C 46 E/2

Official Journal of the European Communities



All payments by the Commission are based on the specific items listed in the decision, which means that assistance cannot be provided twice for the same expenditure. The first phase of the project was finished according to the timetable drawn up when the part-financing decision was adopted. Car parks were provided for in the initial decision to prevent vehicles parking in the protected areas. The rebuilding of the boundary wall of the park is included in the second phase of the project and is largely complete. The two phases of the project made no provision for a ban on traffic on the road system in the ‘Casa de Campo’ park.

(2001/C 46 E/002)

WRITTEN QUESTION E-2036/99 by Glyn Ford (PSE) to the Commission (3 November 1999)

Subject: Knorr Bremse and European funding Knorr Bremse has announced several hundred redundancies in Kingswood, Bristol (UK), in order to transfer work to its factories in France, Italy or Germany and Hungary. Can the Commission say whether any financial assistance of any kind has been asked for by this company or given to this company for job creation in France, Italy or Germany or through TACIS and PHARE programmes in Hungary?

Supplementary answer given by Mr Barnier on behalf of the Commission (3 May 2000) According to information from the European Social Fund Mission in France, in 1997 and 1998 the Knorr Dahl Freinage branch in Lisieux (Lower Normandy) received financial assistance under Objective 4 for training (improving skills in various fields) amounting to FRF 909 000. This assistance was not aimed at job creation, to which the Honourable Member refers in his question. In Berlin, Germany, Hasse & Wrede GmbH, a subsidiary company of Knorr Bremse AG, received DEM 533 000 for investments in machinery and equipment, mainly in order to retain existing jobs. In Italy this company received no Community part-financing. As far as the Commission is aware, Knorr Bremse has never asked for or benefited from Community assistance through the P programme in Hungary, and this country is not eligible for the T programme. Finally, Knorr Bremse received no funding under the Community initiatives A or E.

(2001/C 46 E/003)

WRITTEN QUESTION E-2629/99 by Francesco Speroni (TDI), Umberto Bossi (TDI) and Gian Gobbo (TDI) to the Commission (12 January 2000)

Subject: Participation of the President of the Commission, Romano Prodi, in the international summit of the left On Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 November 1999, Romano Prodi, in the capacity of President of the Commission, participated in the international summit of left-wing leaders, together with Jospin, D’Alema, Clinton, Blair et al.