Campaign manager on Rand Paul's 2010 U.S. Senate race from May 2010, replacing David Adams, who had brought Rand through a grueling primary. Supporters of Rand Paul complained later that Jesse came in after the hard part was done and almost lost the general election for Rand. Jesse is now owner of various consultant firms, of which are paid contract by various candidates. Some of whom have received the endorsements from Ron/Rand Paul. President of C.I.C Solutions, a Washington, D.C. based consulting firm. (his consultant firm) Director of public policy and external affairs at the Performance Institute (his consultant firm) Before being involved with Dr. Paul’s many organizations: Press secretary at Americans for Tax Reform, Communications director at the American Conservative Union, Communications director and policy consultant for the Liberty Coalition. A lobbyist for National Club Association a recreation advocacy group. He has been fired twice. One coworker at the American Conservative Union, stated that “Jesse’s first

love is Internet baseball. He had a way of spinning a lie that made you think you were going crazy.” Jesse had never been in a leadership or strategic position on any campaign before being hired in 07 by Kent Snyder for Ron Paul. He had no campaign experience and had worked in think tanks and lobby firms prior to being hired by Paul. On a personal note…he has been seen with a 24 yr old intern(not from Ron Paul’s office) in Galveston Cty by more than one eye witness and it wasn’t his wife.