The regular meeting of the Board of Calhoun County Road Commissioners was held on Wednesday, April 7, 2010 at 5:30 p.m.

in their office located at 13300 Fifteen Mile Road, Marshall, Michigan. PRESENT: Commissioner Commissioner Commissioner Commissioner Commissioner Scott Brown, Chairman Hugh Coward, Vice Chairman Charles Monaweck, Member Eric Tobin, Member Christopher Vreeland, Member

ALSO PRESENT: Pixie Coats, Board Clerk Mary Jo Crumpton, Deputy Board Clerk General Public Chairman Scott Brown called the regular meeting of the Board of Calhoun County Road Commissioners to order at 5:32 p.m. and led the Pledge of Allegiance. Motion made by Commissioner Tobin and supported by Commissioner Vreeland to approve the Claims Payable Listing ending March 25, 2010 for $506,532.44. Roll call vote: Monaweck-Yes; Tobin-Yes; Brown-Yes; CowardYes; Vreeland-Yes. Motion carried. Motion made by Commissioner Tobin and supported by Commissioner Coward to approve the March 17, 2010 regular meeting minutes. Voice vote: Motion carried. COMMUNICATIONS AND RESOLUTIONS Mrs. Coats read the communications as follows: a) Received the 2010-2011 29A Crushed Cubicle Aggregate bid b) Received a letter from Kevin Henning, Managing Director, regarding the Board Room Entrance bid MANAGING DIRECTOR’S REPORT Chairman Brown noted that Mr. Henning submitted the Managing Director’s report electronically to all Commissioners. Motion made by Commissioner Vreeland and supported by Commissioner Tobin to award the 2010 29A Crushed Cubicle Aggregate bid to Carr Brothers for one (1) year. Roll call vote: Vreeland-Yes; Coward-Yes; Monaweck-Yes; Tobin-Yes; Brown-Yes. Motion carried. COMMISSIONERS TIME Commissioner Monaweck noted that according to Overdrive Magazine that represents over-the-road drivers, Michigan is second behind Pennsylvania for bad roads – last year Michigan was third. He updated Board members on activity at various road commissions around the State including: 1) Oceana is laying off seven road workers beginning April 12th, but they will be brought back to work on October 1st for winter maintenance activities; 2) Huron is being accused of misappropriation of funds, due to a Commissioner owning property next to a county park – a road was built on the property to allow overflow

Board of Calhoun County Road Commissioners Minutes of April 7, 2010

parking from the park; 3) Livingston is encouraging their townships to find funds for local road projects, but has had little response from the townships. He commented that municipalities, townships and villages in Calhoun County do not seem to work well together; 4) Read an article from the Kalamazoo Gazette regarding their dislike of the fuel tax that funds Act 51. Commissioner Monaweck provided photographs of South County Line Road in Athens Township. The Calhoun County portion is paved, but badly deteriorated and crumbling, while the gravel portion in Branch County is beautiful. He added that Athens Township is willing to pay for 50% of the cost to pulverize and fill with crushed concrete. The other set of pictures is of 1 ½ Mile Road between O and R Drive South. This road was tore up last year by the sludge haulers and was torn up again this year. The Road Commission has been out there again this year with the Durapatcher to fix the road and Commissioner Monaweck stated that we cannot afford to continually repair damage created by others’ negligence. He asked that the pictures be given to Mr. Henning. Commissioner Coward asked if the Township Supervisor meeting minutes and resolution reminder were mailed to townships. Mrs. Crumpton replied that they were mailed last week. Commissioner Vreeland referred to the article in the Chronicle/AdVisor regarding an upcoming Open House on April 11th to honor Mr. Lawrence Schmidt for his 100th birthday. Mr. Schmidt started working for the Road Commission when he was 17 in 1927 and retired as a Road Commissioner in 1994. Commissioner Brown noted the lack of attendance by townships at the recent Michigan Township Association (MTA) meeting. Representatives from CCRC and State government were in attendance, but no answers or solutions were given regarding funding road improvements. Commissioner Vreeland commented that Eckford Township is now on the ListServe for the Calhoun County chapter of the MTA. CITIZEN COMMENTS Lane Landis, Homer Township resident, agreed with Commissioner Monaweck that citizens/businesses need to be held accountable for tearing up our roads. Asked if residents on a road can provide the match for local road improvements. Commissioner Brown replied that State statute allows this through the township and directed Mr. Landis to start the process at the township level. ANNOUNCEMENTS The next regular meeting of the Board of Calhoun County Road Commissioners will be held on Wednesday, April 21, 2010 at 5:30 p.m. There being no additional business before the Board, Chairman Brown adjourned the meeting at 5:52 p.m.

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_________________________________ Mary Jo Crumpton, Deputy Board Clerk

___________________________________ Scott A. Brown, Chairman