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Indian govt‚ army deny 'coup fears' report

Air max nike, jordan shoes, UGG Boots NEW DELHI: India’s government and the army furiously denied today an “alarmist” front-page newspaper report detailing how troop movements towards the capital in January had spooked the Cabinet.
The Indian Express claimed the unnotified nocturnal deployments had sparked concern about a possible coup at a time when relations between the head of the 1.13-million-strong army and the government are strained. ugg classic It said the government had taken measures as a precaution on the night of January 16-17, including asking lookouts to identify the troops involved and ordering police to take measures to slow traffic on the highways into the capital. “These are alarmist reports and should not be taken at face value,” Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said outside Parliament, adding that no one should work to lower the “dignity and respect” of the army chief position. Defence Minister AK Antony, speaking at the launch of a nuclear-powered submarine in south India, told reporters the suggestion the government had been worried was “absolutely baseless.” “They (the army) will not do anything against Indian democracy. They are true patriots,” he declared. The deployments –– by a column of mechanised infantry travelling in armoured personnel carriers and a separate column of paratroopers –– were “usual, natural activities”, he said. Indian Army spokesman Colonel Jagdeep Dahiya said that the story in the respected broadsheet was “baseless and incorrect.” The Express cleared its front-page for the story under a dramatic three-line headline stating: “The January night Raisina Hill (the political establishment) was spooked: Two key Army units moved towards Delhi without notifying Govt.” Quoting several unnamed sources, it said that the defence minister and the prime minister were informed and the troops were ordered to halt. They were then sent back to their bases in states neighbouring the capital area. The army explained afterwards that the deployments were to test the capabilities of the infantry to operate in fog and for the paratroopers to link up with their planes. While these reasons were initially “viewed with scepticism”, the Express reported, the defence ministry had since come to the conclusion it was “a false alarm caused by some non-adherence to standard operating procedures.”

India’s army chief VK Singh has had a public falling out with his civilian bosses sparked by his bid to stay in office for an extra year. In January, the same day as the manoeuvres detailed in the Express, he took his case to the Supreme Court, asking unsuccessfully for his birth date as registered in army records to be changed. Air max nike, jordan shoes, UGG Boots Source :