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Upsi Deut Times


Welcome Back, Gents
Classes at Wabash started on the
of August this year. We
welcome back many familiar faces
we have not seen in the past few
months, including Brother Cheng
and Brother Burns, both of which
spent much of their time in China
during the course of the summer.
Also, Brother Pingel and Brother
Sukup return to us from their
previous semester being spent
abroad: in Rome and Peru,
respectively. Some of the brothers
just could not separate themselves
from campus and decided to
spend the summer here, doing
chemistry research (Brother Bupp)
or just working at the local
Carnegie Museum across the street
(Brother Peters). All in all, it is
safe to say the undergrads of
Theta Delta Chi are eager to begin
another semester.
Secrecy, Purity, and
Especially Loyalty
The Upsilon Deuteron charge of
Theta Delta Chi was again
awarded one of the two Loyalty
Cups at Convention this year.
Brother Burns and Brother
Coutchie were present at
Convention, as well as several of
our alumni.

- A group photo of Convention this

Some New Faces
This semester we welcome 7 new
pledges: Daniel Kimball, Lucas
Holstine, Mason Hooper, Jacob
Ferguson (brother of Jordan), Levi
Garrison, Collin Graber, and
Samuel Surgalski (this past year’s
Wabash Lilly Scholar). They are a
decent bunch of freshmen.

-Daniel Kimball ‘18

-Mason Hooper ‘18

-Jacob Ferguson ‘18

-Samuel Surgalski ‘18

-Levi Garrison ‘18

-Lucas Holstine ‘18

-Collin Graber ‘18

The Gentleman’s Classic
Wabash hosted Hampton Sydney (another all-male collegiate institution)
on Sept 6
this year; Wabash prevailed 34-21. This was the first meeting
between the two colleges in history. We were also able to welcome back
several of our alumni that weekend; it was a pleasure seeing everyone that
came out, and hopefully we will see you all again on Homecoming!

Future Events:
We have some big alumni events
coming up this semester.
Homecoming- Sept 27

Monon Bell- Nov 15

Annual Alumni vs Undergrad
Mushball Tournament- Nov

- This is a new event that will
allow for more interaction
between the alumni and the
undergraduate students on a
competitive level. The event
will most likely be held at
Goodrich Ballpark (the new
baseball field at Wabash).
We will be barbequing as
well for this event. Send me
an email at or
just comment on the
Facebook post if you have
any ideas/suggestions as to
how we can improve the

Fritz Coutchie ’15

JD Burns ’15

James Fritz ‘16

Corresponding Secretary-
Graham Redweik ‘16

Recording Secretary-
Bryce Kilian ‘16

Rush Chairmen-
Steven Peters ’16 and Graham Redweik

Social Chairmen-
Corey Egler ’15 & Brian Wittman ‘16

Philanthropy Chairmen-
Steven Peters ‘16 and Taner Kiral ‘17

Student Senate Rep-
Dan Miller ‘17

IFC Rep-
Dan Miller ‘16

IM Manager-
Joe Sukup ‘15

House Manager-
Matt Bupp ‘15

Risk Manager-
Eddie Pingel ‘15

Website Manager-
Beidou Cheng ‘17

Scholarship Chair-
Bryce Kilian ‘16

Pledge Educator-
Bryce Kilian ‘16

Pledge Trainer-
Graham Redweik ‘16

Executive Council Contact
Fritz Coutchie:

JD Burns:

James Fritz:

Graham Redweik:

Bryce Kilian: