University of Wisconsin System – Sample Inclusive Excellence Planning Template

UW System President & SVPs Cabinet Chancellors, Provosts, Deans and Directors EDI, IE Leadership Team, Systemwide IE Diversity-related Constituency Groups

Campus Community

Faculty, Staff & Students



Phase I: Preplanning --Appoint IE Leadership Teams; Collect

Relevant Data for Inquiry & Analysis; Identify Needed Expertise Content Area Consultants; Pre-Assessment; Begin Cultivating Campus-Wide Buy-in; Gather Institutional and Departmental Mission statements. Build Capacity for Culture Change Work.

Phase II: Plan & Develop Strategic Plan for Inclusive Excellence--Establish
Specific Goals & Define Rubrics for Student Compositional Diversity, Equity in Student Outcomes - Access, Retention, Excellence; Workforce and Leadership Diversity; Define Hallmarks of Excellence.

Phase III: Formal Implementation of Strategic Inclusive Excellence Plan--Define Goals &

Priorities; Implementation of Rubrics and Benchmarks, Professional Development; Alignment of Recognitions and Awards.

Phase IV: Evaluation and Assessment Measure Progress in Key Areas--Recurring,
continuous phase to evaluate and measure progress; Modify and /or realign process as needed.

University of Wisconsin System –

Inclusive Excellence Project


Phase I: Pre-Planning 3-6 months

Purpose: Plan Inclusive Excellence Strategies Date: • Provide institutions with expectations and responsibilities. Summer - Fall 2009 • Institutions lay the foundation for their Inclusive Excellence Work. • Identify Core IE Campus/Institution Leadership Teams Preparation: • • • • • President, Vice Presidents, Directors - Select System’s core IE leadership teams Chancellors, Provosts, Deans, Directors- Select team leaders & appoint core IE leadership teams Identify diversity and IE content area experts1 Gather relevant policies Gather existing institutional data for key performance indicators for equity and excellence: o Students – Precollege, Access, Retention, Excellence, Institutional Receptivity o Workforce – Recruitment, Retention, Development and Upward Mobility, Leadership Development o Equity Scorecard and Plan 2008 – Continued Focus Upon Plan 2008 Goals Not Attained o Climate Survey Data – Institutional Receptivity o AA Plans, Status of Women Reports Participants: •

Location: UW Systemwide

• • •

BOR, President, Chancellors, Provosts, Chief Diversity Officer, External Relations, Development, Deans, Academic Department Chairs, Directors of large functions (includes President’s and Chancellors’ Cabinets or top leadership groups) Academic Affairs, Student Affairs Governance (Faculty, Academic Staff and Students) Internal Diversity Consultants (e.g. Equity Scorecard Team Leaders and Members, MDCs, PCDs, LGBTQ, WSC, AA/Workforce Diversity, ADA, CSSD, Compass Team Leaders, WiscAmp, Equity-minded faculty, staff and students, etc.)


Internal Diversity Consultants (e.g. representatives of Multicultural/Disadvantaged Coordinators Equity Scorecard Team Leaders/Teams, LGBTQ Directors/Coordinators, HR/Workforce Diversity, Affirmative Action, Disabilities Coordinators, Women’s Studies Directors, etc



o Accommodations and Universal Design Issues Determine method of inquiry and analysis o Equity Scorecard, SWOT, Mapping o Prepare UW System Inclusive Excellence Vital Signs data (IR,OPAR)

Proposed Activities: • Develop work plan for each institution • Define IE Goals and Objectives • Define Evaluation and Assessment Measures • Review Mission Statements • Conduct pre-assessment to determine institutional readiness and status for having IE as the core organizing principle • Create Core IE Leadership Team and area consultants • Identify IE allies • Launch efforts to cultivate a culture of evidence and equityminded approaches to making excellence inclusive • Develop strategies to mitigate or eliminate deficit-minded standards, processing and thinking • Cultivate institution-wide awareness, competencies and buyin for equity, diversity, inclusion and organizational culture change • Develop professional development plans to increase core competencies



University of Wisconsin System - Inclusive Excellence Project 2009-10

Phase II – Planning for Inclusive Excellence 3-6 months
Purpose: Develop Comprehensive Strategic Plans for Inclusive Excellence for implementation institution-wide, including corresponding functional and departmental plans. Define overall strategies, establish goals, timelines, outcomes and metrics. Preparation: • Finalize institution’s IE Leadership team members for each major functional/operational unit • Define overall scope of the work to be accomplished-establish timelines • Charge from President and Chancellors • Intensify efforts to establish a culture of evidence • Define Rationale for Diversity • Complete institution’s IE Vital Signs data and assessment • Identify human resources for planning process and professional development • Develop or identify professional development designed to increase individual and organizational capacity to implement IE strategies. • Ensure that all relevant participants are involved in defining the scope of the problem, goals, strategies, assessment measures, performance indicators, etc. /opt/scribd/conversion/tmp/scratch2365/28345473.doc Date: Winter – Summer 2010 Location: Statewide

Participants: • UWSA - BOR, President, Cabinet, Vice Presidents, Directors, Chancellors, Provosts, President’s Council on Diversity • Institutions – Chancellors, Provosts/Vice Chancellors, Deans Chief Diversity Officer, , Budget & Planning, External Relations, Development o Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Academic & Administrative Department Directors o Faculty, Governance (faculty, staff, student) Academic Department Chairs, Department Directors, Department Chairs o Strategic Planning Committees; Academic Planning Committees • Internal Diversity Consultants (e.g. representatives of Multicultural/Disadvantaged Coordinators Equity Scorecard Team Leaders/Teams, LGBTQ Directors/Coordinators, 5

HR/Workforce Diversity, Affirmative Action, Disabilities Coordinators, Women’s Studies Directors, etc.)

Proposed Activities: • Prepare comprehensive, campus/institution wide planning process and plans • Decide evidence-based analysis & assessment process • Cultivate equity-minded skills and practices • Define IE performance indicators for institution • Review relevant policies and practices • Identify areas of inequities in outcomes • Identify and Design Professional Development and Other Capacity Building programs • Develop strategic communications plans



University of Wisconsin System - Inclusive Excellence Project 2009-10

Phase III – Implementation 4 – 6 months, On-Going
Purpose: Activate Strategic Plans for Inclusive Excellence Institutions implement strategic plans for Inclusive Excellence Date: Winter – Fall 2010 Location: Systemwide

Preparation: • Identify resources – human, budget & capital • Review previously defined indicators • Collect relevant policies and practices • Assess and measure progress in key areas • Implement communications strategies and plans

Participants: • Institutional Leadership - President, Chancellors, Provost, Chief Diversity Officers, Deans, Academic Department Chairs • Academic and Student Affairs • Faculty, Students • Internal Diversity Consultants • Governance – Faculty, Staff and Students



Proposed Activities: • Prioritize action steps • Realign budgets, human resources and capital expenditures with goals and priorities • Create incentives for leveraging change • Review and revise mission statements where needed to incorporate diversity and inclusive excellence principles • Analyze and review relevant policies, change practices • Develop performance review and assessment measures • Define institutional accountability standards and benchmarks

Common Elements for IE Plans: • Statement of challenges and opportunities • Rationale for equity, diversity and inclusion • Goals, Objectives • Determine Indicators of Excellence and Success • Determine Campus Climate Indicators • Benchmarks and Timetables • Communications Plans • Rewards and Incentives •



University of Wisconsin System – Inclusive Excellence Project 2009-10

Phase IV – Evaluation and Assessment 3-12 months and Continual
Purpose: Evaluate and Assess Progress Toward Goals; Refine or Modify Strategies Recurring, Continuous Assessment Preparation: • • • Measure progress against established goals and rubrics Prepare assessment tools & reporting standards for each functional level Determine process for communicating results o Set new or revised targets o Realign strategies o Determine recognition and reward Participants: • Institutional Leadership, Chief Diversity Officers • IE Core Leadership Team • IE Functional/Departmental Teams • Institutional Researchers and Program Evaluation Specialists • Faculty • Student Affairs/Support Specialists • Internal Diversity Consultants • Subject Matter Experts Date: Beginning Winter 2010, Recurring and Continuous Location: Systemwide



Proposed Activities: • Assess impacts of changes • Monitor process and progress; Report Outcomes • Identify Successes • Refine assessment practices; Realign process where needed • Realign budgets as needed • Present rewards, award • Strategic Communication of Results

Additional Considerations: • Prepare reports analyzing progress (System & Institutions) • Change course where needed • Restructure rewards and recognitions