A New Year for Cleveland

Last year, 2009, brought many issues to the attention of the citizens of Cleveland, which in turn resulted in many citizens becoming more aware, vigilant, and persistent. As reported last week, fuel was continually added to the fire in 2009. In the opinion of many people in this county, formation of the District Attorney Committee, a result of RetakeCleveland, was one of the major steps toward liberty that the small town took last year. Another giant development was when the town’s attorney resigned, in the midst of lawsuits. Through the political and personal attacks, the enlightened and empowered citizens of Cleveland continue toward their goal of truth and justice. As a Blount Countian wrote last week, “No one is perfect, and neither is this county.” Anyone with common sense knows that perfection cannot be reached, but we can strive for it in our daily lives. We will see in the future that unwarranted and vicious attacks against the residents of Cleveland serve no purpose. A peaceful resistance, fueled by education and enlightenment, is the most productive way to obtain truth. President Thomas Jefferson once said “Truth advances and error recedes step by step only.” I am confident that the real truth will become public record and justice will be served in the New Year. I would like to thank the Blount Countian newspaper and reporter Laurie Pitts for their unbiased and trustworthy reporting on the Cleveland chronicles in 2009, and hope for the same in 2010. With a court date set for February 10th, the wheels of justice are finally turning. Multiple lawsuits, large citizen turnouts at meetings, subpoenas, and deposition could only mean one thing. Something is seriously wrong and a full investigation is warranted. Quoting Mahatma Gandhi once again, “"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win." They are fighting us… what’s next? We should all remember this year that liberty and freedom are not free. The Constitutions and Bill of Rights do not defend themselves. We must be vigilant Blount Countians and defend our rights and liberties. Keep in mind, although the Roman Empire was one of the largest and most powerful in history; it fell due to corruption, inflation, and mismanagement. Instead of Cleveland ending up a “ghost town” or people getting “killed”, I think that Cleveland can prosper if the governance was in the hands of the people. I encourage everyone to pay close attention and disregard personal attacks and propaganda, because truth can stand alone. Jeremy Smith RetakeCleveland