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Directions for items 1-56. You will hear statements or

questions on the tape. Select the best answer and mark your
answer sheet, a, b , c, or d. DO NOT WRITE ON THE TEST BOOKLET.

1. Ill allow my son to go to town? What will I do?

d) permit him to go

2. What number is between 15 and 17?

b) sixteen


37. John usually goes to bed at eleven oclock.

38. It takes fifteen minutes to record the tape.

51. The soldier work in transportation and supplied. What did his job
in while?

57. Woman : What did you buy?

Man : Some cloth.
What did the man buy?

58. Woman : Why you are going away?

Man : for re

59. Womman : Are you going to give that books away?

Man : No, I want to sell it.
What did the man say?

60. Man : Where can I buy a money order?

Woman :

61. Woman : What did Jerry want?

Man : A blanket.

62. Woman : George start the lesson

Man : Neither do I.

63. Woman : What cause the engine to fail?

Man : Its fail because of poor maintenance.
What did the man blame the failure on?
b) improper care

64. Man : What do you want to know?

Woman : the purpose of this.
Whats the woman want to know?
d) She wants to know the reason.

65. Man : Can you meet me at the restaurant Mary?
Woman : Yes, Its a very convenient place.
Why were they meet at the restaurant?
c) Mary can go there very easily.

66. Man : Wheres everybody?

Woman : Oh, didnt you know the meeting occurred yesterday?
What did the woman say about the meeting?
b) It took place the day before.

1. a) help him study his 8. a) He rode on it. passenger

lessons b) He cleaned it.
b) let him play at home c) He polished it.
c) make him stay home d) He worked on it.
d) permit him to go
9. a) It works by itself.
2. a) fourteen b) It is a part of a car.
b) sixteen c) It makes too much
c) eighteen noise.
d) nineteen d) It is operated
3. a) The pencils arent the
same. 10. a) the number of shirts
b) The pencils are b) the size of the shirt
similar. c) the price of the shirt
c) One pencil is smaller. d) the quality of the
d) One pencil is better. shirt

4. a) You can buy it at the 11. She couldnt _____ .

food store.
b) Food may be bought in a) tell time
a store. b) see herself
c) Food may be kept in a c) read her book
refrigerator. d) talk to anyone
d) Food stores buy
refrigerators. 12. a) They should not be
5. a) Jim did. b) They should not be
b) to town used.
c) with his friend c) They are not the same
d) yesterday size.
d) They should not touch.
6. a) He went there to eat.
b) He went there to 13. a) at the start of the
sleep. meeting
c) He went there to play b) when the meeting ended
games. c) before the meeting
d) He went there to d) during the meeting
14. a) during sunrise
7. a) eat b) after sitting down
b) wash c) before the sun came up
c) sleep d) after the sun went
d) exercise down


15. a) a party 23. a) You should never go to

b) an understanding class.
c) a long way to go b) You shouldnt miss
d) a difference of class.
opinion c) You shouldnt be in
class today.
16. a) It was too large. d) You shouldnt attend
b) It was being used. class.
c) It was ready for use.
d) It was the right size. 24. a) Drop your studies.
b) Avoid your studies.
17. a) He tested it. c) Continue your studies.
b) He bought it. d) Cancel your studies.
c) He lent it.
d) He rented it. 25. a) John will turn away
the visitors.
18. a) Tom is ill. b) John will frighten the
b) Tom is now in class. visitors.
c) Tom is in good health. c) John will examine the
d) Tom has been in class visitors.
for two weeks. d) John will amuse the
19. a) James wants to see
some cigarettes. 26. a) The apples are small.
b) James saw some b) The apples are pretty.
cigarettes in a c) The apples are not
package. good.
c) James needed some d) The apples are good.
d) James will buy some 27. a) Theres no dust in the
cigarettes. room.
b) Theres dust
20. a) It is long. everywhere in the
b) It has no curves. room.
c) It has many stores. c) Theres only a little
d) It is not very wide. dust in the room.
d) Theres dust outside
21. a) He called his sister. the room.
b) He didnt write a
letter. 28. a) He collected them in
c) His sister gave him a order.
letter. b) He collected them in a
d) He mailed a letter. box.
c) He collected them in
22. a) He has a high regard anger.
for them. d) He collected them in
b) He has great trouble advance.
working with them.
c) He makes them unhappy.
d) He dislikes them very


29. a) drill after dinner 36. a) She will want a bath.

b) walk for exercise b) She will want some
c) walk from the BOQ to water.
class c) She will want some
d) take a long hike food.
d) She will want some
30. a) You are not speaking. rest.
b) You are speaking
roughly. 37. a) He always goes to bed
c) You are not speaking at eleven.
loud enough. b) He normally goes to
d) You are speaking too bed at eleven.
loudly. c) He seldom goes to bed
at eleven.
31. a) Can the heat burn the d) He never goes to bed
stones? at eleven.
b) Can you heat the
stones? 38. a) The recording is 15
c) Can you make the fire minutes long.
hotter? b) The tape speed is 15
d) Can you light a fire feet per minute.
with the stones? c) The tape recorder can
be used in 15 minutes.
32. a) It was high up in the d) The recording will
mountains. start in 15 minutes.
b) It was far away from
everything. 39. a) It will not rain
c) There were few animals today.
living there. b) There will be no
d) There were many trees clouds today.
close together. c) It will rain today.
d) The sun will not
33. a) Joe dislikes the shine.
b) Joe doesnt like to go 40. a) She provided it.
to long movies. b) She saw it.
c) Joe prefers going to c) She preserved it.
the movies by himself. d) She ate it.
d) Joe wants company when
he goes to the movies.
41. a) I saw him running.
34. a) polish them. b) I saw him drinking.
b) throw them away. c) I saw him walking.
c) put laces in them. d) I saw him going down.
d) get them stretched.

35. a) It was too tough.

b) It was well-cooked.
c) It was very delicious.
d) It was not cooked


42. a) The lecture will be 48. a) She doesnt know him.

delivered by b) She doesnt like him.
everybody. c) She doesnt want to
b) Everybody has heard see him.
the lecture today. d) She doesnt want to
c) Everybody neednt hear wait for him.
todays lecture.
d) Everybody should hear 49. a) Its about 1100 miles.
todays lecture. b) Its a long distance
between them.
43. a) It is never empty. c) about a day and a half
b) It is stocked up. by car
c) There isnt anymore. d) by bus, car, train, or
d) There is a lot of plane
50. a) Be sure to get off the
44. a) Its electrical. road.
b) Its used to turn on b) Be sure to look
the motor. around.
c) Its only a very small c) Be sure to take care
part. of the car.
d) Its used only once a d) Be sure to look at
day. your watch.

45. a) It is circling the 51. a) statistics

airport. b) logistics
b) It is over the c) personnel
airport. d) administration
c) It is taking off from
the airport. 52. a) pay attention in class
d) It is getting closer b) wait for class to
to the airport. start
c) go to class
46. a) his ears. d) leave the class
b) his throat.
c) his fever. 53. a) to protect his sight
d) his heartbeat. b) to protect his feet
c) to protect his hands
47. a) You can borrow money d) to protect his hearing
from Tom.
b) Tom will send for some 54. a) counterattacked
money. b) surrendered
c) Tom left his money in c) attacked
the bank. d) defended
d) Tom needs to borrow
some money.


55.a) The medicine has a bad 56. a) no more

odor. b) a few more
b) Only a doctor can c) a little more
prescribe the d) a lot more
c) The medicine is not
meant to be used
d) The medicine is not
meant to be eaten.

Directions for items 57-66. You will hear conversations or

persons giving information. Select the best answer and mark
your answer sheet, a, b, c, or d.

57. a) something to wear 62. a) He wont leave on the

b) something to smoke plane.
c) something to drink b) He knows when
d) something to eat it leaves.
c) He doesnt know
58. a) to look for a job George.
b) to buy a new house d) He doesnt know when
c) to relax and enjoy it leaves.
d) to take care of some 63. a) rough roads
business b) improper care
c) low grade fuel
59. a) He wants to get money d) proper lubrication
for the book.
b) He wants to return the 64. a) She wants to know the
book. cost.
c) He wants to give the b) She wants to know the
book to someone. cause.
d) He wants to keep the c) She wants to know the
book. answer.
d) She wants to know the
60. a) stamps reason.
b) letters
c) a money order 65. a) Its a good place to
d) a post office eat.
b) Not many people go
61. a) Hes hurt. there.
b) Hes cold. c) Mary can go there very
c) Hes hungry. easily.
d) Hes thirsty. d) Mary has never been
there before.


66. a) It did not end the day

b) It took place the day
c) It was planned the day
d) It was not cancelled
the day before.



Directions for items 67-100. Select the best answer and mark
your answer sheet, a, b, c, or d. DO NOT WRITE ON THE TEST

67. Bill, the cafeteria is straight ahead. I mean that it is

________ .

a) in front of you
b) around the corner
c) in an old building
d) a good place to eat

68. A pharmacist is a _________ .

a) druggist
b) farmer
c) dentist
d) doctor

69. A thermostat maintains and _______ the room temperature.

a) causes
b) requires
c) installs
d) regulates

70. Mr. Clark ________ for that company for ten years.

a) is working
b) been working
c) is being worked
d) has been working

71. I see the girl. Jake ________ also.

a) see it
b) seen me
c) saw him
d) sees her

72. I have to finish this job before I can go home.

a) I must finish the job.

b) I might finish the job.
c) I should finish the job.
d) I want to finish the job.

73. People have known about magnets for many centuries.

a) uses in science
b) hundreds of years
c) people to buy them
d) countries that produce them

74. John saw the accident. The accident ______ by John.

a) seeing
b) is seen
c) was seen
d) had seen

75. Note taking is _______ .

a) formal English writing

b) completing short sentences
c) writing only the main points
d) carrying messages from one place to another

76. Most of our woodlands are natural forests. They are _____ .

a) cultivated
b) campgrounds
c) not very dark
d) not planted by man

77. The repair job was complex.

a) easy
b) completed
c) complicated
d) not completed

78. The electrician performed his job well.

a) got
b) did
c) liked
d) ignored


79. This is how it actually happened.

a) really
b) probably
c) mistakenly
d) supposedly

80. The class was bored with the movie. They were _______ .

a) happy to see it
b) confused with it
c) glad to be there
d) not interested in it

81. Do you want me _______ the letter?

a) mailing
b) to mail
c) do mail
d) for mail

82. His favorite sport is _______ .

a) for swimming
b) on swimming
c) swim
d) swimming

83. Select the correct sentence.

a) Please, coffee later Ill have.

b) Ill have coffee later, please.
c) Ill have later coffee, please.
d) Ill later have coffee, please.

84. They work _______ in the classroom.

a) well
b) slow
c) careful
d) good

85. The story should be condensed before publication.

a) checked
b) retyped
c) corrected
d) shortened


86. You will learn more if you ______ attention.

a) do
b) pay
c) make
d) have

87. The students who are waiting outside ________ come in now.

a) may have
b) would
c) had
d) can

88. I glanced at my watch and realized ________ .

a) for that time it was class

b) it was that time for class
c) it that time was for class
d) that it was time for class

89. Aerospace history is the story of mans effort to improve

his transportation and knowledge. Orville and Wilbur Wright
were the first to prove man could make controlled,
mechanically powered flights. Charles Lindbergh proved the
practicality of private flying by flying across the Atlantic
alone in a single-engine plane. Today, plans are being made
to send astronauts to Mars.

According to this paragraph, these accomplishments have

_________ .

a) increased mans ability to travel farther and faster

b) caused people to lose interest in space travel
c) had little significance in aerospace history
d) been done entirely by the Wright brothers

90. There is nothing but empty space above the atmosphere. This
condition can be called _______ .

a) a breeze
b) a vacuum
c) air layers
d) atmospheric pressure

91. You should go on sick call right away. You should ______ .

a) run away
b) go at once
c) walk straight
d) go to the right


92. Isnt the test ______ by the instructor?

a) gave
b) given
c) to give
d) be given

93. The plane carried cargo.

a) radar
b) nothing
c) freight
d) landing gear

94. Do you _______ go to the city library?

a) never
b) ever
c) can
d) how

95. Only people from the upper _______ of the company were there.

a) stage
b) place
c) entrance
d) echelon

96. I dont remember that song, but I _______ have heard it


a) would
b) might
c) will
d) can

97. We are going to have a meeting at noon. Can you ______?

a) go it
b) do it
c) make it
d) succeed it


98. The National Honor Society is an American organization for

high school boys and girls. Members are selected on the
basis of scholarship, leadership, citizenship, service, and

According to this paragraph, _______ .

a) high school students can become members automatically

b) all high school students are members of this society
c) several factors are considered in selecting students for
this society
d) membership in this society is determined mainly by
educational achievement

99. _________ that a hurricane was headed towards the coast, the
honeymooners were forced to change their final destination.

a) Due to the fact

b) For the purpose
c) In the event
d) In the hope

100. The recurrent bad weather does not _____ well for the timely
completion of the stadium.

a) augur
b) predict
c) foretell
d) prognosticate



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