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January-March 2015

Volume 6 Issue No. 1

The International Federation of Social
Science Organizations (IFSSO) will be holding
its 22nd General Conference on May 29 to
June 1, 2015 at Seijo University in Tokyo,
Japan. The theme of this year’s conference is
“Glocalization: A Social Scientific Approach
towards Social Design for the Creation of
Multicultural Society.”
Dr. Kazuhisa Nishihara is the Chairman of the
Japan Local Organizing Committee for the
22nd IFSSO General Conference.

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Changing of the Guards among IFSSO Member Organizations
There have been significant changes in the officials of IFSSO Member Organizations. It is
important to get to know the new officials of these organizations.
Dr. Leslie Bauzon took his oath as Chair of the National Research Council of the Philippines –
Social Sciences Division (NRCP) during the organizations General Assembly in March 2014. He
replaced Prof. Carmencita Aguilar in the said position.
Dr. Grace Aguiling-Dalisay is now the Dean of the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy of
the University of the Philippines (CSSP-UP), replacing Dr. Michael L. Tan since March 2014. Dr.
Tan is now the Chancellor of the University of the Philippines Diliman. CSSP-UP is an Associate
Member Organization of IFSSO.
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Activities Co-Sponsored By IFSSO
The International Federation of Social Science Organizations (IFSSO) co-sponsored two
important international events last year together with partner organizations.
In June 27, 2014, IFSSO co-sponsored the International Museum Day Forum together with the
International Council of Museums – Philippines (ICOM). The activity was held at the College of St.
Benilde in Manila with the theme “Museum Collections Make Connections.”
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The Conference aims to gather academics, specialists, and writers of all persuasions from
different parts of the world to share their researches on the following topics:

Theoretical inquiry on the concept of glocalization;
Country experiences on glocalization;
Problems of multicultural societies;
Disaster and recovery;
Innovation and society;
Individualization in society and people’s mobility; and
Problems on peace, education, and environment at the glocal level.

Issues related to glocalization, such as family issues; poverty and inequity; media and social
psychology; and religion and society, will also be discussed during the Conference.
47 papers have been selected for presentation during the Conference. IFSSO’s Scientific
Committee received proposed paper presentations from 24 countries, namely: Algeria, Bangladesh,
Brazil, Chad, China, India, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, the
Philippines, Poland, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkey, Uganda, United Kingdom,
and the United States.
The General Conference will also include a special symposium organized by the host
university – Seijo University in commemoration of the University’s 100th year. The Center for
Global Studies (CGS) and the School of Social Innovation, both of Seijo University, will also
organize one panel session each during the General Conference.
Dr. Kazuhisa Nishihara, Professor of Sociology at Seijo University, is the Chair of the
Local Organizing Committee of the 2015 IFSSO General Conference. The Conference is being
supported through a grant coming from the Science Council of Japan (SCJ), the Japanese Society
for Asian Studies, and the Institute of Sociology in Tokyo.
Activities Co-Sponsored By IFSSO
On the other hand, the International Mamanwa Dialogue-Symposium was held in September
19-21, 2014 in Surigao City, Philippines. The Mamanwa are the indigenous people of Mindanao
Island of the Philippines. The event was mainly spearheaded by the Surigaonon Heritage Center and
supported by IFSSO.
Changing of the Guards...
Prof. Iskandar Zulkarnain has been
appointed in mid-October 2014 as the new
Chairman of the Indonesian Institute of
Sciences (LIPI), replacing Prof. Dr. Lukman
Hakim. LIPI is a Member Organization of