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MUSI 2324.

003 (Beginning Guitar) SYLLABUS
Randall Nye, Instructor Office: JO 1.206 Phone: 972-860-7444 ext. 1926 E-mail: COURSE DESCRIPTION: UT DALLAS MUSI 2324,INTRO GUITAR CLASS: Fall 2005, Sat. 9:30 am-12:15 pm Objective: The presentation of introductory technique in order to develop playing abilities at the beginning level on the classical guitar, and second, the study of the guitar through its history and varied musical culture. This goal will be achieved via class participation and follow-up home practice. While this course will stress the development of correct techniques and musicianship of the participants at the introductory level, it is by no means limited in scope to beginners only. More experienced players of the guitar who would like to improve their abilities and understanding of the instrument and its lore are welcome in this class. Grades will be calculated through a combination of participation/attendance in class, quizzes, and a two part final exam. The first part of the exam will be cognitive and the second part on playing the guitar. No absences will qualify you – in part – for the grade of “A.” Extra points are given for perfect attendance. Please note: the grade of incomplete is discouraged as an option in this course. If you cannot complete the course for any reason, please withdraw from the course and take it again at a later date. Finally, I would like to welcome each one of you to guitar studies at UTD! I hope that you profit from and enjoy this class, and I hope to see many of you again in the Spring Semester in Guitar Ensemble/Intermediate guitar. Intermediate Guitar meets weekly Thursday at 3:30pm -6:15 pm in this room. Permission is required, so please let me know that you are interested in this class. TEXT AND MATERIALS: Solo Guitar Playing by Frederic Noad, Schirmer Books, third edition. A classical guitar, or suitable acoustic guitar fitted with nylon strings. RECOMMENDED: A footrest, tuning fork or pitch pipe, and metronome. NOTE: UTD has a limited number of guitars for free student loan. Contact me for further info. Last day to drop a class without a “W” ………………….Fri., September 2 Undergraduates WP or WF withdraw period begins …… Thurs., September 22 Undergraduates last day to withdraw with WP/WF ……..Thurs., October 20 Graduates last day to withdraw with an automatic W ……Tuesday November 1 Final Exam……………………………………………….. Sat., December 3, 2005 METHOD OF EVALUATION: 3 Tests: 30% Attendance and weekly preparation: 20% Final Exam: 30% Attendance and one page written review of Carlos Perez concert, Fri., Oct 14, 8 pm, AND Fall Festival Concert featuring Enric Madriguera, Nov. 11, Jonson Perf. Hall, (free to UTD students w/ UTD photo ID) 20% Numerical scores will be converted to letter grades by the following scale: 90-100…………A 60-69…………D 80-89………….B below 60……..F 70-79………….C ATTENDANCE POLICY: Attendance is the greatest predictor of your success in this course. Your attendance at every one of the classes is important and expected. Only one absence will be allowed to qualify for an A – regardless of excused or unexcused absences. Absence from class is not an excuse for late work, or failure to be prepared for the next lesson. Students are responsible for all material covered in class.