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University of Wisconsin System –

Sample Inclusive Excellence Planning Template 2009-10

UW System Chancellors, EDI, IE Diversity-related
President & SVPs Provosts, Deans Leadership Constituency Faculty, Staff & Campus
Cabinet and Directors Team, Groups Students Community
Systemwide IE

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Phase I: Preplanning --Appoint IE Leadership Teams; Collect
Relevant Data for Inquiry & Analysis; Identify Needed Expertise Content
Area Consultants; Pre-Assessment; Begin Cultivating Campus-Wide Buy-in;
Gather Institutional and Departmental Mission statements. Build Capacity
for Culture Change Work.

Phase II: Plan & Develop Strategic Plan for Inclusive Excellence--Establish
Specific Goals & Define Rubrics for Student Compositional Diversity, Equity in Student
Outcomes - Access, Retention, Excellence; Workforce and Leadership Diversity; Define
Hallmarks of Excellence.
Phase III: Formal Implementation of Strategic Inclusive Excellence Plan--Define Goals &
Priorities; Implementation of Rubrics and Benchmarks, Professional Development; Alignment of Recognitions and

Phase IV: Evaluation and Assessment Measure Progress in Key Areas--Recurring,

continuous phase to evaluate and measure progress; Modify and /or realign process as needed.

University of Wisconsin System – Inclusive Excellence Project 2009-10

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Phase I: Pre-Planning
3-6 months

Purpose: Plan Inclusive Excellence Strategies Date: Location:

• Provide institutions with expectations and responsibilities.
• Institutions lay the foundation for their Inclusive Excellence Work. Summer - Fall 2009 UW Systemwide
• Identify Core IE Campus/Institution Leadership Teams

Preparation: Participants:

• President, Vice Presidents, Directors - Select System’s core • BOR, President, Chancellors, Provosts, Chief Diversity
IE leadership teams Officer, External Relations, Development, Deans,
• Chancellors, Provosts, Deans, Directors- Select team leaders Academic Department Chairs, Directors of large
& appoint core IE leadership teams functions (includes President’s and Chancellors’
• Identify diversity and IE content area experts1 Cabinets or top leadership groups)
• Gather relevant policies • Academic Affairs, Student Affairs
• Gather existing institutional data for key performance • Governance (Faculty, Academic Staff and Students)
indicators for equity and excellence: • Internal Diversity Consultants (e.g. Equity Scorecard
o Students – Precollege, Access, Retention, Excellence, Team Leaders and Members, MDCs, PCDs, LGBTQ,
Institutional Receptivity WSC, AA/Workforce Diversity, ADA, CSSD, Compass
o Workforce – Recruitment, Retention, Development and Team Leaders, WiscAmp, Equity-minded faculty, staff
Upward Mobility, Leadership Development and students, etc.)
o Equity Scorecard and Plan 2008 – Continued Focus
Upon Plan 2008 Goals Not Attained
o Climate Survey Data – Institutional Receptivity
o AA Plans, Status of Women Reports

Internal Diversity Consultants (e.g. representatives of Multicultural/Disadvantaged Coordinators Equity Scorecard Team Leaders/Teams, LGBTQ
Directors/Coordinators, HR/Workforce Diversity, Affirmative Action, Disabilities Coordinators, Women’s Studies Directors, etc
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o Accommodations and Universal Design Issues
• Determine method of inquiry and analysis
o Equity Scorecard, SWOT, Mapping
o Prepare UW System Inclusive Excellence Vital Signs
data (IR,OPAR)

Proposed Activities:
• Develop work plan for each institution
• Define IE Goals and Objectives
• Define Evaluation and Assessment Measures
• Review Mission Statements
• Conduct pre-assessment to determine institutional readiness
and status for having IE as the core organizing principle
• Create Core IE Leadership Team and area consultants
• Identify IE allies
• Launch efforts to cultivate a culture of evidence and equity-
minded approaches to making excellence inclusive
• Develop strategies to mitigate or eliminate deficit-minded
standards, processing and thinking
• Cultivate institution-wide awareness, competencies and buy-
in for equity, diversity, inclusion and organizational culture
• Develop professional development plans to increase core

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University of Wisconsin System - Inclusive Excellence Project 2009-10

Phase II – Planning for Inclusive Excellence

3-6 months

Purpose: Develop Comprehensive Strategic Plans for Date: Location:

Inclusive Excellence for implementation institution-wide,
including corresponding functional and departmental plans. Define Winter – Summer 2010 Statewide
overall strategies, establish goals, timelines, outcomes and

Preparation: Participants:

• Finalize institution’s IE Leadership team members for each • UWSA - BOR, President, Cabinet, Vice Presidents,
major functional/operational unit Directors, Chancellors, Provosts, President’s Council on
• Define overall scope of the work to be accomplished-establish Diversity
timelines • Institutions – Chancellors, Provosts/Vice Chancellors,
• Charge from President and Chancellors Deans Chief Diversity Officer, , Budget & Planning, External
• Intensify efforts to establish a culture of evidence Relations, Development
• Define Rationale for Diversity o Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Academic &
• Complete institution’s IE Vital Signs data and assessment Administrative Department Directors
• Identify human resources for planning process and o Faculty, Governance (faculty, staff, student)
professional development Academic Department Chairs, Department Directors,
• Develop or identify professional development designed to Department Chairs
increase individual and organizational capacity to implement IE o Strategic Planning Committees; Academic Planning
strategies. Committees
• Ensure that all relevant participants are involved in defining the • Internal Diversity Consultants (e.g. representatives of
scope of the problem, goals, strategies, assessment measures, Multicultural/Disadvantaged Coordinators Equity Scorecard
performance indicators, etc. Team Leaders/Teams, LGBTQ Directors/Coordinators,
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HR/Workforce Diversity, Affirmative Action, Disabilities
Coordinators, Women’s Studies Directors, etc.)

Proposed Activities:

• Prepare comprehensive, campus/institution wide planning

process and plans
• Decide evidence-based analysis & assessment process
• Cultivate equity-minded skills and practices
• Define IE performance indicators for institution
• Review relevant policies and practices
• Identify areas of inequities in outcomes
• Identify and Design Professional Development and Other
Capacity Building programs
• Develop strategic communications plans

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University of Wisconsin System - Inclusive Excellence Project 2009-10

Phase III – Implementation

4 – 6 months, On-Going

Purpose: Activate Strategic Plans for Inclusive Excellence Date: Location:

Institutions implement strategic plans for Inclusive Excellence Winter – Fall 2010 Systemwide

Preparation: Participants:

• Identify resources – human, budget & capital • Institutional Leadership - President, Chancellors, Provost,
• Review previously defined indicators Chief Diversity Officers, Deans, Academic Department Chairs
• Collect relevant policies and practices • Academic and Student Affairs
• Assess and measure progress in key areas • Faculty, Students
• Implement communications strategies and plans • Internal Diversity Consultants
• Governance – Faculty, Staff and Students

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Proposed Activities: Common Elements for IE Plans:
• Statement of challenges and opportunities
• Prioritize action steps • Rationale for equity, diversity and inclusion
• Realign budgets, human resources and capital expenditures • Goals, Objectives
with goals and priorities • Determine Indicators of Excellence and Success
• Create incentives for leveraging change • Determine Campus Climate Indicators
• Review and revise mission statements where needed to • Benchmarks and Timetables
incorporate diversity and inclusive excellence principles • Communications Plans
• Analyze and review relevant policies, change practices • Rewards and Incentives
• Develop performance review and assessment measures •
• Define institutional accountability standards and benchmarks

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University of Wisconsin System – Inclusive Excellence Project 2009-10

Phase IV – Evaluation and Assessment

3-12 months and Continual

Purpose: Evaluate and Assess Progress Toward Goals; Date: Location:

Refine or Modify Strategies Beginning Winter 2010,
Recurring and Continuous Systemwide
Recurring, Continuous Assessment

Preparation: Participants:

• Measure progress against established goals and rubrics • Institutional Leadership, Chief Diversity Officers
• Prepare assessment tools & reporting standards for each • IE Core Leadership Team
functional level • IE Functional/Departmental Teams
• Determine process for communicating results • Institutional Researchers and Program Evaluation
o Set new or revised targets Specialists
o Realign strategies • Faculty
o Determine recognition and reward • Student Affairs/Support Specialists
• Internal Diversity Consultants
• Subject Matter Experts

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Proposed Activities: Additional Considerations:

• Assess impacts of changes • Prepare reports analyzing progress (System & Institutions)
• Monitor process and progress; Report Outcomes • Change course where needed
• Identify Successes • Restructure rewards and recognitions
• Refine assessment practices; Realign process where needed
• Realign budgets as needed
• Present rewards, award
• Strategic Communication of Results

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