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Jessica Tucker

3800 Hillsborough Street; Raleigh, NC 28752; 828-446-2463

To obtain a position teaching students the concepts of secondary science and prepar ing them for life beyond
high school while trying to inspire students to be the best person that they can.

North Carolina 9-12 comprehensive science, expected May 2018

Meredith College; Raleigh, NC
Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry; expected May 2018
Anticipated Graduating GPA: 3.40 / 4.0
Teaching Experience
Student Teacher: Middle Creek High School, Cary NC, 10th-12th grade; Spring 2018

 Facilitated learning of honors chemistry for 10th-12th graders using a student-centered and flipped classroom
 Recorded video lectures for three units
 Planned four units while communicating with other honors chemistry teachers
 Discussed students’ behavior and performance with parents through email conversations and parent-teacher
 Utilized many different learning activities, including demonstrations, molecular model building, inquiry and
demonstration labs
 Incorporated technology into classroom, through quizzes and review activities
 Created activities involving literacy and discussion between students
 Assessed students using a variety of different formative and summative assessments
 Differentiated lessons for Special Education Students by simplifying the concepts in a way the students still
achieved the learning goals
 Tutored students before and after school
 Facilitated learning of forensic science for 10th-12th graders using a student-centered approach
Teaching Related Experience

Tutor, Meredith College, Raleigh NC; January 2016-January 2018

 Tutored students in General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Physics in one-on-one and whole group situations.
Teacher Assistant, Meredith College, Raleigh NC; July 10-11 2017

 Assisted Dr. Andrea Marritt-Pabalate, Biology professor at Meredith College, in teaching middle school aged girls
Forensic Science. Performed tasks such as explaining the concepts and techniques to the students.
Interactive Field Experience

Middle Creek High School, Cary NC, Honors Chemistry Class; Fall 2017

 Instructed two literacy related lessons lesson, which promoted literacy skills and discussion amongst students.
Sanderson High School, Raleigh NC, Sheltered ESL Earth Science Class; Spring 2017

 Worked with ESL students in a sheltered Earth Science class one-on-one to promote the learning of Earth Science
and the English Language

 Meredith College Outstanding Organic Chemistry Student award

 Dean’s List Spring 2017 and Fall 2018