from: ms. margaret ng [margaret@margaretng.

com] date: wednesday, october 11, 2006 14:25 to: fung, vivian cc: wong, vincent; chan, ellen; margaret ng subject: re: hkcee preparation timetable and bios dear vincent, vivian and ellen, thank you very much for the materials sent to us. i have now studied them and discussed your views with the working group. we understand your professional sensitivities and are very keen to work within them. i feel confident we can set up some ground rules with which both sides are comfortable. please do let us set up a meeting soonest. my time is flexible after 2:30 tomorrow (wednesday), and should be pleased to await your convenience. just let me know what that might be. thursday is slightly more complicated as i am in and out of legco meetings until 5:30 p.m., after which i shall be available. i believe a competent press officer is a priority and i am grateful for the cv you sent. i would like to be able to see ms wong as soon as possible and should be grateful if you could arrange it. as i remember our discussion, you suggested that some training is desirable and you can provide it. so it would be best for you to arrange the meeting if you would be so kind. at what point would you like me to bring alan along? the working group would like you to give them a briefing on strategy. perhaps we can discuss that as well at our next meeting? best regards, margaret ----- original message ----from: fung, vivian to: ms. margaret ng cc: wong, vincent ; chan, ellen sent: monday, october 09, 2006 10:05 pm subject: re: hkcee preparation timetable and bios margaret we have got some ballpark budget for your consideration. when you have a moment these two days, i'd be grateful for a discussion with you about the role for vincent, ellen and i. as said last saturday, apco will not be in a position to take on election campaigning assignments. while the three of us are interested in politics and would be glad to contribute some thoughts where appropriate, it is necessary for us clarify with you our involvement in your work - particularly after learning a bit more about your group's arrangement last saturday. kind regards, vivian

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------from: ms. margaret ng [] sent: wednesday, october 11, 2006 2:51 am

to: fung, vivian cc: wong, vincent; chan, ellen; margaret ng subject: re: hkcee preparation timetable and bios thanks, vivian. will revert soonest.

margaret ----- original message ----from: fung, vivian to: cc: wong, vincent ; chan, ellen sent: monday, october 09, 2006 7:06 pm subject: hkcee preparation timetable and bios dear margaret, vincent is out of the office this morning, so i am sending some materials to you, following our discussion on saturday. there are three documents attached. (1) a cv of wing ming lok, a candidate we thought suitable for the press officer position. she is currently free-lancing and therefore has the flexibility to begin a full-time engagement soon. <<cv of wong ming lok.doc>> (2) a biography of craig au yeung, the local artist to support design and imaging work. <<biography of craig au yeung.doc>> (3) a draft project timeline. we have made some assumptions on the activities that your group may like to embark. hopefully the working document can faciliate discussions at your meeting this afternoon. there is still one item we are tyring to pull together this morning - ballpark quotation for hardware, software and special event items. we are aiming to get those to you before 1 pm today. regards vivian vivian fung managing director, hong kong apco worldwide 9/f., cambridge house, taikoo place 979 king��s road hong kong (t) 852.2826.9306 (f) 852.2866.1917 learn more about apco at we mentioned who will be able

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