Conference Summary

The National Conference on Law and management

Policy perspectives

By- B.Divya MHRM

government and the judiciary itself. The overall objective of the conference was to understand and appreciate the interdependence of law and management in today s corporate society .V. His key message to the gathering was to change the color of the corporate society . Prof A. PROF. Dean and Principal Prof Sivaramakrishna Gitam institute of management. in which he highlighted the importance of the knowledge of local & international law for business managers in our globalised world. Guest of honor Prof Y.Satyanarayana vice chancellor AP University of law. paper presentations and summary of session. justice Eshwarya judge high court Andhra Pradesh. Sivaramakrishna.V. GITAM University welcoming the dignitaries and delegates to the conference.The national conference on law and management policy perspectives was held on January 23 and 24 2011 in GITAM UNIVERSITY in the presence of august gathering and a panel of eminent guests. He redefined the scope of a good manager and management in terms of ethical management or corporate management. Dean & Principal. followed by an address by Prof.Subrahmanyam registrar AP University of law.S Murthi and chief guest esteemed lordship justice V. Chanakya National Law University Patna.Subrahmanyam vice chancellor of Gitam University. Dr M. The two day conference was divided into different sections and segments so as to cover various aspects pertaining to the theme of the conference. The conference was organized by GITAM Institute of Management Visakhapatnam. The conference consisted of several sessions which included chairman s address.V.S Sirpukar judge quoted some of the best example from the ancient epics and from our day to day life and linked them with the concept of management.He said that the role of the judiciary has increased and it must focus to rectify the unfortunate instances that are witnessed by the society. The inaugural session started with Prof.S suggested that law and management should work together in the interest of the society. He believes that morals. Prof G. ethics and values should be incorporated in law simultaneously management must be closely associated with law in order to prevent any deviations. Vice-Chancellor.Lakshminath s address was very informative and stimulating as he expressed that law had transformed its outlook from mere logic to a highly important element of this ever changing society . He restated the concepts of law. Andhra Pradesh university of Law Visakhapatnam. management and their interrelation. Dr M. The inaugural function of the national conference on law and management held on 23rd JAN 2011 included the gratuitous presence of renowned personalities like President of Gitam university DR M. The Guest of honour of the function was Prof Lakshminath Chancellor AP University of law and vice chancellor of Chanakya national law University Patna.V. colleges and the corporate front. G. K.He further mentioned the development of law and its relevance in various other disciplines. Guest esteemed lordship justice V.S Murthi drew attention to unlawful circumstances in the society and stressed that the complex law should be simplified for better interpretation and for avoidance of litigations .V. GIM.S Sirpukar judge supreme court of India and Esteemed lordship justice keynote speaker Dr Arijit Pasayat Chairmain competition appellate tribunal.V. Subrahmanyam.The conference had participants from various universities.

They covered the issues relating to the ignorance of consumer and emphasized on creating awareness among consumers. Consumer protection act. Mr. The following paper was on Advertising ethical and legal issues by Ms Niveditha. P. Sir also advised the students to accept the responsibility and challenges that await their career. . The second session of day one focused on the theme of Corporate law . He said that business management has no choice but to anticipate the future . Ms G. Principal AU Law College.B. objectives of SEBI and SEBI contract act 1992.In an insightful address DR Arijit Pasayat addressed law as scheme as social control distinct from self control . According to him Consumer Legal justice brought revolution in India.S Murthi was the first delegate to deliver his paper presentation . Her paper included definition of advertising. A. She also suggested some measures to handle those issues. He highlighted the importance of functions of SEBI. Bharani kumar and Ms Sita lakshmi on Consumer protection in recent scenario .He focused on rights of consumer. T.V. She drew attention to some of the ethical issues of advertisements and discussed on the effects and impact of the same. factors causing exploitation and duties of the consumer. He drew attention to who is a consumer and difference between consumer and buyer. The First session of the conference was based on the topic Consumer protection law . He stated the relevance of the management and law in today s world. section 14. He also spoke about the right of consumer and bodies that enroll these rights. Day one of the conference was divided into three sessions. The management must inculcate the values of law in their organization.Rajendra Prasad. The third paper covered another dimension of Consumer Protection Act .emergence of good management is essential and plays a pivotal role in today s corporate world.Menon on Advertising and comparative advertising-legal issues in India .Vani and Mr. He cited some examples from his professional experience. They also pointed out that law is designed to prevent business to engage in fraud or misrepresentation. He pointed out that any time justice plays a vital role in today s world and speedy justice must be achieved. The first session ended with the proceedings of summary of session by Ms Ch. Sanjeeva Rao presented the above topic. to balance the short and long range goals and must make sure that the difficult responsibilities are not overlooked or neglected but taken care of. types of comparative advertising and laws that govern them. mission and objectives. He said that the business organization should follow legal regulations fixed by the government to meet the vision. She emphasized that there must be strict government regulations in India for advertisements targeted at children. There paper touched the aspects of consumer awareness. He spoke about introduction of SEBI. The chairman of session was Mr.Hema. She quoted examples of certain adverts that targeted children and stressed on the impact of the same. Her topic of presentation was Ethical issues in Indian television advertising targeted at children . section 13. The session was handled by attempt to mould it .RangaNayakula. 1986 . The second paper of the second session was delivered by Dr. from his learning s and chalked out the prerequisites of a good manager. He discussed the topic SEBI law and capital market .Praseeda . The next paper was presented by Ms Hima Bindu. Divisional Leader.V. and section 25 of the act. He dealt with section 2. In addition they spoke mentioned the measures to stop or prevent exploitation. exploitation of consumers. The second paper was presented by Mr.

Ranganath Patnaik was the next to deliver his presentation on ecommerce in India s Economic progress . duties. She highlighted the aspects of legal quality management. He highlighted the importance of CSR in providing the value addition to the company. He specifically mentioned corporate social responsibility as a tool of corporate governance and suggested that openness and accountability will help to increase CSR and Organizations integrity.Arjuna Acharya from Andhra University on Basic Law in banking sectors . She explained the various quality trends some of which are drafting. The third paper was presented by Mr.she stressed on the fact that management cannot be regulated without law a d management must be aware of the regulatory acts. He spoke about laws. He spoke about the changes in the market from a traditional to technological mode. power.issues and rights. He discussed about the prohibition of certain acts. He also correlated the issues to the technological advancement and the measures to handle the issues. Mr. Ms Sree Sudha delivered the paper on legal aspects of aspects of E-commerce . implementation and evaluation of cross functional decisions. The fourth paper of the session was on the topic corporate governance by Mr. The first paper of the session was on privacy in electronic age by Mr. The theme of the next session was corporate law. The third session of day one was based on the theme Competition law .he focused on the issues of privacy in today s modern world. Chandra Escher on the aspects of corporate social responsibility.she pointed out that cyber law has explored the possibilities of the era.Madhavi of Gitam university. finance. The final paper of the session was by Dr Laxmi Priya on Innovative Trends and Quality in strategical legal management . accounts and audits.The first paper was on monopoly restriction trade pack by Mr Vishnu. She pointed out the essence and basics to avoid in terms of ecommerce. .Praveen Kumar presented the next paper on Ecommerce in India Economic Program The objectives of the paper were to discuss the opportunities of the nation and its economic development and to understand the importance of regulations in the cyberspace market.vice president of Nagarjuna on Corporate Social Responsibility emerging corporate philosophy . She discussed various facts of ecommerce like revolution of IT . The theme of the next session was Cyber law s Anita Rao was the chairman of the session. rules and ethics that govern the organization. S. He stated that the competition serves as an antidote to several corporate ills. N. Prof Akthar stated that the life of corporate is huge enough for society to evolve. BipinChandra. He further elaborated on BASIL which is a committee formed in 18th century to strengthen the central banking system and decrease inequality in banking system. He discussed the article 3-foreign stock exchange and section 66.Suresh Babu .Mr.Srinivasan. The second paper of the session was by Dr. penality. The session was handled by Prof Akthar of osmania university and Prof I. The first paper of the session was by D. He highlighted the role of CSR and its legal implications.

D. He mentioned that at initial stage no one predicted that the technological advancement could be corrupted by any individual. Suresh babu highlighted the impact of cyber crime and how difficult it is to trace. He stressed that there should be a strong judicial body which should focus on these problems and on its fast redressal.M. Gants Swami.C Vijay . He briefed about certain important acts like Employment act after 1950. He questioned the awareness levels of corporate sector on cyber crime and suggested that organization should put in extra effort to understand its implications. effects. He believes that the investigation of cyber law crimes is delayed and explained the associated issues. The third paper was delivered by Mr. He advised the student community to be aware on the concepts of cyber crime be it its origin. He emphasized on the fact that law and employment should be created and measured and but not be destroyed. The paper included the modes or types of cyber crime and their impact. Venkata Rama Rao presented the second paper on cyber crime and challenges . source.Roja Rani who added to the above that cyber world is without any boundaries. The chairman of the session was Prof C. The presenters of this session focused on the origin of cyber crime and its implications and types and levels of these crimes. He further suggested some measures to reduce the same.Sri Staya and Ms Nilla were the presenters of the session. Presenters also pointed out the modes of committing these crimes and the cyber threats. Suresh babu Prof Raghunath Patnaik spoke about the technological changes and its invasion into the traditional system. impact and its end and to pass on these vital information to the people. In today s world we have many cases that are based on these cyber crimes and there are paradoxes are unanswered and victim has to wait and wait. Now it is difficult to track the source of computer crime and no proper investigation is observed. The 2nd session focused on the aspects of Cyber laws. Sri gory who covered the above aspects respectively. workmen compensation act. Employer should be protected by labour law The presentations of the third session were based on Software protection. appeal or judgment is definitely felt and this issue must be handled carefully. He suggested that there must be MOU on an international level to investigate the problem. The chairperson and co-chairperson of the session were Prof Raghunath Patnaik and D.Mr. The fourth paper was by N. He said that as technology developed the level of crime have also gone up and found the new ways of minting money. The theme of the last session was labour management relations and patents. Abhimanyu Behra on cyber crime to India . He emphasized on the various acts pertaining to the cyber crime and also mentioned the measures to reduce the same. Indian slavery act. The key presenters were Mr. wage period for unorganized employment and contract labour under constant liberalization. The absence of fast track system in terms of investigation.Appa rao who gave his insight on challenges faced by employers due to labour law. .

Ragavaiah. Vice-Chancellor. He stressed on the challenges of the corporate sectors and that this is the era of tremendous prosperity . Subrahmanyam. Ragavaiah. Subba Rao. He quoted certain examples from today s corporate world that have become global players and also mentioned the distortions that are evident in the same sector.V.. Prof.V. He highlighted on the development of law and reforms and its correlation to other fields . He value system is the hallmark our culture and said that organization must have best practices and culture . Vice Chancellor Chanakya National Law University. The national seminar came to an end with vote of thanks from Prof.He drew attention to the fact that human being have become a merchandise and a commodity and this proves that market has transformed tremendously . He also mentioned about perquisites of a good manager . The function started with a welcome note from Prof M. Subrahmanyam. Satyanarayana.The valedictory function of the two day national seminar was held on 24thrd January. G. G. G. .Chakrapani ignited the minds of the audience through his inspirational talk. Prof.P. He reiterated the importance of our great history. D. Visakhapatnam Port trust. GITAM Institute of Management.V. Seminar Convernor. G. Prof Y. DR K.Murali Krishna . GITAM University .S. He pointed out that no business functions in isolation and it is important that it must regulate ethically . G. Guest of Honour Sri. Murthy.Law college Usmanabad and Dr Hema Menon presented their valuable feedback on the two days conference.Potha Raju Registrar GITAM University followed by address by Prof.he further advised that degeneration of values and ethics is a possible hindrance to prosperity and thus asked to follow them. GITAM University. A. GITAM University. Vice-Chancellor. Subba Rao reemphasized on preservation of value system in corporate culture. He mentioned the changes in market and sectors in economic terms referring to paradigm shift. He emphasized the importance of good leadership and management. GVMC & former president Bar Council of India. and Chief Guest Sri. culture and morals that India possesses.he also explained the importance of taxation and its link with the law and management. Sri. IRTS.He also spoke about corporate social responsibility and clarified that CSR is not just doling out charity but is adhering to land. President. He further asked the students to improve the society with hardwork and moral. The seminar was a successful event as it attempted to bring out the relevance of law and management and initiated the thought process of various young minds who gained value addition from the talk of respected dignitaries. G. Prof Lakshminath restated that the seminar was the manifestation of the aspirations of people particularly people belonging to law and management to come together and form a synthesis so as to give a better field for interaction of law with other disciplines. Legislative council of A. He stressed that regulations became pivotal after the tectonic shift in the market .V. Lakshminath. A.L Satyakumar. Chairman. D. Sri.V. M. DR A. A. AP University of Law and Prof.He also said that unless the policy perspectives protect the value system a knowledge society cannot be created. According to him the paradigm shift has brought lot of challenges and created lot of opportunities. Chakrapani. Prof. former mayor. The valedictory Function was graced by a host of esteemed dignitaries and Industry Luminaries including Dr. Vice-Chancellor. Sri.V.Satyanarayana emphasized that the seminar should end with strong bond among legal fraternity and management fraternity.L Satyakumar provided his valuable insights on the importance of values in management and law. Deputy Chairman.