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USC GENERAL ASSEMBLY 08 October 4, 2010 Time Started: 7:25PM Time Ended: 8:56PM Name Sindayen, Rainier Astin

Agudo, Fermina Borja, Kristine C. David, Marck Bryan A. Dela Resma, Marvee B. Duran, Jeanine Jerusha C. Elago, Sarah Jane I. Estrella, Richard R. Garcia, Jemimah Grace N. Ibaviosa, Raphael Dominic U. Position Chairperson Vice-Chairperson Councilor Councilor Councilor Councilor Councilor Councilor Councilor Councilor Time-in 7:00 7:00 7:00 7:50 7:00 7:55 7:00 7:00 TimeOut 9:00 9:00 9:00 9:00 9:00 9:00 9:00 9:00 Attendance Status1 Present Present Present Excused Late Present Excused late Present Excused Absent Present Excused Absent Absent

Kalingking, Kriska Kamille V. Mariazeta, Jesica Ramos, Dan Neil Q.

Councilor Councilor Councilor

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9:00 9:00 9:00

Present Present Present

Salinas, Simoun Antonio M. Juan Carlo B. Danganan Alexander Dominic Mayoralgo Maria Kriselda J. Sebastian

Councilor Asian Institute of Tourism Representative College of Architecture Representative College of Arts and Letters Representative College of Business Administration Representative College of Education Representative



Excused Absent Excused Absent Excused Absent Present



Englebert G. Chua




Montana Amir C. Dominguez

ATTENDANCE STATUS: Late, as defined by the USC House Rules 2010-2011, is arriving 15 minutes after the Announced Time Start of the GA which is 7:20. (7:40PM) Left Early (leaving anytime before the official Time End of the GA) is considered “Late”, as defined by the USC House Rules 2010-2011 Excused Tardiness/Absences are tardiness or absences within the purview of allowed or justifiable reasons as qualified in the House Rules - given that these reasons were forwarded beforehand to the Secretary General and the Chairperson and its validity checked. Tardiness accrued due to leaving early may be considered an excused tardiness if the member left before adjournment but after the set schedule for the session to end. (i.e. for this GA, leaving before 10PM is considered an unexcused late)

Cyrus Dickson A. Cruz Michael Bryan M. Bien Karmela Victoria M. Abesamis Home Economics Angelo Jose C. Flores Human Kinetics Ma. Florence Therese DG Martirez

College of Engineering Representative College of Engineering Representative College of Fine Arts Representative College of Home Economics Representative College of Human Kinetics Representative College of Representative Law

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Nigel Patrick M. Coronel Nicole Roxanne C. Aldiosa Jacqueline E. Canlas

College of Mass Communication Representative College of Music Representative College of Science Representative College of Social Sciences and Philosophy Representative College of Social Work and Development Representative National College of Public Administration Representative School of Economics Representative School of Library and Information Science Representative School of Statistics Representative Graduate School Representative

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Juan Carlo P. Tejano

Marie Gold M. Villar




Desiree M. Ico






Carlo Miguel Romeo Sison Go John Ronald R. Almoña Heverly Bermina R. Bravo

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Meeting Proper:

1) Graduate School Proposal Overview as reported by Vice Chairperson Agudo The Graduate School Students of the University of the Philippines has it in their aims to be able to publicize other graduate courses all over the country to increase the relevance of the course and the number of enrollees. Vice-Chairperson Agudo reported that it would be better if the Graduate’s Fair be included in the University Job Fair so as to lessen the hassle of preparations and to also open the possibility of graduate school to graduating students. The discussion was postponed for the next GA where the proponents of the Graduate Fair were invited. 2) Chairperson’s Report

a. With regard to the University Student Council’s stand on Budget Cut on State Universities and Colleges, Chairperson Sindayen reported that the call for higher state subsidy has been successful. The September 24 mobilization also showed a considerable public force that was enough for the issue to be relevant. He challenged the USC to continuously challenge the students to be involved with the issue b. With regard to the Resolution of the USC on Budget Cut on SUC’s, the following corrections were noted2: i. Typographical errors were noted – “Whereas the USC as a member” change to “Whereas the USC is a member” ii. With regard to the structure, the body suggested that it would be better if the Philippine context would be introduced first before the University context so as to encapsulate the issue as a national situation and to only mention the international provisions as add-ons. iii. Minor suggestions and changes were noted by Chairperson Sindayen. The resolution should include Chairperson Sindayen as the author and instead of having everyone as a signatory; the end of the resolution should note the GA’s approval. 3) Vice-Chairperson’s Report a. The 1st 100 Days Press Conference will focus on the issues of education, economy, human rights, appointments, science and technology, and good governance. The Speakers will be Dean Leonen from the College of Law, Professor De Vera and Dean Edna Co from National College of Public Administration and Representative Mong Palatino of the Kabataan Partylist. Vice Chairperson Agudo requested the college representatives to help clinch classes to attend the Press Conference. The letters/invites are available for distribution already. The Press Conference is this October 8, Friday, at the Ambion Room, UP College of Law, 1-4PM. b. For the All Leaders’ Conference this Thursday, 6-8PM at the UFS Conference Hall, all college were requested to create a resolution to contribute to the First 100 Days Press Conference. 4) Standing Committee Reports a. Secretariat Committee by Councilor Tin Borja i. Required Clean Up is this October 15 already. Everyone was required to attend for three hours. ii. The Assessment Forms for the 1st Semester and Calendar Forms for the 2nd Semester will be made available over the semester break for submission before the 2nd Semester Planning. iii. Councilor Borja also reported on the Attendance Report and Office Hours Report of the USC members. She requested everyone who has a complaint with regard to their grades or an unnoted excused, to upload their message in the yahoo groups on or before next Monday when the final copy of the reports will be released. b. Finance Committee by College Representative Engle Chua i. Councilor Estrella relayed his report via College Representative Chua, a member of the Finance Committee: He requested all the Committee Heads to submit their Financial Statements for the first semester with the receipts of their transactions attached with it. ii. The Financial Statement of the USC will be released after approval by the GA before the start of the 2nd Semester. c. Mass Media Committee by Councilor Gem Garcia i. Councilor Garcia requested the members of the committee to help with the layout of the Oblation. She is targeting an early second semester release of the Oblation. 5) Special Standing Committees Report a. Committee on Organizations, Fraternities, and Sororities by Councilor Sarah Elago i. Councilor Elago reported on updates with the existing alliances of the USC: 1. Intersorority Council will be having a blood drive with the fraternity alliance to help donate blood to the victims of the Taft Bombing. Also, the USC was invited to attend a Solidarity night/awareness concert for a cause this Thursday at the Vinzons Lobby.

The final copy of the resolution is attached herewith.

ii. The COFS Committee will also be having Cultural Night and a collection of used clothings among others for the San Roque Community- tie-up with the Community Outreach of the Community Rights and Welfare Committee this October 16. b. Basic Student Services i. Blood Drive tie-up with the University Health Service: There were 102 who signed up to donate but only 73 were allowed to donate blood. ii. The Grand Pabluebook of the Academic Core was successful. iii. The committee reported that there will also be an Alliance of Concerned Dormers Meeting this October 5, 5:30PM. iv. The October 22 Dagdag Bawas Forum has very poor attendance but then that was to be expected given the little time to publicize the forum. 6) UP FAIR CALENDAR a. The UP Fair Committee clarified that the booth bidding is the different from the Night-Handlers Bidding. The Night Handlers-Bidding was done already while the booth bidding is scheduled this Friday. All College Representatives were encouraged to invite college-based organizations to participate in the bidding. Letters and Publicity Materials for the Booth bidding will be made available tomorrow. b. The distributed members of the fair committees are as follows: i. Logistics- Montie*, Rain, Engle, Carlo, Chingkay ii. Program- Myx*, Des, Chorva, Tin, Roxy, Duday iii. Publicity- Sarah*, JCD, JCT, Marvee, Richard iv. Marketing- Ezie*, Nico, Cyrus, Nigel, Kriska v. Booth- Gold*, Simoun, Jackie, Bryan, JR, Hebs vi. Security- Gem*, Aldo, Gelo, Mela *Committee Heads 7) 2nd Semester Planning a. Tentative Dates for Planning are on November 6-7 or November 12-13. Chairperson Sindayen was assigned to plan the planning. 8) Other Matters: a. Preparations for the University Wide Carolfest were forwarded to the Committee on Culture and the Arts Committee. College Representative Bien, member of the committee, reminded them that early preparations for this would be better. The meeting was adjourned by 8:56PM

Prepared by:

Noted by:

Kristine C. Borja Secretary General, USC Councilor

Rainier Astin Sindayen USC Chairperson

*Approved by the General Assembly this ____ day of ________ 2010 during the ______ Official General Assembly of the University Student Council 2010-2011*3


Good for reproduction and distribution to the Philippine Collegian, other University Publications, Local College Councils, Dormitory Councils, Organizations, Fraternities, Sororities, and any other body or institution or student that may so request for a copy. To be posted in all colleges, dormitories, and USC bulletin boards and the USC online sites.