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Mandatory Points before grid charging Category Remarks

1. Connectivity of grid to approach roads from both
main gates.
2. Provision of Electrical and mechanical interlock of
Isolator and CB.
3. Integration of Fire alarm and smoke detector system
with SCADA
Provision of Rubber Mat at all required location. Safety

5. Provision of Clamps on yard light poles for safe
Availability of Trench cover at all location and
provision of handles after every 9th trench cover for Safety
Availability of Cable root marker for U/G cables Safety
Door Earthing of all gates including MOM boxes Safety

9. Ladder/staircase to be provided for way to water
tank on roof.
Yard light Switching Box to be provided outside yard Safety

11. Availability concertina wire on the boundary wall of
grid s/stn.
12. Availability of special tools related to grid equipment
operation and maintenance of equipment’s.
Availability of water in Wash Basin in Battery Room. Safety

14. Availability of security arrangement with
communication facilities.
Availability of proper lighting in Yard and building. Security
Availability of safety charts / Grid SLD. Operation

17. Interconnectivity of all trenches and sump pump
should be operational.
18. Vermin proofing of control cables pipes and control
panel should be done.
Cleaning of all Earthing pits. Operation
Dressing of wiring in control panels. Operation

Equipment Safety 36. No unwanted holes should be present in trench of Equipment Safety VCB room . Availability substation name board. Cleaning of entire Trenches ( Power. Availability of drinking water with water cooler Basic Amenities 38. 24. VCB. Availability bird caps on all capacitor bank cells Equipment Safety units. local Transformer and capacitor bank should be Operation insulated. As built Drawings and manuals availability at control Operation Room in Hard. 35. Inspection of OLTC during erection by STS for auto Basic Amenities work. 39. and HMC (or at least concerned SMC and HMC) Operation before Grid manger. Control) Operation 32. Proper sewage connection and wash rooms should Equipment Safety be in working condition. 21. NIDS should be operation in PTRs. structure on 33KV and 11KV on respective power Operation cables. One day on site (grid) operation training to all SMC 29. all required places (ACDB. Operation 26. Parallel laying of 11 KV cables in 11 KV Panels by 30. All indication lamps should be in working condition. Battery . All jumper and bus bar of 11 KV sides of PTRs . Fire barrier and Fire coating at power cables. main boundary wall 34. 33. 28. Provision of invertor for the AC supply arrangement Operation in case of local/duplicate Supply Failure. Equipment Safety . Earthing of lighting protection shield should be Equipment Safety connected to earth mat of grid. Availability of duplicate supply source. and Operation control room) with auto change over relay Availability of cable cleat’s and proper clamping 23. 37. Availability of Exhaust fan with cross ventilation at 22. Scrap and excess material disposal from site. DC leakage should not be there. Equipment Safety 40. Equipment Safety 41. DP after approval of NEG and permission of Operation concerned PO and Grid manager 31. Operation 25. Operation 27.