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10th November :

"Raise the Flag of Freedom around the world"



The sound of gun shoot were resounded peaceful and comfortable life we enjoy
around the city. The bloody battle that right now is the painstaking effort of
had been going on for about 25th days our predecessors had been fighting for.
is one of the most fierce battle
Indonesia have ever had since the day But wait, is the struggle end here? Are
of proclamation of independence. we already achive our dream? The
freedom? To answer all of that, let see
The unbalance in power where how many of us out there that are still
Indonesia didin’t even have  any suffering. According to the Freedom
advantage over the allies didn’t make House’s report at 2018 about freedom in
any Indonesia volunteer to feel even a the world, total 37 percent people in
slightest bit of despair. The sound of this world have not obtained freedom
the most famous line that was said by yet. This indicated that we, people of
Bung Tomo one of the Indonesian Indonesia as a part of humanity have a
leader at  the battle of Surabaya  was job to make a change so one day 100
always being resounded to raise the percent people in this world can breath
morale of the volounteer. “Merdeka atau the air of freedom.
mati!”, Bung Tomo said over and over The Sustainable Development Goals,
again. the program of UN, is one of the way we
can take to realize our dream. Together
The result of the fierce battle is what for better future for all humanity.
we can see and feel right now. The 

Goal 16 : Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions
"Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development"

If the MDGs (Millenial Development Goals)

were about development then the SDGs
(Sustainable Development Goals) are about
sustainable development. Whilst the MDGs
were strongly criticized by many NGOs as
only dealing with the problems, the SDGs
deal with the causes of the problems. The
goals are broad and interdependent, yet
each has a separate list of targets to

So, what is Peace? What is Justice? Or even

what is strong Institutions? Why should they
even exist? Or the main question is “How
are their current conditions in Indonesia?” 

According to The Global School-Based

Health Survey (2015) in Indonesia physical
violence and bullying among high school
students is still exist. This demonstrate the
need to invest safe school environments
and anti-bullying programmes. In total, 32
percent of children aged 13–17 years had
been physically attacked in the past 12
months, while the 20 percent had been
bullied. For a small proportion of these
children, these attacks were frequent and
persistent: where 1 percent of children were
physically attacked at least 10 times in the
past 12 months, and 1 per cent of children
had been harassed and bullied daily in the
past month.

These data proved that Indonesia still has a

long way to go. As citizens, we should also
take a part in realizing SDGs Goal number
16th. We can take a genuine interest in INCLUSIVE SOCIETIES FOR
what our government is doing. Not only SUSTAINABLE
that, we can also Raise our awareness in our DEVELOPMENT, PROVIDE
community about the existence of violence
and the importance of peaceful and just
societies. We can also identify how we can AND BUILD EFFECTIVE,
pursue the SDGs in our daily life. Promote ACCOUNTABLE AND
inclusion and respect towards people of INCLUSIVE INSTITUTIONS AT
different backgrounds, ethnic origins,
religions, gender, sexual orientations or
different opinions are also needed. With
this, Together, we can help to improve
conditions for a life of dignity for all.