December  2015  

Viviana  A.  Zelizer  
Lloyd  Cotsen  ‘50  Professor  of  Sociology  
Department  of  Sociology  
120  Wallace  Hall  
Princeton  University,  Princeton,  New  Jersey  08544  
Telephone:  (609)  258-­‐4557  (office)  (609)  258-­‐4531  (departmental  office)  
FAX:  (609)  258-­‐2180  E-­‐mail:  
Columbia  University,  1977  –  Sociology  
M.  Phil.  
Columbia  University,  1974  -­‐  Sociology  
Columbia  University,  1974  -­‐  Sociology  
Rutgers  University,  Phi  Beta  Kappa,  1971  
Academic  Honors,  Awards,  and  Visiting  Appointments:  
Visiting  Scholar,  Russell  Sage  Foundation,  Fall  2015.  
Interdisciplinary  Studies  Institute  Scholar  in  Residence,  University  of  Massachusetts.  April  12-­‐
16,  2015.  
First   Recipient,   Distinguished   Career   Service   Award   for   the   Section   on   Children   and   Youth,  
American  Sociological  Association,  2013  
Outstanding  Faculty  Advisor  Award.  Department  of  Sociology,  Princeton  University,  2012-­‐
Graduate  Mentoring  Award  in  the  Social  Sciences,  Princeton  University,  2013.  

Visiting  Scholar,  Department  of  Sociology,  Columbia  University,  March  2011.    
Norbert  Lechner  Memorial  Lecturer.  Universidad  Diego  Portales,  Santiago,  Chile,  November  
S.  D.  Clark  Lecturer,  University  of  Toronto,  October  2010.  
Visiting  Professor,  Université  Paris  X,  Nanterre,  June  2007.    
Elected  to  the  American  Philosophical  Society,  2007.  

    Member.  1987-­‐88.  PEN  American  Center.     Member.     Tuck  Fund  Award.  Princeton  University.     National  Endowment  for  the  Humanities  Fellow  at  the  Institute  for  Advanced  Study.   2 .  2001.  1996-­‐97.     Professeur  invité.  1998-­‐2001.  June  1991.     Visiting  Scholar.  1996-­‐ 97.  for  The  Social   Meaning  of  Money.  Princeton  University   grant.  Russell  Sage  Foundation.Zelizer   Elected  to  the  American  Academy  of  Arts  &  Sciences.  Department  of  Sociology.  Sociological  Research  Association.  Society  for  the  Study  of  Social  Problems.  Princeton  University.     Citicorp  Behavioral  Sciences  Research  Council  grant.  1996-­‐97.  American  Sociological  Association.     Member.       250th  Anniversary  Fund  for  Innovation  in  Undergraduate  Education.  1986-­‐present.  for  Pricing  the  Priceless   Child:  The  Changing  Social  Value  of  Children.  1997-­‐2001     1996  Culture  Section  Book  Award.  Princeton  University.     Directeur  d'Études  Associé  (Visiting  Research  Professor).  June  2002.  École  Normale  Supérieure.  2003.W.  2007.  2006-­‐       The  Economic  Sociology  section  of  the  American  Sociological  Association  named  its  annual   book  prize  the  Viviana  A.  Département  de  Science  Sociales.     Outstanding  advisor  award.  Institute  for  Advanced  Study.  July  1990.     1985  C.  1999-­‐2000.  Yale  Law  School.  École  des  Hautes  Études  en   Sciences  Sociales.     Arthur  Leff  Fellow.  Mills  Award.     Cotsen  Faculty  Fellow.  Zelizer  Distinguished  Book  Award.     John  Simon  Guggenheim  Memorial  Foundation  Fellow.

 Barnard  College  and  Graduate  Faculty  of   Columbia  University.  1983.Zelizer   1985  Elizur  Wright  Award.       3 .     Emily  Gregory  Teaching  Award  (Barnard  College).  1982-­‐85.     Assistant  Professor.  Mellon  Foundation  grant  (Barnard  College)  (Summers  1979  and  1980).  1985-­‐88.  1980-­‐81.     Rockefeller  Foundation  Humanities  Fellowship.  Paperback  edition.     Andrew  W.  Department  of  Sociology.  1992-­‐96.  Madrid.     Member  of  the  Social  History  Traineeship  Program  at  Columbia  University.  Princeton.  Contemporary  Classics  series.  Columbia  University.  Rutgers  University.     Honorary  President's  Fellow  (Columbia  1972-­‐74).     National  Endowment  for  the  Humanities  Summer  Stipend.  Acting   Chair.  Burgess  Honorary  Fellow  (Columbia  1973-­‐74).  Princeton  University.  Department  of  Sociology.  2002-­‐present.   2010.     Visiting  Instructor.  Department  of  Sociology.  NJ:  Princeton  University  Press.  Spanish  translation.  Department  of  Sociology.     Books:     Economic  Lives:  How  Culture  Shapes  the  Economy.  1983.  Barnard  College  (1979-­‐1980).  1978-­‐82.  1976-­‐1978.   Lloyd  Cotsen  ’50  Professor  of  Sociology.    Chair.    Professor.  Associate  Professor.     Teaching:     Professor.  Princeton  University  Press.  1974).  Summer  1976.     Institute  of  Life  Insurance  grant  (New  York.  sponsored  by   the  National  Institute  of  Mental  Health  (1972-­‐76).  1988-­‐2002.  2015.  American  Risk  and  Insurance  Association  for  Morals  and   Markets:  The  Development  of  Life  Insurance  in  the  United  States.     Fellow  of  the  Graduate  School  of  Arts  and  Sciences  (Columbia  1971-­‐72).  Centro  de   Investigaciones  Sociológicas.     Assistant  Professor.     John  W.  Department  of  Sociology.  2013.

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 Ranking  Practices:  Evaluation  in  Economic  Life”   celebrating  the  20th  anniversary  of  The  Social  Meaning  of  Money.  Paris.       “College  Currencies.       “Creating  Currencies:  The  Case  of  the  College  Economy.  September  2015.  2015.   University  of  Massachusetts  at  Amherst.  session  on  “Money  Advances:  International  Developments.  Stern  School  of  Business.  “   Economic  Sociology  Section  session.  August  2013.  American  Sociological  Association  Annual  Meeting.  Centro  Brasileiro  de  Altos  Estudos.”  And  “My  Money  Obsession.   Brasil.   August  2014.       Co-­‐organizer  and  Discussant.   August  2014.     “Domestic  accounts.  "Hard   Times  in  College:  Conflicting  Visions  of  Affordable  Postsecondary  Education.Zelizer About  twenty  book  reviews  in  professional  journals  and  mass  media.”  Presented  at  the  seminar  on  “Oikos:  Affects.   “Remittance  Circuits.  Cambridge.  New  York  University.  Universidade   Federal  de  Rio  de  Janeiro.”  Workshop  on  “Following  the  Intangible  Flows:  Transnational   Approaches  to  Immaterial  Remittances.       “College   Currencies:   How   Students   Manage   Their   Daily   Economic   Lives.”  Keynote  lecture  presented  at  the  2d  Conference   of  the  World  Interdisciplinary  Network  for  Institutional  Research  (WINIR).  Princeton  University.       “La  Negociacion  de  la  Intimidad  en  2015.       “Valuing  Intimacy:  Does  Money  Corrupt?”  Presented  at  the  Interdisciplinary  Studies  Institute."   Paduano   Symposium  in  Business  Ethics.     Selected  Presentations  (present  -­‐  2008)     “Circuits  and  Organizational  Economies.”  Presented  at  a  session  on  “Organizations  and  Inequality.”  Presented  at  a  special  event  celebrating  the  10th   anniversary  of  Purchase  of  Intimacy.  April  2015.   12 .”  Presented   at  the  conference  on  “Pricing  Practices.”  Keynote  presentation  at  the  7th   CIS-­‐Harvard  Summer  Seminar  on  Sociological  and  Political  Research.”  Annual   Meetings  of  the  American  Sociological  Association.       “How  economic  sociology  can  advance  the  analysis  of  college  debt”  Discussant.  Rio  de  Janeiro.  Mass.  August  2014.  June  2015.  Economies  and  Politics  of   House-­‐ing”.  “  Princeton  University.  September  2015.  September  2014.  May  15.  American  Sociological  Association  Annual  Meetings.      “Creating  Economies:  The  Case  of  College  Monies.”  Thematic   Session.  May  2013.

 April  19.  Sweden.       “How  I  Became  a  Relational  Economic  Sociologist  and  What  Does  That  Mean?”  Presented  at   13 .  Chile.  2010.  Universidad   Diego  Portales.     “A  New  Agenda  for  Economic  Sociology.  February  2011.  Santiago.  Conference  Child  and  Teen  Consumption.  University  of  Toronto.  December  2012.”  Norbert  Lechner  Memorial  Lecture.”  Phi  Beta  Kappa.   March  2011.           “The  Economics  of  Intimacy.  2011.”  Social  Science  History  Association.  Columbia  University.  June  2010.     “Exploring  the  borderlands  of  culture  and  the  economy.”  Economic  Sociologists  Meet  the  21st  Century.  October  2010.  Theory  Section  of  the  American  Sociological  Association.     “Sobre  la  Negociación  de  la  Intimidad.  Columbia  University.       Co-­‐organizer  and  discussant.  March  2011.  session  on  “From  Embeddedness  to  Relational  Work:  A  New   Agenda  for  Economic  Sociology.”  Annual  Meetings  of  the  American  Sociological  Association.     “A  Grown  Up  Priceless  Child.   August  2011.  Princeton  University.  Distinguished   Visiting  Scholar  Series.”  Special  session  on  the  25th  anniversary  of  Pricing  the   Priceless  Child.  November  19.  November  2010.     “The  Priceless  Child  Turns  25.       “Circuitos  y  Relaciones.'"  Columbia  University   workshop.  Chile.     “Circuits  and  Relational  Work.  March  2011.       “The  Social  Meaning  of  Money.  Boston.Zelizer   “The  Morality  of  Money.  Lisbon.”  Faculty  seminar  on  the  Social  Meaning  of  Money  sponsored   by  the  Council  of  the  Humanities.”  Discussant.     “How   I   Became   a   Relational   Economic   Sociologist   and   What   Does   That   Mean?”   Department   of  Sociology.  Princeton  University.         “Circuits  and  Relations.”  Session  on  “From  Community  and  Network  to  Relational   Work?”  26th  EGOS  colloquium.  Norrkoping.  2012.  5th  Junior  Theorists   Symposium.”  "Deconstructing  and  Reconstructing  'Mother.”  Department  of  Sociology.”  Universidad  Diego  Portales.       “Maternal  Money.”  Special  session  on  “Pricing  the  Priceless  Child:  A   Retrospective.  November  2010.”  Department  of  Sociology.  August  2011.  Columbia  University.  Santiago.

 March  2009.  May  2009.  Princeton  University.  June  2009.     “Nuevas  Tendencias  en  la  Sociología  Economica.   Argentina.  and  the  Law-­‐Baby   14 .”  55  Plus.   University   of   Pennsylvania.  “Accounting  for  Care  in  the  Age  of  Work.  March  2009.       Organizer  and  Moderator.  Buenos  Aires.       “Economias  Intimas.  Princeton  University   March  2010.     “Risky  Exchanges.”  Presented  at  NSF-­‐DFG  Research  Conference  "Contextualizing  Economic   Behavior.     “Circuits   in   Economic   Life.  and  Department  of  Sociology.Zelizer the  conference  on  “Relational  Work.”  Princeton   University.      “An  aging  ‘new  economic  sociology.       “Relationships  and  Money.”   Department   of   Sociology.”  Prepared  for  session  on  “Biotechnology.  Change.”  American  Sociological  Association  meetings.       “Caring  Everywhere.       Discussant.  May  2009.  August  2008.       “Chuck  Tilly  and  Mozart.  New  York     “Money  in  Circuits.  Argentina.  American   Sociological  Association  Meetings.  Columbia  University."  New  York.       “The  Gender  of  Money.   New  School.  March  2009.  Princeton.”  Law  and  Public  Affairs   Program.  June  2009.  October  3-­‐5.  2010.”    Instituto  de  Desarrollo  Económico  y  Social  (IDES).  and  Explanation:  A  Conference  in  Honor  of   Charles  Tilly.   January   2009.  Paris.’”  Eastern  Sociological  Society.  Department  of  Sociology.”    Sociological  Imagination  Lecture  Series.  University  of  Milan.”    Wilson  College  Faculty  Fellows  lunch.  May  2009.”  Panel  on  the  future  of  cultural  sociology.  August  2008.     “Travail   et   intimité.  Noah  Zatz.   organisation:   quelles   métamorphoses?   Collège  de  France.  Bioethics.  May  1.  March  2009.       “The  Economics  of  Intimacy.”   Conference   on   Travail.  2008.   métier.  Buenos  Aires.”  Instituto  de  Altos  Estudios  Sociales   (IDAES).     “The  future  of  cultural  sociology.  Panel  on  “International  Perspectives  on  Caring  Labor.”  Contention.  August  2009.”  University  of  California  at  Davis.

 Lewis  A.  Ecole  Normale  Superieure.  February  2008.    Presented  at  the  University  of  North  Carolina  Law  School.”  The  Law  and  Society  Association   Annual  Meeting.  External  Review  Committees:  Department  of  Sociology.  Overseers’  Committee.  Morality.  Princeton  University.     Faculty  Fellow.   Executive  Committee  2007-­‐2010.     Member.  Working  Group  on  Childhood  and  Migration.  2011.  Princeton  University  Press.  2008-­‐2009.     Member.  2009-­‐  2010.  Department  of  Sociology.     Member.Zelizer Markets:  Money.  April  2011.     Member.     Faculty  Fellow.     Faculty  Associate.  2000-­‐  .  Princeton   University.       Member.  Harvard  University.  2010-­‐2016.  2013-­‐2015.         Selected  Professional  Service:     Member.  Visiting  Committee.  2005-­‐  .  Center  for  Cultural  Sociology.   September  2012.  April   2008.  Princeton  University.     Member.  2014-­‐     American  Sociological  Association.  American   Philosophical  Society.  Selection  Committee.  American  Sociological  Association.     Member.   15 .  Program  in  Law  and  Public  Affairs.  Jessie  Bernard  Award  selection  committee.  2009-­‐.  Mainstreaming  Team  of  Sociologists  for  Women  in  Society.  Princeton  University.  Center  for  the  Study  of  Social  Organization.  Advisory  Committee.  Yale  University.  Board  of  Trustees.  2008-­‐  .     Member.  Social  and  Behavioral  Sciences.  External  Advisory  Committee.  May  2008.  Queens  College  (1993).     “Care  and  Inequality.     Member.  Membership  Committee  for  Class  III.  Wilson  College.  2006.     Theory  Section.”  Woodrow  Wilson  School.  Coser  Award  for  Theoretical  Agenda  Setting.  July  2015.  and  the  Neopolitics  of  Choice.  Paris.  2010-­‐2016.”  Panel  on  “Diminishing  Returns:  Income  Inequality  in  the  United   States.  Princeton   University.  Institute  for  Advanced  Study.  Center  for  Research  on  Child  Wellbeing.

    Editorial       Editorial  Boards:  Studies  in  Historical  Change.  Paris.  and  write:    English.     16 .  March  2006.  Actes  de  la  Recherche  en  sciences  sociales.   2008-­‐.Zelizer Department  of  Sociology.  Revue  de  la   régulation.    “Girl’s  History  &  Culture”  book   series.  Sociological   Theory.  2007-­‐2015.  Advisory  Boards:    Center  for  the  Social  Sciences.  Argentina.  2001-­‐2.   2006.  Norbert  Lechner  Lecture.  Shanghai  People's  Publishing  House.  1991-­‐1994.  Capitalisme.  School  of  Social  Science.  London:  Routledge.  Spain.  American  Behavioral   Scientist.    2005-­‐2007  .     Chair.       Member.  planning  meeting.  Paris   School  of  Economics.  Paula  Fass.  Santiago.  Columbia  University.  Palgrave/St  Martins.  New  York:  Macmillan.  edited  by  Bai  Gao.  Stanford  University  Press.  Editorial   Board.  September  2007.  University  of  Pennsylvania  (2007).    Culture  and  Economic  Life  book   series.  Center  for   the  Study  of  Economy  and  Society.  French.  The  Journal  of  Consumer  Culture.  2006-­‐2016.  American  Journal  of  Cultural  Sociology   2013-­‐  .  Cultural  Sociology.  Scientific  Council.  Italian.  Jens  Beckert  and  Milan  Zavirovski.  Instituto  de  Altos  Estudios  Sociales  and   Universidad  Nacional  de  San  Martín.  Westview  Press.  Institute  for  Advanced  Study  in  Toulouse.  Cornell  University.  Sociological  Forum.  Comité  Científico.  Scientific  Council.  edited  by  Miriam  Forman-­‐Brunell.  2004-­‐  .  1988  –  2005.  Princeton  Series  in  Cultural  Sociology.  2008-­‐.  1999-­‐  .  Chile.   2010-­‐  .   Advisory  Committee.  Scientific  Council.  “Economie  Informelle.    book  series  on  Children  and  Youth:  Studies  in  History  and   Culture  (ABC-­‐CLIO).  Doctoral  Program  in  Sociology.  The  Feinberg  Institute  for  the  Comparative  Study  of  Human   Value  and  Public  Life.  Encyclopedia  of  Children  and  Childhood  in   History  and  Society.  Consultant.  editor.  International   Advisory  Committee.     Contemporary  Sociology.  1997-­‐98.  pouvoirs.   Theory  and  Society.  Sociologie  et  Sociétés  2002-­‐  .  1996-­‐.  1986-­‐87.  2010-­‐.  2008-­‐.  2014-­‐.  2005.  edited  by  Miriam  Forman-­‐Brunell.  2014-­‐  2017     Languages:    Read.     Participant.  2004.  Scientific  Committee.  Sociological  Perspectives  on   Contemporary  Life.”    Centre  d’Etudes  de  l’Emploi.  Yale  Sociology  Department.  École  Normale   Supérieure.  Board  of  Directors.  Centro  de  Investigaciones  Feministas.  Spanish.       Scientific  Committee.  editors.  American  Sociological  Association.   University  of  Oviedo.  Buenos  Aires.  Journal  of  Cultural  Economy.1989-­‐1991.  Encyclopedia  of  Economic   Sociology.  Universidad  Diego  Portales.  2010-­‐.  1993-­‐1999.  1991-­‐1994.  Colección  Alternativas.  institutions.  1988-­‐91.  1999-­‐.  Economic  Sociology  Section.  1996-­‐.  Economic  Sociology  series.  Travail  au  Noir:  Enjeux  economiques  et   sociaux.  2002-­‐  .  University  of  Kansas  Press.  speak.

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