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Solar for

Solar photovoltaics for
buildings in the UK
The worlds largest solar bridge on
Blackfriars Rail Station, London.
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No substitute
for experience
We are one of the worlds most trusted, respected
and long-standing solar companies.
In fact, being founded in 1998, we have been around since
the early days of the solar industry and have been part of the
evolution that has made solar the attractive investment it is today.
Weve put solar on more types of sites than any other company in
the industry, and have won multiple awards for product innovation.
Whats more, were in it for the long-haul. This isnt just
our business, its our mission. Our commitment to making
solar accessible is deep-rooted and long-term, and our
solidly-established business is growing steadily worldwide.
So when you choose Solarcentury, you know youre in
very good hands.
Our approach
Great for your bottom line as well as the planet, a commercial solar roof is the right move in more ways than one.
Solarcentury has helped thousands of businesses save money with solar; our experience is second to none. We
handle the whole project from start to nish. And we dont just walk away afterwards, we take care of the operation
and maintenance too.
Weve worked with owner-occupiers, landlords, tenants, property developers, landowners, architects, facilities
managers and many more. With our complete turnkey service, we can provide everything from nance and
planning to installation and support all aimed squarely at boosting both your CSR rating and your bottom line.
Were on the lookout for large-scale roofs to lease for a 25-year period. The electricity generated provides the owner
or tenant with a subsidised power supply, while the rest is sold back to the local grid.
Reasons to work with us
Unmatched warranties
As standard, we offer a 10 year installation warranty and a 10 year guarantee of 80% of predicted production.
We can also insure your system against re, theft and loss of production. And given the length of time weve
been around our warranty counts for something.
Great people
Weve been doing this since 1998, and our peoples knowledge is unmatched. Our international project team
includes some of Europes most experienced solar engineers, investment experts and legal eagles.
But were not only expert at what we do, were also committed to our clients.
Our nancial offering
We bring property owners and investors together to deliver quality solar systems to businesses. If youre looking
for a nanced option, were experienced in choosing a suitable investor or nance provider and working through
due diligence to give you a quick and successful outcome.
Analysis and design
Our full turnkey service starts with a site assessment and economic evaluation; this estimates the return you could
expect. Well then outline the installation process and design yoursolar PV system, choosing the technology that
will maximise your energy production and cost savings.
Pre-project services
With thousands of projects completed since we set up in 1998, weve got more expertise than most.
Our complete pre-project service includes nancial modelling, tariff analysis, obtaining investment and securing
permission if needed. This ensures a solid foundation for your project.
Using performance-guaranteed solar technologies from the worlds leading suppliers, we handle the entire installation
process from logistics and construction, to connections with the utility and the feed-in tariff process. We then
complete the testing and commissioning of the system to make sure everythings operating at its maximum potential.
Monitoring, operation and maintenance
We also offer a full operation and maintenance programme including monitoring the arrays performance via remote
telemetry. Biannual system inspections by certied technicians ensure that the systems performance is optimised
and down-times are minimised.
Our work
Rookery Business Park, Norfolk
340 kWp
Annual generation
289,000 kWh
savings per year
164,730 kg
Rookery Business Park is a privately
run industrial park in East Anglia,
with a variety of business tenants
from a gymnastics academy to a
Tesla sports car showroom.
We believe the price of
electricity from the grid is
only set to rise, so solar can
reduce the burden of bills on
businesses in a time when
there are cost reduction
pressures for us all
Philip Frost
Managing Director of the park
Our work
Big Yellow, Middlesex
16.3 kWp
Annual generation
12,847 kWh
savings per year
7,323 kg
A number of Big Yellow stores are
now powered by solar PV from
Solarcentury totalling close to 300
kWp. Big Yellow initially invested in
solar to meet planning requirements
for the development of its new stores,
delivering 10% of energy needs
with on-site renewable energy. They
concluded that solar was the best way
to deliver on-site electricity, with its
low visibility, reliable, easy to install
technology that would deliver high
savings for the long term.
Our work
Bentley Motors
manufacturing plant, Crewe
5 MWp
Annual generation
4,504,680 kWh
savings per year
25,58,658 kg
Building a 5 MW solar installation
across 120 roofs, on multiple
buildings you would think would be
hard enough, but when you add in
a short deadline and arctic weather,
this really was a major challenge.
Did we mention it is also a fully
functioning car manufacturing plant
with 4,500 staff and the need for
24 hour logistical access from the
The team installed over 20,000 solar
panels at rates of up to 700 a day.
This involved a mounting system
that would securely x the modules
to the roof without penetrating it
and risking leaks onto the factory
oor below. All the work was carried
out on time despite the snow and
freezing conditions that the UK
experienced in 2013.
The site has been fully tested and
Solarcentury will continue to provide
a full monitoring and maintenance
service across the entire site to
ensure that the projected yields are
Developer, owner and
operator - Lightsource
Renewable Energy
When you look back at
what has been achieved it
really is something quite
special, it is great to know
that we have made a
signicant contribution to
the clients goals.
Paul Sutton, Project Manager
Our work
5 Hanover Sq, London
54 kWp
Annual generation
savings per year
23,518 kg
The developer of 5 Hanover Square
chose solar as the ideal way of
meeting its planning requirements
and providing a source of renewable
energy for the tenants. The vision
of the architect and Solarcenturys
design and engineering skills
allowed for a fully integrated
solar system that fullled both the
energy generation and aesthetic
requirements of the client.
Our work
Blackfriars, London
1.1 MWp
Annual generation
900,000 kWh
savings per year
513,000 kg
The new Blackfriars station
spanning the River Thames is the
worlds largest solar bridge, with
Solarcentury installing a total of
4,400 solar panels.
The solar panels will generate an
estimated 900,000 kWh of electricity
every year, providing 50% of the
stations energy and reducing CO

emissions by an estimated 513,000
kg per year.
Pictures courtesy of
Network Rail
Tiled roofs Green roofs
Standing seam Curved standing seam
Asbestos bre cement Car ports
What we do
A selection of Solarcentury designed solar PV systems
Woodwool Single ply membrane
Concrete with bituminous membrane Concrete
Trapezoidal metal roof Composite panel proled metal
Years of engineering experience
means we can put solar on
almost any roof.
Jan Muller, Director of Engineering at Solarcentury
Find out more
+44 (0)20 7549 1000
Solarcentury is in business for a purpose
to make a big difference in the ght against climate
change through widespread adoption of solar power.
We are a big believer in helping solar change our world
for the better, and we contribute 5% of our net prots
every year to our sister charity SolarAid, which aims to
eradicate kerosene lamps from Africa by 2020.
50 Great Sutton Street
London EC1V 0DF
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