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Intelligent management of distribution grids „Smart Grid“
AHK Symposium „ Smart Grid“ Dublin / Ireland 06.05.2014
Torsten Linnemann – General Sales Manager / Power Distribution Systems

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Output volume by region | 2012
44% Europe outside Germany 5% Africa

39% Germany 4% Asia

8% America Bilfinger Power Systems Group
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Business Segments Bilfinger SE Bilfinger SE Industrial Industrial INDUSTRIAL Technologies Services POWER Power Systems BUILDING AND Government Hochbau Facility Services FACILITY Services CONSTRUCTION Construction Infrastructure Bilfinger Power Systems Group Page 3 .

Mauell ESG Engineering Bilfinger Duro Bilfinger Rosink Dakovic Montaza Bilfinger Power Systems Group Page 4 .A. Management structure Bilfinger Power Systems Bilfinger SE Bilfinger Power Systems GmbH central departments Nucelar & Machinery & Piping Electrical and I&C Energy Technology Environmental Apparatus Power Plants Technology Technology Technologies Engineering Babcock Borsig Bilfinger Bilfinger Piping Bilfinger Envi Con & Babcock Noell Bilfinger Mauell Steinmüller Power Africa Technologies Maschinenbau Plant Engineering Bilfinger Bilfinger Bilfinger Deutsche Bilfinger MCE Bilfinger MCE Babcock Babcock Babcock Middle East Berlin Aschersleben CZ Tyazhmash Bilfinger Bilfinger Bilfinger Rotring ELWO S.

Manufacturing and Project Realization Innovation. quality and solidity  Since 1957  460 members of staff worldwide  340 in Germany  Worldwide activities  In-house  Develpoment of hard. control panels and automation devices  Planning and manufacturing of control room equipment  Project realization and management over the whole project lifecycle  Deep process know-how for power generation and distribution Taylored solutions for the requirements of our customers ! Bilfinger Power Systems Group Page 5 . In-House Development .and software for Process Control Systems  Manufacturing of automation hardware modules and components.

Service Project Management Consulting AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT Supervision Bilfinger Power Systems Group Page 6 . Business Fields POWER STATION Our Services CONTROL SYSTEMS Development Planning POWER DISTRIBUTION Engineering CONTROL SYSTEMS Manufacturing Commissioning CONTROL ROOM Maintenance TECHNOLOGY World wide .

5 % (61% fuel utilization with district heat)  Specific CO2 emission: 750 g/kWhel Model based automation design ensures wide range controllability Bilfinger Power Systems Group page 7 . Germany Execution 2009 – 2014 (in execution) Services Main DCS Supplier Project Description Need original picture (this is copy  Process Automation with ME 4012SN from pdf of presentation)  Simulator Plant Description  Hard coal fired power plant (2x820MWe)  Controllability 35 % . max 103 %  Net efficiency > 46. Hard Coal fired Power Plant: World Class efficiency and controlability with lowest CO2 emissions Client Vattenfall AB Location Moorburg.100 %.

… Execution since 1980 Services Substation automation 400/220 110/20kV Project Description  More than 300 substations 400/220 kV  More than 1000 substations 110/20 kV Plant Description  Remote Terminal Units  Connection to Network Control Center  Local SCADA  Protection integrated Bilfinger Power Systems Group Page 8 . Amprion Location Germany. Netherlands. TENNET.on. References Power Distribution Control Substation control transformer stations 220/380 kV Client e. RWE.

Control Room Planning and Control Room Technology Control Rooms Bilfinger Power Systems Group Page 9 .

Intelligent management of distribution grids „Smart Grid“ Agenda  Why does a distribution grid needs intelligent management?  What is the solution?  Is this solution already available?  Summary Bilfinger Mauell GmbH page 10 .

Why does a distribution grid needs intelligent management? Yesterday and today New supply structure due to: Changed feed-in conditions  Wind power  Photovoltaic energy  Nuclear phase-out  Combined heat and power plants  Biomass energy New electrical consumers  Electric vehicles  Heat pumps Electrical energy storage Bilfinger Mauell GmbH Page 11 .

to DIN EN 50160 ±10  Overvoltage: Damage to end customer equipment  Undervoltage: Malfunction Bilfinger Mauell GmbH Page 12 . Problem 1: Voltage band violation 1 Impermissible voltage increase due to PV feed-in U/V 253 V> DIN EN50160 230 Length Service connection 207 Maximum load MV grid Distribution substation Effects of voltage band violation acc.

6 A NAYY 4x50 SE.nom = 100 kVA Branch 2  Local overload due to high in-feed and at the same time high consumption  Occurrence of cross currents Bilfinger Mauell GmbH Page 13 .1 A 187. Problem 2: Equipment overload 2 Branch 1 Branch 3 Distribution substations 129.4 kV Current. Ir = 142 A 10 kV/ 0.8 A 72.

Grid extension – how much is needed? Automation P by implementing new technology Depending on company- specific requirements! Conventional Grid strengthening grid extension total Existing grid Current grid admission capacity t Bilfinger Mauell GmbH Page 14 .

What is the solution? Conventional versus intelligent grid DER integration requires a combination of grid extension measures and implementation of measuring and control technology Bilfinger Mauell GmbH Page 15 .

What is the solution? Grid monitoring Bilfinger Mauell GmbH Page 16 .

g. GPRS mBOX sBOX KVS GSI Grid State Identification IGC Intelligent Grid Control Power-consuming loads (heat pumps. electric vehicles and feeders (PV)) Broadband Powerline Transformer station Bilfinger Mauell GmbH page 17 . What is the solution? Grid automation Intelligent Grid parameters Smart Grid automation iNES Communication aBOX e.

Integration in existing IT infrastructur Bilfinger Mauell GmbH Page 18 .

Is the solution already available? Smart grid application for Mainova. Frankfurt Project Description  Realization of two smart grids in the 400V distribution grid  Intelligent grid protection instead of large investments in new power lines  Automatic power control of decentralized generation  Automatic voltage regulation  Integrated grid state estimation Bilfinger Mauell GmbH page 19 .

Potential in Ireland with local Partners? Smart grid application for “DSO”. Bilfinger Mauell GmbH page 20 . Ireland Bilfinger Mauell GmbH is interested in: Local partnerships for the development and realisation of similar projects. focused on the exceptions of the irish grid operators and local regulations.

Realization step by step Logic GPRS Logic GSI Gradually implementing "intelligence" IGC in the urban grid! sbox abox PLC mbox Logic PLC GSI GPRS sbox mbox sbox GPRS Bilfinger Mauell GmbH Page 21 .

Individual components Bilfinger Mauell GmbH Page 22 .

technical specifications - Bilfinger Mauell GmbH Page 23 . iNES sBOX .

technical specifications- Bilfinger Mauell GmbH Page 24 . iNES mBOX .

iNES aBOX .technical specifications- Bilfinger Mauell GmbH Page 25 .

Summary  Increasing amount of DERs requires intelligent grid management  The solution and it’s components are available  Cost-intensive conventional grid extension can be reduced  The solution is working independently  The solution can be integrated in different IT infrastructures (Grid operation and service centers) Bilfinger Mauell GmbH Page 26 . Bilfinger Mauell | Solutions for energy generation and distribution .com www.Bilfinger Mauell GmbH Am Rosenhügel 1-7 42553 Velbert Mr. Torsten Linnemann General Sales Manager / Power Distribution Systems Phone + 49 2053 13-458 Fax + 49 2053 13-562 Mail tln@mauell.