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This   Memorandum   of   Understanding   (hereinafter   referred   to   as   “MOU”)   is   made   by   and
between the following parties:

Name : Sendy Wairatta
Position :
Address  : Passo

In this matter acts on behalf of Net Cafe which is located in Jl. Yan Paays, Ambon, Maluku,
Indonesia (hereinafter referred to as the “First Party”).

Name : Rosa Delima Malirmasele
Position :
Address  : Jl. Yan Paays

In this matter acts on behalf of Ice Cream Cafe which is located in Jl. Dr. Setia Budi, Ambon,
Maluku, Indonesia. (hereinafter referred to as the “Second Party”).
Furthermore, the parties hereby explain in advance the following matters:
1. The First Party is a cafe, where the products are sold in the form of drinks and foods.
2. Second Party is a publicly listed company owned by ……
Therefore, the parties agree to implement the provisions of this MOU as follows:

Article 1
 The parties agree to work together to run First Party business in term of distributing First
Party Products and the Second Party will act as Sole Agent for the area of …….
 The Second Party is willing to follow the process of development of the company as part
of the marketing team who take full responsibility for the implementation of the job
description provided by the First Party.

Article 2
Rights and Obligations
 First Party shall provide compensation in the form of honorarium of Rp. 500.000,- if the
Second Party has completed its duties and obligations under the target company.

 This MOU shall replace all communication. problems between First Party and Second Party promises and the parties agree to settle amicably through consultation  If the fourth chapter of the above paragraph is not reached.  Decision of article four verse two above as a decision is ABSOLUTE. understanding and agreements between the Parties made in writing or otherwise prior to the date of this MOU. LAST and cannot be contested again by the First Party and Second Party so NOT BE filed another legal action in any form. Article 4 Other Provisions  If in the future there is a misunderstanding. then both the parties hereby agree and mutually pledged to each other to find the best solution by asking the settlement of disputes in the designated witnesses and trusted by the parties. this Memorandum of Understanding was made and signed by the parties with full of responsibility mutually beneficial goals.    May 2015 FIRST PARTY SECOND PARTY (SENDY WAIRATTA) (ROSA DELIMA MALIRMASELE) . Thus.  Ambon. Article 3 Period to work together  The period of this agreement at least 6 months and a maximum of infinite to be determined in accordance understanding of the parties and the First Party policy.