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Issue 152 December 2018

Heller 1:72 scale Sherman III
Meng Model’s World War Toons Panzer 38(t)

Bronco 1:35
Hotchkiss and
KFS sightseers


December 2018 / £4.75 / Issue 152

1:35 Merkava Mk.4M w/Trophy ■ 1:35 Arab T-34/85 ■ 1:35 M727

■ 1:35 M67A2 ■ Queensland Model & Hobby Expo ■ and more...
Contents - Issue 152 December 2018
p 4 NEWS
22 What’s new in the world of military

New accessories, tools and more

p 56 BOOKS
The latest books and other publications

p 58 1:48 SCALE
News and new releases in 1:48 scale

1:35 scale individual figures and sets

Andy King takes a look at a classic
heavy lifter, the Italeri 1:48 Chinook
HC.2/ CH-47F

QMHE 2018 by Andrew Judson

Dragon 1:35 M67A2
Michael Franz builds Meng Model’s
Merkava Mk.4 w/Trophy

Dragon 1:35 M727

Bronco 1:35 Hotchkiss H38/39 and KFS
figures by Kamil Feliks Sztarbala

Dragon 1:35 Arab T-34/85

Meng 1:35 World War Toons Panzer 38(t)
by Brett Green


Heller 1:72 Sherman III by Steve Guthrie

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December 2018 - Model Military International 3

Newsline - December 2018
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M911 & M10770 HET Heavy Equipment Transporters in Action

he newest title from Squadron-
Signal, "10262 M911 & M10770
HET Heavy Equipment
Transporters in Action" by David
Doyle is available now from Doolittle
Media's online shop.
Under the best of circumstance,
driving tanks to the battlefield, often
called ‘road marches’, is extraordinarily
inefficient. Tanks consume vast amounts
of fuel, offer relatively poor visibility, and
perhaps most importantly, are incredibly
maintenance intensive. Driving tanks for under less hazardous circumstances is
hours on end puts a great deal of strain often done by wheeled vehicles, the very
and wear on a number of expensive same vehicles that are used to transport
components (and roadways as well), and tanks to the front.
repairing or replacing parts worn through For the past several decades, the
road marches puts a great burden not US Army has relied on two vehicles
only on the tank crews, but maintenance produced by Oshkosh Trucks (now
personal as well. Oshkosh Corporation) for this duty.
Often, tanks are not able to travel as These vehicles, the M911 and the M1070,
rapidly as wheeled transporters, making are both massive trucks – as you would
long movements a slow process. For expect for vehicles tasked with winching
these reasons, it is common to haul tanks and hauling tanks and other armoured
forward. Once in a forward area, tanks vehicles and heavy equipment at highway
that are disabled frequently need to be speeds.
moved to a rear area for repair. While On these pages the characteristics and
battlefield recovery is most often done use of these vehicles are explored.
through the use of armoured recovery Illustrated with over 220 B/W and
vehicles, such as the M88, retrieval colour photos and data tables. ■


Blast Models has announced four new releases and two
re-issues, all available now from Blast Models' website:
New Releases
Inside the Armour Featuring contributions BARKHANE / SERVAL
Publications presents from Darren Thompson, • BL35327F FRENCH SOLDIER N°7 OPERATION
their newest title, ‘More Alex Clark, Andy Canning BARKHANE / SERVAL
Scratchbuilding Masterclass’, and Chris Meddings, the • BL35323K ELECTRIC HEATERS - 3 PCS
available now. book covers a wide range of • BL35345K VAB VOA ARTILLERY OBSERVATION /
• 96pp techniques and approaches LIMITED EDITION
• Full colour for scratch building from small Re-Issues
• Softback improvements to conversions, • BL35026K M24 CHAFFEE STOWAGE SET
• ISBN 9780993258848 to full scratch builds, plus a • BL35037K SHERMAN M4A3 UPDATE SET
• Price £22 guide to designing PE . Thanks to Blast Models for the information and images
Inside the Armour has Available from Inside the
published a follow- Armour and your preferred
up to 2016’s popular hobby books retailer
‘Scratchbuilding Masterclass’.

DRAGON 1:35 Panzer III Ausf. K

Dragon has a new variant of the Panzer III in its 1:35 scale series of kits. This item is a Panzer III Ausf. K, a
tank type that didn’t actually make it all the way into series production. The Ausf. K was basically to be a
Panzer III Ausf.J chassis combined with a Panzer IV Ausf. F2 turret that mounted a KwK.40 75mm gun.
After receiving orders to prepare such a tank design, Krupp had completed sets of drawings by 27
December 1941. However, such a vehicle faced serious problems in terms of the Panzer III being able to
cope with the extra weight, new suspension, new tracks and a changed center of gravity. By March 1942,
Krupp had been instructed to drop the project and to keep arming the Panzer III with a 50mm gun instead.
Dragon’s 1:35 scale kit of the Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. K is a smart combination of subassemblies from previous
top-quality kits. Thus, it mates a turret from a Panzer IV Ausf. F2 to a Panzer III chassis and hull. Also
included in the kit is the upper hull plate from Dragon’s latest Pz.Bef.Wg.III Ausf .K command tank, which
would have allowed a larger turret to be fitted on this tank. Although this ultimately remained a “paper
panzer”, the Pz.Kpfw.III K is a unique-looking and well-armed tank. Modellers seeking something a little
different from a run-of-the-mill Panzer III will therefore find this kit rather appealing!
Thanks to The Hobby Company Limited for the information and images

4 Model Military International - December 2018


Andrew Judson heads to space under the one roof and parking is easy.
The show generated a great deal of interest
categories, and is only beaten in size by Model
Expo in Melbourne; with visitors attending from
sunny Brisbane to visit with long queues waiting for the doors to open all over Australia and even New Zealand.

the 2018 Queensland on the Saturday morning and good crowds for
the whole weekend. Plenty of traders were on
Competition entries were once again around
the 400 mark.nAn even greater number of
Model and Hobby Expo. hand and they seemed to be kept busy! models appeared on club display tables. In

The canteen, serving hot food, was doing a addition to the military models present, there
he 23rd Queensland Model and Hobby roaring trade too. were plenty of aircraft, cars, trucks, figures and
Expo was held at Sports n' Fitness, QMHE is a co-operative annual venture a growing number of examples from the worlds
Redbank - on the weekend of 25 and between local Queensland model clubs, but of wargaming, anime and fantasy.
26 August 2018. This is the fourth year entries are open to members and the public If you’re in Australia anywhere near sunny
that the show has been held at this relatively alike. The show is now the second largest Queensland in August next year, drop by – it’s
new venue west of Brisbane. There is plenty of competition in Australia, with over 60 well worthwhile! ■

Welcome to QMHE 2018!

6 Model Military International - December 2018

Competition tables were
full of high quality models.

The spoils of victory!

December 2018 - Model Military International 7


Plenty of original This big Millenium Falcon

concepts were on display. was very impressive.

Zundapp KS 750 A lovely

and sidecar. Renault FT-17.

Merkava. Thunder Models’ 1:35 scale

Case VAI tractor on red soil.

Revell’s large and impressive

1:72 scale Type VIIC U-Boat.

8 Model Military International - December 2018

Abandoned Beetle and
shipping container diorama.

AFV Club 1:35 scale Aussie

Centurion in Vietnam.

This Bedford truck

has had a hard time!

The big 1:9 scale ESCI kits

were popular this year!

December 2018 - Model Military International 9

KIT PREVIEW Dragon 1:35 M67A2 Flamethrower Tank • Kit No. 3584

The one-piece upper hull.

Andy King examines Dragon’s new 1:35 The kit decals offer three options
for Vietnam War M67A2s.

scale M67A2 Flamethrower Tank, the

only M67 currently available in this scale.


he M67A2 was a flame throwing tank based unfortunately the same photograph shows square
on the M48 chassis and was used by the covers for the rear lights and not those provided in
US Army and US Marine Corps who had the kit so you will need to do your homework to make
specifically requested such a vehicle. The an accurate model. I’ve also found from available
main armament comprised the M6 flame gun and photographs that the side loading air cleaners on top Road wheels and drive sprocket.
M7 fuel and pressure unit and was disguised with a of the fenders need additional detailing as the opening
dummy barrel to make it look like a regular gun tank. latches are missing.
Although production began in 1955 it was not Decal options are for three vehicles from the
standardised until 1959 and originally used the hull of Vietnam conflict, all in overall olive drab and all from
the M48A2, eventually being upgraded to the M48A3. unidentified units.
109 vehicles were made and it saw service until 1974 As is typical with Dragon they have gone to the
with the US Marines and US Army, seeing service trouble of providing new parts but haven’t fully
exclusively in Vietnam. It had a crew of three with the researched the subject so it’s left to the purchaser to
gunner being responsible for firing the main gun and come up with the goods to make an accurate model.
coaxial machine gun. As for the markings and being from ‘unidentified units’
In the box you get eight sprues in grey styrene, it just smacks of laziness as Star Decals produce a M6 flame gun and flattened brush guard parts.
one clear sprue, one sprue of DS Vinyl, a decal sheet, decal sheet dedicated to the M67 and have managed
a length of wire for the tow cables and two lengths to find specific vehicles from specific units.
of DS Vinyl tracks. All the styrene parts are nicely As this is the only M67 available in 1:35 you will
moulded and well detailed, sprue L is the only new one need to do your research as although the basic kit is
as it has the associated parts for the M6 flame gun sound it does need tweaking to make a completely
plus the flattened brush-guards for the headlights. accurate vehicle. ■
The DS Vinyl stuff has some flash present and mould-
pin marks can be found on the inside of the tracks
References via these web sites;
which will be difficult to remove. No interior detail is
There are a couple of issues with the kit from what Tanks.html
I can glean from other comments online and these
concern the drive sprockets as they don’t have any pdfs/Summer%2008/Ringquist-3.pdf
lightening holes in them and the large gunners sight
on top of the turret is incorrect for this version as the Raised casting numbers on the turret.
M67 had a much smaller one. There is some discussion html#M67A2
as to the rear engine doors and the reinforcing
strips at the top, bottom and vertically in the middle
although I have found a photograph of a M67A2 at Thanks to The Hobby Company Limited for the
the US Army Ordnance Museum with these fitted, review sample

The turret features nice cast texture.

Flexible mantlet cover parts. Full length flexible DS tracks.

Rear engine doors.
10 Model Military International - December 2018

Meng Model 1:35 Merkava Mk.4M w/Trophy • Kit No. TS-036

Michael Franz builds Meng Model’s newest
addition to their Merkava family

12 Model Military International - December 2018

he Merkava Mk.4 w/Trophy
is the just released, newest
release in Meng Model’s well

regarded Merkava Israeli main
battle tank family.
The first version of this tank was
produced in 1978 (Mark 1), with this
kit’s subject, the Mk.4, produced since
2003. This version of the Merkava is
the best armoured battle tank in the
world and a very impressive vehicle. A

December 2018 - Model Military International 13

FEATURE ARTICLE Meng Model 1:35 Merkava Mk.4M w/Trophy • Kit No. TS-036

First test fitting shows the

B IN THE BOX excellent fit of the kit.
Meng Model’s new kit of this heavy
tank consists of more than 950 parts
including individual track links, photo
etched parts and decals.
All the parts are of very high quality
with sharp details and fit is incredibly

Assembly starts with the lower hull
which is consisting of three main
parts in which the front and rear parts
are mounted. The suspension is fully I painted the areas behind the
photo etched parts black before
workable and consists of plastic springs attaching these.
and realistic torsion bar suspension.
All the parts of the suspension were
assembled except the road wheels which
remain separately for an easier painting.
The exhaust outlet is painted black The exhaust outlet is
before the photo etched mesh is wonderfully detailed inside
mounted to simplify the black painting with an originally shaped
mesh on top.
of the inside. Only one of the two
baskets at the rear end of the vehicle
was mounted, on the other side a fuel
barrel mounting was added. This and
the battering ram at the front are two
small upgrade kits of Desert Eagle
Publishing and consist of resin and
photo etched parts.
The detailing is very high, the
parts very small and fragile. It takes
lot of patience to get these two sub-
assemblies together but the result is
amazingly good. The left basked is closed
by a cover sculpted of aluminium foil.
Fully workable torsion bar
The main structure of the turret, suspension with workable
which is consisting of several separate plastic springs.
parts were assembled next. I have
reproduced the anti-slip covering on the
upper hull and the turret next, before
mounting all the small parts, details and
further equipment. Therefore I have
used the fantastic Hull-Tex product of
VMS to add the rough anti-slip surface Some of Panzerart’s wheels were
used instead of the kit parts. The
which is typically for Israelis tanks. It
stowage basket was filled with
consists of a small bottle with special aluminium foil, the barrel holder
glue and one with fine powder. The replaces the right stowage basket.
glue is brushed on the respective area
and the powder is spread on it. Both
products could be used directly out of
the bottles. After a few minutes the
remaining powder is carefully removed
with a soft brush. Once dry and painted -
the result is very realistic.
All the further parts were assembled
next and glued to the hull and the turret.
I have mounted all parts before the
painting, except the clear parts of the
visors which are easily installed after
the paint job.
The ball and chain armour on the
huge turret basket is fantastically
reproduced in plastic in this kit – all
efforts to build these balls and chains The great small kit of the
with real chains and small balls from battering ram from Desert
the aftermarket is really redundant Eagle Publishing.
here. Meng did a great job.
After having assembled all the main
parts of the Merkava, thereby keeping
the side track covers and the two
machine guns separately, everything
was prepared for the next step – the The turret. New anti-slip
covering was made on the
paint job. A
whole surface of the tank.

14 Model Military International - December 2018

Another view of the
great battering ram.

The Droid System of Legend. In the

end I have decided against it. The balls
& chains are well represented.

Here you can see the new

texture on the surfaces made
with products of VMS.

December 2018 - Model Military International 15

FEATURE ARTICLE Meng Model 1:35 Merkava Mk.4M w/Trophy • Kit No. TS-036

Painting starts with Vallejo’s black Vallejo’s Sinai Grey
primer on all the parts and sub- was used as the base
assemblies. The primer makes sure camouflage colour.
that the surfaces is smooth and all the
coming paints adhere very well. The
black colour is a wonderful base for
shadows and highlights during the next
steps of the painting process.
The paint I have chosen for the
Merkava is Sinai Grey 87 of Vallejo,
airbrushed in thin layers to preserve the
black shadows always visible under it.
A circle template was used to keep the
rubber rings around the wheels in the
black colour during the paintjob.
The lower parts on the side track
covers were painted in Tire Black of
Mission Models to represent the rubber
One layer of Future floor finish was The black shadows of the
airbrushed on the model next as a base primer are still visible under
for the decals. I have decided to use the base paint.
only a few markings on that model – the
two markings on the fenders left and
right, and one on each fender on the The kit mostly assembled.
front and rear. The side covers of the
tracks are loosely stuck
One layer of AK’s Ultra Matt Varnish
from inside here.
protects the decals and the paint
from the weathering. Some light beige
washes were used to represent some
desert sand on the flat surfaces, as well
as some marks of rain and dust on the
vertical areas. A darker brown wash was
used to emphasize the raised details
and the joints.
The clear visors are painted in clear
blue from the outside with frames in
Sinai Grey, than all the clear parts were
mounted to the tank. The rear lamps
received a base paint with liquid chrome
of Molotov before being painted with
clear red colour.

The very realistic look of the new anti-slip covering and the first Scratches and damages were made with a sponge dapped and The metal tracks of Friul were burnished, then painted in a rust
added decals on the barrel. rubbed over the surface. colour, washed with track wash and desert sand and then sanded.

Tire black was used for the rubber parts on the side covers. The fuel barrel painted in beige and some leaking fuel added with Printed Israeli cartons with cola and some other equipment added
Tamiya Smoke and pigments. to the rear storage basket.

16 Model Military International - December 2018

Antennas are
METAL TRACKS made from turned
The Friul metal tracks were assembled brass parts.
in the meantime, than black burnished
and painted with AK Interactive’s track
primer. Several washes in rust- and
beige colour followed before the surface I finally installed
was sanded with a rough sanding stick the track covers.
to reveal the metal under the paint
back. The tracks were mounted next to
the vehicle and the side track covers
mounted, followed by the heavy chain
and the towing cable, which were
mounted on the side covers.
A good friend passed sent me a jpg
with Israeli Coke cartons that I have
printed to scale, folded and put inside the
turret basket together with some other
equipment. The fuel barrel was painted in
a dark grey colour, followed by chipping
medium and a beige paint on top. It was
mounted to the barrel holder after some
chipping, washing and adding of some
fuel stains to it. Tape was used as belts to
hold the barrel in place.
Several beige and grey pigments were
used to give the Merkava a used and
dusty look. Some metal pigments help The Merkava was
create the impression of bare metal weathered with beige
washes and pigments.
on some edges and other heavily used
surfaces. Black pigments add to the
look of fumes to the exhaust. Lastly, the
antennas were added and the tank was

The base is made on a white wooden
painting ground from Gerstaecker, which
I use for most of my works.
For the first time I used the new
Asphalt Texture Ground of Ammo applied
with a wide brush, avoiding any visible
brush strokes.
Two concrete road barriers of Meng
were painted in grey and added in the left
corner of the base. Weathering started
with the airbrush and beige colours,
followed by some washes and lastly
several beige pigments were applied
on the whole base, mainly around the
concrete barriers.
Small tufts of grass, some waste and Meng’s concrete
barriers painted and
other small things were added to bring
weathered border the
some life to the scenery before the tank small road segment.
was added on it.

More than 950 parts have to be All the lights and clear
assembled. Photo-etched parts and parts were painted silver
clear parts included. All parts are going first and then painted
together very well and the result is a with clear colours.
huge, impressive replica of one of the
biggest and best armoured main battle
tanks in the world. ■

December 2018 - Model Military International 17

FEATURE ARTICLE Meng Model 1:35 Merkava Mk.4M w/Trophy • Kit No. TS-036

The final weathering with

dust and dirt. Lot of different
Modelspec pigments were used here.

Meng Model 1:35 Merkava Mk.4M w/Trophy

Kit No. TS-036
Accessories Used:
• Panzerart Wheels for MBT Merkava 4 (RS35-176)
• Desert Eagle Publishing Update Set & Fuel Barrel
Mounting (35006)
• Desert Eagle Publishing Battering Ram for IDF
Merkava Mk.4 (35002)
• Friulmodel Merkava Mk.4 Metal tracks (ATL-99)
Tools and Modelling Products:
• Tamiya Extra Thin Liquid Cement
• Revell Contacta Clear
• Modellbau König Super Glue
• Mr. Putty
• Aluminium foil
• Vantage Modelling Solutions (VMS) Hull Tex
cement / texture
Paints and Finishing Products:
A little bit of contrast – green grass and
• Vallejo: Sinai Grey 87 (71.023), Metal Colour Steel flowers behind the concrete barriers.
• Lifecolour: Rust & Dust Set (CS-10), Matt Black
(LC-02), Tan (UA-015), Olive drab (UA-220)
• Mission Models: Tire Black (MMP-040)
• Revell Aqua Colour: Iron (91), Silver (90)
• AK Interactive: Clear Colour Orange (RC506), Clear
Colour Red (RC503), Clear Colour Blue (RC504),
Rust Streaks, Dust Effects, Dark Brown Wash,
Engine Oil, Pigments Dark Earth, Ultra Matt Varnish
• Ammo by MIG: Track Wash (1002), Dry Steppe
(1751), North Africa Dust Pigments (3003), Gun
Metal (3009), Black Smoke (P023), Asphalt
Texture Ground (2107)
• Tamiya: Smoke (X19)
• Molotov: Liquid Chrome
• Uschi Van der Rosten: Metal powder
• Graphite pens
• Gerstaecker: Gesso Board white (wooden painting
• Sand and small stones, earth
• Meng Models Concrete & Plastic Barriers (SPS-012)
• Ammo of Mig: Asphalt Texture Ground (2107)
• Mini Nature: Different grass tufts
• DioDump: Different grass tufts
✓ A great kit full of details. The workable
suspension is a great advantage if you want
to adjust the vehicle to an uneven ground. The
model builds to an impressive tank!
✗ Nothing worth mentioning.
Available from
All good model
shops Worldwide.


18 Model Military International - December 2018

KIT PREVIEW Dragon 1:35 M727 MIM-23 Tracked Guided Missile Carrier • Kit No. 3583

Rim detail is a little soft.

Decal options.


Dragon now offers a more affordable option of the M727
MIM-23 Tracked Guided Missile Carrier in 1:35 scale.
Graham Tetley takes a look.

Cab side close-up.
ollowing hot on the heels of the M113 and is no interior detail on the inner cab sides.
Lance kits, Dragon has now released their • The suspension arms are moulded to the lower hull,
version of the M727 Tracked Guided Missile and with the link & length Neo Tracks, it would be
Carrier. Hobby Fan had a resin kit of this difficult to display it on an uneven base.
vehicle out years ago, but this is the first kit of it to • There is no hook provided for the front towing cable,
appear in plastic. which itself is moulded in a two-part drum.
• The missile attachment points to the launcher are
HISTORY very flimsy. I will be drilling and pinning mine.
The Hawk surface-to-air missile (SAM) system entered A test fit of the main parts reveals a good level of
service in 1959 and was operated by many countries. engineering. The cab front to cab floor, hull sides, rear
To make a tracked version of it, an M754 guided and the missile launcher & missiles go together well
missile launcher was mated with an M548 tracked although this is no guarantee for the rest of the kit.
Launcher Top details.
chassis, giving the US Army its first mobile medium- The Neo Tracks are good, the only complaint I have
range SAM. Approximately 40 units were built but its is that the attachment points for the track pads are
lifespan was very short. It never saw active combat difficult to clean up.
with the US forces, and only a few units still survive. When we look at the launcher, Dragon have provided
Dragon’s new kit comprises the missile and launcher some cabling and plumbing. The launcher can rotate,
platform parts from the Hawk missile kit. 3580 with but there is nothing holding to the base – most kits
the roadwheels, lower hull tub, tracks & trackpads provide lugs & holes like we see with attaching turrets
from the M752 kit. 3576. The upper body on this kit to the upper hull. The missiles are good but, like all
is totally new. In the box are 13 plastic sprues. We two-piece parts, the seam will need smoothing down. I
have one clear sprue for the windows, two for the link use wire wool for this process.
& length ‘Neo’ tracks and a further two soft plastic
sprues containing the track pads. The decal sheet CONCLUSION
gives us marking options for two ‘unidentified’ U.S. This is a good rendition of an obscure vehicle. It is a
Army vehicles and most of the markings are for the shame that some important bits appear to have been
missiles themselves. missed and detail left off, but it would be a good basis New cab parts.
The standard of moulding is clean and crisp – typical for super detailing. If you like post war American
Dragon – and there is no flash at all on my kit. Knock- vehicles, then this will be easier to get than the old
out pin marks are in places where you can’t see them Hobby Fan kit.
and, to their credit, even the tracks are blemish-free. The UK price of this is around the £55 mark and
Detail is generally good but soft in some places and I will leave it to you, the reader, to decide if this is a
missed in others. price that you want to pay. ■
The instructions for this kit are clear and are
covered within 15 instruction steps. There are no
Thanks to The Hobby Company for the sample
construction options other than having the rear door
up or down, so this will be an easy build. However,
there are some areas where Dragon has simplified the Road wheels.
model, and these may or may not affect your decision
to purchase. They are:
• Looking at various photos on the internet some
vehicles have what look to be wheels or cable reels
at the back that appear to be part of the launcher.
These are not provided in this kit, so I can’t be sure if
this model of a production version or something else.
In real life, it appears that the launcher slid towards
the rear of the hull for launching and these wheels
had something to do with that.
• The cab doors have all been moulded shut, plus there
Track detail is good. Vinyl track pads. The missile sprues.

20 Model Military International - December 2018

T-34/85 No 6545 model kit
modèle réduit 1:35 scale

Models generation 2.0. Perfect in every detail

● Photo-etched details
● Coloured instruction sheet
● Detailed engine and interiors
● Plastic and rubber tracks

Photo-etched details

Plastic and rubber tracks

Engine and interiors highly detailed

Detailed model can be completely opened

Ask your local distributor or contact: Italeri S.p.A.- via Pradazzo, 6/b 40012 - Calderara di Reno - Bologna - Italy - Phone +39 051 31 75 211 - email:
FEATURE ARTICLE Bronco Models 1:35 scale Hotchkiss H38/39 • Kit No. 35019


Kamil Feliks Sztarbala details
1:35 scale Bronco Hotchkiss
and adds some passers-by.

t the very beginning, I should point
out that the work on both the
interior and the hull was carried out
simultaneously, for either practical
and technical reasons. For example, it was
easier to attach the fenders once the running
gear and tracks had been assembled, whilst on
the other hand, the interior couldn’t be finished
without gluing the fenders. Bronco’s 1:35
The article is therefore written in a way that Hotchkiss tank
should be easier to follow, which means that
the particular steps aren’t always presented in
accordance with their true chronology. A

22 Model Military International - December 2018

The 1:35 Hotchkiss tank was, as far as I remember, only the second release from
Bronco Models, and even though I used its later incarnation (which had some
improvements over the original product) for my build, it is already quite an old kit.
Nevertheless, it creates a good initial impression with its plethora of detail and
inclusion of the individual link tracks, metal gun barrel and photoetched fret.
Test fitting the main hull parts gave a promising result as well.

December 2018 - Model Military International 23

FEATURE ARTICLE Bronco Models 1:35 scale Hotchkiss H38/39 • Kit No. 35019

Unfortunately, on close inspection the Bronco kit only appears to be
moderately detailed. This is especially true of the interior. One can
deal with the problem easily by closing all the hatches, but I intended
to use the model in a vignette based on an archive photo that
depicted the tank with open driver’s hatch.

I began the assembly of

the interior components.

As the firewall didn’t

fit well, it was easier to
create a replacement

A comparison of the interior details with photos of the real thing, revealed that there’s
quite a lot of equipment to be added, given that the open hatch provided quite an
I used some selected details extensive view of the inside of the vehicle. I began by scratch-building the rack for the
from the kit parts. drum magazines that contained the ammo for the 7.5 mm machine gun. The magazines
themselves were created by gluing together a few layers of small plastic discs of
different thicknesses and diameter.

Building the ammo rack for the 37 mm gun was more time-consuming, especially due to the fact I wanted to depict it as if some rounds had already been fired. The first step was to cut a few lengths of hollow brass
pipe into shorter pieces of equal length. For this purpose, I used the excellent tools from the Czech company JLC, ie. a razor saw and a mitre block for the circular sections.
Next, I formed the rack shelves by gluing the pipes between pieces of 0.5 mm styrene sheet. Each shelf consisted of 14 pipes. To finish the rack, I added the side walls and other details.

As the seat is one of the first

details visible through the
open hatch, I chose to improve
the relevant kit part, which I
considered too simplified.

The seating was supplemented with a

cushion, whilst the replacement back
was made from a piece of styrene
sheet and lengths of copper wire. The
upholstery was created using a two-
part epoxy putty from Mr. Hobby.

The upper half of the hull also required some attention. I added the visors and another rack with machine gun
drums. The main gun ammo rack was represented in a very basic way, as it will be barely visible in the finished kit.

24 Model Military International - December 2018

…whilst additional pieces
of 0.25 mm styrene sheet
were used to add the
missing hatch edge to the
front part of the hull.
Although Bronco moulded the hatches as
separate pieces, they didn’t care about
detailing their inner sides. I therefore had
to replicate the hinge of the lower part of
the hatch, using a properly bent piece of
a flat metal sheet (actually, a piece of a
leftover photoetched fret) and pieces of
0.25 mm styrene sheet.

A few more plastic bits

were needed to reproduce
the hatch lock…

The second half of the driver’s hatch also lacked details, I didn’t care a lot about the engine and turret interior, as they would not be exposed in the finished model. However, the engine deck grills
but given that they won’t be much visible, I represented required some improvement. Firstly, I unified the shape of their apertures, which had been slightly affected by moulding flaws. Micro files
them in a rather simplified manner. from Hobby Elements proved to be indispensable for this task.
To give more depth to the grills on the other side of the deck, I glued pieces of 0.5 mm styrene strip from the inside.

Before I could close the hull,

I had to paint the interior.

December 2018 - Model Military International 25

FEATURE ARTICLE Bronco Models 1:35 scale Hotchkiss H38/39 • Kit No. 35019

I started the process by priming all

inner surfaces with AK-Interactive
AK757 ‘Black Primer & Microfiller’.

Once I’d applied a layer of hairspray, I could then airbrush a basecoat of Mr.Hobby
C69 ‘Offwhite’ over the entire interior. Next, I added some highlights with C1 ‘White’.
The shadows were created with a misted application of C39 Dark Yellow.

As the paints from Mr. Hobby’s ‘Mr. Color’ range create a rather tough lacquer layer, I began recreating
some damage to it immediately after finishing the airbrushing process. Nevertheless, I had to use
Microscale SOL decal liquid instead of water, as the former is more aggressive.

Details were brush painted with various

vinyl-based acrylics from Vallejo, Ammo-MIG
and AK-Interactive…

…and subsequently emphasized with AK-Interactive AK082 ‘Engine Grime’. I applied the enamel over I then replicated a little dirt and mud on the floor, using different enamel products from the Ammo-MIG
surfaces that had been previously dampened with turpentine substitute. ‘Splashes’ range.

26 Model Military International - December 2018

The engine received only a basic
Finally, I rubbed the most exposed edges and details with an 8B pencil, in order to add some metallic sheen. treatment. I painted it in a gunmetal
colour, and subsequently airbrushed
it with a misted application of
AK-Interactive AK082 ‘Engine Grime’.

“ …it creates a good

initial impression with
its plethora of detail
and inclusion of the
individual link tracks,
metal gun barrel and
photoetched fret...

The entire engine compartment was sprayed with a layer of Mr. Hobby C29 ‘Hull Red’. Afterwards, I emphasized the details using
AK-Interactive AK045 ‘Dark Brown Wash’. This was more than enough, as the compartment will be hidden under the deck anyway.

The main gun ammo rack had to be loaded with some rounds. I therefore The resulting rounds were brush painted with Vallejo 70.801 ‘Brass’.
created a number of small plastic discs, using my faithful ‘Punch and Die
Tool Set’ from RP Toolz, and glued them to the chosen apertures.
This allowed me to put
the hull parts together.

December 2018 - Model Military International 27

FEATURE ARTICLE Bronco Models 1:35 scale Hotchkiss H38/39 • Kit No. 35019

The Proxxon micro

drill was very useful for
all these tasks.

As mentioned earlier, I had already worked on But before I could deal with the tracks, it
the other sections of the vehicle during the was the running gear that required a lot of
interior construction and detailing process. laborious work. First of all, I had to remove the
One of the reasons was that it was easier to moulding seams from each of the wheels, then
assemble the tracks when the upper hull part sand the entire detail and correct the holes, as
remained separate and the fenders didn’t limit the latter usually weren’t located exactly in the
the access to the running gear. centre of the wheel.

Next, I started the mass production of the bogies, building all six Some details were easier to scratch build instead of cleaning up
of them step by step. the various moulding flaws, especially when employing both the To avoid any distortion, the assembled bogies had been
round and hexagonal punch and die tools from RP Toolz. held with clamps until the adhesive was fully cured.

The track assembly went fast, as I had to

act quickly. Firstly, I glued the entire track
runs, using the ‘Track Link Tool’ from LZ
Models to align them in single rows.

Taking advantage of the fact that the joints between

the track links hadn’t fully cured yet, I installed the
track runs, and made them sag slightly.

The bogies and sprockets were then permanently glued to the hull, whilst the idlers
were only temporarily attached, using masking fluid as the adhesive.

At this stage, I chose

to slightly improve the
tracks. I therefore punched
numerous plastic discs of
0.8 mm diameter from some
0.25mm styrene sheet,
using the RP Toolz ‘Punch
and Die Tool Set’ again…

The hull required a similar

cleaning effort as was the
case for most of the kit. I
had to remove small seams,
deepen some panel lines, and
apply a little putty here and
there. This included filling
most of the mounting holes.
I also replaced the plastic
handles with lengths of wire.

...and glued them in

place of the track pins.

28 Model Military International - December 2018

Fortunately, the fit
of the hull halves
was perfect.

Now I could deal with the details. The tools supplied with the kit didn’t
convince me, so I used a mix of scratch-built ones and leftovers from
the old DML kits.

Inspired by an archive photo, I added a small box to the port side


…and a wooden base for the jack, on the starboard one. Improving the jack itself was also necessary, as it was more simplified The muffler turned out to be too long.
than those supplied with the modern 1:72 scale kits.

Again, using the JLC mitre block for the circular sections, I could The fittings were made from 0.1 mm styrene strip. This allowed me to mount the metal cover.
precisely cut out a small inner section from the muffler, and therefore
shorten it to the correct size.

The first step of the turret assembly was to glue together Using Trumpeter’s scribing tool, I emphasised the edges of the The gun hinge just didn’t look good. Again, instead of correcting it, it
its halves. Next, I puttied the hinges of the rear hatch and armoured cover of the rear hatch. was easier to drill out the required apertures and install the scratch-
recreated the missing details. I also ensured that the hatch built replacement parts.
itself fits both the aperture and the fasteners.
December 2018 - Model Military International 29
FEATURE ARTICLE Bronco Models 1:35 scale Hotchkiss H38/39 • Kit No. 35019

The kit was ready to have

some paint applied.


Using a wartime photo as inspiration, I had to create the The basic shapes of the figures were sculpted using Magic Sculp, whilst for the The finished figures were cast in resin. They are currently
figures from scratch. I started by assembling the mannequins details and hair I used a mixture of Magic Sculp and Green Stuff. All the buttons were available at a fair price from my KFS-miniatures web-shop.
from lengths of 0.5 mm wire, pieces of cured Magic Sculp represented with tiny plastic discs that had been punched from some 0.25mm styrene
putty, modified heads and boots. sheet, using my RP Toolz ‘Punch and Die Tool Set’.

As usual, the castings were brush painted with various vinyl-based acrylics.
For the faces and hands, I used a few tones from the Lifecolor CS13 ‘Flesh
paint set’, whilst the uniforms were finished with the AK-Interactive AK3140
‘German Field Grey’ set. To allow me to use the glazing technique, I mixed the
paints with Ammo-MIG-2017 ‘Transparator’.

30 Model Military International - December 2018

Next, I finely traced the shape of the
camouflage patches, using a pencil.

My first step was to prime the entire kit

with a layer of AK-Interactive AK758
‘Gray Primer & Microfiller’.

The lower surfaces of the vehicle, and the

green camouflage patches, were airbrushed
with C236 ‘Olive Green’ from the Hataka’s
‘Orange Line’ of lacquer paints.

For colour modulation and highlighting

the chosen areas, I subsequently used
C088 ‘Polish AFV Green’ and C037
‘Light Ghost Gray’.

For the basic shade of Jaune d’ocre, I chose

Mr. Hobby C39 ‘Dark Yellow’. The camouflage
patches were airbrushed freehand.

Afterwards, I added the

highlights in a similar
manner as in the case of
the green colour, although
with this, I started with
Tamiya XF-15 ‘Flat Flesh’
and finished with Hataka
C049 ‘Insignia White’. The black camouflage borders were applied
with a fine brush, using a mixture of Vallejo’s
70.941 ‘Burnt Umber’ and 70.950 ‘Black’.

Acrylic paints and brushes were

also involved in detail painting.

December 2018 - Model Military International 31

FEATURE ARTICLE Bronco Models 1:35 scale Hotchkiss H38/39 • Kit No. 35019

The tactical markings were

hand-painted, though. Firstly,
I traced the white shapes of
the hearts…

…and subsequently filled them with Vallejo 70.899 ‘Prussian Blue’,

leaving the thin white outlines.

I then applied a layer of clear gloss

varnish over selected areas, allowing
for easier decal application.

ABT002 ‘Sepia’ oil from Abteilung 502 seemed to be a universal enough colour to be used for bringing out the
details on both the green and ochre areas. I mixed the oil with ABT113 ‘Fast Dry Thinner’ and distributed the
resulting mixture over the surfaces that had been previously dampened with white spirit.

The paintwork was sealed

with a layer of flat varnish.
Afterwards, I added further This was followed by the
highlights to the most exposed application of another
edges and details, using layer of flat varnish.
a transparent mixture of
Vallejo’s 70.833 ‘Silvergrey’
and 70.596 ‘Glaze Medium’.

The tracks were primed in

black and airbrushed with
Vallejo 70.304 ‘Track Primer’.

32 Model Military International - December 2018

The weathering process was WEATHERING
started by adding some fine
damage to the paint layer. Using
a very fine brush, I painted
some tiny patches and lines
with a heavily diluted mixture of
Vallejo’s 70.819 ‘Iraqi Sand’ and
70.883 ‘Silvergray’.

The rusty finish of the muffler was obtained using Even smaller, but more intense paint chips were
acrylic tones from Lifecolor’s CS10 ‘Dust & Rust Set’. created with a mixture of AK-Interactive AK711
‘Chipping Color’ and Vallejo 70.039 ‘Smoke’.

Next, I took the opportunity

to test the weathering pastes
from Mr.Hobby. These are
quite dense products, which
I then airbrushed can be placed somewhere
the lower portions between Tamiya Weathering
of the vehicle with Sticks and the Ammo-
AK-Interactive MiG’s products from their
AK017 ‘Earth Effect’. ‘Heavy Mud’ range. In a
similar way as the latter,
they can be diluted with
white spirit. I applied the
WP01 ‘Mud Brown’ and
WP04 ‘Mud Red’ pastes
over the chosen surfaces,
using a brush, which had
Using a brush that been either dry or slightly
had been dampened dampened with the thinner.
with white spirit, Larger accumulations were
I distributed the built up in various nooks
enamel fluid and and crannies, forming the
removed the excess. structured mud texture.

In the case of larger areas, I applied the paste by rolling it over the The process was repeated a few times, allowing the different pastes The ‘demarcation’ of dirt area was blended with a wet brush.
surface with a cotton bud. to slightly mix on the surface. I also added tiny amounts of the much
brighter WP02 ‘Mud White’ paste, here and there.

The same pastes were used for track weathering. I applied tiny Before the different pastes had fully dried, I rubbed the edges of the The metal surfaces of the wheels were similarly treated.
amounts of the particular colours in an irregular motion, over the tracks with an 8B pencil. This way I added the metallic sheen and
surfaces that had been previously dampened with white spirit. removed the excess mud.
December 2018 - Model Military International 33
FEATURE ARTICLE Bronco Models 1:35 scale Hotchkiss H38/39 • Kit No. 35019

The edges and details of the

upper portions of the bogies
Afterwards, I mounted were dry-brushed with tiny
the tracks and idlers. amounts of ABT005 ‘Smoke’
oil from Abteilung 502.

Finally, I added some oily

stains near the movable parts
of the running gear, using
AK-Interactive AK2019 ‘Aircraft
Engine Oil’ enamel, which had

been diluted at different ratios.

Next, I formed the groundwork by applying a thin layer of tile

The basic shape of the base was created when I had first put I then placed the styrodur piece within a boxed structure adhesive. Before it had fully dried, I test-fitted the model.
together the basic tank hull parts. This allowed me to cut the that had been built from balsa wood. The latter was For this purpose, I wrapped it with aluminum foil in order to
styrodur foam in order to obtain the desired ground profile. stained with a clear gloss varnish and properly sanded. prevent it sticking to the ground.

During the following steps, I mainly improvised. I took the previously used weathering pastes from When the muddy texture was still wet, I sank a few odds and ends from my stash into it. This included
Mr.Hobby and a number of Ammo-MIG products from their ‘Mud’ and ‘Splashes’ ranges, and applied some cans, a box and a bag. Once the mud layer had fully dried, I airbrushed the details with Tamiya
them one after another over the chosen surfaces, using an old brush. XF-52 ‘Flat Earth’.

34 Model Military International - December 2018

Now it was time to add some vegetation. I attached the small tufts, pieces of static grass and bristles of a Afterwards, I took the Ammo-MIG’s enamels and Mr.Hobby pastes again, and retouched the surface of the
large brush, using Ammo-MIG-2012 ‘Sand and Gravel Glue’. road and the ditch.

I also added some further details, which were to be cleaner than the previous ones: some bottles and a wooden crate thrown into the ditch.

December 2018 - Model Military International 35

FEA Bronco Models 1:35 scale Hotchkiss H38/39 • Kit No. 35019

At this stage, I could install the tank.

For this task, I used a two-part epoxy
adhesive, which was mainly applied to
the track that was hidden in the ditch.

To bring more colour to the vignette, I decided The final step was to
to place some rags here and there. These were attach the figures with
created from pieces of tissue which had been small quantities of cyano.
dampened with a mixture of water and white glue,
properly formed and then posed on the ground. Before
they had dried, I slightly soaked them with acrylic paint.

36 Model Military International - December 2018

Bronco Models 1:35 scale Hotchkiss H38/39
Kit No. 35019
Figure Set Used:
KFS-miniatures 1:35 scale WWII German Soldiers at
Rest – Set #35-006
Tools and Modelling Products:
• Tamiya Extra Thin Cement
• Deluxe Materials Roket Hot Cyano
• Styrene Rod, Strip & Sheet
• Copper & Lead Wires
• Griffon Model Brass Hollow Pipe
• JLC Razor Saw
• JLC Mitre Block for Circular Sections
• RP Toolz Punch and Die Tool Sets
• LZ Models Track Link Tool
• Hobby Elements Micro Files
• Duro (Green Stuff) Epoxy Putty
• Magic Sculp Epoxy Putty
• Mr.Hobby Mr.Epoxy Putty
• Balsa Wood
• Styrodur Foam
• Tile Adhesive
Paints and Finishing Products:
• AK-Interactive AK757 & AK758
• AK-Interactive
• Ammo of Mig Jimenez
• Hataka’s Orange Line
• Lifecolor
• Mr.Hobby’s Mr.Color range
• Tamiya (acrylic)
• Vallejo
Mr.Hobby Clear Varnishes
Microscale Decal Solution
Abteilung 502 Oils & Fast Dry Thinner
AK-Interactive weathering products:
• AK017 Earth Effect
• AK045 Dark Brown Wash for Green Vehicles
• AK082 Engine Grime
• AK2019 Aircraft Engine Oil
Ammo-MIG weathering products:
• A.MIG-1703 Moist Ground
• A.MIG-1751 Dry Steppe
• A.MIG-1752 Loose Ground
• A.MIG-1753 Turned Dirt
Mr.Hobby Weathering Pastes

✓ Individual link tracks; metal gun barrel;

photoetched fret.
✗ Simplified detail.
Available from
All good model shops Worldwide.


December 2018 - Model Military International 37

KIT PREVIEW Dragon 1:35 Arab T-34/85 50th Anniversary of the Six-Day War • Kit No. 3571

Individual links each suffer from two mould pin marks.

Andy King compares
Dragon’s Syrian
T-34/85 kit with the
characteristics of the
real thing.

SIX DAY WAR T-34 The rough cast turret is more typical for a Russian
built tank.

he Six-Day War was fought from 5 to 11 June which will need attention as they will be visible. Some
1967 between Israel, Syria, Jordan and Egypt. are raised, which makes clean up easier, although
The Syrians used a lot of Soviet equipment unfortunately some aren’t and require filling and
and the T-34/85 was one of them so to mark sanding.
the 50th anniversary in 2017 Dragon has re-boxed Markings are restricted to just two vehicles; one
their kit of it. It has had various incarnations over the from the Syrian Mechanized Brigade and the other
years and actually dates back to the late 1990s. The from an unidentified unit, both in an overall light grey-
last time it appeared in Soviet markings was as kit green. The decal sheet is printed by Cartograf.
number 6319. If you were waiting for an accurate Syrian T-35/85
Fourteen sprues in grey styrene are in the box along then you will have to wait longer or fix the issues with
The mantlet.
with two bags of individual track links, a length of wire this one as all Dragon have done is re-box an old kit
presumably for a tow cable and a decal sheet. The with new decals, throw in a couple of extra parts and
only photo-etch included is a tiny bit for the exterior hope people didn’t notice the rest of the inaccuracies.
fuel tank straps which is a shame as one of the main There were conversion sets available to make a Syrian
features of a T-34 are the mesh screens on the engine T-34/85 but you’ll have to scratch around to find
deck. This kit just has them moulded into the upper them, alternatively MR Modelbau in Germany do a
hull. Moulding quality is good despite the age of the kit replacement turret (which is the biggest issue) and
and the detail is okay. you’ll have to fix the other issues yourself. Failing that
The description about this kit describes it as having use this kit to build a standard Soviet T-34/85 and get
new parts for a Syrian vehicle but all I can see is a some aftermarket decals.
sprue with the large turret-mounted anti-aircraft Considering the RRP of Dragon kits it’s quite a
MG ring and another for the DshK anti-aircraft disappointment that they didn’t bother to research
gun itself. Syrian T-34s were actually produced in this subject properly. I’m not that well up on the
Machine gun mount.
Czechoslovakia and had various differences compared subject but even after a few minutes search on the
to Soviet built models including the turret shape, web I found stuff relating to Syrian T-34s so it’s not
enlarged engine access hatch hinges, a field telephone THAT hard really. ■
connection on the left-rear hull and most obviously the
exhausts that had a ’scalloped’ shape as opposed to For a great source of reference go here;
the ones in the kit.
Regarding the turret, Czech-built T-34s were
smoother as opposed to the rough cast texture of
Soviet models. Also from pictures I found on the web It explains the differences between Soviet and
of Syrian T-34s, there appears to be an auxiliary fuel Czech built T-34/85s quite nicely
Clean moulding.
tank fitted to the rear hull as well.
The track links are individual and packed in bags Thanks to The Hobby Company Limited for the
however every link has two mould-pin marks on them review sample

The wheels are the type with perforated tyres.

The one-piece upper hull. Kit decals.

38 Model Military International - December 2018
KIT REVIEW Meng 1:35 German Light Tank Panzer 38(t). Kit No. WWT-011

uilds Meng Model’s newest k”.
The Editor b ns Panzer 38(t) “egg tan
World War Too

eng Model launched their
World War Toons series a
few years ago. These are
appealing "egg tanks" -
recognisable caricatures of a range of
WWII tanks.
The newest is this series is their
Panzer 38(t). This is the first of the
World War Toons models that I have
seen close-up and personal.
The nature of these models means
that they are not any particular scale,
but to give you an idea, the completed
model is around 7.5cm in length.

40 Model Military International - December 2018

IN THE BOX can rotate and the gun is free to
The kit comprises 53 parts in dark elevate.
grey plastic, two flexible bands for Markings are supplied for a
the tracks and decals for a single single vehicle.
marking option.
Meng’s box art.
The parts are contained on two ASSEMBLY
sprues with the lower hull being The most time consuming parts of
supplied separately. Parts should assembly is cleaning up the sprue
be removed using a sprue cutter. attachment points, Fit is quite
Cleaning up some of the attachment precise, so you really need to pay
points, particularly those connected attention to removing the sprue
via bevelled surfaces, will require waste from the kit parts, especially
some precise work with a hobby on the bevelled joins of the upper
knife too, so small children may hull / superstructure sections.
need some assistance here. Beyond that, assembly is a
Glue is not required. All the breeze. Parts are a nice tight
parts feature a press fit. press fit.
Parts breakdown is quite Although I confirmed that glue
conventional, with a one-piece really was not required, I did use
The one-piece lower hull, a base for the upper hull liquid cement to permanently bond
lower hull. wit track guards moulded in place, the parts with the exception of
and a multi-part superstructure on the moveable turret, main gun and
the upper hull. running gear.
Running gear is simple in the The hatch is moveable too. It
extreme. There are just two road might be nice if Meng brings us
wheels on each side plus a drive some caricature crew figures to
sprocket and idler wheel. These add to these little cartoon tanks.
are held in place with splined pins, The only additional detailing I
allowing all the wheels to rotate. did on my model was to drill out
The tracks are one-piece loops of the hull and turret machine gun
a rubber-like material, so you can barrels.
The contents of run the model along the kitchen With assembly complete I only
the entire kit are
table to your heart's content! needed a few swipes of putty to
contained on two
sprues. The turret is made up from an take care of some narrow gaps in
upper shell and a base. The turret the upper hull joins. A

Running gear
parts cleaned
up and ready for

Turret parts and

running gear.

The flexible
tracks are
continuous loops.

The simple road

wheels, idler wheel
and drive sprocket.
Markings are
supplied for one
December 2018 - Model Military International 41
KIT REVIEW Meng 1:35 German Light Tank Panzer 38(t). Kit No. WWT-011

The wheels are held in

place and allowed to
rotate with splined pins.
Running gear in place.

The upper hull base, plus

front and rear hull plates.

The upper hull is fixed

in place with four stout

B PAINTING AND MARKINGS thinned with Mineral Turpentine.

The model was prepared for paint Detail parts were picked out with
with a coat of Tamiya Grey Primer a fine brush. Detail parts ready for installation.
straight from the spray can. This The model received two coats
exposed a few gaps that I had of Future Floor Polish before
missed the first time, so I did a application of the kit decals. These
second round of puttying and performed perfectly under a
sanding. brushed application of Solvaset.
While I had the putty out, I also When the decals had dried, the Muffler and mallet.
stippled the exhaust pipe and lustreless finish was restored with
muffler in preparation for a rust two coats of Alclad II Lacquer – The hull takes shape.
finish. Klear Kote Flat
Next up was an overall Tracks were sprayed with a
coat of Tamiya XF-63 Panzer 50/50 mix of Tamiya XF-1 Flat
Grey, followed by a fairly solid Black and XF-64 Red Brown. This
application of Tamiya XF-24 Dark was followed by a wipe with Vallejo
Grey on the upper surfaces, and a acrylic Oily Steel wiped over the
blended dusting of the same colour top surface of the track with a
on the upper sides of the turret clean cotton cloth.
and hull. The running gear and tracks
This was followed by a dry- were now treated to a brushed
brushing of a light grey mix, coat of Easy Mud, which was
highlighting the edges of parts, mostly wiped off before it had
the domed rivet heads and other completely dried.
structural details. MIG pigments were applied to
Next, I applied an oil wash the upper hull and turret. Three
comprising a smear of Winsor shades of MIG pigments were also
& Newton Lamp Black heavily used on the exhaust and muffler. A

42 Model Military International - December 2018

The hull superstructure is
made up from four separate
sides and a top.

Fit here is very much dependant

on adequate clean-up of sprue

The completed
is simply pressed
in place onto the
upper hull base.

The completed hull.

The gun will elevate and depress after assembly. The completed gun and mantlet. Turret components
ready for assembly.

The mantlet slots in to

the main turret shell.

The cupola hatch is moveable.

The completed turret.

December 2018 - Model Military International 43

KIT REVIEW Meng 1:35 German Light Tank Panzer 38(t). Kit No. WWT-011

Meng’s World War Toons Panzer
38(t) will be a nice parent / child Tracks test fitted.
joint project (clean-up of parts
might be a bit beyond a young
child by themselves), or a guilt-
free canvas for exploring extreme
weathering techniques.
I had a lot of fun building mine! ■

Meng 1:35 German Light Tank Panzer 38(t).
Kit No. WWT-011
Tools and Modelling Products:
• Tamiya Extra Thin Liquid Cement The model was sprayed with
• Revell Contacta Glue a coat of Tamiya Grey Primer.
• Tamiya White Putty
Paints and Finishing Products:
• Iwata HP C Plus airbrush
• Tamiya Acrylic Paints – XF-1 Flat Black; XF-24 Dark
Grey; XF-63 German Grey; XF-64 Red Brown.
• Vallejo Model Color Acrylics - Various
• Winsor & Newton Oil Paints – Lamp Black;
Raw Umber
• Zippo Lighter Fluid
• MIG Pigments - Various
• Future Floor Polish
• Alclad II Lacquer – Klear Kote Flat

✓ Good fit; recognisable subject; great child/

parent project or weathering experiment base. The base colour
was Tamiya XF-63
✗ Careful clean-up of sprue attachments required.
Panzer Grey.
Available from
Thanks to Meng Model for the sample A fading coat of Tamiya XF-24
Dark Grey was sprayed onto
Rating the horizontal surfaces and as
a blended dusting on the upper
sides of the turret and hull.

An oil wash comprising a

smear of Winsor & Newton
Lamp Black heavily thinned
with Mineral Turpentine was
applied overall.

Dry-brushing a light grey mix

highlighted the edges of parts,
the domed rivet heads and
other structural details.

Tracks were sprayed with a

50/50 mix of Tamiya XF-1 Flat
Black and XF-64 Red Brown.
This was followed by a wipe with
Vallejo acrylic Oily Steel wiped
over the top surface.

44 Model Military International - December 2018

“ Meng’s World
War Toons Panzer
38(t) will be a nice
parent / child joint
project, or a guilt-free
canvas for exploring
extreme weathering

The running gear and tracks were now treated to

a brushed coat of Easy Mud, which was mostly
wiped off before it had completely dried.

Three rusty shades of MIG

pigments were used on the
exhaust and muffler.

MIG pigments were applied to

the upper hull and turret.

December 2018 - Model Military International 45

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FEATURE ARTICLE Heller 1:72 Sherman III • Kit No. 79894

BEACH! Steve Guthrie upgrades and
converts the Heller 1:72 scale
Sherman III to an early version
attached to the Canadian 2nd
Armoured Brigade on D-Day.

48 Model Military International - December 2018

eller has joined Dragon, heavily laden with supplies and
UM, Extratech and spare parts which were dumped
Trumpeter in producing just off the beach for immediate
Different driver's hoods
1:72 scale kits of M4 use. The deep wading gear and
included in the kit. I used
Sherman family. The new kits are # waterproofing materials were the direct vision hoods on
79892 - M4 Sherman "D-Day" and stripped off at the same time. the model but the welded
# 79894 - M4A2 Sherman "Division Compared to a Dragon and cast versions are
Leclerc". Having a late Sherman Sherman kit, the Heller kit is not going into the spares box.
III by Dragon in my collection of as finely detailed. For example,
Braille scale Shermans, I picked the suspension units do not have models fitted with the direct the gun posed an obstacle to a
up the latter kit to complete it as casting marks or separate return vision driver's hoods so I used the quick exit from the turret.
an early Sherman III of the 2nd rollers. However, Heller does supply appropriate parts. I also used the Most British and Canadian tanks
Canadian Armoured Brigade on separate pioneer tools while Dragon Sherman III specific engine deck, on D-day carried three links of
D-Day. The Heller Sherman comes cast them in place on the hull. and upper and lower hull rear track on the turret on each side
with a plethora of alternative parts The basic Heller tank is moulded plates. I trimmed off the grouser of the mantlet. These were made
including driver's hoods: cast, in grey styrene while many of stowage covers, leaving a flat from the kit spare tracks and a bit
welded or direct vision which is just alternative parts, like the glacis, plate. At the same time, I filled in of fine wire.
what the doctor ordered. engine deck and parts of the hull the mounting holes for the pioneer The exhaust and sheet metal air
Canada's contribution to the rear are moulded in black. The rest tools. The kit light guards were intake trunks were made from .15
Normandy Invasion on June 6, of the alternative parts like trans- replaced with Dragon PE parts. thou styrene. I would have used
1944 were the 7th, 8th and 9th mission covers, road wheels and The turned aluminum RB gun thinner stock but it tends to warp.
Infantry Brigades, and the 2nd gun mantlets are moulded in gray. barrel was cemented into place I thinned down the exposed edges
Armoured Brigade. The assault and the canvas cover on the with a file to simulate a more
waves of tanks were Sherman V CONSTRUCTION mantlet and bow machine were prototypical thickness.
(M4A4) DD-Shermans manned Construction of the model is sculpted from A+B epoxy putty. I The most challenging part of the
by the 6th Canadian Armoured straightforward. In some cases, kit added handles to the driver's and model was the oddly shaped base
Regiment (1st Hussars) and the parts were replaced with Dragon commander's hatches from .10 thou to the exhaust trunk enclosing
10th Canadian Armoured Regiment parts or scratchbuilt items. The rod, made a commanders sight vane the rear of the lower hull. Due to
(The Fort Garry Horse). The 27th kit supplies two sets of vinyl from .10 thou sheet and cemented a lack of plans of this part, I had
Canadian Armoured Regiment tracks - T49 flat blocks and T54A1 a Dragon periscope to the inside of to make 2 or 3 before I was happy
(Sherbrooke Fusiliers) were in Chevrons. However, most 2nd the commander's hatch. with the shape. The clamps on the
the follow up wave, in Sherman III Armoured Brigade tanks went I also replaced the .50 Browning lower edge are Grant Line bolts
tanks (M4A2). These tanks were ashore on D-Day on T49 all-steel MG with a Dragon item, after and scraps of styrene. On the real
fitted with extension trunks fitted tracks. The belief was they were the replacing the firing grips with tank, the air intake screens on the
to the air intake and exhaust to most effective on sand so I used .10 thou rod and PE scraps. rear deck were waterproofed with
prevent the vehicle from 'drowning' Dragon T-49 tracks. These would The Canadian Armoured Corps a sheet of canvas. I made this from
while wading trough the sea not fit the Heller drive sprockets withdrew the .50 guns from their epoxy putty.
between their landing craft and the so I modified Dragon parts to fit tanks by August of 1944 after a The bracing rods between
beach. The turret gun mount and by removing the central 'peg' and change in doctrine. They felt that the trunks and turret roof are
bow machine gun were covered boring out the centre a bit. Allied air superiority made hand- made from .10 thou rod and were
with canvas to keep out sea water. Some 2nd Armoured Brigade held machine guns redundant and installed after the stowage on the
Most AFVs came ashore on D-Day Sherman III tanks were early there were reports when mounted, rear deck was added. A

Royal Canadian Artillery OP and Command Sherman V tanks

of 14th Field Regiment waiting to loaded onto landing craft in
England. Notice the amount of stowage on the hull front and
engine deck, including a motorcycle. Milifax Photo Archive
FEATURE ARTICLE Heller 1:72 Sherman III • Kit No. 79894

Aside from the driver's hoods, the engine deck and hull rear parts I had to re-work the epoxy putty canvas mantlet cover a few times before I The canvas seal in the air intake grille is epoxy putty. Crews were
are also black styrene. The tools on a Sherman III are arranged a bit was happy with it. Notice the styrene strip ‘shelf’ on the transmission cover drilled to get the waterproofing removed as soon as possible to
differently so I filled in the pioneer tool mounting holes that held all the stowage place prevent engine damage due to overheating

The unpainted model Main components of model prior to painting and final assembly Note the shape of exhaust trunk base and the use of Grandt Line nut
bolt washer mouldings as clamps between the base and extensions

B PAINTING AND MARKINGS applied with a white pencil crayon transfers. When everything was and could not get ashore without
I airbrushed the model with Tamiya sharpened to a needle point. Pencil dry, I airbrushed a coat of Testors being carried. The stowage on the
XF-62 Olive Drab lightened with crayons work best when applied to flat and did some dry brushing with model is a combination of epoxy
XF-60 Dark Yellow. a matte surface so I did this before Humbrol Khaki Drill lightened with putty tarps, items from the spares
When dry, I applied a filter with the gloss coat white oil paint. box and a motorcycle of unknown
dirt coloured acrylic paint, daubing I now airbrushed a coat of The tracks were painted with provenance
on thinned blotches of paint, then Future clear coat to the model. Vallejo Burnt Umber followed by
removing it with a clean damp When dry, I applied a black oil pin a black oil wash and a light dry- FIGURE
brush. I kept the blotches random wash to edges, seams, raised and brushing of Testors Flat Steel. The figure is based on a Milicast
and didn't allow the paint to build engraved details. When this is was infantry officer, with a new head
up in corners or seams. I was dry, I put on the decals. Like the STOWAGE and microphone and headset made
simply trying to create a variation mobilization number, all vehicles on The pioneer tools are Dragon from styrene scraps.
of the base colour, not apply D-Day carried a placard indicating parts, as are the fire extinguishers. Weathering was restricted to a
weathering. I've tried this with the vehicles overall dimensions. The tow cable is made from lead light wash of sand-coloured acrylic
enamel paints but found the colour Mine came from an old Fingerprint wire, with Dragon cable ends and paint, as the vehicle is shown as
built up quicker than I wanted. So Designs sheer. The census number shackles. The radio antenna are just having waded ashore on Juno
this is still a bit of a trial and error and Allied star are Starmer's guitar strings. Beach so there was no time to get
process for me. Armour decals and the arm of The British and Canadian tanks dirty, just wet. ■
All vehicles involved in the service marking is from a Dragon that came ashore later on D-Day
D-Day landings was assigned kit. The formation sign is incorrect, were laden with equipment and
a individual number, a serial I admit. I only had a 2nd Canadian spares. They carried spare road-
number indicating its unit and the Infantry Division marking in my wheels, suspension parts, and a
landing craft that carried it across decal store and used that. I will strip of track, as well as the
the channel. This was chalked change it when I dig up a pair of 2 crews kit. Many tanks carried
onto the vehicle front and rear. CAB decals. The tac number on the a unit motorcycle as they
This mobilization number was turret and exhaust trunk are dry could not be waterproofed

Upper and lower hull and turret

painted just prior to final assembly

I don't usually include figures in my

models, but I assumed a tank coming
ashore in the second wave of a beach
landing would have someone looking
out. This is a Milicast resin figure
with a head from the spares box with
added earphones

50 Model Military International - December 2018

Heller 1:72 Sherman III. Kit No. 79894
• Heller Sherman III References
• AFV News, Vol.19-2
• British Armour in Sicily and Italy, Dennis Oliver, Concord
Publications, Hong Kong, 2007
• British Sherman Tanks, Dennis Oliver, Concord Publications,
Hong Kong, 2006
• Sherman in Action, Squadron Signal #16, Squadron Signal
Publications, Warren Michigan, USA, 1977
• Library and Archives Canada photos
• Personal photos

✓ A plethora of alternative parts; separate pioneer tools.

✗ Some simplified detail.
Available from
Heller kits are available online and from hobby shops worldwide.


December 2018 - Model Military International 51

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We have teamed up with our friends at Model Craft so we can
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• 1 x Side cutter
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1:35 scale Ratchet tie down set ((type 1) • item ma-35017
This new accessory must fall into the “why hasn’t anybody thought of this before” category. These tie downs are so
common that I even use them on my 1:1 scale trailer.
Each tie down comprises three photo-etched parts and an embossed paper strap. Assembly is simplicity itself with a well
laid out and graphically clear instruction sheet provided. 18 complete strap assemblies are provided for.
I can’t stress enough how good these are and how good they will look on any military or civilian vehicle. The real tipping
point is that they embossed paper straps, not only do they look and feel like the real thing - they work perfectly.
Highly Recommended.
Thanks to Tetra Model Works for the sample
Luke Pitt


1/35 SCALE
Russian medium tank t-54B detail up paRts
item me-35050 FoR the takom kit
item me-e35051 FoR the miniaRt kit
The T-54/55 series of tanks seems to have had a resurgence in popularity in recent times with
Takom and Minart releasing multiple versions in 1:35 scale.
It is always tricky adapting photoetch updates designed for a specific kit over to another. While
most of the etch will fit, certain pieces (usally the important ones) will not.
I’ve done a few reviews of the updates available from Tetra Works of late and I am greatly
impressed with the way they are presented. Indeed the way the instructions are put together
may have set a new standard of this type as, they are graphicly clean and easy to follow.
Consisting of multiple colour photos of how the etch piece should fit onto the intended
model, they are backed up by drawings that tell you where to bend and assemble the etch
itself. For these two sets almost all of the usual areas are covered, from the engine screens and
exhaust guard to all the multiple latches on the storage boxes and turret and hull hand holds.
There is a lot to like about either set and they are well worth buying as they will add that
certain something to your finished model.
Highly Recommended.
Thanks to Tetra Model Works for the sample
Luke Pitt

1:35 SCALE
item no. 35303 – GeRman pRopaGanda posteRs 1930-1939
item no. 35388 – uk aRmy multiclimate Ration Boxes
FCM produces a useful range of paper and 3D printed accessories. The company is the
brainchild of MMI contributor and master modeler Federico Collada.
The two releases being examined tonight are quite contrasting.
The first is an A5 sheet packed with WWII German propaganda posters. These will have many
uses in WWII dioramas and vignettes. Some of them may even end up on the back of a vehicle!
Using these posters could not be easier – cut them out and glue them to any surface that
needs a bit of WWII German atmosphere.
The second set under review is a paper sheet with 30 modern British Army Multiclimate Ration
Boxes. The boxes are printed in full colour with nice detail including a Union flag on one side.
These cartons will come in handy as stowage on vehicles or in modern dioramas and vignettes.
You’ll just need to cut the individual boxes and fold them on the printed lines. A tab is printed
at the side of each box to make assembly as easy as possible.
These are two varied and useful paper accessories from FC Modeltips.
Thanks to FC Modeltips for the sample
Brett Green

54 Model Military International - December 2018

1:35 SCALE
ITEM NO. A35-001
Copper State Models continues to expand its range of accessories for its lovely 1:35 scale Lanchester
Armoured Car with this new photo-etched upgrade set.
The set comprises a medium sized photo-etched fret and fill colour instructions on one folded page.
A number of small and large parts are supplemented or replaced. These include front mudguards and
rear mudflaps (two styles – Belgian or British), structural detail around the vision hatches, a bucket,
lower side covers for the cargo deck, straps and more.
The instructions are quite clear in the placement of the photo-etched items.
This is a straightforward but very useful upgrade for Copper State Models’ Lanchester Armoured Car.
Highly Recommended.
Thanks to Tetra Model Works for the sample
Brett Green

1:35 SCALE
ITEM NO. DM35082 – M48A5 105MM M68 68 GUN W/CANVAS
DEF.Model continues to expand its range of Set for 1:35 scale – Sd.Kfz. 251 kits. There are two remove and clean up. The tyre sidewalls feature
multimedia accessories and resin replacement one-piece front wheels plus a spare wheel/tyre raised lettering, and the tyre tread detail is crisp
wheels with five new sets. with an open hub and holes for the eight vacant and deep. Casting quality is perfect. There is no
The first is Item No. DM35082 – M48A5 105mm bolts. Two small hub covers are also included. No sign of seams, misalignment or other flaws on any
M68 Gun w/Canvas Cover Set. This set comprises particular kit is called out for this set so I assume of my samples.
two polished turned metal barrel sections, a resin that it will be appropriate for the Tamiya, Dragon Each of the wheel sets include die-cut, self-adhesive
part representing the flexible canvas mantlet cover, and AFV Club kits. painting masks for sharp demarcation between the
a cleverly fused turned metal and resin part as the Next is Item No. DW30039, a sagged wheel set wheel rims and tyres.
accordion-like barrel section of the canvas cover, for the Tamiya and ICM’s 1:35 scale Horch 108 These will all be welcome accessories for the Sd.Kfz.
plus a small photo-etched fret with detail parts. Type 1a/40. Four road wheels and a spare tyre are 251, Horch and Maxxpro kits, especially where they
The detail of the canvas cover is very convincing, included. are replacing vinyl tyres!
and I just love the compressed front cover cast Finally, Item No. DW35106 is a sagged wheel set Highly Recommended.
onto the barrel. I am seriously tempted to buy the for Bronco’s 1:35 scale M1224 MRAP Maxxpro Thanks to DEF Model for the sample
kit just to have an excuse to use this set! Sagged Wheel Set.
Three resin replacement wheel sets are next. The wheels from all these sets are cast onto thin, Brett Green
First is Item No. DW30037, a Sagged Front Wheel short blocks that will be very easy and fast to

December 2018 - Model Military International 55

Book Reviews
ISBN: 978-1-4728-2006-8
David Fletcher MBE is well known to anyone with an interest in British AFV.
He has added tremendously to the available knowledge pool on British AFVs.
Osprey has teamed up David Fletcher with Steven J Zaloga, one of the most
prolific and respected authors in the field of armoured warfare and weapons
to present the third in the series on British tanks, albeit of US manufacture.
This follows the two previous titles covering WWI to 1939 and WWII of
British manufacture.
After the debacle in France with the BEF having to leave behind almost all
of its heavy equipment, the British Army was desperate for heavy military
hardware and turned to the USA to supply AFVs and equipment of its own
designs. However, the US were against this for many reasons and offered
to increase production of its own designs which initially were not liked by
British crews for a number of reasons such as crew ergonomics, limited
range etc. As desperate as they were, they bought US designs and in some
cases such as the M3 Medium Grant proposed limited changes of the design
to better suit battlefield conditions. Very quickly they came to appreciate the
rugged simplicity and reliability of the designs and orders were increased
and accepted with enthusiasm. With the adopting of the Lend Lease Act
the quantity of supply increased exponentially and as the British armoured
forces used these in combat their feedback improved the designs and made
them more battleworthy.
The US supplied initially light tanks to the British but soon these were
followed by the M3 and M4 Mediums, tank destroyers and SP guns. As the
US had no suitable tank to fulfil the Infantry tank role or the heavy tank
role, the British continued to develop their line of Infantry tanks culminating
in the Churchill - or it might be argued the Centurion. This compendium packs a lot into its 250
The book is a hardback and like others in the series a compendium of previous odd pages and will not disappoint anyone with an interest in the US tanks in
titles covering the US tanks used by the British during the war including the British service or the History of Armoured warfare.
British modifications to these such as the Sherman Crab, DD and Firefly. It As with all David Fletcher and Steve Zaloga titles that I have read, this title
contains the following chapters: is well backed by good research and is in an easily readable style of writing
• M3 Light Tank – Stuart that will satisfy the novice and pedant alike. This is not the be-all-and-end-all
• M3 Medium Tank – Grant & Lee reference on the subjects but may be considered an excellent overview or
• M4 Medium Tank – Sherman primer on the subject until more in depth studies become available.
• Firefly – the 17 pounder Sherman This title offers excellent value for money and offers valuable reference for the
• Sherman Duplex Drive – DD modeller, historian and armour enthusiast. Its colour plates are all preserved
• Sherman Crab Flail tank from the original titles and it also offers the benefit of a hard cover and
• Other American built Tanks additional plates.
• Staghound Armoured Car The authors are acknowledged specialists in WWII armour and have used this
• Select Bibliography to the readers advantage providing a quality but budget priced reference on
• Index such an important subject in the history of armoured warfare.
If one is familiar with Osprey’s Vanguard and New Vanguard Range then you I cannot recommend this enough particularly as it is a one stop title on US
will be familiar with the format and style. Each chapter is more or less a new armour used by the British Army of WWII at a bargain price.
Vanguard title with all the photos and artwork of the originals. Like previous Highly Recommended.
titles there is a lot of new and bridging information on subjects not previously Review Sample procured by reviewer.
titled by Osprey. Al Bowie


by Jan Horák and František kořán
ISBN 978-80-87509-64-7
CAT. NO.: MGM 52
Wings & Wheels’ latest is this about the Lance nuclear-tipped tactical missile that was in active service from
1972 to 1992. Yes, I did write ’tactical’ – it had a range long enough that crews could fire it without risking
their own destruction when it reached its target. Its development began as early as 1962 but had many
problems, which are described in the short text introduction. Each launcher vehicle was accompanied by a
transport/fuel carrier, both based on a much-modified M113 chassis, and the launch cradle could be placed
away from the vehicle.
Both are shown in detailed photos, as is the ground-mount cradle, and of course the missile is shown as
well. It actually came in four versions: nuclear, normal HE, and drill versions of both. The warheads were
different lengths, and the steering fins for them were also different; both versions are shown here so their
identification by readers in period photos by readers will be simple. There are already a kit of the launcher
vehicle and at least one kit of the towed ground mount, and conversion of the launcher to the transport and fuel carrier should be straightforward
because the real ones were interchangeable and there’s quite enough information in the photos to make the change if a carrier/fuel kit doesn’t appear.
This book is so hot off the press that I don’t have a correct cover page to show, and no UK shop has yet listed it with a price. But it’s available from the
publisher and anyone building a Lance model will find it well worth the effort to get!
Highly Recommended.
Thanks to WWP Books for the sample
John Prigent

56 Model Military International - December 2018

by František kořán and Jan Moštěk
ISBN 978-80-87509-63-0
PAGES: 132
ForMat: soFt, a4 landscape
cat. no.: G053
For those who haven’t seen one before, WWP books are in English and
aimed directly at modellers, with a host of photographs showing details
inside as well as outside their subjects. This one is no exception.
It begins with WWP’s usual text section telling how the M151 A2 Mutt came
into being as an improved version of the original M151, able to carry heavier
loads and with a much safer suspension to prevent the notorious roll-over
accidents caused by barely-trained drivers. All the changes are described,
from A to Z. There are, or course, general photos of the basic utility truck
in its US Army and USMC versions, the M718A1ambulance version, and
the M151A2 Tow missile launcher, but the real meat of this book is its
concentration on showing as much detail as possible – which is a lot!
Engine bays and crew compartments, of course, but where else will you find
such gems as the deconstructed seats, or the canvas roof laid out on the
ground to show exactly what its parts looked like, inside as well as outside,
to back up the photos of the erected roof?
There’s much more, of course – the radios fitted and their different
antennae, the litter support frame for the ambulance version, and too much
else to mention in a short review. Even a comparison of the different types
of rear view mirror fitted!
Anyone wanting to detail a Tamiya M151A2 will find exactly what they need
here, including the different camouflage schemes applied in Army and USMC
service. All the photos are in full colour and show carefully restored vehicles,
with any non-period features pointed out so you can avoid copying them.
Highly Recommended.
Thanks to WWP Books for the sample
John Prigent


ISBN 978-80-87509-?-?
PAGES: 122
ForMat: soFt, a4 landscape
Uk price aboUt: £27.00.
also direct FroM the pUblisher at www.wwpbooks.coM
Here’s a treat for helicopter modellers. Wings & Wheels Publications has
released a book about the Apache, featuring a short text history and a
cornucopia of detail photos with informative captions. Its development
started when the Vietnam War showed the need of dedicated armed
helicopters, but it was nearly ten years before the first service examples
were issued to the US Army in 1984. 827 were built, seeing limited combat
service in Panama before intensive action in Operation Desert Storm and
elsewhere until the newer AH-64D was introduced. Greece was the only
European user other than the US, but Israel, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab
Emirates and Egypt also bought the A version.
The first sets of photos are quick looks at several US and Israeli Apaches
before the main coverage starts on page 13. Here there’s a description
of Greek Apache use, with photos, of course, and then a walkaround
that takes up all the rest of the book! Yes, all the photos in it are of
Greek machines, but the US ones were the same apart, perhaps, from
any secret equipment so this is a superb guide to detailing any part of a
model. Nothing is left out – both cockpits are shown in detail and so is
everything else that one could ask for. The complete airframe, of course,
undercarriage, rotor head, engine, armament - even the ammunition bays
are shown opened.
Detailers will love this.
Highly Recommended.
Thanks to WWP Books for the sample
John Prigent

December 2018 - Model Military International 57

1:48 Scale – A round-up of the latest news and releases
’ve been doing some 1:35 scale reviews of I remember back in the day we generally didn’t it into something else. All of these were either
have that problem, as most kits were generally purchased, acquired or swapped and to be honest
late and I know this doesn’t really apply to
not superseded but rather another mark or version it was getting the stuff that was half the fun. If
1:48 scale armour modellers (wish it was)
released. However, it seems today that several I hold my hand on my heart I probably have a
but when doing the review I couldn’t help
versions of the same mark of tank are being couple hundred bucks invested in that model.
but wonder what happens to all those superseded released within months of each other, which is a Most of us have that one project kinda like this.
models when the new ones come along? bit weird in itself. They are basically “money pits” but we comfort
I’ll give you an example that’s close to my heart. ourselves by saying things like, “If I don’t get it
I have a Tamiya 1:35 scale T-55 together with now it won’t be avaliable when I need it” or “It
aftermarket tracks, a full interior, two photo-etched was so cheap I’d be stupid not to buy it”.
upgrades and an expensive conversion to make There are a raft of other justifications that we all
use as well, but I won’t get into them here.
The problem is, my T-55 the kit is now effectively
redundant as I can now purchase the kit with all
of the upgrades as they are now part of the new
super kit, and for a fraction of the price. We can
comfort ourselves by saying the upgrades are
way more detailed and accurate (although they
are probably not). But a large part of you deep
down, wants that new kit and you end up buying
it anyway.
What happens to that old kit with all those
upgrades? You can basically sell them for maybe
half of what you paid for them, but most of us will
just hang on to them, and gradually the stash gets
bigger. In a lot of instances I use them for swaps,
but most of the time I think they are basically just
kept somewhere never to be built.

Until next time!

Luke Pitt

1:48 SCALE
ITEM NO. SW 48-005
Here comes a huge statement: Scale 75 may produce the best quality, readily available 1:48 scale resin
figures on the market today. These two are quite honestly superb.
What we have here is two real people in the appropriate uniforms scanned three dimensionally and
reproduced in prototyping resin in a number of scales, cleaned up and produced in standard resin.
The result is an uber realistic figure.
Both of the figures are dressed in
the standard US tanker uniform
with both having the zip up Tanker
Jacket. Both figures display very
casual posing and could be used
almost anywhere.
I can’t recommend these highly
enough. Make no mistake -mthese
figures are top drawer, quality-wise,
and almost impossible to fault.
Highly Recommended.
Thanks to Scale 75 for the sample
Luke Pitt

58 Model Military International - December 2018

1:48 SCALE
KIT NO. 4031
In a world full of plastic companies doing the
same stuff over and over again I thank the model
Gods for company like Plus Model. Time and time
again I have been amazed at the sheer variety of
interesting product this firm produces. This is one
company that thinks outside the square.
Following on from their 1:35 scale example of
the US Motor Grader, they have now seen fit to
produce one in 1:48 scale. This Caterpillar Grader
was first produced in 1940 and was the mainstay
of airfield and road construction during (and well
after) the Second World War.
The model is presented in a white box with a built
up model adorning the box top lid. The kit contains
159 very well cast grey green resin pieces with
no porosity evident in any of the castings. A small
decal and photoetch fret is included together with
a length of wire. The instructions cover 43 assembly
sequences and is both clear and concise.
Looking at the parts included, one can’t help but
notice the care the manufacturer has gone to as
well as the casting itself. This won’t be a quick
build but great lengths have been taken to make
assembly as painless as possible. The detail on
some of the parts is breathtaking with the engine
and wheels being stand outs in this regard. I’m so
impressed with this model that it is has moved right
up to the top of the list of my “to build” list .
Highly Recommended.
Thanks to Plus Model for the sample
Luke Pitt

1:48 SCALE
These figures are intended for the “1-48 Tactic
Game” and are cast in white metal. While I’m
not a huge fan of the medium, I understand
that these figures are perfect for their intended
purpose. As you can see from the photographs,
I have assembled and primed one figure while
leaving the others in their raw state.
The figures are labelled as 1:48 scale but seem a
little larger in both bulk and height.
The castings are a little rough in places with a
fairly prominent mould line the most difficult
thing to overcome. However, the overall
attention to detail is well above average.
They are not that bad really and a would be
a welcome addition to any 1:48 scale figure
Our Thanks go out to Claudio Berni from
Baueda Wargames for providing the review
samples. The 48th Tactic range and be
purchased from their web site on the following
Thanks to Baueda Wargames for the samples
Luke Pitt

December 2018 - Model Military International 59

Figures - A round-up of the latest figure sets on release...


1:35 SCALE
Copper State Models was originally an American
cottage industry manufacturer of WWI aircraft kits and
accessories. Its models were generally a multimedia mix of
resin and white metal parts.
A change of ownership in 2012 led to a change in
direction. Still focused on WWI subjects, the company is
now revisiting the Copper State Models back catalogue
and restoring the kits.
They also released a very nice 1:35 scale Lanchester
Armoured Car early in 2018.
Copper State Models has now introduced a range of
relevant WWI British Army and RNAS Armoured Car
Division crew figures to complement their Lanchester.
No fewer than nine figures are available. They are all
sold separately so you can mix and match to your own
personal taste. The subjects are:
• Item No. F35-001 - British Armoured Car Division
Officer on Tea Break
• Item No. F35-002 - British Armoured Car Division
Serviceman on Tea Break
• Item No. F35-003 - British Armoured Car Division
Serviceman With a Shovel
• Item No. F35-004 - British RNAS Armoured Car Division
• Item No. F35-005 - British RNAS Armoured Car Division
Crewman Observing
• Item No. F35-006 - British RNAS Armoured Car Division
Seated Crewman
• Item No. F35-007 - British RNAS Armoured Car Division
Crewman With a Bucket
• Item No. F35-008 - British RNAS Armoured Car Division
Petty Officer
• Item No. F35-009 - British RNAS Armoured Car Division
Petty Officer Relief
Each figure is perfectly cast in grey resin. Uniform draping
and textures are beautifully done, and facial features are
fine and very realistic.
Figures are generally broken down into a single part for
legs and torso with separate arms. These are connected
by a long and positive locating pegs, which are keyed
into holes in the sides of the torso.
There is a good selection of casual poses, standing beside
the vehicle and a couple that are seated on the rear deck.
There is even one anatomically correct figure heeding the
call of nature! (Item No. F35-009)
ttachment to casting blocks are minimal. In fact quite
a number of parts don’t have casting attachments at all.
Clean-up of a few casting strips and raised seams won’t
take long nor require specialised tools.
These are beautifully cast and detailed figures that are a
must if you are building Copper State Models’ Lanchester
armoured car. Your biggest challenge will be picking
which ones you want to use. I can’t wait to paint mine!
Highly Recommended.
Thanks to Copper State Models for the samples
Brett Green

60 Model Military International - December 2018

1:35 SCALE
KIT NO. 35M0013
For the long suffering modeller of the British Army in WWII,
the last year has seen a number of releases of mainstream
British subjects hit the market from several new players.
Hot on the heels of their excellent A9/10 series of Cruiser
tanks comes Gecko Models’ first figure set which is a Vickers
MG team in action dressed for the North West Europe
campaign of 44/45. The Vickers MG was employed in
Infantry Battalions and specialist machine gun BN’s attached
to Divisions and allocated to formations as required. The
Vickers was a WW1-era water cooled medium machine gun
firing the .303 rifle bullet. It was capable of sustained fire
for long periods and employed in groupings used mainly in
the indirect fire mode in both defence and attack. As such,
the weapon had indirect fire sights which are faithfully
reproduced here along with a supporting crew of five.
The kit comes in a familiar sized box for 1:35 scale figures
but it has an inner box of sturdy cardboard with a top
opening lid which will be handy to protect the delicate parts
and to hold them whilst working on them.
The box has a small instruction booklet in colour, which is
a new one to this modeller for a figure set. It contains 13
sprues in light grey plastic containing 133 parts with some
being very miniscule but well detailed. It also has a vinyl
hose for the water recuperator and a good sized photo-
etched fret with numerous weapon slings and detail parts
for the gun and the ammo boxes, plus a large decal sheet
with uniform insignia and ammunition box stencilling.
Five figures are supplied. All are in battledress with Mk.II RIICH MODELS
helmets and leather jerkins plus standard 38 webbing with 1:35 SCALE
44 pattern respirator pouches. The five figures are: BRITISH 3 INCH MORTAR TEAM
• Kneeling ammo handler serving the gun KIT NO. RV35022
• Sitting gunner During WWII, British and Commonwealth forces used the
• Kneeling NCO with binoculars excellent 3” mortar within their Infantry Battalions as well
• Prone range finder as Airborne and Commando units. This was an excellent
• Kneeling firing a rifle weapon with a range of just over 2500m after the
Each figure is multipart with typically nine parts. A nice introduction of better propellants in 1942.
touch is the addition of separate soles for the boots of some Until now modellers have not had a British Mortar
figures. A sprue of small arms is included which has the available in mainstream modelling media (Plastic). This new
following weapons: kit from Riich addresses that and gives the modeller not
• SMG Sten Mk II only a 3” Mortar but a well posed crew of four in firing
• LMG Bren Mk II with folded and deployed bipod positions with not a tea cup to be seen!
• Rifle SMLE 4 No 1 Qty 2 The kit is in the usual Riich Grey styrene on two sprues.
• Rifle SMLE III* Qty 2 The first sprue contains the crew figures in 47 pieces.
The Vickers MG is the best I have seen in this scale and is These are depicted wearing standard late war battledress
made up of 17 plastic parts plus 1 photo-etched fret and 1 with skeleton webbing - most welcome. They are depicted
vinyl hose. It offers the options of the solid or corrugated as three kneeling in action poses and a standing loader.
water jacket. A sleeve is on the solid jacket. The gun has Four projectiles are included along with their fibre tube
the direct fire sight fitted. Detail on all the weapons is and one ammo box. There was a little flash on the sprues
exceptionally well done with a hollowed out muzzle on which was surprising but the detail on the figures is very
the Bren. Two recuperator cans and three ammo liners are good and clean-up should be easy.
included with one belt of ammunition depicting the cloth The second sprue contains
belt well. The rangefinder is on a small tripod (very delicate) the mortar. This is a little
and is in four pieces. Photo-etched slings are provided for gem with open muzzle
all small arms and ammunition liners etc. Additionally two assembled from no fewer
shovels and three teacups are included! than 12 parts. Attached
The decal sheet has markings for 3 Infantry formations that to this sprue is Riich’s 2”
fought in North West Europe. Although no ID is given by mortar and a single round
Gecko, they are 11 Armoured Div (159 Infantry Bde), 49 Inf which I found rather
Bde (Polar Bears) and possibly 53rd Welsh Infantry Bde. unusual.
Rank patches for Lance Corporal through to Sergeant The final sprue contains
and MG Specialist Badges are supplied on the decal British Mk.II helmets
sheet. Decals for the Ammunition box stencilling and the depicted with no covers but
recuperator cans is also included. with very nicely detailed liners.
This is a fantastic and long overdue set that can be turned Lastly, a decal sheet with uniform insignia is included
into a great vignette or added as part of a larger diorama. covering four different British Divisions including rank
The detail is good although there was a small amount of chevrons. The Divisions covered are (I believe) , 49th West
flash present. I look forward to its companion set of an MG Riding (Polar Bears), 53rd (Welsh) and 50th (Northumbrian)
Detachment Marching. The kneeling figures will have a host plus one other I cannot identify.
of other uses for conversions. This is a fantastic set and modellers of British subjects will
Highly Recommended. find it a very useful one.
Thanks to Gecko Models for the sample Highly Recommended. Purchased by the reviewer.
Al Bowie Al Bowie

December 2018 - Model Military International 61

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December 2018 - Model Military International 65

The Last Post...
Andy King takes
a look at a classic Rotor detail.
heavy lifter, the
Italeri 1:48 Chinook
HC.2/ CH-47F

Surface textures.

KIT NO. 2779

C.2/ CH-47F
he Boeing Chinook of plastic mesh and a large decal but they are lower down and
helicopter is one of the sheet. Moulding quality is typical consequently won’t hide them.
Solid moulded mesh grilles.
big-lifters in air forces Italeri with some flash on parts, Three colour options are pro-
around the world, having pin marks in visible places and vided; a CH-47F from the US Army
been in service since the early sink marks in a couple of areas, in overall green, a RAF HC.2 in a
1960’s. Originally designed by the worst affected being the cabin darker overall green and a CH-47J
Vertol in 1957 as the V-107 the window surround (part E18). from the Japanese Armed Self
US Army ordered a few of these Detail-wise it is okay although I Defence Force in a rather attrac-
for evaluation under the YHC-1A feel the panel lines on the fuselage tive three-tone camo scheme of
designation but during testing are exaggerated and will require a green, light brown and black.
the Army considered it too heavy couple of coats of primer to tone The decal sheet is well printed
for assault missions and too them down. The various mesh by Zanchetti Buccinasco of Italy
light for transport purposes and grills around the fuselage are and is in register, all the airframe
ordered an enlarged version of moulded into the plastic and really stencils are legible too.
the V-107, known as the model need cutting out and replacing Just out of curiosity I taped the
114 (the V-107 later went on to with etched items instead, at least fuselage together to see what the The main nose clear part.
become the CH-46 Sea Knight). there is plastic mesh supplied for fit of parts was like considering
Initially designated as the the large engine grills. the size and to be honest it wasn’t
YHC-1B it was re-designated The interior is pretty well THAT bad. There is a huge gap
CH-47 in 1962 after its maiden detailed although again pin marks along the spine but if you glue
flight and since then has received are visible on the fuselage rear and tape this section as you go it
many upgrades and modifications if you are dropping the cargo should close up pretty well.
and seen combat in conflicts ramp. In the cargo bay the floor The fit of the lower fuselage
around the globe from Vietnam and jump seats are well done and is okay but will require filling in
Test fitting suggests some fit challenges,
to the present day and has also although the cockpit is not bad places, however it is a big plus but it probably isn’t as bad as it looks.
been used in humanitarian roles. the use of decals for seat belts that the fit of the front cockpit
Operators of the type include the and instrument panels doesn’t glazing is pretty good as you
US Army, Royal Air Force, Japan, quite cut it these days, especially don’t really want to be filling and
the Netherlands, Egypt, Canada, on such a large aircraft as this. sanding this bit.
Australia and many others. The transparencies are clear Although I don’t sound too
Italeri’s Chinook has been enough but unfortunately on my impressed, this is not that bad a
around in various guises since example there are two blemishes kit and as usual with Italeri, the
2006 and this current version in the lower starboard part of the basics are there. With the help of
is the HC.2/ CH-47F which is an main cockpit glazing and these aftermarket and some TLC you
upgraded version of the CH-47D. will be impossible to remove. could make a terrific model out
For such a big helicopter you There are decals to apply to of this one. I just hope you have a Forewarned is forearmed.
get just seven sprues in grey this area and the opposite side big shelf to put it on! ■
styrene, one clear sprue, a sheet Thanks to The Hobby Company Limited for the review sample

Two decal sheets are included.

One of the large fuselage halves. History via Wikipedia

The second decal sheet.
66 Model Military International - December 2018