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Executive Summery

At the turn of the century, world leaders came together at the United Nations and agreed
on a bold vision for the future through the Millennium Declaration. The Millennium
Development Goals (MDGs) were a pledge to uphold the principles of human dignity,
equality andequity, and free the world from extreme poverty. The MDGs, with eight goals
and a set of measurable timebound targets, established a blueprint for tackling the most
pressing development challenges of our time.
Fourteen years ago, the Millennium Declaration articulated a bold vision and established
concrete targets for improving the existence of many and for saving the lives of those
threatened by disease and hunger. There has been important progress across all goals, with
some targets already having been met well ahead of the 2015 deadline.
The MDGs were officially established following the Millennium Summit of the United
Nations in 2000 and following the adoption of the United Nations Millennium Declaration.
All 193 member states of the United Nations and at least 23 international organizations
have agreed to achieve these goals by the year 2015.
All stakeholders will have to intensify and focus their efforts on the areas where
advancement has been too slow and has not reached all.
This report examine the practical validity of curent macroeconomic framework of Srilanka
which has been employeed to achive the Millennium Develomenpt Goal by the United
Nation.Most of the cases this has been used Central Bank Report of Srilanka and
Development Policy Framework of the Government.
This Examination found that the development strategy maily forcused on three
fundermental development models such as Village,People and Nature.
When they forcused on Village model, stratergy fundamentally stick to “Opening up
boundaries” concept and secondly relate all development work to individual and family
when forcused on the people.Final Develenmt model “Nature” it undestand the limits and
potentials of what they have.Also it creates sustainable economic growth that ensures
benefits to the community through employment, livelihood opportunities and social
security.That is directly link with MDG`s
This evaluation found Sri lnka Economic frame with and stratergy made considerable
progress towards to Millenium Development Goals.Eventhough it has been achived this
syudy is having sacatically evaluvated the way SriLankan Economic Development framework
achieve these goals by the year 2015.

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