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Sample copy from promotional materials (web and print) for

WorldBit, a new online marketplace and cryptocurrency offering

The WorldBit Vision: Level the e-commerce playing field with

technology, to create equal opportunities for people across the globe.

Technology and cultural shifts have been steadily improving the human
condition since the Middle Ages. And while human life is better today than
ever before—with less disease, violence, and hunger, great barriers to
economic opportunity still exist for people throughout the world.

Today, a small set of corporations controls the vast majority of global

commerce while smaller vendors, shop owners, and family businesses are
pushed aside. Giant companies, e-tailers, and banks hold sway over the
little guys, coercing them to operate within razor-thin margins or risk
perishing altogether. Big crushes little, jobs disappear, and the wealth gap
between rich and poor widens.

It wasn’t always like this. There was a time, not long ago, when people
simply bought and sold goods from each other without dealing with
corporate retail giants or e-commerce behemoths. A fairer time, when
prices were dictated by value and small businesses had a fighting chance.
WorldBit wants to bring that back. How? By using blockchain technology to
create the marketplace of the future.

How WorldBit Works

Blockchain was created to allow users to transact directly with one another,
without a centralized point of control like a bank, government, or
corporation overseeing things. Money changes hands directly over the
network, so participants are protected from profit-skimming fees, price
pressures, and manipulation. It is truly a revolutionary technology.
WorldBit has built a platform that uses blockchain to create an online
marketplace where individuals and businesses can sell their products,
services, or assets to anyone in the world directly. It eliminates big e-
commerce players—and banks—from the equation, so sellers get to keep
more of their profit and are freed from the tyranny of the big retail machine.
And buyers will have more to choose from than just what the big e-
commerce lords want to sell.

The WorldBit marketplace incorporates GPS mapping to make it easier to

find what people are looking for, or selling—and users can search locally or
globally, according to their needs. So you could use it to hire a dogwalker in
your neighborhood, or to find a supplier of handmade Moroccan tile in
Marrakesh. Businesses can use it to buy and sell just as individuals can.
And the platform’s augmented reality interface, fully accessible through the
mobile app, makes it fun and easy to use.

Here are some of the ways the WorldBit marketplace could be used:

Rani, a scarf weaver in Jaipur, India can sell her wares to Madeleine, a socialite in
Paris, France. Directly. And, instead of making less than 1% of the final sales price
that she usually makes in the current system, Rani can keep almost the entire fruit
of her labor.

Jane, an exchange student from England who lives in Madeleine’s neighborhood,

can learn that Madeleine has a winter coat from last season for sale by searching
the WorldBit marketplace for an affordable luxury coat in her area. WorldBit uses
Augmented Reality and geotagging to show a map with photos of coats for sale in
her neighborhood, along with price and other information about local sellers.

Rani, Madeleine and Jane can conduct business with ease and peace of mind.
Without being cheated or commoditized. Without needing to be an e-commerce
expert or building massive supply-chain operations. Without losing a majority of
the sales price to middlemen, who thrive at the expense of people like Rani who
live in poverty.
Let’s disrupt the way the world conducts business and make the world a
better place. WorldBit wants to transform the way things are bought and

What the WorldBit platform offers sellers

1. A highly intuitive mobile app (ready to download by January 25th, 2018!) which
empowers anyone with a mobile phone to list their product or service for sale, rent or
2. An intuitive, fast and transparent system for listing, selling and monetizing their business.
No hidden fees.
3. Sophisticated KYC protocol to vet vendors, so good companies aren’t lumped in with
bad ones. Reputations build via transactional history.
4. WorldBit tokens that are securitized by the goods that vendors list
○ Vendors receive 20% percent of the value of their listing in WorldBit tokens
immediately as an incentive to just list their products. They get the rest of the
tokens upon completing the transaction
○ Unlike cryptocurrencies, which can have zero value, WorldBit tokens will always
have a user driven, asset-backed value
5. GPS enabled augmented reality to help buyers find products/services on a map in the
WorldBit App (think Amazon combined with Pokemon Go)
6. Smart contracts based on the ERC 20 protocol on the Ethereum network
7. A fully integrated, highly intuitive smart wallet
8. Built-in compliance with the laws and customs of every country we operate in
9. Training program to teach vendors to use the platform
10. Sales accelerator program - boots on the ground in 12 countries to help vendors
promote their wares

Why investors will want in on the WorldBit (WBT) ICO

1. This platform does what blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies were created to do
in their highest application - decentralize, democratize, and empower peer-to-peer
2. Play a part in making the world a better place by transforming and democratizing global
3. Be on the front end of the next transformation - imagine investing in Amazon or Ali Baba
when they first launched.
4. This isn’t just an idea or even just a plan like most other ICOs - the technology is real
and there’s a functional product - you can download the iOS or Android App in Q1, 2018!
5. The founders have extensive experience in building global commerce platforms.
a. One founder was Lead Technologist at Alibaba
b. Team has sales experience and infrastructure in 12 countries
c. Tech team has experience creating high performance computing technology for
the US Department of Defense, as well as for the private sector
d. Expertise includes blockchain/cryptocurrency development experience with full-
stack capability

6. WBT tokens will have intrinsic value securitized by real goods and services, unlike the
vaporware associated with most ICOs
7. Part of the ICO raise will be diversified into three earning baskets, further hedging your
a. GPU Mining operations centered in a local datacenter
b. Stowage of investment funds in a breadbasket of the top ten leading
c. International and regional licensing of fiat exchange