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Time- 3 Hours

The figures in the right hand margin indicate marks.
Answer all questions.

1. “ Benthamism shorn of its crudities is simply humanism”.


Discuss the modifications made by John Stuart Mill in

“The state is a march of God on earth.” In the light of this
statement , evaluate Hegel’s views on state.


Examine Marx’s theory of historical materialism.

Examine Lenin’s theory of imperialism.


“Mahatma Gandhi was the incarnation of Truth and Non-violence”

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M.-50 The figures in the right hand margin indicate marks. Do you agree? Justify your answer.3 Hours F.C.P. Explain the basic features of Post-modernism. 15 OR Examine the contemporary trends in the ideology of Nationalism. Answer all questions. AUTONOMOUS COLLEGE. 1. “Libertitarianism stands for core values of liberty and individualism”. 15 OR Examine the growth and evolution of secularism in modern period. Examine the nature and functioning of Civil Society in the era of globalization. 2.2015 Time.. 3. 20 OR Examine the growth of environmentalism in contemporary political thinking and practice. --------------------- M. BARIPADA PG DEPARTMENT OF POLITICAL SCIENCE LIST OF BOOKS FOR GENERAL LIBRARY 2014-15 .

Ghai Kalyani Publishers Rs260 2 Indian Government &Politics B.Gauba Macmillan Publishers ------- 03 R.K.Sl N o Name of the Book Name of the Author(s) Name of the Publisher Price 1 Indian Government &Politics (Latest edition) K.L.A.Ghai 8 9 India-US Partnership-Asian Challenges and beyond The Poorer Nations 10 Nehru and Bose-Parallel Lives The End of American World Order 11 12 Hindu Nationalism and the evolution of contemporary Indian security P..Shukla(Ed) Vijay Prasad R.P.Acharya Pearson Rs335 03 Fadia&Fadia Sahitya bhawan Publications Rs295 Political Theory-An Introduction 4 Public Administration 5 Public Administration 6 K.Ghai Kalyani Publishers Fadia&Fadia Sahitya bhawan Publications Kalyani Publishers Wisdom Tree Indian Administration 7 International Relations K.Bhargava.Fadia Sahitya Bhawan 3 An Introduction to Political Theory O.P.Mukherji Amitav Acharya Chris Ogden Leftword Books Penguin India Cambridge OUP.New Delhi Comparative Politics 13 14 15 16 Modern Indian Political Thought Manoj Kumar Political Sociology Chakravorty & Pandey Political Sociology JK Baral Basic Research Methods SK Jena G.Guthrie Research Methodology Western Political Thought India since 1980 Ram Ahuja Chakravorty & Pandey 02 03 Rs295 Rawat Publications 02 03 -- 01 -Rs795 01 01 Rs600 01 Rs599 -- 01 03 02 -Rs425 --------Sage Publications 05 04 Rs795 Anmol Publications Sage Publications ------- No of copies reqd 03 03 02 --------Rs475 02 02 .K.K.

Agrawal.17 Harvesting Feminist Knowledge For Public Policy Sunil Ganguly and others Sage Publication Cambridge Univ.Das Kundu Defining Human Rights— Perspective.Why we must Rediscover a Liberal Space Uma Iyenger(Ed) India-Russia Strategic Partnership G.Shukla(Ed) 19 P.Adhikari 22 24 25 26 Concept Publishing House New Delhi Oxford UP New Delhi 01 Rs500 01 01 Rs399 01 Rs595 01 Academic Foundation Rs795 01 Hachette India .Press Debaki Jain(Ed) 18 N.singh(Ed) Serials Publications. Rajanaitik samajtatwa’. India and the world 21 Rs295 --- .K. OF POL.Bhatt 20 Together They Fought. S. New Delhi 03 each HEAD.Jammu&Kashmir 23 Pentagon Press Ne Delhi 01 --- Sage Publications India’s Foreign Policy-Emerging Challenges Globalization. ‘Aantarjatik Rajaniti’ may be purchased Eric Hobsbawm Ira Pande (Ed) Harper Collins Mukesh K.Arora(Ed) Unistar Books. Challenges and Opportunities Recent Issues concerning Violation against Women If available.K.Jha. PG DEPT. Gorgaon Rs699 01 Rs595 01 Rs795 01 N. R.SC 29 Rs995 Rs1250 27 28 01 Harper Collins How to Change the World-Tales of Marx and Marxism A Tangled Web. ‘Bharatiya sambidhan’. Odia books on ‘Rajaniti Tatwa’. Chandigarh Subash C. Sadharan Prashasan’.GandhiNehru Correspondence The Intolerant Indian.

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