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Press Release

For Immediate Release: June 30, 2015
Susan Zimet, (845) 527-5309

Zimet announces she will not seek re-election as New Paltz Town Supervisor
(New Paltz, NY) Susan Zimet announces today that she will not be seeking reelection for her
third term for the position of New Paltz Town Supervisor.
“The top Democrats and Republicans in the Town of New Paltz asked me to leave my position as
Ulster County Legislator in 2011 to return to the position of New Paltz Supervisor due to the
fiscal crisis the Town was facing. Unfortunately, the situation was worse than believed, as
confirmed by the New York State Comptroller.
I came in and rolled up my sleeves to get the financial accounting of the Towns finances back on
track. We worked hard, put systems in place and monitored all spending. After a decade of
double digit tax increases, my administration cut over a million dollars form the budget, reducing
taxes by over 8% for the last three years, Zimet said.”
Most recently, Zimet led the fight in the battle against a PILOT for the Wilmorite/ Park Point
Project that would have given significant tax breaks to the developer at the expense of the New
Paltz taxpayers. The lawsuit won by the Town of New Paltz has gotten State wide attention for
allowing the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) to consider the economic
impact a PILOT will have on a community.
Most recently Zimet brought the Town, Village, School District, SUNY New Paltz, DEC and
others together to work on a grant for the Planning of a Micro Grid, which would provide the
community with alternative energy during a storm.
“It is important that there is a hub for the community to go to during a storm and in the aftermath
to get warm, have food and the services needed to be safe.” stated Zimet. The project was
awarded $100,000 by NYSERDA to plan a micro grid. The next round of funding will be for
$1million for design.
When the clock was ticking and the Village had not found a solution to provide water for the
customers of the Village and Town during the upcoming shutdowns, Zimet reached out to the
DEP to see how the Town could help. She shepherded a coalition with the Town and the Village
to work cooperatively to find a solution. While there are still barriers to completion, there is a
plan and continuous discussions to assure the community is protected.

Zimet was tenacious in protecting the Town’s environment. Her administration was finally able
to win the ground breaking Wetlands lawsuit that went through the courts for far too long. They
enacted a process, which was also ground breaking in the State, that provides for oversight and
monitoring of the Town’s many conservation easements. Zimet was instrumental in the
negotiations to acquire Millbrook Preserve, an important environmental gem in the heart of the
Susan was a leader in the State in helping to get a fracking ban and brought that leadership role
to the Town with the enactment of three anti-fracking laws as well as her role on the steering
committee of Elected Officials to Protect New York (an organization of over 800 elected officials
across New York State).
When the Town employees, including Zimet, were in a perpetual state of ill health due to mold
discovered in Town Hall, she quickly got to work and moved Town Hall to temporary quarters.
This move was accomplished in two months without borrowing any money. The health of all the
employees improved immediately and productivity increased.
In addition to the fiscal oversight provided by Zimet and her Board, the Zimet administration
was able to create opportunities for the community including a Dog Park, a soon to be dedicated
Pavilion at the Field of Dreams, a sports park she helped create during her first term of office in
1996, creation of a Senior Coordinator to meet the needs of our growing senior population and
“The next Supervisor will have serious projects they will have to manage including $6 million in
New York Rising money, the DEP water project, the development of the Micro Grid, a new
energy efficient headquarters for Town Government and the everyday workings of managing a
Town. The finances are always the number one priority; however the next Supervisor should
have an easier time as the Town will be bringing in a Finance Director in the near future.
I am proud of the work we have accomplished on behalf of the people of New Paltz, despite the
difficult political environment that we were forced to work in. I love this community and wish
the Town Board and future Supervisor much success,” stated Zimet.