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1 Hitachi’s Smart Grid Definition

Hitachi’s definition: Smart Grid is reliable and efficient next
generation power grid necessary for building low-carbon society.
■ Collaboration with renewable
and distributed energy resources
Low-Carbon ■ Nuclear power generation
Hitachi Smart Grid Society

Technologies and Solutions
Smart Grid
July 5, 2010
Reliabili Efficiency
Yuji NAKATA ty

Senior Chief Engineer,
Information and Control Systems Company ■ Maintain/ improve reliability of power ■ Energy saving
Hitachi, Ltd. supply and quality. ■ Asset & capital optimization
■ Adaptive & Self-healing Grid Control ■ Workforce efficiency

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2 Current status of Power System in Japan 3 Smart Grid Overview

Japanese utilities offer the world’s highest reliability.
ƒ Collaboration with renewable and Renewable Energy Battery Efficiency Customer
distributed energy resources
Low-Carbon ƒ Nuclear power generation EMS,DMS,
Society Fluctuation Connection CIS,etc.
Interruption duration Photovoltaic
Power Grid
(per year, per customer) 123.4
100 88 97
ƒ Maintain/ improve reliability of 80
power supply and quality. 60 51
Reliability ƒ Adaptive & Self-healing Grid 40
Control 20 19 Centralized Generation Power Quality Control DER
0 G 123.4
Japan U.K. U.S.A. France Thermal
(2006)(2004) G SV R SV C LB C
Nuclear Voltage?Change
(The federation of electric power companies of Japan)
Stability Control House
ƒEnergy saving Hydro
Energy + f0 -
ƒAsset & capital optimization Pumped
ƒWorkforce efficiency

Supply Demand
Hitachi is one of key suppliers. SVR : Step Voltage Regulator, SVC : Static Var Compensator, LBC : Loop Balance Controller, EV :
Electric Vehicle
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4 Smart Grid System Architecture 5 Hitachi’s Capability
Smart Grid requires coordinated system from power system and electric
equipments to information & communication system Hitachi is the only company who can offer whole Smart Grid solutions as
one stop provider with its business experience and technology both in
Back office system Power and Information.
Financial Asset HR CIS Accounting/ Meter Data
Management Management Management Billing Management
Power 電力エネルギー技
and Energy technologies Information
Front office system 術
・ Power equipment, control (IT)
・ Information system
& protection system technology
Information & AGC EMS SCADA DMS Customer Meter Data technologies
communication Service Collection
・ Engineering technologies ・ Comm. network technology
infrastructur Information and
Power and Energy
e Telecommunication
Communication network for •Nuclear, thermal and
Communication network hydro power generation •IT Platform solution
for supervisory and customer communication •Information system
control •Renewable energy system solution
•T&D system •Power IT solution
Generation Transmission Substation Distribution Customer Photovoltaic •Grid control system
Power System Key component & Material
infrastructure ・Power device •Battery
・Generator, Converter •High-functional material

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6 Hitachi’s Smart Grid Technologies and Solutions 7 Solution : Voltage control system for DER
-Facility management system
-Meter data management system Dynamic Voltage Stability control of distribution network will be required to
-Work force management system connect many DER to the network.
Communication Network
-System Integrity Protection Scheme Back office system
(TSC,SSC) Obstacles Voltage/Curren
-Restrict new energy Financial Asset HR CIS Accounting/ Meter Data t
-Distribution management (DMS) Management Management Billing Management The influence of voltage fluctuation caused by Vref Photovoltaic
-Distribution voltage control
-State estimation
photovoltaic generators is predicted.
-Demand response SVC Load Load SVC
-Loss minimization Front office system -Next-generation Customer Service
-Energy saving consumption service
Information AGC EMS SCADA DMS Customer Meter Data
i ti S i
Service CCollection
ll i State Estimation : LBC
infrastructur -Optical fiber Voltage and current values of distribution network
communication Distribution Line
e are calculated using limited information from
-Generation control (PSS) Substation SVR Tap
-Variable speed pumped
Communication network position
-storage, Battery Communication network Optimal calculation & control:
for supervisory and for customer Optimal output values for SVC,SVR and LBC to
communication -Communication Control Sensor
control Terminal (AMI) maintain network voltage and minimize
Station Terminal
transmission loss are calculated periodically.
Generation Transmission Substation Distribution Customer Photovoltaic "Demonstrative Project on New Power Network Systems" for
Electric power Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry (CRIEPI). *1)
infrastructure -SVC、SVR for distribution
*1) This work was carried out under the research contract with the New Energy and
Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)
-SVC,STATCOM -Loop balance controller (LBC) -Power conditioner
-HVDC -Amorphous transformer -Battery DER : Distributed Energy Resources, SVC : Static Var Compensator SVR : Step Voltage Regulator
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8 Hitachi’s Global Smart Grid Projects 9 Example: Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) Project
Hitachi provides solutions and products for a number of global Smart Grid Hitachi provides total coordination and wide range of infrastructure
/ Smart City projects. solutions (smart generation, water treatment, transportation etc.)
in addition to Smart Grid solution.
China Japan Canada
Smart Generation
Tianjin Eco-city Project Utilities’ AMI Project Collaboration with state of
Collaboration with Rokkasho Smart Grid Saskatchewan on Energy
Power Plant Smart Grid Solar Power
and Environmental
National Development Demonstration Energy Storage
Technology Development
and Reform Commission (CCS, Smart Grid etc.)
Gas turbines

Community Factory Energy
Energy management Management
Water Treatment (Smart Factory)
(Smart Water)
Energy Storage

India US
Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) New Mexico Green Grid
Demonstration (by NEDO) Smart Transportation
for Low-carbon/Eco-city Development Recycle Plant Smart House /Smart Building

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10 Summary

Japanese utilities offer the world’s highest reliability.
1 Hitachi is one of key suppliers.

Hitachi is one stop Smart Grid solution provider with its
2 experience and technology both in power and information.
Hitachi leads a number of Smart Grid/Community projects,
3 especially in Asia and Pacific Countries.

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