C 254/6


Official Journal of the European Union MINUTES OF THE SITTING OF THURSDAY, 28 JUNE 2007 (2007/C 254/04) (The sitting opened at 9.05 a.m.) IN THE CHAIR: Mrs KINNOCK Co-President


1. Substitutes The Co-President announced the following substitutes: Badia i Cutchet (for Arif), Bushill-Mathews (for Coelho), Goebbels (for Ferreira), Hutchinson (for Rosati), Zaleski (for Gaubert), Zwiefka (for Langendries).

6. Vote on the motions for resolutions included in the reports submitted by the three standing committees

2. Approval of the minutes of Wednesday, 27 June 2007 The minutes were approved.

— Report on good governance, transparency and accountability in relation to the exploitation of natural resources in the ACP countries (ACP-EU/3937/07/fin.) — Committee on Political Affairs. Co-rapporteurs: Evelyne B. Cheron (Haiti) and Michael Gahler. One corrigendum to the draft resolution was announced. An oral amendment was introduced by the co-rapporteurs. The oral amendment was adopted. The amended resolution was adopted unanimously. — Report on poverty reduction for small farmers in ACP countries — in particular in the fruit, vegetable and flowers sectors (ACP-EU/100.011/07/fin.) — Committee on Economic Development, Finance and trade. Co-rapporteurs: Kilontji Mporogomyi (Tanzania) and Carl Schlyter. Amendment 1 was adopted with an oral amendment to the amendment. Amendments 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 were adopted. The amended resolution was adopted unanimously. — Report on migration of skilled workers and its effect on national development (ACP-EU/100.012/07/fin.) — Committee on Social Affairs and the Environment. Co-rapporteurs: Sharon Hay Webster (Jamaica) and Luisa Morgantini. Amendment 2 was adopted as an addition to paragraph 17. Amendments 1 and 3 were also adopted. The amended resolution was adopted unanimously.

3. Summary reports from the workshops — Mr Ramotar (Guyana) on migration in cooperation with Frankfurt Airport and the German Federal Ministry of the Interior (Frankfurt). — Ms Scheele on climate change monitoring in cooperation with the European Space Agency (Darmstadt). — Mr Bowis on access to medicines for neglected diseases in cooperation with Sanofi-Aventis (Frankfurt).

4. The review of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES): debate (without resolution) Mr Baum (European Commission) introduced the subject. Speakers: Mitchell, Mushelenga (Namibia), Polisi (Rwanda), Bowis, William (Seychelles), Scheele, Ramotar (Guyana), McAvan, Sithole (Mozambique), Mugambe (Uganda), Sebetela (Botswana), de Sousa (Angola). Mr Baum (European Commission) replied and wound up the debate.

7. Vote on urgent motions for resolutions

5. Vote on the revision of the Rules of Procedure The Co-President explained the voting procedure. Pursuant to Article 34 of the Rules of Procedure, the vote was held by separate Houses. The amendment was adopted unanimously by both Houses.

— Urgent motion for a resolution on the situation in Darfur (ACP-EU/100.075/07/comp.). Amendment 4 was withdrawn. Amendments 1, 2 and 3 were adopted. The amended resolution was adopted unanimously.