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ACT NO. 13 OF 1987*

[ 12th February, 1987 ]

An Act further to amend the Andhra Pcadesh
Public Libraries A c t , 1960.

, Be it enacted by t h e Legislative Assembly
o f the State of Andhra Pradesh in the Thirty-
Eighth Year o f the Republic of India as follows :-

1. ( 1 ) T h i s A c t may be called t h e Andhra ~!:;rt t l t l e
Pradesh Public ~ b r a r i e s( h e n d m e n t ) , Act, 1987. and con-
;:!I( I?. : i h s l l come into force on such
date as the State Government, may, by notifica-
t i o n in the Andhra Pradesh Gazette-appoint.

2. In the Andhra Pradesh Public Libraries Amendment
Act, 1960 (hereinafter referred to a s t h e Princi- o f Sectton 3,
I - pal ~ c t ) , in Section 3, in sub-section (2), in Act V l I I o f
clause (a), for the words "Minister incharge of 1960.
Education", t h e words "Minister incharge of
Iibraries" shall be substituted.

*Received the assent of t h e Governor on t h e , 1 2 t h
February7 1987. F o r S t a t e m e n t of O b j e c t s and Reasons, please
see t h e Andhra Pradesh G a z e t t e , Part I V - A , Extraordinary,
d a t e d t h e 2 8 t h July, 1986 a t , p a g e 6.

words ''Minister incharge of Librarieii" s ~ be .
U o n of
n w =lion 3. After section 8 of W Principal Act, the follow-
EA. ing section shall be inserted, namely:-
'&A. ( I ) The Government may, a t any time,
" ' l i b r ; u i ~ f o r c r a b such number of posts of,
- City Cealral Lib-
m y , H)dtrawd
Librarians for City Central .Library,
ao\i District e n - Hyderabad and for the District Cenld -
1 ' + Libra&, , as they may a n s i d k
;necessary, for carrying out the purposes of this Act.
( 2 ) AJl appointments to the posts of Librarians
created -under sub-section ( I ) and W e r s of the
holders,of such posts shall be subject to the pro
visions of the Aadhra Pradesh Public Employment
(ReguIation of Age of Superannuation) Act, 1984 as
amended from time to time and to such othex d e s
as may be made,under the proviso to article 309 d
the Constitution of India. '

(3) The Government shall pay, out of the
Consolidated Fund of the State, the salaries, allow-
ances, Leave aUopraaces, pension and contribulions,
if any, towards the Providznt Fund or Pension-cum-
Provideiit Fund of the Librarians xeferred to- in sub-
section (1).
- (4) ~ h kClassification and methods pf recruit-
ment, conditions of service, Pay and Allowances and
discipline and conduct of the Librarians-referred to in
subsection ( I ) shall be regulated in accordance with
the. provisions of the Andhra Pradesh Public- Employ-
Act 23 of
rnent (Regulation of Age of Superannuation) Act,
1984. 1984 as amended from time to time and t
, o such
other ruIes as may be made under the proviso to
article 309 of the Constitution of India.
(5) Every hoIder of the post of !Librarian, who
is appointed under this Act, immediately before the
commencement of the Andhra Pradesh Public Libra-

rles (Amendment) Act, 1986. s h d , n o i w i t h h n ~ ~ g
an-g in this Act, conhue to hold such post, -

subject to the provisions of the Andhra Pradesh h m p
Ioyment (Regulation of Age of Superannuation) Act>fgii23 pi
1'984, as amended from iimo to time and to such other
rules as may'be made under the proviso to article 309 -
of the Constitution and until provision in that behalfis
so made, the 'rules for the time being in force re@-
tiog the recruitment and conditions of service appli-
cable to such holder immediately before such com-
mencement, excepi the provision relating to age of
superannuation, shall continue to apply to such holder.
( 6 ) The Government may, from tims to time, by
order give such directions to any Zilla Graudhalaya
Sawhas or Director, ai may appear to them to bq
necessary lor the purpose of giviDg eil'ect to ilie provi-
sions of t h i s section; and ma Grandhalaya Smlstha or
Director, as the case may be, shall comply with all
such directions.".
\ -
4. For ~ e c t i o 10
i of the Principal A$ the following $F;llion
section shall be substituted, namely:- scchoa 'or
%lion 0.
.l,n(1). The m a Grandhaiaya Samstha for the
..bmwsifn t v h ' cities of Hyderabad and Secdder-
ZiUz ~raodhdayd abad' shall coasist- of the foUowing , .
members, namely:--
(a) tliree members nominated by the Government
fro= among the cixidents of the twin cities of Hyder-
abad and Secunderabad who have rendered eminent
scrvice in the field of education or public libraries;

(b) One member nominated by the Government
from among the Presidents of the Governirlg bodies of
the aided Iibraries in the cities of Hyderabad 'and
1 Secundembad;

(c) Two members nominated by the Gdvem-
ment, from among the Councillors of the Municipal
Corporation of Hyderabad;
(d) The District Educational Wm; Hyder-
abad, E x ~ c i o ;
(e) The Deputy Director, Office of the Direct&
rate of Addt Education, Hyderabad, a-OEcio;
(f) the District Public Relations Officer, Hyder-
abad. ..Ex-Qfficio; ,

(g) the Librarian, City central Library, Hyder-
abad Ex-Officio., who shall be the Member-Secretary.
(2) The ZilTa Grandhalaya- Samstha for. each
District shall rx>nsist of the following memtms,.
(a) three members nominated by the Government.
from among the residents of the District, who have
rendered eminent service in the field of education or
public libraries;
(b) One member .nominated by the Government
from among the Presidents .of the goveining bodies of
the aided libraries in the Dish-icts;
jc) One member nominated by the Govern-
ment from among t h e Counciliors of either Municipd-
Corporations or the .Municipalities of the District;
(d) Two members nominated by the Government
from among the Presidents of Mandal Panchayats in
the District concerned;
( e ) the District Educational Officer of the
District concerne? Ex-Officio;
(f)the Deputy ~ * e c t o r of the Adult Educaticn
incnarge of the District concerned, Ex-O5cio;

( g ) the District PubIic Relations Officer of the
J .
- district concerned, Ex-Officio;
(h) the Librarian, District Central Library ex-
Officio, who shaII be the MemberSecrctary;
(i) T h e District Panchayat Officer of the district
concerned, Ex-Officio.
(3) The Government shaII nominate one of
the non-official members as "the Chairman of the Zilla
Grandhalaya Samsthas.".
5. For section 11 ~f the Principal Act, the folIowing Substitution
orncw scc-
section shall be substituted, namely:- tion Tor
A - 4 scriion 11.
11 TI) Every rnenlber of a Zilla Grmdhalaya
] $ ~ f ~ ~ ~ f , " ~ Samstha
~ , O ' not being an ex-officiomember
Graadhslay~ s5aU hold office for a period of ,) t h ~ e e a

Samslha and i t i
rhairrnan. years from the date of his norninatloq. - *
(2) A member nominated to the Zilla randh ha-
I.- - - laya Samastha in his capacity as a holder of particular
oEce shall, if he crases to be the holder of that ofice,
cease to be a member of the Zilla Grandhalaya Sam-
(3) Save as other~viseprovided in this Act, the
term d office of the Chairman of a Zilla GrandhaIaya
Samastlla shall be three years from the datc of his nonli-
nation as Chairman.' The Chairman shall, how~ver, r
cease to hold oftice, before the expiration of such term
on his ceasing to be a me~nberof the Zilla Graildhalaya t

Samastha. a

6. i n section 11-A of thc Principal Act? in Sub-Amcndmcnl
section (1) and in the marginal headbg the words "for::'."Tion
being chosen as and", shall be omitted.

A~mcndmcnl 7. h:section 12. of the -Principal Act, the word '"for,
of stctzon 12.
-elected" in the two places where they' occur and -the
words "or election as the case may be", shall be omitted.

'IIEIE mm F B B D B H m c

ACT NO. 14 OF 1987*
112th February,, 19871 ,

An Act further t o amend the Andhra Pradesh Public
Libraries Act, 1960.

Be i t enacted by the Legislative Aasembly
of the State of Andhra Pradesh in .the m r t y -
Eighth Year of the Republic of lndiaas follows:-

1. This Act may be c a l l e d the Andhra Pradesh Short t i t l e .
Public Libraries (Second Amendment) Act, 1987.

2. Ilftsr- section ,l2 of the Andhra Pradesh Insert ion . o f
Pub?ic Libraries A c t , 1960, the following sec- new s e c t l o n
tion shall be-inserted, namely:- 12-A. Act 8
o f 1960. .

*rieceived t h e assent o f the Governor on t h e 12th
February,.l987. F o r - S t a t e m e n t of O b j e c t s and Reasons, please
see t h e Andhra Prad.esh Gaxette. P a r t I V - A , E x t r a o r d i n a r y .
dated t h e 8th January, 1 9 8 3 a t page 3.

'*Mauapkent or
LhcZihn Gnn-
12-A.- (1) Where, for any reason,
dha!afl Sams&a there is a delay in the constitution of the'
h&c nbwpwof 'Committee ir; accordance w i ~ hthe provi-
the mrnrnirt~r.
sions of section 3 or the constitutioli of
the ZiIIa Grasdhalaya Sarnstha for the twin cifies of
Hyderabad-and Secunderabad under suu-scctlon [ 1) .01
section 10 of tlie ZiLIa Grandhaiaya sarnstha for thk
District under sub-section (2j of scciloil 10 or tLi.
noniination of the Chaiin~anof the Zilla, Grandhalaya
Samstha under sub-sectiorz (3) of section 10, the
Government lnay appoint a person or per*ons to manage
the affairs of the Coailittee or o: tile Zillcl Gr;in-
JhaIaya Sanlsth~or to perlarm t l ~functions of the
Chairman, as the case ,may be, for a p e r i d not
exceeding six months and, they may in the Like manner
from time to time extend sucli, period beyond six
uronths; so however, that tlie aggrtgale ~ e d u . diacluiihg .
rl~eextended period, if any, shall !:ut exceed two yean.
(2) The persqn or persons so appoin~cdshail,
s u b j ~ tto the control oi the Ciorrzrment and to such
instructions or directions as they may issye from
ume to ljnle exercise the powers, disci~argcthe duties
and perfoim the functions of the-Committee or a£ the
ZiUa Grandhalaya Samstha and its Cltail-man, as' t!le
case may be, and take all such action as n a y be required
in ihe interests of the Z i l l a Grandhalaya Samstha.
(3) The Government may fix tile remuneration
payable to thc person or persons so appointed. The
zmount of such remuneration and other costs, if any,
incurred in the management of' l i ~ eZilla Granclhalaya
Samstha shall be payable out of the Library Fund.':.

ACT, 1989*,

ACT No. 11 OF 1989.
. , ,

120th April, 1989,l
An ~ c ftu r f h e r to amend the Andhra
~ r a d e s hPublic Libraries A c t , 1960.

Be it enacted by the Legislative
Assembly of t h e , State of Andh,ra ~ r a d e s d
in.the F o r t i e t h Year of the Republic of
India, as follows:-

1. (1lThis' A c t may be called' t h e s h o r t r l t l e
Andhra Pradesh P u b l i c Libraries (Amend- .merit.
and fnmnencp--
ment) A c t , 1989.

( 2 ) It s h a l l be deemed to -have
come into force on t h e ..2nd ~ecernber,
1988. . ,

- - -

-*Received t h e a s s e n t o f t h e Governor i n - ' t h e - - 1 9 t h ~ L r l l .
1989. For Statement of O b j e c t s and Reasons, please see the,
, hadhra Prsdesh G a z e t t e . Part-IV A, Extraordinary, dated t h e i
~ 1 s March,
t 1989 a t Page 14.

Aetn* 2. In the ~ndhr; Pradesh PUW&
nent c~ Libraries A c t , 1960 (hereinafter to
section as the principal Act) In section 2,--
2, A C ~W I J I
p i v60. [a) clause (21 shall be omitted;
,;; . (b) alter clause (71, the following
) clause s h a l l be inserted, namely:--
C .:
"(73) "Parishad" m e a n s the, Andhra
Pradcsh Grandhalaya Parishad established d
under section 3;".
Subbtl- 3. In the principal Act, for Chapter XI,
lutlon t h e followingChapter shall be substituted,
of namely:--
F o r Chso-
tcr 11. It


Ertrbl lsh-' 3: (1) There s h a v be e s t a b l i s h e d by the
aent dl,:~ G d v e k h m e n t b y notification Tor the State of
composl- Andhra Praclesh a Parishad by the name of
Iton o f "The Andhra Pradesh Grandhalaya Parishad".
the Rndhrr
Praderh (2) The headquarters 01 the parishad
C r s n d h r l d Y ~ s h a U , .be!at' Hyderabad.
p a r i ?.'had.
13) The Parlshad shall b e a body
corporate, h a v i n g perpetual succession and
common seal with power subject to the
provision; of t h i s Act and the rules made
thereunder, to acquire, h n i ~ and dispose nf
property and to enter n o Lot~iracts end
:;ha11 b y the said n a m e s u e a n d l-s sued.

,f c,' '"' Parishad $!la11
,,a: nic.mberf. n a m e l y : - .
GO!,::! sL c.i

(a) a Chairman to be appointed by the
:, Government from among the parsons who n a v l
rendered eminent s e r v i c e for the cause of
education and library movement;

(b] the Director of Public Llbrarics,
who shall b e the Member-Secretary; and

( c ) seven members t o be nominated by
the Government of whom,---

ti) one shall be expert having special
knowledge 'of library science;

(ii) two shall be from among those who
- have rendered service for the development of
Librurv movement and education;

(li1) one shell be a person representing
the recoqnised aided libraries;

(iv) one shall be from among the
Chairman of the Zilla Grandhalaya Semsthas:
( v ) one shall be' from among the Secre-
taries 01 the ZUla Grandhalaya Samsthas;

- ( i r l l .the .Chlef Llbrarian, State Central
Library, Hyderabad shall be member;
ex-of f lcio .
4 . The objects of the.Parishad shall be - objects
. or the
(I) to organise and promote library, par'lrhrd.
segvice in, the Stete:

(ii) to establish.. e q d p , maintain and
develop a n integrated, comprehensive and
efficient library service ,ln the State; . .

(&I- to euginent: 'the' slipply of books
and periadicals to a U the llbtsries in the

such ' "
(iv) t o develop infrastructural ~CacUities
' bufidings, furniture, equipment. Lo
all -public Ubraries and 211h GrandhaLa'ya
Samsthas i n t h e State; .
. -
(v) to raise finances and regulate 'their
usage for the pr-on~otlonof Ll-brary service;
. . . I .

Ivl) to undertake other related activities;

' io' 'auqmentc'.the Income b i the
pariskad and . Zilla randh ha la^ a -5dmsthas
and suggest viays and, : me'ans' - f o r . raising
. . ,
,resources: and ,
, , ..

(VFLI ) to , pikpari ' 'ling term. and short
term plans tor improving the library service
'in. the S t a t e - hnd 'also. to supervise the
Impleinentation of'appfaved plans.

PaUprs mnd ' ' 5,. (1) ' T h e . - ~ k r l s h a d s h a l l be the
f u n c t Ions prin=ipal policy :!forrriulating bidy and ihkll
the exercise -the EnLlowfng powers and pekform the
Parlshad. following functio,ns,, namely:--
. . . ., - . , . , .
(a) td' evoive- persp==ti+ii
p l a n s Ipr-jrhe
development of. library services ', and
to co-ordinate. and determine tfie,, s t a ~ d a r d or
. , :- Ub'rary -' service' ' ' ih' " ZllZa Grandhalay e
. , : Sa-msthas
: ., l ...,. ..... :
- .
, , , ; .; , .
- . ,:

(b1 to biepare con;oii&'ated" prbgrarnmei
,hi aecbc-danm w i t h the guide-es l%ue
, t h e ~ o v e i n h e n t and t h e RaJa R i b - M o h = n d k % ~
Cibraky F o u i d a t i d i arid . a I s t j . to implement- the
de-lopmentd p~bgramrnes;

(c)' to hpptove the 'budget, '+tlrnates 'of
the ~arlshad
, and Z i l l a ' , Grandhal>ay,a

ams st has;
. .
, - ,
( d ) tq, sanction the op%i$ng pf' library
branches. village libraries a n d book depnslt
centres, subject to. the a v a i l a b q t y of lunds
and - creatbn of full -tlrne: post w l t h - the .
approval of the Governm-ent;
"' ,
(e) to accord hdmfnistrative a-nd
financial ' -'sanction ' for ' the construct!on of-
buildings for t h e purpose of public llb,raries;

. (El - t o accord . adm'inistrative , . end
fin-ancfal sanction fgr' ad'ditional staff kith
ihe"approva1 of the ~avernrnint;
.. . . . - ' . . '. .
. .
. . . ' J
, .
. , I
. .

( g 1 to . approve the s h i f t i n g . OE regional
and moblle libraries;

- - (h) to .' ac&@t' 'gi~t's', or endowmints for
any purpose - , cohnected with ' the .-.Ubrary
attivities -of ' a ~ ' - v a l ~ " u p trupees
o, fJv&'lali*
and with the permission of the Goveirimenf' of
a value exceeding five lakhs-; -.
- .-
? ,
. ,-
, . ,
. ,, , m
. .;!
( i ) . , . to . ::appro~&-
- ,- &id '.,'. Sjub$it' - - td
Government every qear the- -audited,'stat-emepts
of accountsmand utuiid~n ' certificates .bi, it$


. (J) * * : t o :. bpp<i+& th$. ' ;i'Gbuaji +tgd
statements, of' - - a c c o u n t s , . o f , thei-Z-e* ;;- ..
Grandhalaya ams st has:' '.' ... .

- .. .. :' .
.-- . ,- ..-
-.I - ,,
. .
. ,
. - -
, "'
, ,
-,... ,

-. ,:--(k)
- to!,:apprOve. th& anfiuai-
the working of public libraries under the Act
and cause t~ be placed before the Legislature;

(1) to - decide the paycy for the
selection and purchase or b o o b required by
the public libraries i n the State a n d for h i s
purpose to constitute sub-committees, which
s h a l l include one expert in the subject or
language concerned besides other eminent
persons in the IacultIss concerned;
(,m) to organise and conduct library
seminars, workshops and conferences;

(n) to set up sub-committees, as may.
be necessary from tlme t o time to regdate
the work;

o to co-ordlnate rill the activities
cahnected with the llbrary service and' also
to supervise the proper utUisation of funds
allotted to such actlvitles including the cess
collected by the ZLUa Grandhalaya Samsthas;

( p ) to prepare consolidated programmE
in the sphere of the - -library .service Ln
accordance w i t h the guidelines issued 'by the
Government f r o m t i m e to t i m e .

(2) The Parlshad- shall advise the
~overnrnenton all m a t t e r s arising under this
Act and s h a l l exercise. such other powers and
perform such - other runctions as m a y he

( 3 ) The Parishae shbU meet stleast once
in two months.. .The number of .members
necessary t o constitute a quorum at the
meetings and the ptscedure to be Idlowkd
thereat shall be such as may be prescribed.

6 . The C h a i r m a n s h a l l be Head of the ~ o u ~ rand
kar!shad and shall preside over a l l its functlans
h e e t i n g s . H e shall supervise the implementa- o f the
tion of the pnlicies and programmes of the thalrnan.
Parishad and exercise such other powers and
perform such other functlons as may be

7. (1) The Chairman of t,he Parishad Sslarles
1 .
shall he entitled to such salary and I n d a l l o u -
allowances and shall be ~ u b j e c t to such sncts, ~r
conditions of service as m a y from time to Chnlrman
time he prescribed. etc.

L (2) The Chairman and every member of
ttk Farishad, other than the ex-officio
' member, shall hold office far a period of
three years from the date of his nomination.

(3) The other members of the Parishad .
shall receive such allowances as m a y be

7-A. The Member-Secretary shall be the P O U ~ T S and-
Chief Executive of t h e Parishad and shall r u n c t i o n ~
e x e r c i s e the following powers and perlorm- the dr the
following functions, namely :-- - Wember-
(11 i m p l e m e n t a11 the policies and
programmes of the Parishad;

( 2 ) exercise general supervision and
control over the Parishad ~Zrice staff, field
staff of Ubrarles or a n y . other employees of
the Parishad and all the libraries under
Z i l l a Grandhalaya Samsthas;

( 3 ) to deal with all the administrative
matters pertaining to appointments, postlngs,
transfers, pfopotions end d i k e i p l h a r y action

. .' 7;

bf t h e , staff: of Parkhad and ::dills
Grandhalaya .Samstbas; , : ' - ,
. - -
, ( 4 1 tun , the day-to-day administration c l
the .Parishad end ronduet - i ~. .its, financial
ad+istratlve transactions;

, - ( 5 ) be : , t h e custodian : of - the finances of'
, .
the Parishad; . .. .

( 6 ) prepare and .present the audited
statements of accounts end utJlfsatton
certificates t o the Padshad for .Its -approval:
, - .. .

. (7) obtain audited ,atatements,;of eccaunts '
df all the . ZUla Grandhalaya . SarnsthaS , and.
' place, them before. the Parishad .-.-for its'
approval along with utFZisatLon certificates;
and : - , : ,= - ,I . .
.' . L . :. . . . . . ., .
(8) recoirnend adrnihistratfve . ,and
financial 8anctionn for t h e creation - 01 the
- posts;.of Officeis. and- the other employees for
the- performance of hnctions, of the,-Parishad.
.. . .
. ,, , , ,

Fill!ngup 7-B: Any vacisncy-occurring-in the offi&
o f t a s u z ! ' of the Chairman or as the case may be of
v r c r n c l e s the member of,,: t h e Parishad -before the'-

of the expiration of. the ,. t e q , - shalf be - filled: by
Chalran nomination of. another person in th'e -
and t h r pf'ovided;. ln, section 3 and -; .the perso* so: .

members nqfnated, shall: hold'.:office--for the, residue
of the , of he term pt..his p r e i i e ~ e ~ s i -r,,- ' : , . . , ...
P a r l g h a d . - , ,.- . . - . , . ,. I,..: . : . ,.:
Fund* 7-C. . ( 1! The Parishad- shall have; i t s own

d t h t funds, comlstlng of;-
P a r l ~ h a d . : :, ,, - . - . . + . ..- - ,, . '

.{a). t h e g~ants mads . . bjr the- -:state
Goue~nment;., :. ;. , , - :: -.* . . ',
-' - -- - .. '' . .

(b) all moneys r b ~ ~ i i &by'.'&,
. dn its
: behalf under the - provlsions or t h i s Ac! or
a n y other law tor the time being In force or
under any other contract; ; -
( c ) all proceeds of the- disposal of "the
property by qr on b e h a l l of the. Parishad;

(d) dlI moneys received by ' or on
behalf of the Parishad Irom ' p u b l l e bodies,
private bodies or private, individuals by way
of grants, donations or d e p ~ s ~ t s .; . - .,

all interes'ts- and profits arising
(e) - '
Irom any investment or from any -transaction
in connection .- with - , Any- money ,'-belonging to
the Parishad;---and ' ' . ' , ,
, . ,- , . - -
. ,

such other sums from the 2fi.a
Qrandhalaya Sarnsthas as m a y be required for
specffic- purposes :;as provided under 'the ,Act per the instructlons' of the Government,
from time to t i m e . : ' ' '- . -. , -

(21.. AU iiri~neyskelbngitig: ti the ~ a r l . = h a d',: , -

shall be deposited in such banks' o r invested .
i n such- mariner as 'may 'be'prescribe$. ' ,- . ,
.- ,

, . - , .; : I . .! . . ' -- :.. :.
' ( 3 ) The qdrishad may' spehd.' sYGs
m , .

as i t may, deem ' f i t , for,; p'e~fbrmfng- , ' . i t s
furictlons under t h k . A c t arid .pych: ex-penditure
shall be . treated as '-expenditure' p,ayable.:out
of this .fund. , ,, , , ., - , : ' ' . . , , - -. ,

7-D. The Government .may, - at , any ., . t i m e Transtlr of
after .the -consiltutio~-" of' ', " the::. P,arish_adp'ropcrties .
transfer to i t '-any' 'proierties of- :,fie pub)ic and s t a f f -
Ubraries along w i t h the staff - o n - such'.'ternts
end conditions as it m a y deem prdper.

Porcr o f 7-E. The Parishad shall function under
t h e 6overn- the general supervision and cofltrol af the
aent t o Government and the Government s h a l l have
give dtlrc- power to g i v e such directions as Ft may deem
tlons. f i t from t i m e to t i m e and may review the
actions of the Parishad".

mendment 4. In section B of t h e principal Act,
of clauses (e) and ( j ) shall b e nmitted.
section a .

bendaent 5 . In section 13 of the principal Act. in
section 13.
sub-seetion (1). -
1 in clatse (b), in the first and
second provisos for the w o r d s "by the
Government" In the three places vrhere they
occur the words "by the Parlshadw shall be

(FL) h clause ( g ) .
for the ' words . " h e '
Government" wherever they occur. the wotds-
"the Parlshad" shall be substltuted;

harndme.t 6. In Section 1 4 of the principal Act,--
14. ( i ) in sub-section -11) X m the words
"the Directoru wherever they .oc&r. the w-ords
"the Parishad" a n d ' f o r the words "as he may
think fitn and "so sanctioned by h i m n the
words " a s the Farishad ' m a y think fit" and
"so .sanctioned by the parishad" . s h a l l
respecqvely be substituted; and

(Fi) in sub-section ( 2 ) for the wards
"the Directorn-the wor'ds '"the Parishad" shall
be substituted.

7 . In sectlo? 16 of the principal Act,-- Aacndwent
[ i ) for the words "a Zilla Grandhalayasectlon 16.
S a m s t h a " the words "the P a r i s h a d or a Zilla
~ r a n d h a l a y aSamstha" shall be substituted;

(ii) h t h e marginal heading, for the
words *Zilla Grandhalaya Sarnxthas" the
words "pafishad or Zills Grandhalaya
Samsthas" shall be substituted -

8. In section 19 of the principal Ac6,-- Ancndmcnt
(ifor) the vmrds " a 2ilia Grandhalaya S c c t i o n 19
Samsthal', the words "the P a r l s h a d or. as t h e
case may be a Zilla Grandhalaya S a m s t h a "
and for the w o r d s "the Z l l l a Granclhalaya
Samstha", wherever they occur the words "the
Parlshad or as the case may b e the Z i l l a
Grandhalay a Samstha" s h d l r e s p e c t i v e 1 y be

(ii) i n the marglnal heading lor the
words " t h e Z i l l a Grandhalaya Sarnstha", the
. w o r d s "the Parlshad or the Zilla Grandhalaya
S a m s t h a " s h a l l be subst. tuted.

9. In section 21 of the principal Act,-- Amcndccnr
( i ) i n s u b - s e c t i o n (I). atter clause (d).section 2 1 -
the follorving clause s h a l l be addcd. namely:

"(e) grants, releaseti b y t h e G n v e r n n c n t
trcm time to t i m e " ;
( i i ! sub-section :I!:! 511311 be om,itit:cd.

10. Iil seclion 21.. ,: tnc l ~ r i n c i p a lAct. for :,ucndnent
i>!c xurds " e a c h z i i I,-, r ' l ; : i i i l . , ; ~ l s y i t Samsth.: ', o r
: \,rords ":nc I and cac11 ~ , l l a s e r t l u n 2 2 .
C.r ~ n ~ d n a l a ySad r n ~ t b a " shal! b;: s u ? ; s t i t u t e d .

An?nda*nt 11. In section 23 of the principal Act, f01
Of the words "the Director or any , persin
23. authori~ed by h i m In this behalf as thE
' OLrector" the words "the, Parishad o r any
perion authurlsed by it in this behalf in
such manner as the Parishad'', shall bs

bendacnt 12. In s%dion 24 of the p r i n c l p a ~uct, for
af the w o r d s . "The Director or any person
sect!on 24 authorised by him", the - words "The Parishad
or any person autharisrd by it'', and for the
words "for the 'purpose o€ satisEy1ng hlrnsell*
the words "for the purpose of sailsfylng
itself" s h a l l respectively be substituted.

tnserttoo 13. After section 24 of the principal Act,
o f ncu the Iollowing section shaL1, be inserted,
s e c t i o n 24-4 namely:--

'Establish- 2 L - A . There shall be estabushed by the
ment a i a Pacishad a separate- accounts, inspection,
Vlsllance vigilance and audit cell to look after the
and A u d i t accounts, ~nspectinn and vigilance and audit
cell. work o i the Department of the Public
Libraries in . t h e manner and w i t h such
oKCieers as may be prescribed.

menduent I&. In section 25 d the principal Act. in
of sub-section, (21, tor clause (a), the following
section 25. --
clause shaIl be - s u b s t i t u t e d , namely:
"(a) the method OE appointment and the
nomination of members to -the Parishad , and
the ZLLla Grandhalay a f amsthas".
Iransi- 15. OH and ' h o r n the date of commencement
tlonul of the Andhra Pradesh P u b l i c . Libraries
Act, 1989, the Chairman and

The following Ace of t h e Andhra
~ r a ' d e s hL e g i s l a t i v e Assembly received
r t h e a s s e n t Q f the Governoy on the
26th October, 1930, and t h e - s a i d
gssent is hereby f i r s t ' p u b l i s h e d on
the 27th October, 1990 in t h 6 Andhra
Pradesh G a z e t t e 'for g e n e r a l . i n f o r -

Be it enacted by the Legislative
Assembly of t h e S t a t e ei Andhrr ~ r a d e s h
in t h e *arty-first year of t h e Republic
oE I n d i a , . as Eullows:-
1. This A c t 'hay be called the Andhra Short
P r a d e ~ hPubLic'Libraries (Amendment ) - A c t , t i t l e .

kw1.d-d 2. IA
'the Anahte Pradeah -Wid Eibra-
3 a c e l o ~I . . ries A c t , 1960 lhere3naf ter ref erred
,Act V I l I of to a s z the principal A c t ) ,in set-tion, 7 ,
n50. . for s u b - s e c t i q n (2), the following
s h a l l be s u b s t i t u t e d , namely:-
'(21 The chairman an3 e v e r y , zeaber of
the Parfshad, other. than t h e ex-officio
Hhber, s h a l l hold office dugLng- ?he
pleasure of the ISov&rnorn,.

r 3 . In s e c t i o n 70 of the principal ~ c p
the words' "before the expiration 'of t n e
termn and t h e worde bsnd.the parson8 so

nominated,, shall hold officc :or t h z
reaidue! o f the. tern. of .his predecessor"
s h a l l ba omitted.
&namntof 4 . Zn section 1 1 . o f thb-principal
s e t t i a n 11. A c t ,-. '

I i l i n 'sub-seetion-{l), f o r ' the
worde "for a period- of three yea s from
f h b date of his ncmlnatiohn. t h j vorde
"during t h e pleaeurfi of t h e Qavernoru
s h a l l be eubstituted;

(ii) i n sub-section . f 31, for tho
words " t h e term of Off fee of t h o Chairm&n
of a Z f l l a ~randhalaya Sametha a h a l l be
threo years froin the date of his nominrr-
kion -as-.Chairmanm , t h e words " t h e Chairman
of a . Zilla Grandhalaya Sarnstha a h e l l
hold odfice during t h e pleaeure of the
Gover.norn, s h a l l be s u b s t i t u t e d .

h#fidrentor 5 - In s e c t i o n 1 1 A af t h e p r i n c i p a l
scctlen lid. A c t , in the proviso to sub-aeetion ( 2 ) ,
. for t h e words wduring hi8 term of officem,

the worde IdmrYng the p e ~ i o d he hold^
o f f i c e " , s h a l l be s u b a t i t u t e d .