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10/20/2014 City of Anaheim - Solar Energy Incentives 1/2
Solar Energy Incentives
Information for Anaheim Customers Considering the Addition of Solar Electric Generation to their Home or Business

NEXT APPLICATION PERIOD: PowerClerk will be open from January 15, 2015 (8:00am) to January 29, 2015 (5:00pm) for solar rebate
applications. Rebates will be awarded via lottery if total applications received exceeds our budget.
Residential Rate - $1.25 AC-CSI watt
Commercial Rate - $1.10 AC-CSI watt (less than 30kW)
Commercial PBI Rate - $0.11 per kWhr (greater than 30kW)

Anaheim Public Utilities Department does not endorse or pre-approve any solar
contractors or their qualifications for the solar rebate program; therefore, any such
representation by a solar contractor is FALSE. With this in mind, it is extremely
important for every customer considering a solar contractor to thoroughly
investigate that contractor's credentials. Please let us know if any solar contractor
has claimed to be “endorsed” or “pre-approved” in any discussions you may
For more information: Solar Program Manager. 201 S. Anaheim Blvd., Suite 801, Anaheim, CA
92805. 714.765.4182 .
For program information specific to Residential, Commercial, and Sun Power for the Schools,
please see the following program guidelines:

Guidelines and Forms
PowerClerk Sample Reservation Request Form with Agreement Clauses
Letter of Assignment
Sun Power For the Schools Application
Sun Power for the Schools
For more information: Solar Program Manager. 201 S. Anaheim Blvd., Suite 801, Anaheim, CA 92805. 714.765.4182 .
Anaheim Public Utilities Incentive Summary
Solar Energy Buydown Programs
Expected Performance Based Incentive
Performance Based
Incentive (PBI)
Payment Year
July 1 thru June 30
per Watt
per Watt

per kilowatt-hour
FY 2015-2016 $1.25 $1.10 $0.11
Expected Performance Based Incentive (EPBI) is based on calculated expected performance, taking into account all major factors that affect performance of the particular installation in the
given location. To calculate the EPBI for your project, your installer will use PowerClerk.
Performance-based incentives pay the owner on the basis of the energy produced from their system. To calculate the PBI for your project, your installer will use PowerClerk.

10/20/2014 City of Anaheim - Solar Energy Incentives 2/2
Disability & Civil Rights Program Translate
Incentives are limited to 1) not to exceed historic consumption need (based on usage from previous year) or projected energy needs
(Title 24) of the customer at the site of installation, and 2) one megawatt.
Applications must have an approved Program reservation prior to plan check submittal.
Solar energy leases are eligible for Anaheim Solar Program rebates. However, the boilerplate lease agreement must be reviewed by
Anaheim's City Attorney first to assure compliance with our Program requirements. Contact the to
submit lease agreement for review.
Customers planning on operating a grid-tied solar energy system in the City of Anaheim must have an approved Interconnection
Agreement for Net Energy Metering. Please see Frequently Answered Questions for more information on Net Energy Metering in the
City of Anaheim.
Power Purchase Agreements are not eligible for Anaheim Solar Program rebates. Power Purchase Providers must be in compliance with Anaheim
Public Utilities’ Rule 28. For more information click here.
Rebates are subject to available funds.
Helpful Tips
Are you considering installing solar energy at your home or business? Here are some tips to help you through your decision making
Anaheim Public Utilities has offered a solar energy buydown program since 2001.
The average size of solar energy systems for homes in Anaheim is about five kilowatts (AC).
AC (alternating current) is the form of electricity delivered to homes and businesses in Anaheim. Electricity generated by solar
systems starts out as DC, or direct current, and then is run through an inverter to make it compatible with our system and the grid.
The amount of space you will need for a solar system is about 110 square feet for every 1,000 watts of installed power.
Solar energy systems produce more energy if they are oriented in a south-facing direction. If a south-facing position is not possible
on your site, the next best orientations are to the southwest, southeast, west and then east. Do not install solar electric panels
facing north.
Shade on solar energy systems will reduce the power output. Avoid installing solar energy panels in a location that will be shaded
from the sun.
Helpful Links
Anaheim Solar Map
Anaheim Clean Power Estimator
California Energy Commission Installers Database
Better Business Bureau
The Anaheim Solar Energy Incentive Programs is designed to be in compliance with California Senate Bill 1 (the Million Solar Roofs
Bill). To see a copy of the Guidelines for California’s Solar Electric Incentive Programs (Senate Bill 1), click here. To see a copy of
Anaheim’s 2011 Senate Bill 1 Annual Report, click here.
PACE Financing
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