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lit is easy to forget that the lEon Trinity has obligations other than defending humanity from Aberrants and other dangers. We devote so much of our efforts to challenges beyond our Solar System that we risk for:getting the needs of our home.

I hope that this field report serves a purpose beyond the obvious. It is primarily a guide to the legal status of psions and psionic powers in the various courts of settled space. We have prepared it in he hope that it will aid /Eon Trinity operatives- both pslons and neutrals-as yOIJ wend your way through the sometimes-confusing maze of legai jurisdictions.

Yes, neutrals should take care to read this report. Psi abilities are no a prerequisite for knowing the information provided here. !'Eon encourages neutral and psi on operatives to work together whenever possible. The canny agent understands his teammates' physical and mental capabilities, and the limitations society imposes upon those talents. It's also wise to know the legal recourses available to you if a pslon abuses her powers. Regrettably, pslons and the If.on Trinity do not always work hand in hand.

While we do not have the space to provide you with a detailed account of every legal issue that may arise in the course of your duties, we can present guldellnes useful in almost any situation. Most countries hold certain baste moral principles In common, particularly in regard to human rights. A solid grasp of these will serve you, no matter where you are.

Furthermore, I believe that by understanding the decisions that inform and shape psionic laws, we may avoid the resentment that arises from seemingly unjust restrictions. Psions sometimes forget what it was like to be neutral, I hope the case studies included in this document provide useful insights into the legal process,

Finally, I hope this document reminds us or our diversity, humanity's blrthright, The /Eon Trinity is dedicated to preserving human culture, not the culture of anyone country. We must respect the unique values of all people, even as we aid OUI' fellow human beings in growing toward greater understanding and acceptance.

That is the ultimate purpose of this fleld report. This document should remind you not only of lEon Trlnlty's progress in encouraging the development of human society, but to also indicate the changes we have yet to make. Our role on Earth as stewards of destiny is as important as our role as protectors of humanity. We must never forget.

Ad Astra Neville Archer

Director, Neptune Division J£on Trinity

Hope· Sacrifice· Unity


- Zachary WIlder, Chief Legal Counsel, ..ton 'Trinity

Regrettably, I do not have the space to discuss all the legal systems of Earth in the detail they deserve. I can, however. provide you a brief overview of legal matters related to noetic powers. and some general guideJines for operatives in the field. I refer those agents who wish to delve further into these matters to the Trtton Division archives.

This brings us, in fact, to a paramount prtnclple. Do your research. Each and every country has different laws regarding the use of noetic powers. Many psions assume that they can intuit local standards. They believe that they can follow their personal moral guidelines as if they were law. That is wrong.

Consider Israel. To the casual observer, it is heir to the Western legal tradition exemplified most strongly by the former United States of America. It would be all too easy for. say, a European to fail to observe the religious tenets that influence Israeli courts. He might, thus, unwittingly violate laws that derive from different traditions, which the Israelis consider just as worthy as West~ ern regulations.

Warine~ follows research. To be blunt:

The average neutral, who may have never encountered a pslon, generally mistrusts that which he doesn't understand. lEon is dedicated to educating. to' URing the veil of ignorance, but i still has a long way to go. Noetic powers are frightening and mysterious to much of mankind. This paranoia often engenders overly restrictive laws against psi.

While a significant number of governments (Brazil and the UAN's first among thernl nave put aside this fear, and acknowledged psion rights, you are wise to err on the side or caution. A region may not uphold laws against noetic powers. Suspicion,

uncertainty 01' outrage may cause wary authorities to detain pstons untill an apparent crime or situation is resolved. lEon supports even incarcerated operatives, but it is better to not need such aid.



Vltakmetics are the least likely to encounter legal difficulties when using their powers. Most jurisdictions regulate doctors and their agencies, and typically extend associ-

ate benefits to vitaklnettcs in good standing with their order. Few governments risk bad public relations by prosecuting known vitakinetics. This latitude is in large part due to the goodwill the !E.sculapian Order had fostered over the years - at least before the recent revelations about illicit projects that certain .I£sculapians were implicated in. Arrogant or unwary docs may often be associated with the order's recent scandal, putting the individual under less-benevolent scrutiny. We recommend that vitakinetics operate in areas where they are well known to ovoid persecution.


- b::cerpt~covelt strategles anaJysl.s, Kevin Using, Proteus DIvision So how do you use psi without being caught7

Those countries most concerned with restrlcting noetic abilities are generaIly those with the least capability to watch you. Using your powers covertly is easy. The trick is coming up with explanations for how you gained information without psionic powers.

After all, using clairsentlence can only be recognized by another pston. The same goes for telepathy. Even mindsharing is safe .if used on an unconsclous subject. As long as you have an appropriate explanation handy For how you got the scoop thaough mundane means, you're all set.

Electrokinetic control of machinery can be recognized, but only if the electrokinetic is careless .. If you limit yourself to something passersby might consider natural- a power surge is easiest - they'll carry on about their business.

Bear in mind that many countries subscribe to the principle of "innocent until proven guilty. "If the results of your actions can be explained by means of something other than your powers, you'll probably get oFf; there won't be enough evidence against you. Just don't fall back 0111 that loop hole too often or the courts may t.utn your "repeated coincidences" into "sufficient grounds."

Biokinetics have a particularly easy time in jurisdictions where they must be proven guilty. If they maintain other forms and are never seen shifting between shapes - no one can charge them. Just don't get 'cocky, and remember that human eyes aren't the-only ones you have to elude.

For those of you psions who think being an .lEon operative gives you some kind! of special dispensation. wake up. The Trinity doesn't have anything resembling diplomatic immunity. We operate within the law when possible and outside it when necessary, but we never Aaunt it. Saying "I'm with the I£.on Trinity" does not equal "get out of jall free." SUI.I, if you get in trouble on Trinity business, we will get you out of itif at all possible. If we ask you to push the limits, we're ready to back you up.

Don't expect Strike Team Psion to come In, away, though. If we think it's a winnable case, you might get the best lawyer money can buy. It might be some ex-Norca infiltrators if they're the right people for the job. Or it could be a good, old-fashioned smash-and-grab, attributed to some flavor-of-the-month radicals. We have to be as subtle as possible, and it has to work the first time.

Advice? Think twice, ad once. Regrets are for those who screw up. lf you're careful, you'll stay alive - and the desk jockeys in Neptune can spend their time worrying about somebody else.

It's worth noting that the good will

remaining toward vitakinetics focuses on these psions' skills in healing physical ills. .l£.scul.apians of good or ill repute must always be careful when applying the rnentatls mode. Mental manipulation is regulated strongly no matter where a psion goes. Similarly, blatant use of algesis is outright dangerous and certain to diminish public opinion of the order even further,


This aptitude is also relatively safe to use.

Being able to alter one's body is not inherently illegal, after all. However, a biokinetic is likely to encounter prejudice related to the Norca Order, even if he is on legally solid ground .. Always re-

member the


between law and custom, the law may not demand incarceration. but local custom may demand rembutlon.

Biokinetics should also be wary of laws concerning false identity .. Several governments have established laws to prevent appearance-altering biokinetics from adopting false identities. Furthermore, Norca who speclallze in battle should pay particular attention to the discussion below 011 psychokinetics and electroklnetks.

Psychokinesis and Electrokinesis

PI( and EK users are lil<ely to face legal difficulties wherever they use their capabilities abusively. By all means, assume that there are laws against assault anywhere you go, and act accordingly. In many countries even the threat of violence is a crime. Those adept at causing harm - pston or neutral-



fully responsible for the results of their actions. In other words,the woman who can set someone on fire

with a simple thought is 'expected to use-that power responsibly. (The precedents for such distinctions were set long ago ill regard to martial artists and other trained fighters .. ) Vitaldnetics using the algesls mode also fall into this category, as do biokinetics, who use their abilities to enhance their battle prowess.

Clairsentienc;e and Telepathy

Finally. clalrsenttents and telepaths are at serious legal risk almost everywhere. Psions are often considered suspect to begin with. but the invasive nature of these two aptitudes engenders more concern than do any of the others. Such paranoia is unreasonable, considering the restrictions each order encourages its members to foillow. Stili

Subject: Hongwen E.xtradition

From: Plero Thoenl, UN Security Division

To: Zachary Wilder, If.on Trinity, Chief Legal Counsel

Encryption: DSf.

Transmission type: textflle

Date: Q4:01:56 7.3..2120

Mr. Wilder-

Regardi ng the matter of the Hongwen extradition, my department has received electronic copies of internal Ministry memos indicating that the Chinese charges against Mr. Hongwen were falslfied in order to extradite him and, thus, allow him to escape UAN justice. While we understand thatyou del not have direct influence over the Chinese government, the United. Nations informally requests that you use whatever means may be convenient to ensure that this. ruse is not used again.

»> «<

Subject: Re: Hongwen Extradition From: Zachary Wilder, rEon Trinity, Chief legal Counsel

10: Dana Boresheltov, /Eon Trinity, Neptune Division

Encryption: DS[

Transmission type: textfile

Date: 10:.22:01 7.4..2120

Dana please take a look at this and deal with it appropriately. We can't read to this issue without more intelligence from the field.

it is an unfortunate reality that must be

dealt with nonetheless.

Many [urlsdlctlons impose specific

laws against using clalrsentlence and telepathy at all. Other regions observe privacy-law precedents that are applied to telepathk and/or c.lairsentient intrusion.


The above caveats aside, all operatives should know that there ls a. handful of governments that has decreed <'illY psionic activity criminal. The most notable include the People's Republic of Estonia, Kashmir and Iraq .. Psions should be extremely w,ary while in these regions.

Some pslons claim that there are times when using powers are unavoidable. Certainly. the J£on Trinity never condones breaklng local laws, but we can appreciate that extreme circumstances occu r.


It's possible that you might become wanted for a crime in a country

that you're no longer in. During the Crash, you could escape justice simply by crossing national boundaries. The United Nations has returned to iI position of strength since then. It's no longer easy to evade a single country's laws.

The United Nations Principles of Extradition has been signed by almost all member nations. The only prominent exceptions are Colombia, Brazill and the other Sudamerican countries under Norca lnfluence. Signatories guarantee that felons wanted in other nations for crimes worse than simple felony will be arrested and deported with all possible dispatch .. If the wanted individual has also committed crimes in his current country of residence, or in a third country, Signatories may attempt to flnd an acceptable solution diplomatically, or may appeal the matter to the World Court,

In practice, the Principles of Extradition is often hindered by many factors, Including

differing priorities between nations to corruption within government ranks. The most common paints of dispute are crimes considered serious In one jurisdiction and not so in another. For example. in the Kustra case of 2103, the United Kingdom was reluctant to extradite Werner Horengacher to the FSA for the crime of unauthorized public assembly. (The World Court ruled in favor of the FSA, with some reluctance.)

The World Cou:rt itself is under United Nations [urlsdlction. Appeals to the court have led to official requests for extradltlon in approximately 75% of the cases .. Unfortunately. the court itself has little means of enforcing its judgments beyond urging the relevant governments to comply.

;E.on has volunteered its services (in the form of Proteus Division) in extraditions involving PSiOIlS, both for individual nations and for the World Court. At times, our role has been to provide an escort during transportation. However, Proteus has also been instrumental in both finding psion fugitives and assisting local police forces in doing the same.

The borders of Europe • vide the continent's nations. monwealth are a patchwork; the Crash with the unity that arises lacks majority unity and the Esperenz« disaster • from a common, basic under- • and fears infringing

saw to that The Crash tested • standing of human rights. .. upon any single nation's sov-

the strength of every govern- • • erelgnty, Still. Europe as a

men! between Russia, and whole subscribes to certain

England, and refugees from • principles that have slmllar

France have changed politl- • repercussions.

cal landscapes from Mo- The first of these prin-

rocco to Sweden. ciples is the right to free-

However, several el- dam: of person, thought

aments combine to keep and speech. I n Great

European culture - in- Britain's Delafield-

eluding its legal system Attridge cases, the courts

- tnract. The old Euro- determined that these

pean Union, dating all the lights. particularly freedom

way back to the latter por- of thought. could not be dl-

tion oFthe 20th ,century, pro- • • mtnlshed due to enhanced

vided Europe with a corn- .. • capacity. In layman's terms,

rnon set of laws for over a it was decided that since it is

hundred years, With that as " There are, of course, 10- .. not Illegal to be exception-

a base, the United Nations, .. cal variations on ,legal prac- ally Intelligent, it should not the /Eon Trinity and, more tlces, The European Union is be illegal to have and use recently, the .!£scu[apian Or- dead, and its political suoces- noetlc powers.

der have been able to pro- • sor - the European Com- ..

Case Study:

De lafie Id v:

Attridge and Attridge v. Delafield

On January 1st, 2109, Tyrel Attridge was returning to his flat near Oxford Circle after a New Year's Eve party. His path took him from the Soho district along Glasshouse Street, where he carne upon Cyril Delafield around 3 AM. Wltlhout warning, Mr. Attridge assaulted Mr. Delafield, causing grievous bodily harm. He then took Mr. Delafield to a police station on Regent Street and turned the situation over to the officer on duty.

Both Mr. Attridge and Mr. Delafield were detrained and questioned. In Mr .. Delafield's deposition, he

claimed that he was minding his own business when Mr. Attridge attacked him. Mr. Attridge gave ·21 deposition explaining that he had been peacefully wi\lking along Glasshouse Street when he sensed an immediate and severe threat from Mr. Delafield and realtzed that Mr. Delafield intended to mug him. Mr. Attridge further explained that he had been recruited by the Interplanetary School for Research and Advancement (otherwise known as ISRA) two years before and that he was, ill fact, ·21 clairsentient.

The officer on duty elected to detain both lndlviduals for possible crimes.

The following day, Mr, Attridge's solicitor struck an agreement with the sollcltor appointed for Mr, Delafield. First, Mr. Attridge would be tried for assault and battery

in the Crown Court Since the evidence brought to light in this trial (as well as the inevitable legal rulings) might determine whether or not Mr. Delafield should stand trial at all, a second trial would only be held if necessary. ML Delafield filed an official complaint against Mr. Attridge, and Mr. Attridge posted bail.

Circuit Judge Ware presided over the trial. Jury selection was, perhaps, the centerpiece of tile entire affair; of the original jury pool of 45, three potential jurors were pslons. Mr. Delafield's solicitor argued passlonately that psions would be biased toward Mr. Artrtdge, but Judge Ware denied the motion to screen pslon lay jurors on the basis of their capabilities.

As there were few witnesses to the events In question, the remainder of the trial went fairly quickly. Mr.

Delafteld's testimony Judge Ware recused himself for consideration. corresponded with his' in order that this lrnportant > The five Law Lords deposition, although Mr. • precedent not be seen as the • appointed to con-

Attridge's solicitor Intro- work of one man. His re- sider the matter deduced Mr. Delafield's crlrnl- • placement, Judge Lozada •• liber:ated for some time. nal record into evidence. The • permitted Mr. Attridge's re- • They upheld the Crown Court "victim" had served two jail newed request to testify un- decisions despite strong, sentences for robbery. • der telepathic interrogation .• political pressure from the

Mr. Attridge also testi- • Mr. Attridge suggested Mary • minority Labor party and fied in accordance with his. Leung, a solicitor resident of • the tabloids.

deposition. During his, testl- London. After some consld- In 2 j 15, a case similar to many, he offered to undergo • erarton, Judge Lozada agreed • Attridge-Delafield came to telepathic interrogation at • that she would be suitable. • trial in Holland and was Judge Ware's disclretioll.. The telepathic testimony. decided in the same manJudge Ware declined on the Further confirmed Mr. nero Since then. most other grounds that the legallnes of " Attridge's testimony; Mr. • European jurisdictions have psionic evidence were. in • Delafield had no evidence. reached comparable declfact, what was in question. besides the testimony al- slons. It is not a crtrne to Four witnesses to the event " ready provided. Despite in- • possess and utilize pslonlc collaborated Mr. Delafield's • flammatory and frankly > capabilities.

testimony. None of them sensational statements on • Further. the right to free were able to confirm Mr. the part of Mr. Delafield's so- thought has been extended Attridge's version of events • 1iciter, the jury retired for a • to physical noetic aptitudes, for obvious reasons. mere hour before returning A psychokinetic exerclslng

After two days of testi- a guilty verdict. the pyrokinetic mode is con-

many, the jury retired to con- »> «< sidered no different in prtn-

sider the case Deliberations It's not mentioned in tile ctple than a savate expert

took over a week. When the case study that Mary Leung using his martial-arts skills. jury returned, it declared Mr. - wife of dlplornat Walter European courts have recogAttridge innocent of all Quentin and a native of China nized this precedent and charges. Judge Ware de- -was not publicly known as ruled accordingly.

parted from tradition in his a telepath before the events Although Europe's rulfinal words, making the legal of the second trial. The Brit- ings in regard to psionic precedent expllcir: ish Bar Council considered powers seem enlightened.

"IF I see a man approach- censuring her and removing they demand absolute relng me, waving a pistol. call- her from its ranks, but de- sponslbtlity from the lndling my name in an insulttng cided against it after what is vtdual pston, The courts exfashion ~if there is no other reputed to have been very pect a savateur to exercise way to resolve the matter - heated discussion. Triton re- complete discretion with his, it is my right to defend my- search lndtcates that Leung's abilities; pslons are no differself by any reasonable case load has fallen off by at ent. What might be assault means. IF Mr. Attridge 'sees' least 25% since the Attridge- in the first degree for an unthat a man is about to Delafieldcases-notsurpris- trained brawler is assault with attack him, by virtue of his ing. since she is not only a intent to I<ill for a pslon. It is. unique senses, he possesses known telepath but sus- as always, vital to learn the same rights. This court. peered by many to be a Min- proper control of one's powquite rightly, has not denied istry spy. lEon has no iindica- ers and temper.

him those rights simply be- tion that this is the case, al- lronlcally, Europe's precause it does not possess though we recommend that cedents can also leave a

those senses." you exercise caution if retain- pslon on somewhat uncer-

Subsequently. Mr. ing her legal services. taln legal ground. Whi,)e it's

Attridge filed charges against The points of law estab- legal to defend yourself Mr. Delafield for assault. llshed by the two cases later based on evidence gained went to the House of Lords through psionic powers, the

right to privacy still country and my continent; This freedom was exists. Several civil • our image is that of drug traf-· one of the leveraging suits have been," tickers and criminals. and I ~ tools used by the NOfy:\ to

filed for unwar- find few who believe any- extend their influence from

ranted pslonlc intru- • thing else .. While the Nova" Colombia into Brazil. They acsion, and most have been de- • r6r~ de Naclonales (or the. cumulated enough political

ctded in favor of the plaintiff. Norc;:a,as you know them) power in the northern state

• •

Just because you think you shapes and defines the face of Vista Para to repeal that

have a good reason to per- • Sudamerica, it is, not all there> region's drug laws. The benform a psionic investigation. is to us. The Brazilian repub-. efits Vista Para gained lndoesn't automatically make liean tradition goes back to spired other Brazilian states it legal. • 1891. Today, I write of our" to folJow suit. (I should point

The /£on Trinity currently. legal system and discuss a. out that the Norca's intent seeks to establish an interna- • court case that sheds light on • was notsimplyto provide for tional guud of telepathic ob- the manner in which our the legal sale of recreational

servers to serve as expert • courts interpret our taws. • drugs, but to encourage fur-

witnesses in criminal (but not. • ther development of medical

civil) trials. Proxy Bue has research. This is a matter for

even expressed enthusiastic support 'for the Noetic legal • Guild (although Neptune Divlston fears this endorsemen may hurt more than help the organtzatlon]. Still, Benelux countries recognize the guild on an experimental basis. The few cases on which the guild has assisted in the few months since its probationary introduction have been great successes, despite threats of terrorism from Fringe antl-pslon elements.

Lynn Sollden, a Danish citizen and neutral, heads the guild. It Is likely that Belgium and Luxembourg would not have agreed to a single NLG trial wlthout Sollden's skill led diplomacy. The guild currentl1y seeks both pston and neutral recruits for a security djvlslon, given the threats it has received.

- terlfile conversion, Javier Dane, member of the sao Paulo State Bar

[ would like to express my appreciation For you taking the ime to learn of my


I focus on Brazil because it

is my native country. the one I know best. While the Nor~ exert v:arying degrees of control or influence on all

Sudamerican countries, Jaws

that suit those nations' cultures

and histories prevail. where possible. Noro;a influence over Brazil is moderate, so the country is a litting example from which to extrapolate.

Brazi I has always been a loose confederation by comparison to any northern country, The Brazilian constitution delineates certain basic human rights. but each of the nation's states has the right to set its own laws as long as they remain within constitutional guidelines.

another time, however)

The individual rights of Brazilian citizens are not unlike those in most "West-

ern" countries. Brazil respects the right to privacy, freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom of work, and the ideal of in-

nocent until proven guilty.

Also, perhaps uncommonly, we have legally established the right to privacy of communication. Given that some psions can break these communication laws by mere thought, this last clause has particular application in this report.

AI though 1 cannot speak for all Brazilian states" use of psionic abilities is generally legal except, as with any human talent. when it infringes upon existing law. Brazilian legislatures have Intentionally avoided passi ng a'1Y laws specific to pslonics: we feel that if our exlsrmg laws do not sufficiently desert be preferred behavior. we must reexamine their underlying assumptions rather than simply patch them.

For example" there is no specific law prohibiting a pslon from reading my emotional state or my thoughts. However, if I were to detect a pslon doing so without my permission, he would be breaking Section 11.3.a of the [>riva,cy Code - which relates to eavesdropping with malicious intent. Similarly,

here is no law preventing a bloktnenc from assuming my form - but if a biokinetic did so, she would be culpable under the statutes hat prohibit impersonation.

I like to believe that 'it is this liberality that makes Brazll an accom.modating place for psions to live. There are many implications to our policy: Psions may become police or lawyers if they desire, and there is no ban against pslons testifying in court. Our constitution does

~rohibit evidence gained by Illegal! means. but it is legal to violate secrecy of communication laws If a count order permits it.

Despite all! this egalitarianism, Brazil has its dark side, as indicated in the following case.

Case Study: de

Faria v. Solano

Gaspar de Faria was a member of the Norca. In 21 J 9, while visiting the city of Sao Paulo he met Gabriella Solano, who was a model working for a small local agency. De Faria requested the pleasure of Senorita Solano's company for dinner, and she agreed. The dinner went poorly. and Solano returned to her apartment with the stated intentiol1 of calling her boyfriend soon afterward.

The following morning. she filed a charge of rape against Sr. de Faria. In her deposition. Sa. Solano stated that de Faria had followed her home after their dinner, entered her apartment and taken advantage of her. The police found a neighbor, Senora Figo, who had seen a man matching Sr. de Faria's description leaving the apartment .complex the following morrung, The waitress at the restaurant admitted that she had heard de Faria swear an oath that he would "show Senorita Solano her error." These two witnesses presented sufficient cause to arrest de Faria, who pleaded not guilty.

During the trial, Senorita Solano testified that she called her boyfriend Amando Torres after returning home. and that he' vis-

her. They ar- left the restaurant in anger. could not be verified by gued about her " he calmed afterward. De· any reasonable means. rlghtto have dinner • Faria claimed he had not.

with another man. visited the Solano apartment,

After about an hour. he • and that he presumed his •

Ileft in anger. According to • accuser was angry that Solano's testimony. de he did not find her

Faria returned us! ng • attractive.

Sr. Torres' shape , an d " The judge

pleaded forgiveness. • sustalned the

She let him in, believing d e fen s e that he was Sr. Torres. She • cou ns el ' s further testified that their rec- • request to oncillation proceeded apace, • dis m iss and the two spent tile night c h a r g e s together. with "Torres" leav- • once tile lng early the next mmning .• prosecution Sr. Torres' testimony agreed mad e its with Solano's story, including case. The his. assertion that he had not. grounds for returned that night. Senora. dis m i' s s a I Figo then confirmed seeing were stated de Faria leaving the area the " that the case

next morning. hinged on the

The defense called Sr. de word oFthe neighFaria as its first witness. He bor Senora figo, testified that while he had whose testimony

Subject: Pear-Shaped Brazilian Situation From.: Jennifer Denton, Proteus Division To: Strike Team Raider

Iocryption: DSE

Transmission type: textftle

.Date: [2.:24: I I 2.28.2120

We need a team down in Brazil ASAP .. )£on tries to protect those who do us favors, and Dana took a big risk filing this report. His wife informs us that her husband hasn't been seen for over 48 hours. She's in a safehouse in Sao Paulo, we need you to escort her over the border within the week, whether you find Dana or not,

Yo'u have access to one of OUf undercover opera,tlves down there, Cristina Salomon. She works as a clerk in the Sao Paulo Labor Board offices; she can get you identity papers and such at a certain risk to herself. She may be able to provide other information if it Involves the government. but she doesn't have any Norcacontacts. Do not blow her cover and do not allow yourselves to be ldentlfled as Proteus operatives.

»> «<

The case above lllus-

trates one.of the more Important unspoken prtnclples of

• international justice: The powerful make the rules, even if they do not make the laws. If the judge had ~ollowed legal precedent strictly. the eyewitness evidence would have figured much more strongly in the case - at least calling for a Jury deliberation, quite possibly even leading to de ~aria'sconviction. It ls clear (although few would say so in public) that de Faria was freed 50 quickly because he is one of the Norca, and the Norca protect their own.

• Contrary to' rumor, you • have any intent of

.. • need not register your no- using psionic abill-

- Excerpt: MmLsUy etic powers before entering • ties, pllease registerl

of Pslontc Affai:r:s· Guide, • China. Privacy has long: been· Registered psions

faT Visiting Pstons • important in our cultu reo • may use any of their abilities

The people of China wel- However, unregistered use with only minor limitations.

come all visiting psions. • • OF course, any assault (physi-

Greater understanding be- • • calor mental) upon an un-

tween cultures is one of our willing subject is strictly ille-

foremost goals, and there is • • gal. Due to the difficulty of

no better way to reach corn- • • establlshlng consent to

man ground than by vis- telepathic intrusion after

ltlng each other in per- the fact, we ask that

sao. The noetic orders in telepaths not affiliated

particular must strive for with the Ministry refrain

unity: without our rnu- hom rnindsharing wlth-

tual strength. we cannot out fi:rst obtaining explidt

defend Earth from the written or verbal consent.

Aberrant threat. Clalrsentlents are wel-

Just as Ministry representatives are expected to • respect the laws of thei r host • countries, China expects its visitors to observe Cbinese " of an aptitude is restricted. law. This section of the guide • You may incur a jail sentence helps you understand and of up to I o years and a fine follow our laws. We appred- of as much as ¥I 0,000 for ate your consideration. each 'unregistered use. If you

come to use thel r powers as

• they wish except In the vicinity of specified government Installations. If necessary. you may request a list

• of such installations at any office of the Min.istry of Psionic Affairs. Pl,ease be advised that over 80% of

China's Ministry Associate Program is our way of thanking the people who their lives for monkindlike you.

Register today to receive the many benefits due a person of your stature.

MINI~mY \'A~SO(IMfsr'

- Excerpt.: covert. annlysi$

-<deleted:>; Proteus Dfvtslon

As suspected, Ministry associate membership is a recruiting front. There are a lot of advantages to signing up; the hotels are better, you're lavished with attention and companionship, and you even get preferred treatment in state-owned stores. However, you're also the target of a low-key barrage of reasons why you should join the Ministry full time.

Ministry agents can already use their powers at will and invisi~ly. Assoclate membership for any psron means you can use your powers as you like and pass it off as "necessary for state security."

Is becoming a member of the elite class of China tempting? You bet. Does it come with strings? Absolutely. More to come, once I find out how many and who's pulllng them.

nizable! We understa.nd that·


this is an in-. Nihonjin law has been

f r i n gem e 111 t strongly influenced by the upon personal' Western legal system ever freedom. but it is. since World War II. When Janecessary u.nder • pan was defeated by the old the circum- United States. the US forced stances. All other> its laws and government uses of btokmests , upon the loser, to the best of areallowed-af- its ability, Over the subseter approprlate" quen 150 years, Nihonjin reglstratton, of· culture Imposed adaptations course. I and adjustments to the alien

Are you a system. Still. old Western psion who in-· influences remain. Ironically, tends, to remain I Nippon's legal system Is in China for more more similar to that of the than three old United States' than the months? If so .> modern Federated States is consider register- • ~ in practice and spi rit, if not ing as an associ- in theory.

ate member of " Pslons allowed into the Ministry. This Nippon are, therefore, subprogram is new,. [ect to psi laws similar to and we're quite those of Europe, although excited about it.· considerably more strict. The As an associate Nihonjln distaste for pslons is member, you apparent in their legal sysgain ac- tern. Using noetic powers cess to upon another person is conMinistry sldered assault, at the very h Q S tel S least. Telepathic intrusion is and other considered a violation of facilities privacy and is subject to d uri n g civil suit. If an offender uses your stay psionic powers in the course in China. of committing a crime of a

Nihonjin law is also very tough on biotech. As

you know. biotech itself is absolutely me,gal in Nippon. Wise pstons do not assume they can sneak bioware into the country - the infamous 2 109 case is evidence enough of that. Visitors are scanned for biotech twice, once when applying for a visa and once when actually entering the country. Note that Nihonjin scannlng technology can tell the difference between Formatted and unformatted biotech; while there is no formal registration requirement for noetic abilities formatted biotech betrays any such abilities.

Biotech can be brought into the country ifit is immunized. This procedure is not terribly high tech. In essence, biotech must be encased in an air-tight container similar to a biohazard suit while within Nippon's borders. Formatted biotech that has been bound to a psion can be immunized, if its owner is also willing to remain inside such a container. The penalty or possession of non-immunized biotech is death.

Case Study:

Harada v. Toshiko

In this civil case, Harada Rei was a business owner in the Kyoto Prefecture who managed a small chain of candy stores. She accused Toshlko Takahiro of breach of contract. ln her complaint, she stated that he had entered into an agreementwiti1 her under which he would install a holodtsk vending machine in each of her shops

• and would pay her J 0% of • week. the net income from each Mrs. Harada's lawmachine. Harada further yer pressed Mr.

• claimed that Toshiko guaren- • Takahiro to produce

• teed her a minimum weekly. records of tills change,

income of 15,000 yen per he requested a day's recess

• machine unless the net profit • to prepare them properly.

• from that machine for a week • Judge Htyama granted

• was under 30,000 yen. • this request.

The store-owner Harada Mr. Takahlro returned

• had no complaints for the first • with the records in question.

• month. However, in the sixth • Mrs. Harada's lawyer re-

week of operation, and for quested and received per-

• three weeks thereafter, her • mission to bring a new wit-

• income from each madline • ness - Kasal Morimasa. The .. averaged Z,OOO yen - 10% • records showed that in the

of what Mr. Takahlros month In question. Mr.

• records claimed was a net " Takahlro had a 50% increase

• income of 20,000 yen per. in unspecified incidental exweek. Mrs. Harada asked her penses. This increase, assurn-

• clerks to keep a tally of " ingthe expenses were valid,

• holodlsk purchases after the. explained the drop In net first week. Their rough count profits. Mrs. Harada's lawyer was over 20 disks pel" rna- questioned Takahiro inchine per week, at 3,000 yen tensely regarding the nature per disk. of the expenses. The defen-

If the tally was correct, dant pleaded the necessity of this should have meant keeping: his proprietary busi- 60,000 yen gross proftt per ness practices secret. This machine each week. Reduc- appeal was recognized by ing costs by an average 45% Judge Hiyama.

previously cited by Mr. Mrs. Harada's lawyer reTakahiro, this should have quested and received perallowed for 33,000 yen net mission to bring a new profit - more than enough witness - Kasal Morimasa. for Mrs. Harada to receive Mr. Morimasa testlfled tha.t the agreed-upon 15,000 yen he was an etectroktne tic per machine. whom Mrs. Harada had hired

In court (Judge Hiyama to monitor Takahlro's comTansho presiding), MIL puter during the trial. Takahlro testified that the Morimasa further stated that

rough count was not inaccurate - although somewhat overstated - and produced records to prove the latter assertion. However, he claimed his operating expenses had jumped to 66% of gross profits - given the information previously documented. this allowed for a net profit of only 19,800 yen per machine each

the records Mr. Takahlro submitted had been falsified during tile recess. judge Hiyama paused the trial so that order might be restored to the courtroom.

After the break. judge Hiyama declared Mr. Morimasa's testimony invalid. Mrs. Harada's lawyer objected and was overruled. The remainder of the trial

took only an hour. There was no further testimony. Judge Hiyama was quick to reach a declston. finding Mrs. Harada's suit baseless and denying her damages.

»> «<

This case study is of particular interest for both the precedent set and for subsequent events. The precedent is not uncommon, although it was an early one, cases involving similar issues have gone to trial in many countries, generally with the same results. One cannot expect courts to accept evidence gained by seemingly mysterious means. As noetlc ablllties become more a part of daily life, his will undoubtedly change.

Immediately following the trial, Mr. Takahlro urned

his business computers over to the court voluntarily. asking that they be examined carefully in order to confirm the truth of his testimony. Judge Hiyama agreed to this unusual request, given the delicate nature of the trial and the importance of the precedent he had just established.

Several top Nihonjin computer technicians spent a month examining the computers down to their physical storage media. It is possi ble to read the ghosts of deleted data given the proper tools. They reported finding no evidence of records other than the ones Mr. Takahiro presented in court.

In a parallel Investigatitan, detectives ofthe Kyoto Prefecture discovered that Mr. Morimasa was married to

Mrs. Harada's second cousin. In the end, a seemlngtyveftd civil case was revealed to be a base attempt at extortion.

The moral? Pslons are human. At the time. many psions were outraged by the dismissal of Mr. Morimasa's testimony. They - and we - had forgotten that it is easy to lie about evidence when one thinks he cannot be found out.

Sadly. Mr. Morimasa's testimony set back the standing of noetic evidence, not only in Nippon but through settled space. This case demonstrates the vast importance of public opinion. Pstons will never become accepted in court or otherwise if they are considered untrustworthy.

Federated States of America

- terlfile conversion t Jane Robinson, Nept11O'le Division a.ssociate

Generally speaking, the biggest problem lEon Trinity ops have in the FSA is remembering that they are in hostile terrtrory. Most countries at least attempt to convince themselves that psions should have the same rights as other citizens. Germany, the UAN, Nippon - they may still be scared of you, but they have the nobility to rise above it - for the most part. There is no such benevolence here. You threaten the fSA, and it reacts in klnd,

!(you remember that the rSA considers, use of psionic powers to be a privilege and not a right, you'll be fine. If you don't, someone's going to ask me to represent you, If you're lucky, I won't have anything pressing on my calendar, If you're really lucky. I'll win your case. But don't count on it

The Noetic Control Act (NCA)

The FSA operates under precedents set in the landmark People v. McCI'elland case, and according to the terms of the Noetic Control Acr of 2 ~ 1.2. The former established that pslons aren't allowed to do a damned thing in the courtroom. The latter has a number of rather sweeping provisions. Of particular note:

• Using psionic abilities • Sentences are

• to observe any human being • more severe for

• is a criminal offense. • aggravated assault

• Any assault involving than for hose of the

• psionic abilities is considered 0 "vanilla" variety.

• aggravated assault. Th e th i rd provl sl on • • Noetic research must. means about what it says, al-

be licensed 'by the FSA. though be careful about do-

• Using psionic abilities· ing general research with

• to attain a. competitive ad- • pstonk powers. For example,

vantage in business is a there's no clear precedent on

• crime, except in such cases' whether it's lllegal to study

• where noetic abilities are re- • physics by using pyrokinetic

• quired to do business. 0 powers. I've tried to get The NCA is nasty. Most some cases to court that • of you don't speak lawyer- • would establish cut-and-

o dried legality, but they've all been blocked from above. You can thank Cassel for o the fourth provision: Necessary use of psionics in business is legal. You need n oe tics to develop biotech. Orgotek brings enough business into the FSA and Cassel has enough Influence with I<ey figures to afford the order some latitude. Mind you, it's up to the FSA to decide what types of businesses require pslonlcs. Orgotek currently has a very general noetic research license - which comes up for renewal in a year. The Big 0 has a tough road ahead of it unless the FSA's political climate undergoes a dramatic change in the near future.

The Hoffman-

White Bill

ese, so I'll explain some of the highlights. The first provision applies to telepaths and clears directly .. It also means that an electrokinetic who runs a computer with her powers better not notice what anyone else is doing at that node. For that matter, I wouldn't recommend that a NOf~ admit to sensing any bloflelds while in the FSA. Even the simplest uses of your powers may be against the law.

The second NCA provision means that if you shove a person with your teleklnesis, you're In the same boat as someone who shoots another person with a pistol.

The FedBoard sanctioned the Hoffman-White bill in 2118. which explicitly authorized each administrative district of the FSA to deterrnlne its own laws and policies regarding pslon activity. Lawmakers spun it as a move toward deregulation, which made the gullible happy. Orgotek supported it,

which convinced even more people that it was • a decent law, Don't you.


First off,. Hoffman- White • doesn't negate the Noetic • Control Act completely. A local administrative district can now override any provl- • 51.01'11 of the NCA, but that won't save you from belng tried by a higher court i.f the • CSA wants to push the issue, •

Second, my analysis of legislative trends followlng Hoffman-Whlte indicates' that laws are becoming; more restrictive, not less so, The NCA tacitly acknowledges • that pslons have a legal sta- • tus in the FSA. In the wake of Hoffman-White, more than one administrative dis- • trier has realized it has the • power to outlaw psionic abilities altogether. Tex-Mex • is In the process of putting • forth provisions that mak-e it illegal to pO.S:S€Ss noetic talents. This is probably a reaction to the border war. but that doesn't mean other districts won't follow suit. I recommend that you pay vel')' dose attention to local laws.

So why dld Orgotek back Hoffman-Whit-e? Because It offers some local breathing room, Cassie I, can't lnfluence the governments in New York or San Francisco, but the Southwest District (which hosts Orgosoft Farms) hascverrtdden NCA provisions regarding competitive practices and noetic research, Some say Orgotek's support of the law tsa neeessary pragmatism, Others say It's selling out yourown kind for a buck. Make your own call.


Jane Robinson is not a full Trinity member; rather, she offers input when she feels It re!evan t, She .is also one of Aon'sgr1eatest resources in

the FSA.. .

In 2 J Ol, a legion representative discovered tI1at both of Robtnson's sons were strong I atents , and recruited them ilJito the Le.gions. Both Robinsens have sewed with disllndion since the Sydney battl'e. Since 2106, lane Robinson has specialized in legal Issues relating to pstorucs, malting her the FSA's foremost authori1y on such matters.

She lives in Toronto and has not been a member of -any legal firm since she was fired from Hawson and Llln 2'110. Her offices are open 24 hOUfS a dCilY for emergency consultation. Robinson does not provide pro bono services, and has turned down multipleoffefs of employment From the /LOri Trinity. but she does bi II us for services rendered for .I£on operatives. . While Robinson's personal opinions regardIng the FSA are often extreme and in some cases, conspiratorial, her legal opinions are, without

exception, excellent .

Ccse fleer Bellamy negated Mr. had the keys to an Apo-

• McClelland's right to legal" gee in his possession at

Study: . representation and interro-. the time of his arrest; they

gated him regarding the. belonged to a vehicle regis-

FSA V.. • blood stains. Mr. McCleJ:land tered to him and parked at

M Cl 11· d · refused to answer. After· the Rest Stop convenience

C eon . blood typing, Officer Bellamy. store. Furthermore, when

Jason McClelland was ar- determined that the blood Mrs. Hirumi regained conrestedonMay13th.2110,in. matched that of Anita" sciousness,sheandherhusEugene. Oregon. The arrest. Hlrurni, who had been. band Shoji Hlrurnl picked Mr. took place at a Rest StQP con- beaten severely and robbed McClelland out of a lineup. venlence store while Mr. • ather home in Eugene on the • Mr. McClelland refused McClelland was in th~ act of • previous day. Mr. McClellland· to confess, despite further striking down the cashier and was unwilling to explain his. intensive interrogation. The emptying the register. The • whereabouts, and was presiding judge expedited officer makingthe.arrest Sgt. placed under arrest as a sus-· the trial due to the weight of RogerBellamy,amvedonthe. pect ln theHirurnl case, • evidence, The court apscene after receiving a report D uri n g the fo II ow in g. painted Mr. McClelland's fi rst ofa robbery in progress, Dur- • week. Officer Bellamy spoke lawyer. However. the day lng the arrest, Officer Bellamy • with several witnesses in the before the trial, Harold Lee, noticed blood stains on Mr. Hirumi case. One testified. a noted criminal lawyer from McClelland's hands. and ob- • that he had seen a Porter- San Franc.isco. requested and served that the cashier was • Andersen Apogee drlvlng " received permission to repnot cut. away from the Hiruml house. resent Mr, McClelland on a

Acting according to the at high speed after the' time. pro bono basis.

Richardson Act of 2.065, Of- of the assault. Mr. McClelland

Mr. Lee made no at- »> «<

tempt to bluntthe effect· That's the infamous • ibly important le-

af the prosecution's case .• McClelland case. It provides. gal precedents His first witness was Gregor first-hand evidence of how were established by Lewandowski, a technician "'easyitcanbetousethemere • the FSA v, McClelland fall" PacNorBell,. the telephone. existence of psi abllltles to • case. The first is that you can't company serving the area, derail. a case. Harold Lee un-. use pslonlc powers to lnvesMr. Lewandowski. provided dercut the overwhelming . tlgate a crime. IfyOl'! acddentelephone records proving" evidence lrnpltcatlng • tally discover a crime with that the anonymous phone. McCleUand simply by point- • psionic powers and report it, call about t!he R:est Stop rob- jng out that Htrurnt was a you corrupt the evidence. bery had come from the • pslon, As, anyone with a ba- • Now, you may be able to Hlrumi home. • sic understanding of noetks • use your powers to catch a

Mr. Lee's second witness • knows, clatrsenttents cannot. criminal once criminal activwas Merryl. Black, the police influence another person's ity has been establishedsecretary who took that call. • thoughts - that Falls under • but be very careful. Why? She testi fied that Mr, • telepathy. Hlrurni admitted • Because of the second preHirurnl's voice was that of the he was a deal', not a tel (and cedent: The PSA legal system person who reported the • independent research' does notoffkially recognize robbery. Cross-examination • proves this is accuratel, This • that psions possess only one failed to shake her testimony, • doesn't matter to the fSA, as • full aptitude. In other words,

Mr. Lees last witness I'll explain momentarily. you can demonstrate your

wasMr. Hlrurnl, whotestUled' In the end, the strnple " psychokinetic abilities until that he had made the report mention of the word "pston' • the cows come horne. but "on a hunch," Mr. Hlrurnl fur- was enough to taint the trial, that doesn't legally prove ther testified that while he • despite the prosecution's that you're unable to use any was a pslon belonging to the· best efforts. Not only was v itakln etic ability you please. ISM Order; he had not dis- McClelland acquitted, but FSA paranoia about psions is covered the robbery using Shoji Hirurni was later tried astounding at times,

his noetic abilities, and sentenced to .1 o years in

The defense closed, as- prison for violating

serttng that Mr. Hlrurnl lied Jason McClelland's in his testimony, and sug- civil rights under the gesting that Mr. Hlrurn! Noetic Control Act. might even have mentally in- I n case you 're fluenced Mr. McClelland to wondering, Harold commit at least the robbery lee is on permanent if not the initial assault. The retainer from prosecution attempted to re- Norcomm Telecomfocus the trial on the ques- rnunlcatlon, a wholly tion oFMr. McCleJland'sguilt. owned subsidiary of

The judg;e ruled that Mr, HLY National finance.

McClelland coul-d not be PacNorBel1 is itself a found guilty of robbing the wholly owned subsldRest Stop: The evidence that laryof Norcomrn. AU of led to his arrest was obtained whom are key clOgs in by means of invasive noetic the FSA's military-corabilities. violating the funda- porate machine. And mental human right to prl- Jason McClell.and has Furthermore, the judge not worked a day since found Mr. McClelland not the trial, but it seems guilty of the assault 011 Mrs. he can afford to buy all Hlrurnl; the court could not the beer he wants. prove that he acted of his own will.

C ,.' r"T' "I'·' . r' .... · T ,,; .

. ..-...... . ,':t".r ~.I'" ~- 1·\~\'~·:1~." ('"""

, '

\..._._j ~-- .... ~-- --.:.~~~


.. .. -->! J


'- '


~ Philip Dixon, freelance psio:n (dairsenti:enl), 2117

I've lived In Boston for the past six years, and I break the law - as deflned by the Noetic Control Acton a regular basis. I'm quiet; I don't make waves, and I've never gotten in trouble for it. It's like jaywalking, yeh?

But that doesn't mean I'm nonchalant about it. It's not just the government or the Central Security Agency that hates us around here. The citizens discriminate .. If anyone dislikes me, and I'm not careful. they could turn me In. So I'm careful,

That's just how it is.

Richardson doesn't go that but the cops aren't too line is, your very • far, and you'd still face a lot " eager to engage our serpresence at a crlrne , of dlscrlrnlnatlon jf it did .• vices every time they stall scene weakens the (Make what you will of ru- out. Just because they find prosecution's case. • mored secret pslon squads' psions useful doesn't nnean There's no telling what you • and psion cops pretending· the FSA likes us, yeh?

as a psion may have "done" • to be neutrals.) However, a. Most requests of this nato influence events or indl- cop can deputize others who ture go through official chanvidual rights. • then Fall under the " nels, but there are some

Mind you, FSA v .• Richardson exemptions. • freelance psions out there

McClelland precedents Obviously, you can't just who have relatively good rearen't usually abused by the " show up at a pollee station' lations with the law on an incourt system. If a stree cnml- • and say you want to help out > dividual basis. You put YOUlfnal like Jason is caught be- • with any cases they happen. self at some risk if you get cause a teIepath stuns his to have handy, I was depu- involved, though. Nobody puny little brain, he goes to • tlzed once; the local police' forgets that you're a "psyq" , prison as he should. How-. were investigating some. and if an officer "faljs" to do ever, if you enter a criminal white-collar computer crime. his paperwork, you're up on or civil case agalnst sorneone " An officer asked my Orgotel<' criminal charges, Orgotek who happens to be under the • branch if anyone would be' protects its own, but solos protection of the FSA you. willing to assist them. I vol-. are vulnerable.

won't wi'n. unteered out of curiosity. The I've also heard stories

Really. • police fingerprinted me, had' about pslons and the Central

COO per Q tin 9 me fill out an extensive ques-» Secu rlty Agency - well,

tionnaire and gave me a okay; I am. It's mostly hear-

with the FSA · qutck lle-detector test before • say, though. I don't know

tiley briefed me on the case.' details, but I'd think CSAThe details weren't very sponsored Gifted don't have interesting - I nipped into the problems that pston a computer node and deputies do. Keep them out brought back some filles - of the public eye, enforce a but it was damn fascinating "need to know" condition for working with the police. other government stooges From some comments I whenever the pslons are on overheard. officers were split the job - y'know, typical on the idea of resorting to paranoid FSA cover-up stuff. "psyq" 'help, Some of them Also IDe warned that it's appreciated the ease with possible to be forced to cowhich I wrapped up the case. operate with FSA authorities. Others didn't think it was If the police need a pslon worth it. The work took badly enough. they'll And about a day, and they paid someone and "ask" him or me a token sttpend - her to. volunteer. Refusing is enough for a good dinner a bad idea. you'll be ha(depending on your definl- rassed, watched and singled tion of "gocd"). out for special treatment. I asked around the office And that' 5 if they're in a good afterward. Apparently, mood. Otherwise, expect to Orgotek receives a scatter- spend a few months in the lng of official (though quiet) Raleigh psyq tank.

requests each year - and Life in the FSA. ...

that number's slowly cliimbing. Of course, we could help a helluva lot more than hat.

- Arth ur Bengali, • JEon Trinity, Nep~W\e Di- • vision assoclate

It may surprise you to learn that the fSA actually does have a pragmatic side • when it comes to psionic powers. It turns out that the Richardson Act allows police officers to formally ignore quite a few legalities under certain cl rcumstances.1 f you're an officer investigating a "heinous crime," you can 1111 out a simple form and get carte blanche to do just about anything you like. I'm not sure what the legal definition of a heinous crime Is, but police seem to. have a lot of latitude when invoking Richardson.

Anyhow. one of the things you can do under the Richardson Act is use psionic powers to go after criminals. Now. there are no official psion cops in the FSA -

_, Gradu:ation commencement address, CQ.nbe:TTQ Third le:gio'n Training Camp., General van der Kuyp, May 22. 2116

A few colonies and human settlements operate in a lawless state: The asteroids and portions of what were once france and the Middle East are excellent examples. Yet only a foolish Legionnaire mistakes lack of law enforcement for permission to do whatever she plleases. The frontiers are, in a word, unforgiving.

The key to operating out there is remembering that the powerful impose their own justice. If you're stationed in what used to be Jordan and you get caught reading a warlord's mind, it doesn't matter that governments,' forbid him to execute you. Chances are he'll do it anyway.

So you need to learn the political terrain, just as any soldier needs to learn the physical terrain. Here some basic guidelines in

-The Frontier-

· - .

• which to start. Remember, • mind reading. We recornthese are only gutdellnes. mend tnat tels and dears keep

• There's no despot-and-ban- .. a low prolille in the absence of

• dft guidebook. • legitimate authority.

To the advantage of the This brings up another

• Legions and the Norca, physi- • point: There's no due process

• cal violence is relatively ac- • in lawless regions .. Evidence

ceptable on the frontier. Men is less important than trust·

• and women in tile absence of • if a respected member of the

• law must protect themselves • community accuses you of

• by whatever means, neces- • something, she doesn't need

sary, and pslonlcs is as good proof. Again. learn the po-

• a weapon as any. A· lltical terrain. Learn who you

• cryoklnetic blast is no differ- • should befriend and who will " ent than a gun shot. However, vouch for you.

this is not a license to go out • finally, always rernem-

• blasting whomever you • ber that any thing I've said

• choose. Naked aggression is • here may be wrong in any

not the same as self-defense, given situation. Even if you • On the other hand, pri- • behave 100% accordingly to • vacy is valued highly on the • local custom, anything you "frInge. Telepaths and. do may be grounds for a

dalrsenttentsare protected by mock trial, captivity or worse. "law in civilized states. That .. If this happens to you, do not " protection vanishes in anar- " despair: The Legions stand chy.1t is not wise to give any- behind you. Remember

• one reason to suspect you of • Beirut i~ 2112, when 10

• brave soldiers from the First retrieved a half-dozen support staff less than a day after their "arrest." We stand

prepared. Always.



Author: Bryant Durrell

Developers •. Andrew Bates and Ken Cliffe Concept Suggested by: Scott Nimmo Editor: Count Rocksha von Sputnik IV iT.

Ciraphh:al Richard Thomas

Artists: Anthony Hightower, Larry Snelly, Rob Dixon, Leif Jones. Matt Milberger


To Carl Rigney, an awesome GM and an excellent friend. Clarice says:

"Long live the Queen!" Thanks are also due to ]effWilder and Ted Lee, who provided useful feedback on lega! matters.




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