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Welcome to Mr.

Davis’ 8
grade social studies class.
Dear Students and Parents:
I would first like to say how ecited I am to !e returning to Sullivan" and I can’t
wait to get to know everyone. #his year we will !e studying the various
as$ects of the social studies with a heavy em$hasis on %merican history. #his
class will cover the &arly 'e$u!lic (Declaration of Inde$endence"
'evolutionary War" )onstitution" and #he *ill of 'ights+" Manifest Destiny"
)ivil War" Industrialism" and everything in !etween.
Grading: My grading system is very sim$le: ,-. of the overall grade will !e
determined !y test scores" /,. will !e determined !y homework and $ro0ects"
and 1,. will !e determined !y in2class assignments.
3rading Scale: 4- 5 1--. 6 %
8- 5 84. 6 *
7- 5 74. 6 )
8- 5 84. 6 D
,4. or less 6 9
:;ate work will !e docked <-. $er day that it is late" u$ to two days. %fter
two days" the assignment will receive a =ero.
:)heating of any kind (co$ying" $lagiari=ing" etc.+ will result in a =ero for the
$articular assignment.
:It is the res$onsi!ility of the student to make u$ work when a!sent> if it is not
made u$" it will result in a =ero.
Content: Students will !e re?uired to read ($rimary and secondary sources+"
take notes" com$lete study guides and various assignments $ertaining to each
cha$ter" $roduce thoughtful written res$onses (I '&%D &@&'A#BIC3 #B%#
IS #D'C&D IC+" com$lete various $ro0ects" and take cha$ter tests.
Behavior and Class Rules: #he most im$ortant !ehavior e$ectation in my
class is to show res$ect to me" other students" other teachers and administrators"
and for school rules. I will go over s$ecific classroom rules in $erson.
)onse?uences: 1. @er!al or visual warning
<. Student and teacher chat
/. #eacher assigned detentionEclass sus$ension
F. Gffice disci$linary action
,. Parent" student H teacher conference
Required student supplies
• S$iral note!ook used only for this class (etremely im$ortant+
• Pens (!lue or !lack onlyI+
• Bigh2liters are nice to have
::*eginning this year" students are allowed and encouraged to !ring internet
devices (smart $hones" i$ads" la$to$s" nooks+ to use in class under teacher
su$ervision" however" I will not !e res$onsi!le for them.
&very homework assignment" $ro0ect" $rimary source" secondary source"
u$date" announcement" warm u$" article" in2class note" and study guide can !e
found on the class !log. If you are a!sent" check the !log.
#hank you for taking the time to read this.
Joe Davis
(78-+ 8/12,<-4 et. 1/1-