SOUTHERN PUNJAB DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME As per decision of Chief Minister Senor Advisor to Chief

Minister has been requested to indicate the convenient date and time for convening the meeting of the Committee constituted on Southern Punjab Development Project (Flag “X”). Instantly Sirdar Zufiqar Khan Khosa, Senior Advisor to Chief Minister is abroad and is expected to return on 19.08.2009. Chief (Coordination), P&D Department has, therefore, advised that pending the return of Senior Advisor to Chief Minister from abroad, Commissioners of D.G. Khan, Multan and Bahawalpur Division may be requested to identify the scheme in the sectors approved by Chief Minister Punjab for taking under the programme. The draft letter has accordingly been prepared and is placed below for approval. The district-wise share of the allocation provided under SPDP has also been calculated in the light of following parameters:• • 80% share proportionate to population of the district. 20% share to less developed districts.

The share of each district is accordingly calculated and is placed below.

(Dr. Mahmood Khalid Qamar) Chief (Regional Planning) 13.08.2009 SECRETARY, P&D

Reference Para 10-11/ante Meeting of 09-04-2010 Undersigned visited the office of AC (ECA-II) and requested to retrieve a copy of working paper. But he said that it is a preparatory meeting on a presentation prepare by ECA wing. There is no regular Agenda/Working Paper was circulated. During the brain storming session Presentation will be finalized in consultation with Participants of meeting. Meeting of 14-04-2010 No proceeding/minutes of meeting were received in RP section. However, on receipt of that reference on 12-04-2010, the undersigned discussed on the same day as marked in PUC. I was directed to collect minutes of previous meeting from Mr. Amjad Duraiz. I met him and asked to provide a copy of minutes of meeting. He said that there is no minutes of meeting because Each chief was informed about the input has to be incorporated in the Presentation placed at ECA-II share folder and he said consult with your Chief to update the presentation. Accordingly I informed you to seek further guidance. I was directed to make necessary changes in the Presentation where required Sir, I did it with my true dedication towards my job. On 13-04-2010 in the morning I requested to you that I have made the changes in the Presentation where required along with file to seek guidance what has to be done yet. You said firstly go to Finance Department to collect release position of SPDP and this exercise we will do later on. In the afternoon I again asked to complete the task then you said ok I will do it myself on the directions passed during meeting to the Participants. Then I left the file with your office because you asked that I will work on it at home. Sir, your remarks on the file totally disturbed me and frustrated that I never been a workshirker, never tried or even think to conceal something to let down someone. I am always dedicated to my job assignment with full dedication and devotion. I never refused to do an assignment but always try to deliver best with full efforts. However, you are Boss/Senior and can say anything to your subordinate without any counter response. It is just my heart feeling expressed for kind consideration about me. I am always grateful to you and ever remain grateful to you. Submitted please