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Tel (mob): 03475035864
Tel (landline) 051-5702338
Nationality: Pakistani.
Home town: Rawalpindi, Pakistan

 Education
o B.Sc. Electrical Engineering
Majors in Computer Engineering June 2016
UET Taxila (CASE). PEC No: ELECT/57174
o F.Sc. Sir Syed College, The mall, Rawalpindi. May 2012.
o Matriculation Siddeeq Public School, 6th Road, Rawalpindi March 2010.

2B Creative Engineering and Technology
Trainee Embedded Systems Engineer March – April 2018
 NRG Symphonie Pro Data logger installation and maintenance for the weather station in UET Taxila.
 Dissolved Oxygen monitoring systems re-interfacing for the Sewerage Treatment Plant Islamabad.
 SUNO FM 96.4 Bootable OS cloning and migration through LINUX commands.
 Home security system with warnings through SMS, call, E-mail secured with cameras and motion

 Final Year Project title
Solar Hybrid Inverter. A solar powered system with hybrid charging from grid and PV panels
capable of intelligent load sharing.
 Solar Tracker
Solar tracker automatically changes direction of panels to where sunshine is highest.
 Paper Checking
Paper checking from scanner by image processing (C#).
 Combination Lock
Security combination Lock by logic gates using Digital Logic Design techniques.
 Magnetic Levitation
Levitate a metal object/magnet in air using electromagnetic coil in feedback with a
controller circuit.
 Robosprint-2014
Implementation of the Robosprint football theme.
 Image Stitching
Image panorama creation using Matlab. Creating 1 complete image from 2 smaller images.
 Linguistic Messenger
A Chat messenger capable of translating language between sender and receiver using Bing
Translator API.

Power Point and Excel.  MS Project.  Strong communication skills.  Traveling.  Energetic and self-motivated. . C++. Cuda C. 005195)  Urdu (native).  Team player and People oriented.  E-Sports. LINGUISTIC SKILLS  English (Professional) IELTS Academics score 7.TECHNICAL SKILLS  Programming C. INTERPERSONAL SKILLS  Flexible and willing to learn. INTERESTS  Technology.0 (Candidate No.  Matlab  Proteus/ Multisim  Auto CAD  MPLAB (PIC controller programming)  Android App development(Using App inventor)  Networking(Cisco Packet Tracer and Wireshark)  Network programming on Linux  MS Word.  Collaborative Problem Solving & Organizing. Verilog. C#.