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At present the competition One aspect that will allow us of the product offered.

between the Companies is very to differentiate ourselves

strong since the trade has been from the competition is to
become much more competitive offer good customer service.
and has had its revolution with That is why it is necessary to
the Internet through develop a Customer Service
virtual sale and our raison Policy. This policy will offer
d'être is the client, he is, our clients the services they
the most important since it is will receive from the online
who imposes the conditions and business and we will offer an
the company is the one who application where the client
should be in charge of will enter their measurements
satisfying the and immediately the
needs of them. application will inform what
Our company is oriented towards size it is; this in order to
modern, contemporary women and make a difference with our
vanguard, with a youthful competition and offer our
spirit that characterizes it of customers a better
the others, directed to a personalized service.
segment We will take into account our
of the market of only women strengths and opportunities
between the age of 15 to 55 such as: greater commercial
years. So for this it expansion, low cost in
You need clothes, in this case advertising, the opportunity
our Jeans are considered to have a global coverage,
innovative, virtual commerce every day has
exclusive and quality more boom and we will be
We will be located in the city vigilant to the weaknesses and
of Montería, but as our way of threats that may arise As a
selling is cybernetic sabotage, the price
We will have the great struggle in this medium and
advantage of reaching all the that the customer can have the
women who inhabit the territory feeling of a good appreciation
national and have access to the

 Greet and connect
• Discover (what the client is
looking for, wants and needs)
• Recommend (based on what I
already listen to the client
we can recommend in a safe
• Demonstrate (show the
customer our product, touch
it, touch and taste our
quality in jeans).
• Closure of the sale
Invite to return