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This document has been prepared for information purposes only. It may be used only for t specifiedpurposes only and for
application of various permits and approvals or as approved.

The documents enclosed are for a Solar Project to be built under the FiT
scheme. PSAC has embarked on developing this project by committing
significant resources and time to identify and secure key project specifics to
ensure project viability prior to applying for the various government permits
and approvals.
This project has been underdevelopment for the last 6 months with the
proper site selection and technical evaluation and local stakeholders
engagement and relationship building being developed to ensure project
viability. The initial findings are very positive and we are formally applying for
a Service Contract, which will be developed very quickly into a major
Philippine power project.
This approach allows all the stakeholders, DOE, NGCP, Landowners, LGU’s,
etc. to have better comfort and visibility that our Service Contract will
crystalize into a real project and not remain “in development” for years.
The entire project will be completed in 2 phases:
a) Phase I of 60MW by February 2016 and
b) Phase II of 60MW by February 2017
PH Solar Advance Corp (“PSAC”)is a wholly owned Filipino corporation and
was set up to fully focus on developing the Philippine Solar market. The
founder Ms.Maricel Montfort, a highly successful native of Cadiz and currently
residing in Bacolod and Manila, she is a long-standing citizen who has had
extensive working experience abroad and has returned back to the
Philippines to take an active part in improving the lives of the local Filipinos
through various infrastructure projects. Ms. Montfort is currently active with
several large infrastructure and social developments throughout the
These include medical facilities, orphanages, watertreatment/purification projects and land & property investments.Being a very
successful business lady, she is able to fully fund the professional and proper
development of these projects.
PSAC has identified Murcia City as a suitable site for the
Solar project. Murcia has a stable climate with adequate
sunlight throughout the year and minimal risk of heavy
typhoons or flooding. Land is plentiful and the local
government agencies are supportive of such an initiative.
Murcia currently has no power generation facilities and all
power is supplied from NGCP. It is an initiative that is

welcome in the area.
PSAC has been actively developing the project for the last 6 months and
focused on securing the right land location and negotiating with the
landowners to ensure terms and conditions and commercially viable for the
project. PSAC has actively engaged the local LGU’s and have planned for
CSR activities for the area once the project moves ahead.
Land Status:
a) Identified and secured approximately 90h with the landowners. Many of
our landowners are prominent local business people with good local
standing. Land Options have been signed for most of them and the rest
will be complete shortly and landowners are backing this project
fully.PSAC has very good relationships with all the landowners. In total
PSAC aims to secure approximately 180h to build up to 120MW.
b) Sites will be contiguous and has a 138KV private transmission line
running nearby to the NGCP Bacolod and this will make for a quick and
simple Connection to NGCP. Initial findings and discussions validate that
the 138kv line has the capacity for our Solar plant. This will be verified via
the Grid Impact Study. The Bacolod NGCP substation is less than 2km
away and we have developed a suitable evacuation plan.
c) PSAC has engaged professionals to conduct

Irradiation Studies
Flood studies
Topographical surveys
Soil studies
Connection routing and
Plant layout design

The site has ideal road access and is relatively flat with little flood risk.
The lands will not inconvenience any inhabitants. The landlords have
committed to ensure the site will be problem free and we will engage their
local individuals where possible.
d) The lands identified are outside the CARP jurisdiction and we have
obtained proper legal advice as well as advise from the local LGU’s on the
proper procedure to ensure that the site is Solar ready. This has already
been factored in our evaluation.
e) The land titles have also been checked for any risk of foreclosure or
encumbrances being attached.
f) PSAC has also ensured that there are no sensitive or endangered trees on
the site and will not need any special approval or process.

PSAC has engaged several key partners that have been working on this
project jointly the last six months. Their profiles can be found in this folder.
PSAC has chosen organizations/individuals that have real experience in Solar
projects both locally and internationally.We have also engaged other parties
that provide the required support services for this project.
Our Partnersare :
 Juwi Solar Asia:
A highly respected German company that is one of the
worlds largest Solar and Wind Developers. They have
built more than 300MW in Asia and have done 1.5GW
worldwide. They have a Philippine office and have completed a 4MW
solar plant in Philippines and have several other projects that will be
completed this year. They have close to 500MW under their Operations
and Maintenance Program.
 JCE Electrofields:
A 100% Filipino organization that has been working on
numerous power projects locally and have an excellent
track record and reputation with the various
Government Agencies. JCE’s main specialty is on the High Voltage
section of the project. They are currently completing a 30MW Solar
plant in Philippines and are probably one of the most experienced local
home grown Solar organization.
 Infratech ASTM Co:
Given the unique requirements for a Solar plant and
the key being proper land selection, we have engaged
Infratech to conduct suitable studies on the
Topography, Soil and Flood conditions of the site. These are essential to
ensure that the site selected would not pose a flood risk to the site or
to neighboring lands and thee will be factored into the final design. Soil
studies will enable an assessment of the civil works required and the
type of foundations needed for the site. The topography will allow a
detailed assessment of the land contours and the installed capacity of
the Solar Plant. All these factors will play into the feasibility of the
 Power System Research and Consultancy Group:
One of the most experienced local organization
that will provide support and information on
substations, transmission lines and its corresponding capacities to
serve as an input in the preliminary assessment of the feasibility of the
site for use as solar power plant. They will propose the optimal
connection option for the power plant site and provide information on
Philippine Market Operations to be adhered to for the proposed plant.

They will conduct our Grid Impact Study and Facility Study.
 Others :
We have assembled a team of dedicated individuals with unique
skillsets to play key functions in this Solar Plant development. Among
them are:

Legal advisors on land and other matters

Land experts to identify and perfect the land status

Tax advisors to ensure PSAC optimizes its tax benefits

Corporate secretary to ensure all PSAC matters are duly adhered

Accountant to ensure all records are kept in order and auditable

Local advisors to ensure the project is properly presented to the
various local stakeholders and are given constant updates

ECC Consultant who has already began his work
Given the extent of the
activities ongoing, PSAC aims
to begin construction of the
plant in Q2 2015 with a
physical completion target in Jan 2016. This has factored in various factors
including the rainy season and harvest season, which may affect availability
of manpower. PSAC is already in discussion to address any local manpower
In view of PSAC’s serious and diligent work to date we are requesting that our
application be fast-tracked in order to allow PSAC to commence the Grid
Impact Study. We have enclosed our formal request letter for this.
PSAC is continuing its development activities concurrently to this application
as we are fully committed to building this Solar Plant which will put
Philippines on the Solar Map of Asia. The ongoing activities would include
ECC, defining CSR activities, vendor selection, detailed engineering and
design drawings, logistics planning, staff recruitment and investment
We are well into these activities and will have these completed in the next 45
to sixty days.