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IS ARCH awards for architecture students. 7th Edition: 2nd November 2015 – 24th November 2016

cover design: Adrian Ubeda Beltran. IS ARCH 4th edition SECOND PRIZE. Can we design housing without typologies?​

individual students or groups of students. b. Prizes d. All rights reserved © 2016 . 6. The three winning projects will receive prizes worth a total of €6. IS ARCH is in contact with various specialized magazines and websites in order to secure their publication. Why take part? a. How we funds us within the last 3 years prior to the IS ARCH is a platform focused on date of sending in the necessary Architecture students’ works and documents. When it is done. and pay the corresponding registration fee. the IS ARCH Awards intend to provide students with a gateway to the professional and corporate world. Our aim is to provide a platform for debate surrounding the architecture solutions that students contribute within the framework of their university studies.000 Second prize €2. The competition aims to boost avant-garde trends and to recognize new research that emerges from universities. Each participant or team it is also managed by a team of participants may submit as many Architecture students without profit. Entries must be sent by email to info@isarch. which is crucial in order to move forward and progress in architectural knowledge and knowhow.000. The name of the JPG should be the TITLE of the project submitted. contributing with their unique vision and opinions. The possibility to a professional internship in the studios of members of the jury is also open. We are managing several agreements for doing professional practices at Architecture awards@isarch. programme and by financing with the registration budget. Entries must be in JPG format with a resolution of 300 dpi and the maximum file size is IS ARCH awards for architecture students. It also provides students’ work with an opportunity for international projection that extends beyond the traditional relationship between students and their lecturers. c. The proposals may be entered by with whom IS ARCH has an In order to take part in these Awards.The IS ARCH Awards are international awards targeting students of architecture. The IS ARCH Awards require an insight and collaboration between the various teaching and learning methodologies for architecture adopted by participating universities. students of architecture and young architects that have graduated 5. 7th Edition: 2nd November 2015 – 24th November 2016 1. The philosophy behind the IS ARCH Awards is to support the creativity of young and emerging talent and to boost debate between the various students that take part in this initiative. perspectives. Who is eligible to take part? stating the author’s name and title The competition is opened to all of the entry. www.What can be entered and how? The documents should consist of academic projects carried out at university and mounted horizontally on a single DIN A1 panel. Spain IBAN ES52 3183 0700 40 0001063124 BIC CASDESBB 3. regardless Our aim is to help the participants of their nature. IS ARCH is conceived as a platform for the promotion and recognition of university projects on an international scale. All selected works will be published on ISARCH’s various platforms. All proposals must be anonymous and the text which appears on it in English.000 10 Honourable mentions. sections. The authors may also include all information they consider necessary in order to fully understand the project: planes. As part of its interest in promoting the winning projects. etc. org Payment must be made by bank transfer to: Caja de Arquitectos. participants must also register on the ISARCH website. international Architecture firms. All selected works will be published on IS ARCH’s various platforms and on its website. About us First prize €3. projects as they wish. 30 Finalists. The name of the project must be stated correctly in the bottom right-hand corner of the panel. sketches and specifications. As part of its interest in promoting the winning projects.isarch. IS ARCH is in contact with various specialised journals and websites in order to secure their publication. A further objective of the IS ARCH Awards is to encourage young people to join the debate on architecture. as explained below. This cooperation creates a favourable environment for open reflection and comment. photos of the model. 4. The panel of judges will fee amount the internships in take all entries into consideration. the scanned copy of proof of payment of the registration fee has to be sent to info@isarch. 2. By promoting this platform. Third prize €1.000. e.

Second pay. regardless of the collaboration with Herzog & An expert panel of judges. Once they have filled in and sent 1st to 20th of November 2016 Publication of all competition the registration form. He led the project The general public may also assess for Museu Blau. Sofia. professional panel of judges (80% Participants who fail to receive this email should check their spam Tomislav Dushanov studied of the final score). La Confluence. Spain and Espacio Goya in awarded. and the master plan for of judges before the closing date Skolkovo University District near for All rights reserved © 2016 . The Entries must be sent by email. for entries.15th Manzanares urban design competition the minutes listing the prizes in Madrid. In the event Buldecor Furniture Factory in Sofia that a team wishes to enter several on various architecture and interior mentions The 30 Finalists. urban study for Lyon. Projects 8. Museu de Ciències 7. From 2003 to register to the IS ARCH Awards 2005 he studied Architecture at e-mail to info@isarch. Civil Engineering and period in which the registration Geodesy. (20 % of the final The entry fee corresponds to the Architecture. regardless of the number of 2000 to 2003 he collaborated with and Third prizes The 10 Honourable members in each team. Russia. proposals. from 1993score). He became mentioned on the webpage calendar. – 15th of October 2016 TOMISLAV DUSHANOV Associate 31st of November 2015 Start of the 9. The Associate in 2008. Registration first registration period €30 16th of March 2016 Start of the Entries will only be accepted if second registration period €60 the participants are correctly Special Registration period:​ registered.. payment Degree in Architecture. As a Project panel will files. Bulgaria. is done and is the price that each 1999. will inscription period registered. followed by the be final. starting for the winning works. Evaluation system must be submitted before the limit Tomislav Dushanov started his date mentioned. made and all necessary documents a registered Architect in 1999 and sent prior to the closing date licensed Architect in 2005. the registration in 2005 with his second Master valid onew will always be the ones form must be filled in. All registrations must 26th march . Deliberation period for the specifying the methods of payment. 7th Edition: 2nd November 2015 – 24th November 2016 the entries by voting on the ISARCH 10. Spain. participants will receive a confirmation email entries on the ISARCH website. which will be sent in jpg format to awards@ with the competitions for the Rio be included in isarch. The for info@isarch. 15th of July 2016 Start of the third be made via the IS ARCH website. ISARCH website. Architecture at the University of Public voting period starts on the box. Moscow. We are going to announce the panel France.IS ARCH awards for architecture students. with the same name as the one Manager he worked on a series of determine the assessment criteria registered on the website should international projects. for sending in From of: The winners of the First. Jury website and their opinions shall make up the remaining 20% of the Registration: 31st of November 2015 HERZOG & DE MEURON score. and became provide 80% of the final score. * For any questions that you have. The judges’ decision shall Zaragoza. it will have to register design projects including furniture you can direct to us by sending an as many times as projects want to and product design. Calendar www. He graduated in 1999 with a 24th of November Announcement on the ISARCH website participating team is required to Master Degree in Architecture. de Meuron in 2005. the Graduate School of Design at In order for an entry to be accepted Harvard University and was awarded * Inscription dates may vary. individually.isarch. Participants must fill in all the registration period €90 15th of October 2016 Closing date sections included on the form and click on SEND.

Troy Conrad Therrien is Curator. he has worked in every phase on large.isarch. The efforts were to rehabilitate the environment and stimulate the local economy through new development and creative design. Spain experimental forms of programming. he collaborated on various notably. This group focuses its efforts on overlooked and forgotten areas in Rome. He continued his studies and minored in Economics and Property Management at the Faculty of Economics. To further expand his knowledge he participated in several competitions and workshops including “New York Manhattan East River Waterfront Esplanade” and won second prize at “Architettura Sostenibile 2009” for his efforts. Rome. different systems and methods of design. Architectural Association in notably Herzog & de Meuron’s first London. and several venues for dance. communication technology and political economy through a curatorial practice blends www. designer IS ARCH awards for architecture students. theatre. Haiti Now. Company. Most in He obtained his Master Degree in Architecture at the University La Sapienza. Italy. and an MArch from Columbia commissions in South America: Natal University. Rome. he has worked to produce projects. designing a micro scale social and infrastructural unit for Since graduation he have continued the enhancement of impoverished gaining experience and exposure to Haitian communities. for James Janke is a project designer for Morphosis Architects. California. During his studies he spent time researching architectural design in South America and Europe. completion 2016). in the transformed Forum traditional exhibitions with other 2004 Building in Barcelona. He reside and was born in Italy where he have been a registered Architect since 2012. and currently he is engaged with the architecture firm LOT-EK in New York City. He received an MA in Architecture Tomislav Dushanov is currently in History and Theory from the charge of two Brazilian projects. 100000+ square meter projects that fuse big idea urban design and idiosyncratic architectural expression. GUGGENHEIM as a Project Manager on the G124 architecture curator. opera. Initially trained as a computer engineer. a Music School. He was previously an adjunct professor of architecture at Columbia University where he co-founded the Architecture Online Lab. of Morphosis’ complementary ego. a 700+ page visual almanac that analyzes Haiti’s problems and info@isarch. He has also worked at the opposite end of the spectrum. which operates Vazquez Consuegra in Seville Spain as an urban design think tank. 7th Edition: 2nd November 2015 – 24th November 2016 Naturals. a design and innovation consultancy. Working at the office of Guillermo The Now Institute. where he received the – Gymnasium at Mãe Luiza in Natal American Institute of Architects (planned completion 2013) and the Medal. JAMES JANKE project MORPHOSIS architects. Architecture and Digital Initiatives at the Guggenheim. (2012). University Tor Vergata. More recently in 2015 he have worked with Milan Ldt in their engineering group in Milan. member of The and music performances (planned RENZO PIANO senator’s working group. and later in architecture design. In 2011 at Cipa spa in Turin In addition to Janke’s architectural Italy he was the site superintendent work. and based in Los Angeles. FRANCESCO LORENZI. history and theory. Italy. he has been an integral member for the company’s engineering group. and co-founder of Therrien–Barley. team. Over the past three years at Morphosis. his current work focuses on the relationship between architecture. and a BASc in Computer Cultural Complex Luz in São Paulo. led by Pritzker Prize winner Thom All rights reserved © 2016 . Engineering from the University of comprising the São Paulo Dance British Columbia. In 2014 he worked with Renzo Piano TROY CONRAD THERRIEN.

researcher. eCAADe 2014. AA / 2009-15) opportunities through graphics.2010. Currently. among others. and design methodologies informed by biomimetic analogies. degree from Istanbul Technical University in 2003 (High Honors).Arch. degree from the AA Design Research Lab (AA DRL) in 2006 (Project Distinction). designers. aid workers.IS ARCH awards for architecture All rights reserved © 2016 . politicians. primarily on the Lo Monaco House in Lugano.Arch. Her projects have been printed widely www. Here he worked on several projects. It serves as a foundation for planners. She received her B. has focused on the integration of tower subsystems through generative ELIF ERDINE. Her research interests include the role of the individual building within complex urban systems. Janke graduated from the University of California Los Angeles in 2013 with a Master of Architecture degree. and other cultural investigators to inspire new possibilities. In 2012. and M. designer. eCAADe 2015. Emergent Technologies and Design Graduate Programme. She has presented her research in eCAADe 2013.isarch. Switzerland. ACADIA 2015. info@isarch. and biomimicry. he worked as a designer for Tom Wiscombe of the internationally recognized office. and the exploration of various flows in the urban environment as design drivers. She has worked for Zaha Hadid Architects during 2006 . she teaches at the Architectural Association (AA) School of Architecture. She is the Programme Director of AA DLAB Visiting School and AA Istanbul Visiting School. Prior to Morphosis. Her recently completed PhD thesis (‘Generative Processes in Tower Design: Algorithms for the Integration of Tower Subsystems’. also based in Los Angeles. 7th Edition: 2nd November 2015 – 24th November 2016 in international and national architecture publications. Tom Wiscombe Architecture.

org info@isarch. 7th Edition: 2nd November 2015 – 24th November 2016 Contest rules_last modification All rights reserved © 2016 IS ARCH awards for architecture students. 7th Edition: 2nd November 2015 – 24th November 2016 IS ARCH awards for architecture students.All rights reserved © 2016 www. .03.29 Many thanks to Adrian Ubeda Beltran for cover design.isarch.